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Found 96 results

  1. Boardwalk By LANK3Y PROZz and a little by HELLBOY1201 This is a recreation of the well known and much loved (and much disliked) map from Halo Reach; Boardwalk (if you hadn't already guessed). It is very true to the original in that nothing major is missing from the layout and the weapon set is the same, except for the Plasma Launcher (which is of course, is not able to be done) which has been replaced by the Sticky Det. Map is here: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/lank3y%20prozz/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=ca2cb05a-c8e8-4bf7-8234-c3c9cc3b13b5 This is what it looks like:
  2. Download Map - http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/009b1cab-1676-4fd8-8648-9cf164e84bfe Download Gametype - http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/juggacly/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=6948fbe5-6345-4a42-b22f-69acbc2c05a4 Hello and welcome to Didacts Skull! This is my first Puzzle-like map for Halo 4, you must race to the skull, first one there wins. I started this map earlier this year, and completely forgot about it until yesterday. I would now like to share it with you. The map can be fun, but is quite challenging. Recommended Players: 1-5. Difficulty: Hard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwsXG1zMfb4 I'm doing a competition. It's a speedrun competition. The best time wins. To enter, simply put your clip of completion in your fileshare. Send me a message saying your entering, and that your clip's in your fileshare (Send to my XBL account, Juggacly) The winners clip will be recorded and put on YouTube, with your name on the video. The competition ends 9/6/13. Start playing!
  3. Being named "Member of the Month" Is an honor. I'm very grateful to receive this respectable title. Also the pInk text is awesome . I don't want to gloat or go on an epic monologue, so I would like to give a few shout-outs. I want to thank Dizzy_Dan from the newsgroup. He conducts interviews with members of the community and recently did one with me . He was very patient with me and my delayed(sometimes silly) answers. He also has been a huge help coordinating events and providing insightful feedback on maps I want to thank Absolute Dog. He has been very helpful and accommodating to THFE, and our slow(but sure) transition to 343i. He has helped keep the forums safe and clean for all. I would like to thank the forgers/players for participating in the weekly "Tuesday Night Tests". It has been a blast testing all of the new maps and working with new forgers. I would also like to thank the forgers for submitting and providing feedback in the THFE submissions section. The continued support is fantastic. Thanks for reading. I hope i can be a good Mom while it lasts.
  4. Tuesday Night Testing now has an additional host and time-slot. If you want to test your map with THFE or play maps from other people sign up HERE
  5. Scrapyard is a Meltdown inspired layout and built on the Erosion forge canvas. Scrapyard is an enduring battlefield that is strong for dominion, extraction and infinity slayer. This map uses the human drop set from matchmaking and their are X2 initial Rockets and X2 initial Snipers. Vehicles: Alpha Base: Gauss Hog X1, Ghosts X1. Bravo Base: Banshee X1, Charlie Base: Ghosts X2 Information: As Alpha base is on the lower grounds and farther away from B, it contains nice routes, a gauss hog and a more defensible base. Bravo Base contains a lift closer to the alpha routes and is also a self-positioned structure to the middle in the field for it to not be ignored. Their is a banshee on the second floor and their is accessibility on the second floor for it to be intruded. On Charlie Base, it is closer to the Bravo Base and is on higher ground which is the reason why Charlie has two ghosts and no supportive vehicle. Also to add on this is that their are teleporters on the map that work meltdown style where from the outskirts of the base it could teleport them into the base or onto the side of it for closer access. Alpha Base: Bravo Base: Overview 1 Bravo Base: Overview 2 Charlie Base: Download map: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/mexican%20torta%207/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=6d41948f-e582-4f30-a1f2-994deedd1ae3 I hope you all enjoy, This took a while to be perfected and it's still not perfect... but it got to the very best it could be. Featured on THFE
  6. Here it is, part two of the second Interviews with the Stars Double Feature! Here's a member of one of the most esteemed Forging and map reviewing groups in the Halo Community, The Halo Forge Epidemic, and their Dominion specialist: AbleSir Thomas. DD: "AbleSir Thomas, how long have you been involved in Forging in Halo?" AST: "I started forging soon after the launch of halo: reach" DD: "What interested you about Forge in Halo: Reach?" AST: "I enjoyed playing playing Invasion in matchmaking. Unfortunately 2 maps just wasn't enough, so I set out to forge my own Invasion map. My first map was called Outpost FW. It was an invasion map that spanned most of Forge World. I spent about 6 months forging it. Of course being my first map, it was a colossal failure." DD: "That sounds really cool! So how did you get noticed by The Halo Forge Epidemic and become part of it?" AST: "After about a year into