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Found 32 results

  1. ~Epilogue~ A loud sound came from the engine room. Destroyer was alone. Everyone else was in the mess hall. The sound came again. This time it was louder. Destroyer quietly walked his way over to the engine room. He looked behind him, afraid he was being watched. Nothing. He put in his authorization code. Denied. Destroyer felt for the authorization key he grabbed from Sarge’s body. He slid it into the slot. Accepted. The door slowly slid open. Each inch it opened, Destroyer felt his skin get hotter and hotter. Finally, the door slid open at an incredible speed. Destroyer entered the room. The door slid shut and locked behind him. He noticed something about the door. The door panel was damaged, he couldn’t get out that way. In search for the noise, he went into the room where the engines were stored. There it was. The slipspace drive was seared in flames and the wires were scorched around it. Destroyer ran over to the control panels for the engines. He applied the extinguishers and everything he could to put out the flames. It worked. The slipspace was still at work and ran fine. Destroyer went to exit the room. No. There was no way to get out from the inside, he was stuck in this room. He would have to radio Moth or Alex if he wanted out. Destroyer went over to the radio console. It was damaged, he couldn’t reach anyone. Why out of everything did I forget my ODST suit at a time like this? Destroyer thought to himself. Just then he remembered. He had a small stress beacon. Would it work in Slipspace? He could try to communicate to the others with it. He turned it on. Was this some sort of coincidence? The Slipspace Drive fell off the platform and crashed through the bottom of the ship, it left a massive hole. Destroyer just gaped as the Slipspace Drive fell into the ships shields. It knocked the shields offline. Destroyer quickly went to activate his stress beacon. He pulled it out and pressed the button. The signal was sent. He turned around. He walked right into an Energy Sword. He collapsed. His last moments were of him being drug over to the railing. The Elite was cloaked, all he could see was the energy sword. “You’re ships end is here.” The elite said as he threw Destroyer at the massive pit. ~The End of Book 1~ Book 2 is still being decided!
  2. ~Chapter 17-Part 3: All is Lost~ “Team Lord, glad you could make it!” The spartan shouted. “Uh, who are you, may I ask?” Sarge walked up to the unnamed spartan. “Oh, my sincere apologize Commander Moth. I didn’t realize it was you...” “No need for that. I need you in here! We have things that need to be done, and need to be done quick!” Moth looked up in the distance. “Why is that transport leaving? Who gave an order?” Moth took off inside. “I guess we better get inside as well.” Sarge walked inside the building. Team Lord walked in a straight line behind him. Starting with Alex, Bek, etc. “Hotel-Whiskey 314, do you mind telling me what you’re doing leaving with that ship!?” Moth was angrier than ever. “You were under a direct order not to leave until Noble Six got those Anti-Air weapons online!” Hotel-Whiskey 314 responded back briefly, “We’re getting the hell out of here. Screw the evac!” The thrusters kicked on a few seconds later. “I swear to god those three will be court martialed when I get out of here.” Moth slammed his fist as hard as he could on a table. The legs crushed and the table fell apart on itself. It looked like what would happen when you match a Scorpion versus a mongoose. An explosion went off outside, it shook the entire building. Alex walked over to the window. “Commander.” “Yes?” Moth replied. “That evac ship that just started to take off, it’s crashing in the bay right now. Corvette got it.” Alex just stared vigilantly out the window. Moth was enraged, “God damn it! I told him not to leave until the area is clear.” Moth walked over to the other side of the room. “Civilian transport 7 Echo 3 to Warlord Actual. My engines are hot. Waiting for your go.” “Copy that 7 Echo 3. Fox Actual is on the beach. Spartan’s going to clear the skies.” Moth replied back. “Commander! The covies are almost through my door!” Duvall came in on the conversation, “Steady Echo 3, that Corvette is still up there!” “That’s it! They’ve breached the landing bay!” The AA batteries activated. They both turned at a 78 degree angle. Aimed at the Corvette ship right above the city. Duvall was over the radio again, “It’s now or never, Spartan!” The AA guns were online and fired. Six rockets were launched in the