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Found 1 result

  1. Beat Hazard Platform: Xbox 360, The Director's Rating: 9/10 This game let's you play asteroids. On your X-Box. To your own music that's on your X-Box harddrive. That in and of itself is pretty awesome, but get this. The music powers your weapon! That's right! Your weapon is powered by how loud and wild your music is! But wait, that's not all! This game also has an amazing visualization effect on the background. If you've ever imagined playing a retro game with a new spin on it while you were simultaneously watching a music visualization effect (trippy stuff), then this is definitely the game for you. Combat: The only combat in this game is firing at asteroids and spaceships. It's exactly like the arcade game Asteroids. You spin and shoot. You also have power ups that you can collect by defeating enemies that do various things such as power up your weapon. Not only that, but it's two player co-op splitscreen, which is epic. Your weapons and damage are based on the pickups you've collected and the music that's playing. If you decide to listen to a slow-dance song and play this game, you're gonna have a hard time. Rounds: Each round is exactly one song long. How long is that? Depends on the song YOU pick. If it will fit on your harddrive, then you can play it. Each round gets increasingly difficult, and the enemies are for the most parts random. There are asteroids, enemy ships of varying degree of difficulty to kill, and even bosses here and there. Splitscreen puts more enemies per round. Synopsis: This game is a brilliant indie game that's available on XBL Arcade. It plays any music that you have on your harddrive and will have a different visualization every time you play a song. Sometimes the visualizations are distracting while you are trying to get a higher score, but this game is mainly for fun rather than competition. There is a "brag to a friend" option, if you ARE competitive. The Director's Recommendation: I recommend playing it when you get tired of other games. It allows you to take a much needed break from normal games while still keeping you entertained. It's available on XBL Arcade under indie games. My final recommendation is to get some dubstep/techno/electronica onto your HDD and prepare to have your mind blown. If you are photosensitive, then that's literal. If you have a recommendation for a game that I should review, then let me know in the comments (I follow all of my threads ;D). Remember though, if it's a hyped up game then I won't do it. "Lesser Known" is in the title after all. Hope you enjoy your time in the world of games. Wanna see the others? Check out the menu! http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/8342-the-directors-lesser-known-games-menu/
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