reach and 2 failed invasion maps, I joined a random custom game. Oakly was host, at the time he was testing his "Island Complex" map. It looked great, but played awful. After everyone in the lobby said it was awesome, Myself and Yardbird told him it had issues. We brought him into forge and explained invasion theory. He was impressed. One thing led to another and we made our first video explaining basic invasion design on spire." DD: "That's sounds pretty awesome. Were you familiar with THFE at the time?" AST: "At the time of that custom, I had no idea what THFE was." DD: "Wow and you became part of the biggest and most knowledgable group of Forgers in the Halo Community! And what gained you the title of being THFE's Dominion Host AbleSir Thomas?" AST: "When I started playing halo 4, I immediately became fond of the Dominion game-type. It has many of the cool game-play elements from Invasion (attack and defend game-play, heavy weapons, lots of map movement, etc) but with more flexibility for forgers. I focused all of my efforts into learning and building for the game-type. I collaborated with allot of talented forgers and players. We worked to identify similarities between the Matchmaking Dominion maps. We then implemented those ideas in forge, which resulted in some quality maps. This process is still ongoing. Most of the maps we've worked on have seen hundreds of revisions, to nail that Matchmaking feel. Here are just a few of those projects. Outpost 7.4 by Unwanted soul 91 Catacombs by Wraith 2098 Corrosion by AbleSir Thomas Scrapyard by Mexican torta 7" DD: "I know Wraith and Torta and I know they're very skilled Forgers and I've actually played and featured your map Corrosion and it's not only a very good looking map but it plays very well. Thomas what do you think is the most underrated aspect of Dominion? What do people overlook most that you think if they appreciated, they'd enjoy it more?" AST: "One of my favorite aspects of dominion is base busting. Breaking an enemy's teams control over base and clearing it, is one of the most exhilarating experiences in Halo multi-player. This is achievable on all of the MM dominion maps. The basic strategy is to send players to the "weaker" base, ( the base with less players usually) have those players surround the objective and attack from multiple angles. Sometimes you can have players in a position to cutoff or delay reinforcements to a location (ghost is boss at this). At times this results in epic, almost "movie swat team" style base clears. Assessing a team's control of a map and breaking that control, with smart decision making and teamwork, is really what makes Dominion awesome." DD: "That absolutely makes Dominion sound cooler to me than it did before although I was a fan of it already. Would you argue that Dominion takes the most skill and strategy to play than any other objectives? And why?" AST: "I wouldn't argue that it takes the most strategy. Each game type supports certain elements of strategy. The strategic elements in Dominion are just different than other objective game-types. Dominion is less about individual skill and more about teamwork. Examples include: Making call-outs when ordinance is available (both friendly and enemy). Calling out enemy positions and using team-shot or ordinance to deal with aggressive pushes. Quickly moving ordinance to powerful positions to counter enemy map control. Timing an attack on a base to deny a resupply or steal power weapons as they drop. Putting pressure on a base to allow for a flank at another base. Deciding when to reinforce or abandon a base. Exploiting weaknesses in base defense setups, to allow a capture( sending a rocket guy through an unprotected doorway). Most of the strategy in Dominion focuses around communication, quick decision making, and team coordination." DD: "Very interesting! So AbleSir Thomas, what do you look at when reviewing a Dominion map?" AST: "I first check the basics. Things any map should have. Does the map have playable frame-rate? Can player orient themselves and navigate easily on the map? Is the map interesting? (height variation, visuals, theme, etc.) Does the map have good movement options? (good cover, routes, and proper sight-lines) Then the dominion specific stuff. Traits that all of the MM Dominion maps share. Alpha/Charlie segmentation (Sight lines between Alpha and Charlie must be blocked) Bravo Dilemma (Bravo is the only base with influence on both opposing bases. This can be based on sight-line control, route control or both. Bravo is somewhat difficult to hold) Alpha/Charlie flank (At least 1 path between Alpha and Charlie, that Bravo has little control over) Objective based spawning (You spawn at bases you own) Well placed Objective drops (At least 2 per base, on every resupply, in easily accessible locations) Vehicles (Must be in accessible locations. Are a part of base balance) Base layout (Proper segmentation, at least 2 entrances, and some verticality) Dominion objects (Base stripes, barricades, base shields, turrets, and monitors all add to the "MM Dominion Feel") Of course on top of all this we vigorously play-test possible features. The maps usually undergo a dramatic evolution over the duration of testing. Some maps have had massive rebuilds to accommodate feedback. While others have had a large amount of minor tweaks. My Map Corrosion has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, about 