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Found 92 results

  1. With the release date of Watch_Dogs coming close, we get a new trailer! With the release date set at the 27th of May for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 Ubisoft wants to hype us up with yet another trailer. This time about the characters. The trailer shows the most important characters of the game with commentary from Aiden Pearce. The description is "In this city of 3 million people you'll run into some people more than others." Here it is: What are your thoughts? As always leave answers and comments down below! Thank you for reading! Source: http://nl.ign.com/news/9051/Watch-Dogs-Character-trailer Special thanks to BeckoningZebra1 for sending me the correct link ▲
  2. Gameinformer keeps on releasing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This time in an interview. Two studio bosses of Sledgehammer have been interviewed and have released some intresting info. The main question: "What makes this Call of Duty different than the others?" Sledgehammer states that they want to innovate the Call of Duty experience, but still keep the old Call of Duty feel to it. They wanted a new way to play Call of Duty. Hence the exo-suits. The exo-suits will change the way the game is played. Running up walls to add new ways to get somewhere and super jumps to get there. The reveal trailer shows the Golden Gate bridge being blown up and Sledgehammer assures at least 7 more of these event happening. But they don't want the focus on cut scenes and explosions. They want their focus on the emotional side of the campaign. "At this point in the gaming industry it's all about the emotional bonds, and we pay a lot of attention to this." -studio boss Glen Schofield The main character Mitchell, the man you play as, is one of the most important persons in the game. This is his story. About him, family, friends and his losses. That's one of the things that makes this game different. Mitchell is just your avarage guy that joined the army. It's pretty generic, but Sledgehammer did this intentionally. They wanted to start of with an anybody. He might have a little bit of a backstory but the main things you will experience is the stuff he goes through in the games timeline of 7 to 8 years. Through these years you will see your character grow and you will find out more about his past. Sledgehammer uses a storytelling feature that they call "Just in Time." Which means that Mitchell will tell his story during the cutscenes and provide you with what he knew at that time and give a bit of additional intel on the mission to come. You will see the story trough the eyes of Mitchell, adding to the immersion. He won't talk in the game itself because that means he will say things for you, and Sledgehammer doesn't want that. They want it the other way around. And since you can't speak for him, you can think for him. (This sounds kinda cool) Adding even more to the immersion is the fact that Sledgehammer has implemented minimal HUD. You won't see an objective marker or anything. They assure you though that it will be clear where you need to go. They have also taken away the action from the cutscenes and added them to the actual gameplay. (Please don't be quick-time events) Sledgehammer feels that if the game decides what to do for you you don't have a real connection with your character. So they got rid of this. Sledgehammers ultimate goal is to make this the most innovative Call of Duty to date. They want you to talk about their game like Game of Thrones fans talked about the 'Red wedding' scene. They want you to have that 'Damn, it's over already?!' feeling when you finish the game. And they'll really feel like they have accomplished something if their fans tell their friends to play their new game. Do you think Sledgehammer will accomplish this? As always leave answers and comments down below! Thank you for reading! Sources: http://nl.ign.com/news/9036/sledgehammer-wil-red-wedding-scene-in-call-of-duty ▲
  3. More information about the new Call of Duty is available! In a recent post by Game Informer has some more details on the next Call of Duty title. One of these details is that the game will be running on a new engine. So no more recycled animations from previous titles! (I hope) The next thing on the list is that Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare will feature a co-op mode. Only Sledgehammer is not releasing any more details on that. Maybe another Spec-ops or Extinction like mode? Now there is a lot of new info on the campaign story which I will list down below. The storyline takes place in 2054. (So it was future warefare anyway... Who came up with the alternative WW1 setting?!) And it will all begin with a global "9/11" like disaster. A large amount of big cities are under attack by a terrorist organisation called the KVA. You will be in the shoes of Mitchell (voiced by Troy Baker). He's an American soldier that is asked by Jonathan Irons (Kevin Spacey) to join Atlas corporations. Mitchell accepts the offer and is rewarded wih an exo-suit. (Easy rewards. exo-suits confirmed) You will only hear your character speak during cut scenes. So yet again you will be the strong silent type. At the end of every mission you will be able to upgrade your exo-suit. With this suit you will be able to: -Be invisible -Climb walls -Dodge objects -Get in to cover quickly -Super jump Kinda what you expect of an exo suit. Only I expected to be able to do more with it... Grenades are also customisable. For example, you can either set it to normal detonation or use it to see where your enemies are at. Will you now actually be able to take down a AC-130 with a flashbang? (Unprofesional I know...) There are also a couple tiny facts. The soundtrack will be made by the man who also composed soundstracks for the Metal Gear Solid games. And all the DLC will be on the Xbox first. The multiplayer has yet to recieve some more details. But Sledgehammer has stated that "Youll be able to imagine how the single player features can be used online." So exo-suit in multiplayer confirmed? What do you think of the next CoD with this new info? As always leave answers and comments down below! Thank you for reading! Source: http://nl.ign.com/news/8994/call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-heeft-nieuwe-engine