air. “C’mon. Hit it. Hit it...” Dumby mumbled to himself. Biggles heard him, but decided not to say anything, he only agreed in his thoughts. The Corvette was on the move, slowly but it was about to gain speed. Five of the rockets hit the face of the Corvette. A drastic explosion shook the building Team Lord was in. It was the Corvette, lit up in flames headed down towards the crash in the sea. “Civilian Transports, you are cleared for departure.” Moth was calm, a hint of happiness was in his voice. Not much. A loud pound was heard in the background. Doors were torn off and metal was being scraped. “What. What was that?” Destroyer acted as if he was the only one who heard it. “Whatever it is, we need to go deal with it and get out of here.” Moth was pumped as ever. "Sarge, take point. I'll cover the exit. Archangel, you flank the right. Bek, hold this position." Moth barked loud and clear. The sound of gauss and banshee's could be heard outside. "Paladin, how much longer before you get here?" Sarge opened his comms. He turned the corner and engaged two grunts. "Now now, controlled bursts Sergeant." He told himself. "Sarge, you there yet?" Moth broke in. He had his scope steadied on a brute chieftain. He fired the sniper rifle. Headshot. "Almost, just a little more... Oh no. This can't be happening." Sarge face turned to horror. "Spit it out, Sergeant." Moth dropped his magazine and clicked in a fresh one. "We've got ourselves three corvettes and a super carrier out in the distance." Sarge relied. "May god have mercy..." Moth broke off. “Moth, you still there?” Sarge was worried. Did something happen to him? “Yeah, there’s an Elite. Could use some help. Nothing bad yet. Damn Covie won’t back off.” Moth sounded grudged. “On our way, Commander.” Sarge replied. “Alex, do you think you could meet up with us? Need your help.” Sarge ordered. “Give me a second. On my way.” Alex broke out of the room and hurried as fast as he could. He turned left. Wrong room. The door sealed behind him. There was someone else in the room, he could feel it. He could make an outline of a figure in the corner. "Hmmm... Again, we meet." The ghastly figure uttered out of the dark lighted room. "Who are you? You sound familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?" Spartan II-Alex was intimidated by this, this thing. Who was he? The voice was as if... "We've already met." The ghastly figure walked forward. Alex noticed something in his hand. An energy sword knuckle. "Lan Chorus..." Alex was in complete shock. At that moment, Phoenix ran in the room. "Alex, Sarge needs you out front right now!" He stopped. "Alex, what's going on?" Lan smiled and lunged forward. "Phoenix! No!" Alex screamed. Lan moved at an incredible speed. His fist hit Phoenix in the skull at such an incredible rate it knocked him out cold. “You’ll pay for that!” Alex grabbed an energy sword knuckle, activated it and rushed at Lan. Blocked. Lan just stood there and smiled. “Hehe. You’re not going to win this time, boy.” He kicked Alex in the chest. Alex held his ground, he lunged again with the sword, he had so much anger in him he felt like he could punch out a wall. Blocked, again. Alex was at such a high level of tolerance, he was absolutely done. Rage took him over. He swung fast and furious, the hits knocked back Lan Chorus. But did nothing, he blocked everything. Lan just stood there and smiled and laughed. “You’re going to lose boy.” Sarge came in from behind Lan Chorus. Shotgun on him, aimed at the back of his head. Slice. Sarge collapsed. “Sarge?” Alex looked over at him. He gasped in horror. An energy dagger was stuck in his neck. It was then withdrawn. The user uncloaked itself. It was an Elite Zealot. “Commander, we must go. The Arbiter needs you back on board.” The Zealot eyed Alex. “I’ll be back for you later.” Lan rushed Alex and knocked him backwards into the wall, the impact immobilized him for a few seconds with shock. Lan left with the Zealot. Jack and Biggles walked into the room, “We came as soon as we heard. How can...” They broke off after they saw Sarge. “No. No it can’t be.” Doc ran into the room, he fired two shots from his magnum behind him. “We’re ready to go guys. Bek just gave an all clear...” Tears began to roll down his eyes. “No. No it can’t be.” Doc bursted into tears. “Those two shots from my magnum, they must have been a coincidence from when I first met Sarge... I’m already remembering all of our memories...” Doc collapsed on the floor in tears. He couldn’t gain control, he felt like everything he had was lost. “I can’t do this. Out of all of