4 times. My new map Impass has already had it's Bravo base rebuilt." DD: "Wow so much more goes into Forge than I thought haha. So let's get into the knitty gritty part of being apart of quite possibly the most renowned Forge map reviewing team: The Halo Forge Epidemic. Recently you were a part of a predicament with a mapmaker who submitted their map to the Competitive Map Submissions for THFE. When you give feedback to Forgers and it's something they don't want to hear and they react in a negative way? What do you do about that? What do you say to that?" AST: " But in all seriousness I do my best to work with forgers to improve their maps. I try to clearly communicate my feedback. I will often join authors in forge after a game. To provide suggestions and seek a "compromise" to address an issue. In the case of the Submission forums, I don't have time to play maps for authors. There are just too many submissions. I look over them in forge and try to make them aware of "potential issues". I also do my best to test maps. Most of my feed back in the competitive forum invites players to submit to TNT, to get a wide variety of opinions from forgers and players after a game. FlyingShoe ILR made a very interesting write up regarding feedback, I recommend forgers read it." DD: " Great answer. So AbleSir Thomas, it's been great and it's time to end this thing and post it and give the community something very fun to read so I ask you: what is some advice you give to learning Forgers or to the Halo or Forge Community in general?" AST: "To forgers starting off. I recommend doing your best to be open to input and suggestions from other forgers. Look at whats popular (in Customs and MM), try to figure out why those maps work and try to "assimilate" those ideals into your own forging. With these ideals in mind you can add your own twist based on your personal preferences and creativity. Attend as many customs as possible, try to connect and network with as many forgers as possible. As a forger your supporting the community. When you respond to input and integrate good design you will create maps that the entire community can appreciate." Everyone please give a hand to THFE's AbleSir Thomas, the operator of Tuesday Night Tests which he mentioned in his next to last reponse. Catch TNT here. Also fun fact: in the question about Forgers reacting negatively to feedback, AbleSir originally just used the picture of Ackbar for his answer which I thought was hilarious but then later edited and added text because he wanted to give a good professional response, which he did! Thank you AbleSir Thomas for taking the time out when you could to complete this interview and thank you 343i Community Forums for showing your support in these little threads. HAIL
  7. Who has the better Railgun? Hello! I have a minigame map and gametype for everyone to try. Gamertag: SixWaysToSunday Map: Throne of Rails > http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/sixwaystosunday/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=70aef0c5-1808-484c-898b-5fe19eafdbbb Gametype: Railgun Massacre FFA > http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/sixwaystosunday/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=30070162-b8f6-4d85-9027-8ae2a6ae4cb0 Player Count: 4-10, best at 8. This is a railgun only FFA. The map includes two teleporters, two elevated platforms, an instant kill barrier outside the building, and a single line of sight blocker. It's designed so that players spawn into combat, sometimes looking directly at each other. The gametype has only railguns with infinite ammo. Each player can beatdown and assassinate, which creates map flow by giving an incentive for players to flank. The scoring has been modified so players earn a point for each death, creating strange scores that people often comment on after playing. The lead player has a waypoint and overshield visual (not an actual overshield) so players know who to target. The spawns allow you to modified the gametype for teams or multi teams, although it is designed as a FFA. Please try it out and send me feedback through my gamertag or these forums. Thanks and I hope you guys have fun!
  8. Map: Our Daily Bread Gametype: Hungry Disciples Description: Our Daily Bread is a linear Flood map set in a bread factory with two holdouts. Players spawn in a low set hall surrounded by walkways. The Flood instantly attack you from behind, then from the front. Push up the stairs and through the corridor before they can overrun you and make your way towards the first holdout; a huge atrium. Find a turret and a few shotguns and set up until the 1:30 mark. The Flood can attack from many angles, using the old conveyors high above the atrium and the strategically placed cover. If you survive until the door opens, push forward and aim for the final holdout. Staying strong right from the start is truly game changing. If you loose even one or two players early on, you will have a very hard time making it past the first holdout. But if you stick together, you just might reach the bountiful loafs you have been searching for. Our Daily Bread really is a very fun map to play with clean yet interesting aesthetics. It has dynamic features and a clear goal that promotes teamwork and coordination which is what I believe makes a great linear Flood map. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for taking a look.