  4. Neversoft Studios and Infinity Ward are merging together as one happy family The Call of Duty dev's Infinity Ward and Neversoft Studios are merging into one giant studio. There were rumours going around about this before but it has now been made official via Twitter. We're thrilled about our merger with Neversoft! The entire team is excited about the future The merging of the two companies is a logical choice since Neversoft already helped creating the Extinction mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The companies will merge under the name of Infinity Ward, making the Neversoft name obsolete. This has been done because the name Infinity Ward has more of a connection with the Call of Duty series. However a couple of people are leaving with the merging, including the boss of Neversoft and the Studio director. Their roles will be taken over by Infinty Ward personel. As always leave comments down below! Thank you for reading! Source: http://nl.ign.com/news/8986/cod-ontwikkelaars-neversoft-en-infinity-ward-worden-een-studio
  5. Telltale games releases screenshots for the next episode in their game series called The Walking Dead. (Don't look so surprised Clementine!) For those of you who don't know, The Walking Dead isn't only a tv show. Telltale games have made a game about it as well. The last epsiode released was season 2 episode 2. Now they have released some screenshots for their next episode in season 2 called: In Harm's Way. I'll hide the rest of this arcticle in case of spoilers! I'll also hide the screenshots because they are a bit bloody. When does this episode release? There has been no official statement from Telltale yet. But it will release in the nearby future for PC, MAC, Consoles, Mobile phones and other handheld devices. Telltale was first aiming for an episode release every 4-6 weeks. But this was a bit too much. Which shows because the time between episode 1 and 2 was 11 weeks. Let's hope this one doesn't take as long. What do you think will happen? As always leave answers and comments down below! Thank you for reading! Source: http://nl.ign.com/news/8970/nieuwe-screenshots-van-the-walking-dead-season-2-episode-3
  6. Yep, a new Call of Duty game is due to release this year Surprise Surprsie After enlightening us with the picture shown above there's now a rumour about the actual name of the new Call of Duty title. There was already a code name for the current project Sledgehammer was working at which was 'Blacksmith'. But that was not to be the name of the game (Which is Patriots) but the name of one of the main characters. The settings of the game (Note that these are still rumours) are to be in an alternative Word War 1 setting and the game will have a fantasy element in it. There is also rumoured that one of the characters from the previous Call of Duty titles will be in there, but in an alternative dimension. The game will feature sigle player and multi player. Although Single player can be played co-op, it does not support split screen. Finally the campaign will take 6 hours to complete and there might be two sub campaigns. The game is rumoured to be released on November 14th for PC, Xbox One and PS4 only. So no Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii U! None of the above has been confirmed so far. Don't take this too seriously because only a while ago the game was rumoured to be in a futuristic Modern Warefare setting. What are your thoughts? Leave answers and comments down below! Thank you for reading! [uPDATE] Another screenshot of the game has been released! Looks fancy huh? The official title of the new CoD will be released Sunday. Sources: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/rumor-2014-s-call-of-duty-game-is-called-patriots-set-during-world-war-1-and-coming-to-xbox-one-ps4-pc-update/1100-6419317/ http://nl.ign.com/news/8952/call-of-duty-nieuw-tijdperk-breekt-4-mei-aan
  7. Finally DICE releases private servers in Battlefield 4 for the consoles. A feature that has been there on the PC for a long time is now coming to the consoles. This kinda reminds me of Battlefield 3 in which the private servers were also released later for the consoles. The feature has now been implemented for the PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360. The Xbox One is expeciencing some trouble but DICE assures us that it will be on later. Of course there is a price tag on this. (It's EA remember) Servers can be rented for the following times and prices: 1 Day for $1,49 1 Week for $6,99 1 Month for $24,99 And 3 Months for $59,99 Expect the same prices in Euro's for Europe DICE has stated that this is a 'soft launch' and that there are a limited amount of servers available. More will become available soon. Would you buy a server? Next up are the Watch_Dogs season pass details Since Watch-Dogs will be up for sale on the 27th of May for all last and next-gen consoles (excluding the Wii-U) it is time to consider buying the season pass. The seaon pass will save you 25% cash compared to buying all the DLC seperately. Here are the current details on the season pass as of now: -A single-player story mode through the eyes of 'T-Bone' (Double the fun) -Conspiracy, a game mode in which players can hunt for cyborgs in a different gaming dimension (Hilarity ensues) -More single-player missions, weapons and outfits (HATS!) -A week early acces to all DLc content (Which is sorta a standard thing these days) The price has not been officially released yet but it will probably be somewhere between $15 and $20. Will you be getting Watch_Dogs and the Season pass? Sources: http://nl.ign.com/news/8928/consoleversie-battlefield-4-krijgt-private-servers http://nl.ign.com/news/8920/Season-Pass-details-Watch-Dogs-bekend