you, I cared about him the most. He was always there with me to cover my back.” He sobbed some more. Now he was on the floor, arms over each other. All he could do was moan. Architect approached Doc, “Doc, we need to go. We can’t stay here.” He laid his hand on his shoulder. “No! I won’t go! Not without Sarge with us!” Doc broke into a rage of sadness. As quick as lightning, he pulled the magnum from his belt and fired it between Architects eyes. He was dead. The team just backed up. Doc was back on his arms, magnum in his belt. “We need to go. Leave him here.” The team left the room. “Fauz and Gregor. You to take point. Moth is waiting for us.” Alex ordered, though there was a hint of sorrow in him. He closed the door to Sarge and Architect’s bodies. He then sealed it shut, afraid Doc would come after them. “About time! Where’s the other three? Nevermind, doesn’t matter. We have a problem.” Moth pointed over in the field. Two Scarabs were headed right at them along with four wraiths, an anti-air wraith, and about eight ghosts. “Now would be a good time for your friends.” The team took a defensive position. Phantoms and Spirits were headed onto the field. Both Scarab’s stopped, they were charging their weapons. The first one fired, completely missed. The second one fired, with the utmost luck, Phoenix jumped off the gauss turret fast enough as it exploded. There was three wraiths down and all of the ghosts were eliminated. Only two Scarabs, one wraith and one anti-air wraith were headed at them. The phantoms were engaged on the left wing against Moth, Bek, Fauz, Gregor, Alex, and Archangel. “Really could use some help, Alex said.” “BAHAHAHAHAHA” Someone screamed over the COMS. “OUCH! My ears!” Jack covered them. “Destroyer, stop it!” “Wasn’t me.” Destroyer stared at him. Biggles noticed a light shined in the background. Now it didn’t, because it was in the hull of first Scarab. Which was now collapsed and about to explode. It did. Biggles must have been hallucinating, because it happened out all at once and so fast. “Get up. Get up.” Someone was going through trouble to lift him. It was Cajun. “Cajun. Why are you here?” Alex walked over. “Oh, I’m here to evac you then go for the other two.” Cajun replied. “Other two? What do you mea-” Moth looked over, there was a Scorpion engaged with the ground vehicles and phantoms and spirits. “Paladin?” He looked at the Scarab, which was awkwardly not in motion. Someone was on board doing one hell of a job with his knife. “Who’s that?” Cajun assisted the others onto the Pelican. “That’s Zen. He’s crazy, but ONI said it was necessary to drop him on there. Now lets go!” Cajun floored the Pelican over to Paladin, he waited on the side of his tank. He jumped in. Cajun then flew over to pick up Zen. Wasn’t noticeable at first, but a cloaked figure hopped on board. It then uncloaked as the hatch closed, it was Zen. He sat over in a seat, he had a great bright smile on his face and couldn’t stop the shake in his legs. “At least someone had a good time...” Muttered Dumby. “UNSC Warlord, this is Team Lord, inbound for boarding, roger.” Cajun prepped the pelican. “Eh, no.” They replied. “Open the doors, Osiris.” Phoenix felt like Cajun rolled his eyes when he muttered that. “I guess. I’ll take off the Archer missiles... Was going to have fun with you all. Heheh.” They boarded the Pelican. The door sealed behind them. The ship prepared for a jump. “We’re jumping, now?” Alex questioned Moth. Moth looked over at him, “Yes, and that’s why.” He pointed out the window. Three Covenant Cruisers glassed the area they just were at. Alex just stood there. The ship jumped. ~End of Chapter 17 Part 3~ Ready? REady? REAdy? READy? READY? ARE YOU READY, SOLDIERS?
  3. Yesterday 343 Industries revealed the 6th remastered map that will be shipping with Halo: The Master Chief Collection for Halo 2: Anniversary, the reveal can be read here. That final map is Warlord and it is a remake of the Halo 2 map Warlock, Warlock was a DLC map and it was one of two maps (the other being containment) that came with the free Bonus Map Pack. Bravo at 343 Industries did announce that the final map would not be a DLC so that comment has come across a little bit of a mystery but most likely it was just a simple change of plan. IGN got access to the map and posted a full length video of gameplay of one of Halo's most classic game types, King of the Hill, here we get to see the map in action. So what do you think of Warlock/Warlord being the final map and how did you like the gameplay? Where you hoping for another map to make it on the list?