  9. Author: Jernst Reborn with help from TurbTastic Gametype: Ultimate Frisbee Map: Ultimate Frisbee Ravine Arena (more coming very soon!!!) Players: 8-16 Teams of 4-7 each work best. Just run around, jump, and use your grenade button to throw! When thinking of new mini-games a few months back, I tried to make an ultimate frisbee gametype because I played in college and still play in PADA and other tournaments around the country. I noticed someone else had created this gametype but it really didn't feel like Ultimate because the ball carrier could move, people could die, the scoring zone was only 1 point, etc... We have created a much more realistic version of Ultimate Frisbee using different feature in Halo 4! Teams start at either side and run to the middle where the frisbee(Grifball) will spawn. There is a soft kill zone in the very middle so people cannot camp this area. In this version the ball carrier cannot move. The ball carrier also gets a trait that lets him jump about 25% higher than everyone else. The object of the game is to pass it to your teammates until you make it to the scoring zone on the other side. The other team tries to intercept it and do the same. If you throw the ball too far and miss your target when no one is near, it will automatically reset to the starting point. The key for letting the ball carrier score at any point in the endzone is that he can jump higher than everyone else. Once you make it to the endzone with the ball, all you have to do is jump and then you teleport to the scoring point above the rest of the court! The new round will then begin with everyone in starting positions. Also the endzones are clearly marked by either red or blue light, so remember you are trying to score in the other teams goal If you do accidentally have the ball and happen to jump in YOUR OWN ENDZONE, fear not, we have a soft kill zone there so you will die and be spawned back on the court. Also if you try to throw the ball from up in this position it will reset. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! Hope you all enjoy the map and gametype! DISC!!!! The Stadium Players rush to the middle to pick up the frisbee The ball carrier can jump slightly higher than everyone else, so time your throws right and aim a little higher than usual! Try to intercept when you can! Blue team scores in the red zone Red ream scores in the blue zone When you jump in the endzone, you teleport here and it automatically scores! If someone gets too close when you have the disc, you can punch them away. Also it will move you a little closer to where they are, which discourages camping the carrier near the endzone. Have fun! Use communication! Be Competitive! Let me know your feedback and I will also be posting more maps for the gametype soon!
  10. Gamertag: Elite X17 Map Name: Acidified Gametype: Acidic Describtion: A decolate science facility has been over run by Flood. Humans must take the high ground avioding the acid pit and survive! The map features a player trait zone that decays health while players are in the acid. For use with 8 - 16 players. Optimum gameplay is with the "Acidic" gaametype. Flood have the advantage at first, so it is the humans goal to gain to the high ground and survive. Enjoy...
  11. If YOU want to test your map with THFE and experienced forgers, sign up for the Tuesday Night Tests.
  12. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/spacesamuraii/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=69246656-bdd3-4c58-b11d-9d0706e5acc9 -Map http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/spacesamuraii/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=cf91db8e-dfc0-4949-8310-2f968becdda9 -Gametype Here is a link to my map. In case it doesn't work, my gamer tag is SpaceSamuraii, and the files to download are Swamp Fever and Swamp Slayer. Although I'm unable to upload any decent quality photos of the map, I can tell a little about its features. It is built on Forge Island inside the biggest island using a glitch my friend AmPeD Pruitt discovered. I tried my best to turn the swampy- like environment of the inside into a slayer map. Although small, I think the map turned out much better than I enticipated. I made it compatible with Oddball and KOTH, but Oddball does experience bugs such as every time it touches the water ground it rests. I'd prefer KOTH or a custom slayer variant that me and AmPeD Pruitt found quite fun on this particular map. Also, FFA is preferred as well. The map itself has trees and rocks placed through put it to give it that natural feel, and frequently changing surfaces when playing it. You'll know what I mean if you give it a shot. Thank you very much and enjoy!