  8. A new Halo 5 multiplayer mode in the making! Although we don't have much info on the upcoming Halo title we now do know 343i wants to implement a new mode in the Halo 5 multiplayer. 343i has started hirering for a person who can: -Implement and execute competetive multiplayer features -Fine tune the existing multiplayer experience -Create and implement a brand new multiplayer mode Now the last one seems highly interesting since even 343i doesn't know what it'll be. Although they would have to give their blessing first. What kind of mode would you like to see in Halo 5? "And now for something completely different." Destiny will have no initial PvP. Got the game and wanna shoot some other players? Tough luck, because Bungie has made it so that you'll first need to play a couple of hours before you can blast your opponents to bits. Now I know this sounds bad but there is logic behind this madness. In Destiny you will start without a 'super attack' and without this you'd be completely destroyed by opponents who do have this ability. And who likes getting blown up without defence? In order to 'unlock' competetive multiplayer you'll first have to complete several missions, get you super attack and find a special weapon. Only then you'll fully understand how the game works and you'll be on your merry way. See at as some kind of tutorial. There hasn't been much info on the competetive multiplayer side of Destiny so far. Keep an eye out on E3 this year. Do you like the way Bungie handles this situation? As always leave answers and comments down below! Thank you for reading! Sources: http://nl.ign.com/news/8945/halo-5-krijgt-nieuwe-multiplayer-modi http://nl.ign.com/news/8943/destiny-vechten-tegen-andere-spelers-niet-meteen-beschikbaar This post has been promoted to an article
  9. Two games might be released on different platforms We'll start of with Mass Effect The Mass Effect Trilogy might be one of the greatest adventures you'd ever see. The endless ways in which Shepard could deal with everything makes this popular under fans and gives the game great replay value. So great, they might even release it on the next-gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 Now I can hear you thinking 'But P34nut, I've heard nothing about this and surely this would've made everybody go nuts. Where did you get this from?!?!?' Well, a webstore located in Chile names Zmart has put up the Mass Effect Trilogy for sale on the next-gen platforms. Pictures down here: There's no release date yet and untill EA releases some more details we shouldn't get our hopes up just yet. But what IF this would happen. Would you buy it? Now onto Destiny (Yes I know... So much Destiny this week!) The game Destiny will be released on the platforms Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. And people have been shouting from the top of their lungs 'WHY ISN'T THIS COMING TO PC?!?!?' And Bungie responded. Bungie is creating the game on all 4 platforms themselves. (Unlike Titanfall dev's Respawn who let a different company create the Xbox 360 version) And this ofcourse quite the effort. It isn't that simple to make the PC version next to the current platforms, although they wish it were. They also stated that the idea of making a PC version isn't completely scrapped. They just don't have the time for it now. If a PC version were to be released, would you buy it? As always leave answers and comments down below! Thanks for reading! Sources: http://nl.ign.com/news/8891/mass-effect-trilogy-op-komst-voor-next-gen-consoles http://nl.ign.com/news/8897/destiny-misschien-nog-naar-de-pc
  10. New Destiny footage?! You know you want this! Bungie has uploaded 5 more video's to showcase their new baby. 5 video's! Okay now don't get too excited because their just about 15 seconds long... I know... Dissappointment But with the video's they released earlier this week this adds up to 8 video's in just a few days time. Video 1 http://instagram.com/p/nT52JTFXOp/ Now would you look at that. It looks so pretty, so smooth, so wow. This might show a group of players entering in some sort of raid. (Thanks to JL on that last line!) Video 2 http://instagram.com/p/nTr_8dFXFf/ This video shows the planet Earth first and then a map. Will this map be the entire playground? And will the other 3 planets have the same size playable area's? If so, AWESOME! Video 3 http://instagram.com/p/nTY8q6lXNV/ Here you see some ships flying... Whoopie. But this opens up some questions. Are these used for transport only? Or are they used in combat? Video 4 and 5 are at the bottom of this next link. I couldn't share it any other way. Sorry. http://nl.ign.com/news/8881/destiny-krijgt-vijf-nieuwe-gameplay-trailers Video 4 shows the amount of choas involved in combat. Literally everything is happening! Video 5 shows an enemy fron The Fallen faction shooting his gun. I guess this is to shows off animations? Will you be getting this game? Leave answers and comments down below! Thanks for reading! Source: http://nl.ign.com/news/8881/destiny-krijgt-vijf-nieuwe-gameplay-trailers
  11. Rubberbanding issues? Not anymore! At least that's what DICE claims to fix with their next update for the game. The problem now is that people on 64-player servers are experiencing a lot of rubber banding (teleporting all of the place basicly). This problem became even more appearant with the Naval Strike expansion pack. DICE stated that the root problem was "a configurartion of certain hardware types dedicated to 64-player matches. They are as they say 'unhappy' with the current server problems and are working to fix it by improving the server hardware. The update rolls out this week and DICE is currently testing the hell out of this solution before rolling it out. They want to make sure that this upgrade fixes the rubber banding issue which they are aiming to resolve and also improving the general quality of server performance. DICE was working to get this update out ASAP earlier this week but this testing was keeping them from doing so. Which is a good thing. As always leave comments below! Thanks for reading! Source: http://www.polygon.com/2014/4/25/5653044/battlefield-4-rubber-banding-fix-high-performance-servers