  4. ~Chapter 17-Part 2: Quandary~ “Alright. First things first. We need to get through that city and push through until we reach beach side. This situation is going to be tricky, but we’re going to need to do what we have to to get this job done. Is that clear?” Sarge looked at everyone, while he waited on the response. He decided on who was to do what. “Yes sir!” The team responded in sync. “Now, here’s the plan. Gregor and Dumby will take their gungoose and assault any infantry we come across. Destroyer and I will take on any vehicles and infantry we come across, so long as it’s not a Scarab. Nut, you will take everyone in your warthog and follow back behind us. Suppress fire, kill any surviving infantry you see, and call out targets. Cajun, provided support wherever you can. Alright, lets move out!” Sarge pushed forward. Everyone followed the plan. “Hey Gregor, lets have some fun.” Dumby looked over at him. “Sure will. You up for it Architect and Fauz?” Gregor asked. “Yes, I want to feel like a badass right now.” Architect smiled. Though, his helmet blocked it from anyone’s notice. “Aigh’, whatever it takes to make me feel good, mate.” Fauz loaded his DMR. Dumby floored it, gun’s blazing. He rounded around a group of grunts and an elite. Architect jumped and did flips through the air. His arms covered his face. As he drew near the elite, he opened up his arms and slammed the knife in the elite’s head. He landed on the other side of it. “Now that’s an entrance.” Architect walked over to the water fountain and got a drink. Fauz sniped each and everyone of the grunt’s headed over to engage Architect. “And like that, we have the punch line.” Sarge engaged the wraith. “Gosh damn it. I hate killing these things, especially in a warthog.” He power slided around, just in time to avoid the Wraith’s mortar. “Biggles, can you take out that gunner, please?” Sarge power slided around again, just in time as well. “Sure thing, Sarge.” Biggles cocked his battle rifle. One, two, three. The elite still sat there and fired. “Hmmm...” Biggles fired again. First bullet. Second bullet. The elite’s shields dropped. Biggles watched closely. The third bullet, straight in the head. The gunner slumped over dead. “Thanks Biggles, appreciate it.” Alex called over to him. The Wraith started to boost at them, fired mortars whenever it could. “Gosh damn, this things kamikaze.” Sarge dodged it left and right. A high pitched screech ran over Alex, Sarge, and Biggles head. The wraith collapsed and exploded. “Roger that, all enemy Wraith’s are down. Cajun ready to assist on your mark.” Cajun just hovered there in the air. A grunt charged his plasma pistol and pointed it at him. Two seconds later, his methane tank flew into a hunter, which exploded and killed the hunter. “All targets neutralized.” Cajun went over to hover above the team as they regrouped. “Alright, lets go.” They pushed forward. The streets of New Alexandria were quite, ominously. Every now and then they’d come across a group of grunts or a couple elite’s. Brute’s were seen individually, but no hunter’s, jackals, or skirmishers were in sight. “Alright guy’s, there it is.” The team curved around the a hoop. There was two wraith’s up ahead. Cajun wasn’t there to support either, he was busy engaging banshee’s and phantom’s that were moving towards the rest of team lord. “We have to do it, you all know that.” The team was ready. “Let’s go.” All the warthog’s went, except Doc’s. He sat back and waited until the area was clear. Destroyer and Sarge drove over and engaged a Wraith. Right as they got there, it exploded. They went over to the other Wraith, it exploded too. “What the hell?” Sarge looked around. There it was. Two falcon’s drove by. One side had a total of two turrets engaged at any infantry or vehicles. The other side took down any banshee’s and phantoms that engaged them. “Well, that was luck. Anyways, let’s move. I can see the area, it’s right over that bridge.” They took off towards the bridge. Full speed, the civilian transport ships were just in site. Loud noises of covenant vehicles came from behind. “Sarge, we have Revenants and Ghost’s moving on our position from behind. I count about five revenants and seven ghosts. Should we engage?” Phoenix was concerned. “Hold on, I got this.” Dumby reached into his supply carrier and pulled out a blue orb and handed it to Architect. “Deploy this and throw it right as you do.” Architect took the orb and deployed it. A large blue pulse surrounded it as it flew through the air. It landed in the middle of all the covenant vehicles. They