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Found 31 results

  1. The U.F.F clan The U.F.F is a militarised clan based on 60% Halo : Reach and 40% on Halo 4. The U.F.F consists of three major divisions : A.O.I - Advanced, Operations, Infantry. M.D.O - Mobile, Defence, Operations. I.P.S - Internal, Protection and Security. For more details about the U.F.F visit-http://theuffclan.weebly.com/ Check out the U.F.F recruitment video. Sorry for two of the same topics one of them messed up.
  2. We are a military based UNSC clan and we are looking for quality, skillful, fun and individuals who can take leadership upon theirself when under pressure, we formed on Halo 2 and we are very expierienced players we want played aged 11-17 years old who play regularly and are willing to take part in clan meetings and training sessions/bootcamps on a regular basis, WE ARE LOOKING FOR A CO LEADER A HIGHLY RANKED INDEPENDENT AND SKILLED CO LEADER THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE CLAN SO PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY OUR WEBSITE IS http://117gaming.webs.com IF YOU WISH TO APPLY FOR THE CLAN ON THE WEBSITE PLEASE DO SO BUT IF NOT TO SIMPLY MESSAGE TanglerDangler ON XBOX LIVE AND ILL INVITE YOU TO A PRIVATE CHAT AND INTERVIEW YOU, THANKS
  3. FDS stands for Fatal Death Squad. Formed in 2007 after the release of Halo 2, FDS continues to strive forward with it's message of gaming with honor and integrity. This is what drew me to FDS. It's a community where you can login, go to the community gamertag & see who's playing. Join a friend or rally some members for a round of SWAT or a match on Slayer!! FDS has the goal of creating a safe haven for like-minded gamers regardless of gender, race, national origin, religion, marital status, or disability. However you must be 16 or older to join. We believe that all gamers should have a place to play where they won’t have to put up with any type of drama or problems and be free to enjoy the game to its full extent. In the FDS Community we do recognize player skill; however, we believe that gaming is more about having fun and enjoying the game with friends. FDS has both casual and competitive gamers that actively participate in our community. Keeping that in mind, there is always a place for anyone looking to join. You don't have to change your gamertag but we do ask that you change & remain in uniform colors. Our main reasoning behind this is recognition. Your teammates & other community members are easier to identify in the heat of battle!! You are not required to maintain a positive kill/death ratio. There are plenty of members that you can speak with if you'd like some tips or advice. Please message me anytime with questions, if you wanna hook up for a round online or if you're interested in joining. It's a great community of boys & girls, just looking for some like minded gamers to have fun with. We have a saying, "No tea bagging unless you were tea bagged first." Thanks for reading! Game on! Btw, we are looking for people interested in starting a forge team. If you think you might be interested, hit me up!
  4. Hello All - U.S. Military gamers are recruiting. You can find out more about us at US Military Gamers. We are currently active in Halo 4 as well as several other popular games. if you are interested and meet the age requirements (civilian-21, military/emergency responder-18) then you are welcomed aboard and are welcomed to join! You MUST apply at our website (www.usmilitarygamers.com) to be considered. Below is a little about us. US Military Gamers is a non-competitive gaming community comprised of active duty, reserve, guard and prior service military and civilian gamers from all branches of the military and all around the globe. Since September of 2009, US Military Gamers was founded on the premise that gamers shouldn't have to deal with bad attitudes and people that ruin their gaming experience. We are all here for the same reason - to play games and have a good time doing it with people that feel the same way. Read more about this in our Charter. The Mission of US Military Gamers Our mission is to provide a fun, competitive, and positive environment to military gamers while promoting respect for all gamers. If you're interested in applying to US Military Gamers, please register using the registration system located in our community, then head to our forum to fill out an application! We're glad to have you, and we'll do our best to help make sure we provide a fun and hassle free environment for you to game in. Provide Fun Gaming Atmosphere A Social "Family" Network for Adults Place to Discuss Anything (Almost) Place to be YOURSELF
  5. Skill does not apply, I can assure you I can make you a better player. I've had my time with MLG and GB (Halo 2 - Halo 3) so for those who are doubtful I can improve your skills This is a military style clan where rank is based by performance overall, again skill will not be subjected here. But I do offer one on one/group training which will include weapon understanding, map orientation, call outs etc. Age requirement 15+ Any level can join No armor/emblem requirements (as of now, discuss more once established) Currently we will span across Halo 4/Reach. For further details my GT is CP Rizzy Rez or leave a post in-thread, for my GT message or friend request is fine just include the clan name in messages so I don't assume its junk. Also accepting Alliances, please message GT with your clan details. -Rizzy, Clan Leader
  6. I am looking for a military like clan that is not very competitive and has fun when playing. I am 14 years old just in case you where wondering.
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