  12. Titanfall DLC The first Titanfall DLC will release in May so Respawn Entertainment thought it to be a good idea to show us some more details on this DLC. The first DLC will be called Expedition and will feature the following maps. Swamp Land Runoff and War Games (Halo did it first!!!! jk) The last map has some additional details. The map is located in a few virtual created enviorments from Angel City, Rise and Airbase Sierra. The devs wanted to create a clean enviorment with common envcounters and firefights and easy to see wallrun walls. Screenshots down here What do you think of this DLC so far? As always leave answers and comments down below! Thanks for reading! Source: http://nl.ign.com/news/8857/titanfall-nieuwe-informatie-en-screenshots-eerste-dlc
  13. Bungie just updated their Destiny site and revealed alot of new details. There has been a major update to the site revealing a lot of new details Link here: http://www.destinythegame.com/au/en On this site you will find all the details you will need to know when you jump in. The guardians/classes The enemies The solar system And a offer to join the beta Let's summarize each section. The Guardians There are three guardians to choose from. Each with their own abilities. Here is a trailer. http://www.destinythegame.com/au/en The video doesn't show any names so I'll put those down here with their respective summaries taken from the site. The guardians you see are called: -The Titan (Right) -The Hunter (Left) -The Warlock (Middle) (Special thanks to Caboose) Here are their summaries: The Titan The first Titans built the Wall, and bravely gave their lives to defend it. Now, you stand in the same place, steadfast and sure. Our enemies are deadly and merciless, but so are you. You hail from a line of legendary heroes and your strength and skill will be needed to shatter their ranks. Sounds like the powerhouse class of the three. Heavy weapons and armour. The Hunter Hunters once prowled the wilderness and wastelands, taking big risks for even bigger rewards. Making your own luck has always meant bending the rules. But you are no outlaw, at least, not anymore, and your unique brand of daring and ingenuity will be needed now more than ever. Sounds like a stealthy type. Might depend on quick strikes to take down the enemy. The Warlock Warlocks have long studied the Traveler, mastering some of its arcane energies. Its true purpose still remains a great mystery, but discovering truth has always driven you into the unknown. Now, our enemies stand between you and your greatest discovery – the secrets of the Golden Age. Sounds like a class that relies on it's abilities. Also very mysterious Pictures are found here http://www.destinythegame.com/au/en/game/guardians Which guardian will you be going for? Now onto The enemies There are four different factions of enemies. Named The Fallen The Hive The Vex And The Cebal Here are their summaries The Fallen Fallen are hardy creatures who can survive in a wide range of environments without heavy armor or complex modifications to their physiology. They travel light, hit hard, and are gone before you know it. Fallen may look like mere scavengers, but on closer inspection you will see hints of a splendid, sophisticated past, and the proud markings of their ancestral "Houses." Sounds like a smart enemy. Might wanna be on the look out for ambushes by these. The Hive Hive manipulate the physical world in ways that we can only begin to imagine. The Hive have carved a kingdom deep into the lifeless core of the Moon, and it is there they remain, silent and buried among many dark and terrible secrets, a reminder of the tremendous power that brought forth the Collapse. Sounds eerie. Let me take a trip to my house of NOPE in the city of NOPE right over the border of NOPE NOPE NOPE!!! The Vex Scattered reports indicate that the Vex appear to be mass-produced machine units, constructed of an unknown metal alloy resembling hammered brass. All attempts to communicate with them have failed. They are hostile. They are unrelenting. They are deadly. This is why you should never trust robots... The Cebal Few Guardians have faced Cabal and lived to tell the tale. They are a professional military operation. On every front we have found them on the march, they have already dug in and ringed their installations with razor wire. Now, it seems they've turned their eyes towards us. Yikes! Fully armoured power houses! Again the pictures are found here http://www.destinythegame.com/au/en/game/enemies Now onto the last segment The Solar System These are the planets the game plays around The Earth The Moon Venus And Mars Here are their summaries The Earth Our home. After the Darkness swept over us, we found the Traveler where it made its last stand. Beneath, we built The City – our last – within its protective aura. From here, Guardians stand watch, defend our civilization, and strike out into the wild frontiers of Earth – and beyond – to reclaim our lost worlds. Looks like our base of operations. Gear up! The Moon Like Earth, the ruins of humanity's former glory can be found scattered across the familiar lunar surface. Recent exploration attempts have been repulsed, reporting increased enemy activity, and even strange tectonic phenomenon. The City has since classified the Moon as a "Forbidden Zone,” open only to our most brave and experienced Guardians. Remember, this is where The Hive faction is present. Now on a enirely different topic, have you seen my flamethrower by any chance? Venus Venus was once the site of great discovery – a paradise. Now, it is a monument to all that we have lost. The old stories say we built an academy dedicated to learning and research on the shore of a wondrous sea, and that the waters themselves boiled and rose up to shatter the coast, washing away all that we had built. Yup... Sounds like paradise Mars What little we know of Mars may as well be a myth. We built a massive metropolis in the red dust. The Darkness swept nearly all of it away; the sand itself claimed the rest. No one knows what remains of our lost age, now buried beneath the dunes. Mystery ensues. Luckely, we still have the pictures http://www.destinythegame.com/au/en/game/destinations This is alot of new details and I highly recommend going to the site youself! Thanks for reading Leave thoughts and comments down below!
