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Found 1 result

  1. ~Chapter 13: Squeaky Chew Toys~ Ash, Zeff, Runner, and Junior landed down their longsword. Frank, Magnus, Joseph, and Michael landed nearby. Ash reared the Longsword so they were back to back. “Alright, we’re going to open the hatch door. Joseph, send someone down your Longsword to do an all clear, we’ll do the same. Alright? Good.” Ash said over the ship communications. “Roger that Ash, I’m sending down Magnus. On you.” Joseph replied back. “Alrighty, Runner is at the door. Opening the hatch now.” Ash said. Runner, rifle in hand, watched for anything suspicious as the hatch opened. She saw Magnus doing the same. Wherever they looked, their weapon was there. Runner saw something move over on the right. Magnus was already there. Looking. Runner made her way to the side as well, one eye watching her back just in case. “You guy’s see anything out there? We have friendly troops landing. Pelicans, Longswords, and Falcons. One of them is on the ships left side.” Ash said over the headset. “Yes, we’re all good. Didn’t see anything unusual.” Runner lowered her Carbine and took turned off the headset. “Glad that’s all settled.” Runner turned around to head up the ramp. Something jumped on her and slammed her to the ground, it was some sort of bird like creature. It had a plasma pistol, aimed at her face. “God damn it!” Runner yelled, she tried to push the bird off. It fought back, and overcharged the plasma pistol. A single shot was heard. The bird creature fell on top of Runner, who shoved it off her. She looked up to see who it was. Magnus just nodded his head and returned up inside his ship with his team. “What was that?” Runner said to herself. It looked like a jackal, but it wasn’t. She returned up the ship as well. “Runner, we clear?” Ash asked. “Yes, there was a jackal of some sort but it’s gone now. Didn’t see anything else.” Runner said. “Hm.” Was all Ash said. She motioned for Zeff and Junior to stock up and resupply for just in case measures. She asked Joseph and the others on his Longsword to do so as well. “Wait a second you guys.” Ash said after a long moment of readying up. “Where’s Archangel, Dexter, and Jackson? They haven’t landed with us, for certain. I remember their Longsword being on fire. Do you think they might have made it?” Ash was worried a bit. “One second Ash, I’ll get on it for you.” Frank said. They boarded from the other ship, partying up. “Alright, give me just a moment. I should be able to ping their Longsword, distress beacon or not. I’m just looking for one out of commision but still with power.” Frank said, he pulled up their Longsword. It was listed as ‘Destroyed.’ “What... I can’t believe it...” Frank said. “I’m sorry you guys. I tried.” “Well, there’s still hope. Let’s do a search and rescue party.” Ash suggested. She was looking for a vote of hands in agreement. “Or at least a search party.” Junior said. His voice dark and cold. “Not now, Junior.” Ash said, then turned over, “Frank, you think you can get those troopers to let us borrow one of their pelicans?” “Only if they can come with.” Frank stated. “This is a new place, new area. They’re vulnerable here. They’ll want to be safe. Seeing as your Spartans and ODST’s, they’ll think they’re safe.” Frank looked at Junior. “This is the only option we have them.” “Or, we shoot them and take the bloody Pelican. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want extra luggage. I don’t have enough body bags for all of them, nor do I have the supplies.” Junior said, in retaliation. “Junior stop. We’re doing this. There’ll be no more than 5, I’m sure of it. Now let’s go.” Ash said. Junior was irritated but did as he was told. “Frank, we’re gonna need someone in a Falcon. You’ll have to drive it, we’ll use the Pelican and the Cargo or Carrier. Your pick of the name, but we’re taking both vehicles.” Ash said. They walked over to the landing area. “You sir, we’re taking your Pelican. Any objections?” Zeff said to the pilot. “No, but what are you using it for? And I’m going to have to come with, you’ll need a pilot.” She said. “That’s if I’m comfortable with the situation.” “Search and rescue party, we lost a Longsword, there may be survivors.” Zeff responded, as nicely as he could. “Well then. I guess there’s nothing else to do here, since we’re abandoned to die. Why don’t we do such? Not going to make much of a difference anyways.” The girl giggled. Her hair was bright blonde, with a chignon style. “Well then that’s that. Anybody else with you?” Michael asked. The pilot looked over at him, “No, I’m alone on this Pelican. Now that you all are here, that’s changed.” She waved them on board, “After you guys.” Ash, Joseph, Zeff, Michael, and Junior boarded the Pelican. “We’re all set, mam. We have a Falcon flying with us, for support. These marines, they aren’t with us. But they want to come to.” Ash said. “Call me Caelin.” The pilot said. “Caelin, we’re good to go.” Ash said, she waved at Frank to follow. Magnus and Runner were on the mounted turrets. “Alright, let’s do this. Any idea where they could be?” Caelin asked. “We think they’re 20 kilometers northeast of here. Let’s check their first. That’s where we go the latest ping.” Ash said. “Alrighty, will do mam.” Caelin punched the thrusters. Frank kept up right behind them. ~End of Chapter 13~
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