all stopped and fell to the ground. “What the hell did I just throw?” “A power drain. It kills power in anything that has it. It can even be used to deplete shields on an elite, very helpful at ammo conservation if you ask me. Plus it explodes when it’s done, strong enough to flip a warthog.” Dumby explained to Architect. “And you’re just now using this?” Architect felt a rush of anger. “I only grabbed one, didn’t think it was going to be this bad.” Dumby said. “We’re in a Winter Contingency! Why would you just grab one?” Architect broke control of his anger. “Because I’d rather use them in dire situations, than just against a Wraith?” Dumby torted at him. “Oh, so you’d rather throw it at vehicles we can destroy, but not at vehicles that could kill us and we couldn’t destroy? May I remind you that we could have all been killed from those Wraith’s? It only takes one shot, and even then it doesn’t have to be direct contact. These things will be at it for a while.” Architect was done. “I guess you’re right. My bad.” Dumby said, just as they got to the other side of the bridge. The sound of engines boomed next to them, they all looked towards it. A civilian transport ship was ready to take off. The ship moved slowly out of the bay, and towards the beach to take off. “What are they doing!? Who ordered them to leave?!” A voice yelled. Team Lord looked over in the direction where it came from. There was a spartan right outside the door. Wait, that wasn’t just any spartan. That was Commander Moth. What was he doing here? ~End of Chapter 17-Part 2~ Stay tuned for part 3! The final part of the Chapter! But is it the end of the series?
  5. Yesterday 343 Industries revealed the 6th remastered map that will be shipping with Halo: The Master Chief Collection for Halo 2: Anniversary, the reveal can be read here. That final map is Warlord and it is a remake of the Halo 2 map Warlock, Warlock was a DLC map and it was one of two maps (the other being containment) that came with the free Bonus Map Pack. Bravo at 343 Industries did announce that the final map would not be a DLC so that comment has come across as a little bit of a mystery, but most likely it was just a simple change of plan. IGN got access to the map and posted a full length video of gameplay of one of Halo's most classic game types, King of the Hill, here we get to see the map in action. So what do you think of Warlock/Warlord being the final map and how did you like the gameplay? Where you hoping for another map to make it on the list? This post has been promoted to an article
  6. Last Map Remake Confirmed at Tokyo Games Show 2014 And the last map to make the cut for Halo 2: Anniversary in the wonderfully remastered set is a fan favorite, ultra-competitive map: Warlock. Renamed Warlord for the game, a lot of players of competitive gametypes and playlists, such as Team Hardcore, and fans of MLG should have fond memories of it. Not much can be said from the picture but I'm sure we could trust that everything's there and looks spiffy. What do you think? A good addition to the set or should they have chosen a different map? Source: HaloDestiny.net I should also point out that Red found this and not me.
  7. ~Chapter 14: Danger~ Destroyer reached over and inserted a CD into the Warthogs CD player. He looked back at Doc with a big grin on his face. With a heavy sigh, Doc responded to him. “What are you smiling about? It better not be the song on that CD.” “Nope, just enjoying the drive.” Destroyer adjusted himself in his seat. The CD player started to play music loud enough for everyone in the vehicle to hear it clearly and thoroughly. “Splish, splash, I was takin’ a bath; Long about a Saturday night...” “You have got be freaking kidding me, Destroyer. What the hell is this?” Doc was a little impatient about the song that was being played. Destroyer was in a sing-a-long, “Well, I stepped out the tub; I put my feet on the floor... Ah C’mon man, it’s a good song. Sing with me, why don’t you?” Doc just glared at him, “Why on worth would I do that? This song sounds ancient, despite being played on a CD player. Why do we still have CD players in our Warthogs?” His mind was about to burst from all of his confusion. Destroyer turned the dial to the right, the music went right with it. “Alright, alright. My bad. I guess I can’t have any fun.” He crosses his arms over his chest. The warthog slightly turns right off the road. He grabs it and swerves it back on the left side of the road. Doc turns the turret to the right to resist being thrown off, “God damn it Destroyer. Pay