  14. Assassins Creed Unity A report has come out stating that The new Assassins Creed Title will feature a brand new four player co-op story alongsode the single player. Ubisoft has confirmed that they will show two demo's of the new game at E3. "AC: Unity, two demos planned. Hotness incoming. #E32014" "One SP, other showcasing 4-player coop." As quoted from the Twitter account of shinobi602 Never before has a Assassins Creed title had a four multiplayer co-op. So this 'new' feature will be quite interesting to see. Polygon has reached out to the publishers for more details and will update when more details become available. What do you think of adding co-op to Assassins Creed Unity? Good or bad? Why? Now for some news from the entire franchise The Assassins Creed franchise has made 73 million sales! In 6 years the Assissins Creed franchise has produced 73 million copy sales Ubisoft announced. Last time Ubisoft released numbers was when they hit 60 million sales. They also announced that Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag has had less sales than its predeccesor Assassins Creed III. But the sales for Assassins Creed IV are still climbing. So this might change. Let's say that each Assassins Creed game sold for 60 bucks. (Disregarding the fact that the prices will drop and such, that would make it too difficult!) That would make for 73.000.000x60= 4.380.000.000 Dollars! What would you do with that amount of money? Thanks for reading Sources: http://nl.ign.com/news/8805/Assassin-s-Creed-Unity-heeft-mogelijk-4-player-co-op http://nl.ign.com/news/8803/assassin-s-creed-franchise-heeft-meer-dan-73-miljoen-keer-verkocht http://www.polygon.com/2014/4/22/5639140/assassins-creed-unity-four-player-narrative-co-op https://twitter.com/shinobi602?original_referer=http%3A%2F%2Fnl.ign.com%2Fnews%2F8805%2FAssassin-s-Creed-Unity-heeft-mogelijk-4-player-co-op&tw_i=457327029198000128&tw_p=tweetembed
  15. Hi P34nut here attempting to bring you some news. Bad news for the ESO lovers out there! There has been a bug that allowed people to duplicate items and sell them later on. This has thrown the economy of The Elder Scrolls Online completely off-balance. Here is a video explaining you how. Luckily the bug fix is on the way as is stated in the recent patch notes and mods are swinging around the banhmmer like they're whackin' moles. Appearently the bug was so 'easy' that many players claim they did it once by accident. Especially PvP is going to suffer the consequences. PvP will be dominated by playes who abused the bug. Players are now discussing a complete server reset. This will negatively affect players who have already spent hours on this game. But it will fix the economy. What do you think should be done? Leave answers below. UPDATE: Bethesda ha now localised the bug and have come up with a fix. Also they wanted to let know that they have a Zero tolerance policy for people who abused this bug. Meaning that everyone who abused the bug will be permanently banned. Maintenance is now complete and the serves are back up . Now for some more brighter news. The Xbox One has surpassed 5 million shipments! This is 60% higher than the shipments of Xbox 360's in the same time frame. The PS 4 still has higher sales which are over 7 million right now. Please note that the Xbox One has 5 million shipments. So not all of them are sold! But the Xbox One still has to release in a few countries. So the release in these countries might up the Xbox One sales a lot. What do you think? Thanks for reading my first news article Should I make more? Made possible by ign.com Sources: http://nl.ign.com/news/8783/item-bug-sloopt-economie-the-elder-scrolls-online http://nl.ign.com/news/8775/Xbox-One-is-5-miljoen-keer-verscheept
  16. I have always been a fan of Halo so here is what I want to see. New Hijacks: Players have the occasional "Punch and throw" kind of Hijack animation throughout halo. In halo Spartan assault I really like the way they Hijacked the wraiths. For some of the bigger vehicles (Mentioned Later) you should have to mash buttons to fight over control of the vehicle. Since you have to try so hard to get into a vehicle this large, and im not saying there will be any that big, they should kill the driver instead of just throwing him out. New Graphics: When you get shot you should have dents in your armor or at least bullet holes. Maybe when you get shot with plasma/energy weapons, when you get shot it should leave a burn mark. But to make it more believable, only allow this kind of armor damage to happen after the shields are down. Headshots- Headshots should be realistic. The visor on your helmet is occasionally broken throughout Halo. This happening in Reach and the Halo 5 teaser trailer. When you get shot in the head (Depending on where your shot) your visor should brake, or at least crack a little. It makes halo look even more unreal when someone gets shot in the head and you take a close look and say "Well did he get hit by a bus? Doesn't look like I hit him". Spartan Upgrades- In halo wars you have a Research Center, which you can see one of the main characters (A female Scientist) working in. You should code the game where every game you win gives you an amount of cash that you can use on upgrades. Including the helpful "Neural Implant" that allows you to more effectively hijack vehicles. Possibly adding a 2% advantage over who wins the button mashing I talked about in the Hijacking Section. Flood- You had amazing flood graphics which stunned the players in many ways. But what you should do is add a (And I've seen that this is mentioned a lot on YouTube) a Firefight mode. You can add different modes, like where you choose which race to go against. Elites, Brutes, Covenant, Flood, and the Prometheans. If you complete the 30-50 waves allotted, you will unlock armor parts. And if you decide to let us play as these other races, when you defeat one you get to unlock that race and his/her default armor. Vehicles- Megabloks introduced two new veicles, one being the VTOL and one being the Bike. Honestly they don't belong in this game, but would be a fun easteregg or Forge-only item to play with. Phantom- This vehicle would be really fun to drive around. It should be able to hold your whole team, and should be a Literal moving battleground. Where players can jump into the Phantom and shoot the passengers out. You guys are the professionals... It shouldn't take a 14 year old to point out good suggestions. Pelican- It would be freakin awesome to drive this around, dropping troops into battle. far Fetched but a very good idea, and now that you have the Engine and platform to hold this, you should add the long requested Pelican and Phantom. Dynamic