  13. The turn out by the forge community was a greatly appreciated by 343industries.org, THFE and our affiliates. We received over 100 map submissions from all aspects of the forge community. The variety of innovative map designs, creative talent, aesthetic features, unique takes on slayer and the overall love of forge has shown through in this contest. Thank you to all forgers who took the time to submit maps, support your fellow forgers with testing and advice, and helped promote this contest throughout the community. We have completed our initial review of all maps that have been submitted. All maps in the submission thread have been seen by the judging panel and a series of maps has been selected based on a number of qualifying points to be 'game play' tested as a further part of the judging process. This part of the process is slightly more time consuming per map for obvious reasons. The maps will be play tested by the judging panel, invited members from the community at large and potentially by random, yet knowledgeable, players we meet in match making to help ensure a fully rounded opinion of the maps. We have agreed that there will be some additional 'maps of note' that will be singled out for various reasons. There will also be some limited critiques offered by the judging panel on a few select maps. I would like the community to know how refreshing it has been to spend time with the judging panel who represent the various backgrounds and approaches to forging and hear their responses to the variety of maps, creative talents of the forgers and their insight into what maps a quality map. They have all freely offered their valuable time due to their respect and support for the forge community and community at large. There will be more information and video content coming soon, so stay tuned to 343i.org, THFE, HaloCustoms, The Halo Council and Ducain23. Again, we all thank you for the time and effort it takes to produce these maps.
  14. This map was designed to be of a 'simple' arena style and was built to function with smaller parties. 2v2 Infinity Slayer stands out strongly as the main gametype for this map. Due to the rather simplistic layout, there was significant room for some aesthetic touches and the addition of a theme. The theme is that of a futuristic, urban city environment and that comes across strongly. Download New Valentina March 27th Update Initial spawns moved to under respective towers Weapons changed from ordnance drops to spawning on the map Rocket launcher added Spawn points removed from top towers Tower heights lowered Line of sight through central sky scraper added in for more balanced gameplay Colour added to second and third sky scrapers for easier map orientation and call outs. Overall aesthetic details tweaked At first glance New Valentina is a symmetrical map however technically it is inversely symmetrical due to some areas inside that differ in locations on both sides. Essentially this is an arena style map with significant verticality. Coupled with a mixture of long lines of sight and close quarters areas, this map proves it's worth in allowing for versatile gameplay and play styles. Games on New Valentina tend to be very fast paced due to the circular and close quarters nature of the map. There is no one area where combat is localized, rather combat tends to occur evenly throughout the maps different locations. Weapons and Equipment Railgun x 1 (150 Seconds) Sniper Rifle x 1 (150 Seconds) Rocket Launcher x 1 (180 Seconds) DMR x 2 (60 Seconds) BR x 2 (60 Seconds) Covenant Carbine x 2 (60 Seconds) Assault Riffle x 2 (60 Seconds) Pulse Grenade x 2 Frag Grenade x 2
  15. Map Title: Ironclad Download Recommended party size: 8 - 14 Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, CTF, Regicide, King of the Hill, SWAT. Storyline: After the glassing of Reach, this remnant is all that survived from the city of New Alexandria and has been drifting in amongst the asteroids that once made up the planet Reach, ever since. Hi Guys, A R C A S I U S here Ironclad is a medium sized, symmetrical competitive map created on the impact pallet. I have been working on this map for a few weeks and it has undergone countless design changes to finally be what it is. I took inspiration for this map from about 7 different maps spanning the length of the Halo series not to mention countless hours researching futuristic city designs and layouts. I believe this map stands alone in regards to originality, aesthetics and overall game play flow. My main focus for this map was to avoid creating a "box map" that seems to be the norm for a lot of forgers these days. Don't get me wrong most of these have terrific gameplay however I simply wanted to create something a bit more original and less repetitive. Note: There is a small frame rate drop in one spot IN FORGE but not in any custom games. The reason for this being that the spawns, kill zones, and capture plates are not visible in custom games. I have tested this extensively so please check the map out in a custom game. Also, the kill barriers are rather unforgiving. This is due to the fact that I have played many forged community maps that are able to be exploited due to poor kill barrier placements and combinations. As you maneuver around the map just be mindful of what logic would be considered "outside the map" and as long as you don't go there, you will not die. Also, I am the map creator although it says Q U A R l S M A. Q U A R l S M A is my old acc and I created A R C A S I U S halfway through the creation of this map. As proof, the xbox profile of Q U A R l S M A is boasting A R C A S I U S's tag. Enjoy! A R C A S I U S