attention and quit whining like a marine.” Destroyer looks back at him, “I’m sorry. I just want my music.” Doc narrows his eyes, “How about you do what I told you and not listen to your music?” Destroyer, “Jeez. I was just being sarcastic.” “So am I, and I’m failing, and I’m sorry for that.” Zen yelled out in his sleep. “What’s his deal?” Destroyer raised his eyebrows with a mixture of feelings. Doc stole the look off Destroyer’s face, “I have no idea what happened either.” Destroyer continued to press forward, without music until they reached their destination. Doc sat down with the turret faced opposed of the direction they were headed. They reached it, well almost. They arrived at a UNSC outpost inside the canyon, not even 15 minutes later. An ODST approached them. “Who are you and why are you here?” He asked. Doc got up and answered the man, “We’re part of Team Lord, we are from the UNSC Warlord. We were sent here to drop off this soldier, Zen, for ONI. No other intel was given, sir.” The ODST stared directly at him, Doc could feel the heat pinch in him that made him think what he told the ODST was wrong. The ODST responded, “Alright, we have a falcon ready for you. It should take you up to Farragut Outpost. You will then proceed from there to ONI Sword Base. They will take care of the rest from there.” The ODST walked away and a Falcon landed where he stood. The pilot opened the hatch and helped load Zen and Gregor in the passenger seats. Doc and Destroyer proceeded to the gunner seats and sat down. The falcon began to escalate. “So Doc, what do you think is going on?” Destroyer looked turned around and asked. “Me? I don’t know. I’m just doing my job.” Doc stared out over the horizon. “Attention passengers, we will be landing in the ONI Sword Base Courtyard alternatively due to Farragut Station’s Communications being offline. ETA in 30 seconds. Prepare for departure.” The pilot steered the Falcon towards an enormous pike resembling structure. Doc and Destroyer hopped out of the falcon. Doc grabbed Zen; Destroyer grabbed Gregor. The falcon then departed from them and took off. Two medics ran down to the courtyard and grabbed Zen, they then slowly carried him back to the structure. A woman appeared outside the door after they left. She walked down to the courtyard to meet up with them. The lady began to speak, “Hello, I am Catherine Halsey. You may refer to me as Dr. Halsey or just Halsey. Thank you for the package. Your friend, Zen was carrying an artifact we so dreadfully needed to help us against the covenant. You guys managed to do that job. I have contacted Moth of Warlord and let him know you have arrived. A falcon should be here for you shortly.” Halsey began to walk away. Doc couldn’t help but call out a question, “Will Zen becoming back?” She turned around and smiled, “One way or another. Yes.” She proceeded back inside. The falcon landed inside the Sword Base courtyard, Cajun opened the hatch and called out, “Come on, let’s go! Warlord is ready to leave!” They sat Gregor in the passenger seat, the proceeded to take the turrets. Cajun violently raised the falcon at full speed. “Watch out, we got enemy heat signatures showing up from behind on the radar!” Doc and Destroyer turned their turrets around. Banshees. Three of them, all headed at full speed towards them. Doc opened fire on the machine gun, he took down one. Destroyer did the same on his side. “Where did the third one go?” Doc called out. Destroyer looked around, he saw it and yelled, “It’s in front of us! He looks like he’s turning around to take us out with the fuel rod!” Doc and Destroyer opened fire, they managed to take off the wings. It still flew, now it was unable to hit out of site. “Don’t worry, I got this. Thanks for the assist.” Cajun opened fire on the nose gun, the banshee exploded into pieces towards the surface. “What the hell is going on here?” Gregor was awake. “Sir, it’s the Covenant.” Doc replied to him. “You dip head, they’re ain’t no covenant on Reach.” Gregor responded. Their COM’s came on, “UNSC Warlord to team Lord, do you hear me? I repeat, do you hear me?” “Yes I here you, Warlord. What’s going on?” Gregor took the COM’s. “ONI has called out the Winter Contingency.” Warlord replied. “Winter Contingency?” Gregor looked at the other two as if they knew what that was, they just shrugged their soldiers. Warlord came in again, “The Covenant are on Reach. I repeat the Covenant are on Reach.” The Covenant are on Reach, those words stuck in their heads. ~End of Chapter 14~
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