Respawns- Instead of spawning in on the map, poofing out of nowhere andeasily spawn camped you should have players dynamically shot into the map in ODST drop pods. The pods will kill anything in a 3ft. Radius. Therefore killing anything underneath it. The pods should be like in the ODST game. Where you can pull a lever and get out. So you can stay inside and be safe from any spawn campers. Weapons- Here are some weapons that should be re-added with some upgrades. Flamethrower- it should be mobile. So the player doesn't just drag it around like a dismounted turret. Give it ammo clips, where you can have a fuel core in the gun so you can reload. Firebomb Grenades- Have these re-added with the upgrade options I mentioned above. Have it so you can upgrade it to "Sticky Napalm". This way making it the ultimate Vehicle-Eater. Image driving your warthog when some guy comes out from behind a rock and hits the car with this. The flames will keep burning for 15 seconds after its attached to the warthog. Making it deadly. The katana- The mythical Hyabusa Spartans carried this weapon around on their back. The energy sword is allowed, so why not a human version? Duel wielding SMG's- These have been in many halos... why did you cut them out in halo reach? It made me sad. Duel wielding energy swords- One sword can destroy you in a single hit. If you add a second one, add a buff so it does 1.5 more damage. This would help the swords tear apart vehicles. And everyone has been requesting this since Halo 3. Vehicles you should bring back- Halo is about air superiority. The hornets were the scorpion tanks worst nightmare. The mobility was amazing, and im sure if you added a bit of Halo 5 swag to it, it will become a very cool addition. Banshee- I know this will be in halo 5, but you should add a hover mode to it. So you can get around those annoying twists and turns. PLEASE add this. The banshee's constantly moving trait makes it hard to aim, and easy to crash with. Once again... PLEASE ADD THIS. hawk- I think this is what it was called from halo wars. The vehicle was epic. Just take out the gause cannon and replace it with a Light machine Gun. The Vampire- This was the pinnacle of anti-air defense as it looked amazing in Halo wars. Make it so it fires plasma cannons at ground forces, and heat seeking 2x Damage needles at aircraft. Just make it in short bursts so it doesn't give WAY too much of an air advantage. Im not sure what this vehicle was called, but in Halo 2 it held 2 elites in the back. It also had a mounted plasma cannon on the back of the vehicle. It was on a flood mission where you play as the Arbiter. Hunter armor genetics and Traits- Hunters armor should fall apart as you attack it, making it vulnerable to assassination or critical hits. The shield should deflect bullets in every direction, giving you a small chance for a richochet kill. Other suggestions- When hit by an energy sword, a smoldering cut will be in the place the sword hit. If you add the katana make it for that too... just not a smoldering cut. Hijacking should be faster for small vehicles, and fatal. It should be longer for larger vehicles. And for huge vehicles it should be long, and require you to mash buttons to fight for dominance over the vehicle. Those creepy flys should be re-added. I think they were called drones in halo reach? Assassinations should be new, awesome, and are different depending on what weapon your holding Sword, rifle, bruteshot, etc. If you run people over in warthogs, the body shouldn't just go undere the vehicle, it should be able to fly over the vehicles also. And be able to break the windshield/influence the vehicles movement (Gets bumpy when you make roadkill.) If you have any ideas you would like to share, post it here. Great thanks to 343 Industries for making this amazing Trilogy, and all their hard work. I hope to see great ideas in the future, keep up the good work. My Xbox tag is DHG Rebokz. Add me if you like. (Plays Halo 4, and Spartan assault.)
  17. Good day to everyone, Just now the upcoming TMNT movie got its first trailer. The movie is being produced by Micheal Bay. (Transformers, Bad boys, Explosions the movie) Kotaku brought us the the news. Check it out here! http://kotaku.com/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-look-like-this-now-1552838028 I can see this movie turn out as an okay action movie, but a really bad TMNT movie. (Remember what Micheal did to Transformers?) The action figure line produced gives us a better view. The origin of the turtles has also been changed, making them experiments. rather than accidents. The end of trailer did make me chuckle and our adolescent oriental combating genetically altered amfibians are quite different to what we knew as children, but they seem to go for the old style ninja turtles, with lollygagging and some brotherly love. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Bai Bai and have an ice day Coldfreeze All credit to kotaku.
  18. Check out the article I read I don't know if you guys saw but... HALO 2 ANNIVERSARY IS CONFIRMED!!! (at least I think so, based on IGN and several other articles) Being a huge massive giant classic Halo fan/savant, this has been my dream since the Combat Evolved Anniversary in 2011. The team behind CEA (a little part of 343) has supposedly been developing it and is expected to release later this year, while pushing back the next Halo (5?). I'd wager the newly dubbed H2A will sell better than the next Halo, but that is personal speculation. Anyhow, we will see a HD reboot for Bungie's genre-definer much similar to CEA, this time for Xbox One (I would also like to see it for Xbox 360 as well), hopefully with cool little extras to broaden the already expansive lore. The game is rumored to come with beta access to the next Halo (for those interested) among things, but that is not the best extra. Supposedly, H2A will release a version containing ports to Halo 4 and (*drumroll*) my favorite title, Halo 3. I will literally go out and buy an Xbox One for exclusively this bundle if this news is true. And speaking of buying Xbox Ones, Microsoft is planning on releasing a white version X1 and a cheaper version that will apparently lack a disk drive. That sounds kinda ridiculous but nothing in this article is actually confirmed, just leaked and reported on by assumed credible reporters. Anyway, I will be counting down the days to see Halo 2 in refined glory. Long live the Bungie classic! By the way, all I can think about is an HD rendition of the cutscene after the first mission aboard the Forward Unto Dawn (The Armory, if I remember correctly), when the Master Chief "gives" a Covenant cruiser their bomb back. My heart will stop for sure.
  19. Well I hope it works lol The trainer was made in Cheat Engine Took me awhile to find the address lol (it was right in front of me lmao) So any who, I hope this works for everyone and should be useful for games and matches. You dont have to alt tab out to make it work, just push the numbers accordingly on the Number Pad Also, if you suicide or betrayal on, those timers will still be there. so turn em off* lol cheers! Click below to get the file for your halo 2 pc desires, needs, wants and what not's. The link below will provide the download free of charge of course, there is also a virus scan along with the post and file, that is all in the link below on the halo2vista.com website. Thanks and I hope someone will enjoy it...lol Go here for the download and information you may need. Halo 2 Vista H2PC H2V H2 H2MT H.2.M.T. Halo 2 Map/Mod Team H2MT members past and present: AvengerofDeath2 B4M_TwinReaper Baltic Beazt Computron Garanas Himanshu01 JohnnyBlaz20 Kantanomo KILLER CHIEF Kills Alone Kirby_422 PCTechmaster07 PirateEggs Shock120 Skiddy 632 Slaters Fury StatutorytrOy Super PolarBear SuperSniper XHN_SCRAPY ZeroErrors http://www.halo2vista.com
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  21. When you think of a Christmas what do you think of? Do you think of Halo? Do you think of Destiny? Do you think of Minecraft? Or what about Titan Fall? Everybody in the forums deserves a gift from me. ------------------------------------------------- To:Members From:Dog -------------------------------------------------- Halo Spartan Asssault REVIEW The Xbox One gets a taste of Halo with the release of Halo: Spartan Assault today, a day earlier than planned (with the Xbox 360 version hitting in January 2014), but it is far from your traditional Halo. Halo: Spartan Assault is a top-down perspective shooter that was first released on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 back in July 2013. Microsoft decided to port the mobile/PC game for our console pleasures. The game allows you to dive deeper into the backstory between Halo 3 and Halo 4, during the UNSC-Covenant ceasefire. A rogue Covenant infantry attacks Draetheus V in a blatant disregard for the ceasefire. Stationed on Draetheus is Spartan Davis and Commander Palmer. You play through the events during the attack and discover why the rogue Covenant infantry is so interested in the planet. Halo: Spartan Assault contains over 30 levels of gameplay and a coop mode for you and a friend along with coop survival where you team up to survive the infamous flood. The game brings a refreshing twist to Halo and definitely adds an element of fun while we wait for Halo 5 to be released in the near future. The graphics are visually stunning and the game is a direct rendition of what we’ve come to enjoy in the Halo universe. The gameplay is very simple – the left joystick moves the character and the right joy stick can help aim the weapon at enemies causing more direct hits. You simply move through the levels running and gunning. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I dream of modded stuff,no not really Lol. XBOX ONE ALREADY MODIFIED Unfortunately for those who want to game on the go, you’ll still have to stick to your phone, tablet, PS Vita, or Nintendo 3DS, as this laptop mod does not include a battery and will need to be tethered to a power outlet. The ports on the back of the unit have been preserved, but an audio-out port was added for audio flexibility. Not losing its branding, the Xbox One logo power light has been moved to the top of the laptop, so you can still see that the hardware is an Xbox One should you want to display it without actually using it. If you’re in the market for an Xbox One laptop, Terry has already sold his mod to an undisclosed buyer, so we don’t have the information to reveal who you should bother about a resale. We also don’t know the price, but it’s safe to assume it costs more than the $499 retail Xbox One standalone console. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have loved Bungie for a long time, even when they switched to another game. Destiny CEO talks reception, pre-orders and sales expectations Eric Hirshberg has provided some details in regards to his company’s expectation on the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Destiny.” According to a report from Daily Finance on Dec. 22, the chief executive officer at Activision is hoping that the upcoming title will be joining “Call of Duty” and “Skylanders” as a “multi-billion dollar franchise.” Eric Hirshberg stated that the reception for the shared-world first-person shooter has been “incredible,” adding that it won multiple awards at the GamesCom convention earlier this year. He also disclosed that the video game managed to achieve the most pre-orders for any new intellectual properties in history _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TitanFall is my favorite upcoming game, what about you? TitanFall Wants Atlas To BE Your CHOICE A new video for Titanfall takes the form of an in-universe commercial for Hammond Robotics' Atlas model of Titans. Hammond has long been the industry leader when it comes to weaponry, argues the commercial, and has a reputation of always delivering the very best in terms of quality. The Atlas has served soldiers well on every battlefield both against infantry and other Titans; why can't it serve you well too? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When I think of Bungie I imagine my good times in Halo 3... Wait a minute!!! To celebrate the end of the 7th console generation, we've been holding a series of Community Events on some of its most definitive games. So far, that honour has fallen to Gears of War, which practically invented the cover system as it exists today, and Call of Duty, whose realistic, iron-sight gameplay set the standard for almost every FPS released thereafter. The last game on our list of greats is perhaps the odd one out, in that it actually represents a style of gameplay which has actually begun to die out altogether. Nonetheless, even six years after its release it still bring in tens of thousands of players every day, and is often considered not only the high point, but the definitive game of its series. The game in question, of course, is none other than Halo 3. Although this playdate will follow the form of the previous two to a degree, both the Heroic Map Pack and the standalone map Cold Storage will be required to participate - both of these maps are available for download from the Xbox LIVE marketplace, and are completely free. Owners of Halo 3: ODST may note that the Halo 3 multiplayer disc contains both of these map packs, and so this disc may simply be used instead. This Community Event will take place on Saturday, December 28th at 12pm EST (5pm GMT). The host for this playdate is currently Dog- however, as ever to take part all you need to to is sign up in this thread, which will be updated no later than 12pm EST on Friday. As perhaps the greatest title in the Halo series, we hope you'll all come along and give this giant the send-off it deserves! There will be giveaways along with game recording. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have A Holly Jolly Christmas Thank You Sources GameSided Geek Examiner Polygon I also would like to thank the comments and likes I get on my news articles.
  22. Welcome to the destiny forum the latest addition to the site that discusses all things destiny and is the front line of destiny news. Here we will be covering everything from facts to theories and speculation of Bungies next game, so lets go through everything we know so far. We know about destiny's story so far Well it is set some seven hundred years in the future after the collapse of human civilization and who on the verge of extinction. Humanity once colonized the solar system, this vast development and existence of the human race was known as "The Golden Age". But from an attack of enemy forces humanity saw themselves and their civilization crumble and recede. Those left are now living on Earth and on the last city which they built under an unknown spherical entity "The Traveler" that hovers over them and saved them from total destruction. The defenders of what remains of humanity "The Guardians" have been given the ability to hold an unknown power to defend themselves and their city and to fight the alien forces that controls the worlds humanity once inhabited. Destiny is a FPS that appears to have the elements of an MMO, you play as one of the guardians of the city and defend it from enemy forces and help humanity from completely dying out. Mysterious activity On February 11th Bungie began a short ARG for destiny that took place over a period of seven day's, this tasked the community to work together to retrieve mysterious poems that are most likely to window into Destiny's deep and vast universe. Full info on the ARG here. The darkness is ending After a couple of years of silence Bungie finally opened the door and let us visit the world they have been creating for so long as they provide with a vidoc "Pathways out of Darkness". They gave us peek of what the Destiny universe will look like and what it will entail. Breaking everything down After the the first reveal of Destiny IGN provided a full analysis of everything we have seen, they go through various locations that the player may need venture to, alien factions we will encounter and a ton more. Quick look at some Gamplay Bungie co-founder showed us a little look at some Destiny gameplay from Sony's presentation for the Playstation 4. They also shared a really cool sculpture image of an alien from an enemy faction "Fallen" on twitter. A 2013 release for Destiny may not be happening It was reported that Activision has warned not to expect a 2013 release for Destiny. "Although Bungie's amazing new world was revealed today, Activision has not included the launch in its 2013 outlook and there should be no speculation or expectation of a different result," said the publisher today in a statement. Destiny is scheduled to be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and all future console platforms, with the new Xbox and PlayStation expected on shop shelves before the end of the year. This means it is unlikely Destiny will be a next-gen launch title. Destiny is billing itself a "shared-world shooter" in an always-connected world. Players assume the roles of Guardians in the last safe city on Earth. Bungie has yet to release any in-game footage of the game. "For all the unknowns, Destiny still feels very much like the product of Bungie," said GameSpot's Shaun McInnis after glancing a first look at the game last week. "More specifically, it feels like Bungie taking what they've done well over the years and moving in a new direction, with new technology, toward something well beyond Halo. I know I can't wait to see what else Destiny is." As seen from various sources http://www.joystiq.c...estiny-in-2013/ http://uk.ign.com/ar...-coming-in-2013 http://investor.acti...eleaseID=740914 The seven heavens of Destiny. Bungie has a history of connecting their stories and making references to Mythological and Religious things. I came up with a theory of possible connections that Destiny may have with an ancient belief called "The seven heavens". It goes through possible connections with the ARG symbols, the poems, alien factions in destiny and locations. It can be read here. 343i.org's News Group member adamj and his theory made into a video explaining the idea. Narrated by OakleyHiDef
  23. So does anyone have any idea when 343i will give us any more data on Halo 5/ Halo xbox one? thoughts, theaories? i was checking the web for any major game conventions i might not have been aware of. im just getting antsy to know ANYTHING more about the next in halo in the series.
  24. http://www.halo5news.net Is it true? If so, does anyone else realize what this means? I've never been more scared in my life (#Exaggeration)
  25. Xbox 360 has once again proven itself to be the best selling console in the States. Microsoft's epic console has once again stayed on top of the table with it's 27 month consecutive being the most bought system in the United States, according to new date from NPD Group. The Xbox 360 console has sold 261'000 units in the United States in March, beating Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's new Wii U handheld device. In the large picture, physical sales decreased by 10% year over year from $1.1Billion in March 2012 to $992.5 Million in March 2013. Software sales remained basically flat at around $554.8 Million, only inching down by 1% from one year ago. The steepest decline came from Hardware sales, dropping down by 32% to $221.6 Million. Against popular beliefs, the Nintendo 3DS has grown by roughly 9% during the decline of portable console sales. Sources: BGR.com
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