  16. Hello, I have finally got a chance to play the new Spartan Ops mission and they are amazing. With that said I have clocked an insane amount of hours in forge and I feel the current forge maps are lacking a ton of aspect which the community has thoroughly covered so I'm not going to repeat them. But I did notice more than a few of the Spartan Ops maps would make amazing sandboxes for forge. Visually they trump the current forge maps both in background and foreground content. I figure now that 343's Majestic Map Pack is out and making them money maybe they would consider a free update for the forge community. I can live with the same tired forge objects even though I have seen a ton of potential new forge objects aka Forerunner pieces. But I feel there has been enough feedback about the current forge maps that 2-3 new forge maps would be feasible. The best part is the maps are already built and being used as sandboxes by 343 in Spartan Ops. Now I don't know if the coding processes for forge are easily transferred to new maps not built around the forge coding processes, but I think this Idea should be considered. I feel a move like this would revitalize the hurt forge community that was crippled by the Waypoint sharing issues and the semi disappointing maps. I would love to hear from the community on this subject and any suggestions to which maps from Spartan Ops we would like to see. My 3 choices would be: The Cauldron Control Apex
  17. HaloCustoms.com has announced the "Get a CLUE Forge Contest"! Use your forging skills to create a new map for play on the classic CLUE Gametype in Halo 4! Map limited by your imagination only!! All relevant information including rules, how to submit, and map requirements can be found HERE!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5rz5PRpf6E&feature=player_embedded
  18. Gamertag: hmhm70 Map: Parasite Gametype: Parasite Screenshot: Link (This screenshot doesn't do the map justice) Description: I created this map, although it says created by DDez Drol. DDez Drol makes modded maps for forge to expand the budget, which I used as a canvas, thus saying he is the creator. This is an 8-16 player flood map using the game variant Parasite. It is based off of a small town which gets less domesticated towards the flood spawn point. It is better with more players than less. The number of flood is a simple math problem. Divide the number of players by two, and subtract one. If there are an odd amount of players, round down. This map took me about 5 hours to make and I tested with friends yesterday. This is my first flood map and it turned out great. I made it as un-campable as possible and tweaked the gametype so it is fun for both flood and humans. The weapons placed on the map are shotgun, railgun, and sniper rifle. The shotgun is the most powerful although the zombies can easily overpower anyone with the shotgun. You spawn with an assault rife as humans and a magnum. There is a warthog, but the road is collapsed (jump) and there is debris all over the road making the warthog not so campable. There are lots of fun places to go on the map, and it will have you running and shooting like crazy.
  19. MAP SUBMISSION THREAD ONLY The staff from 343industries.org and THFE have come together to host a forge contest. "Meet Your Maker" Contest begins Saturday February 9th 2013 Final submissions cut off at 12:00AM EST March 9th 2013 "Wake up, it’s time to Forge" Map Submission Parameters The contest will have the following parameters -4 v 4 slayer map -compatible with Halo 4’s Infinity Slayer (including ordinance drops) -dynamic lighting must still be functioning -no significant frame rate issues -no modded content allowed -one map submission per person -multiple people can work on a single map -maps can have been made at any point Prizes for the contest -Top winning map maker will be featured on THFE’s and Ducain23’s YouTube channels and become a Showcase Map at 343 Industries Community Forum, meet the judges for a discussion of their map also broadcast via YouTube, receive a DLC code DLC 2 or DLC 3, and a signed poster of map art by Certain Affinity staff -The Two Follow Up winners will have their maps video reviewed by THFE and Ducain23, receive a judges review of their map and DLC 2 code. Varying prizes offered throughout contest! Managing the contest -343i.org /THFE/Ducain23 will make an announcement video for the contest. -343i.org will present the submission thread for the contest on their forum as well as house all the relative GT's, map images/videos, descriptions and links. -Map submissions @ 343i.org must include a map title, the gamer tag under whose files share we can find the map, a description of the map. images or screen shots and any narrative the forger wishes to include about their inspiration for the map or story behind it forge ideal. ANY Questions regarding the contest, please post them here in the Q & A thread. This post has been promoted to an article
  20. GT:H3YL0W Map: The Halo º Ring Gametype: The Halo º Ring Player count: 2-16. Recommended: 8-16 Description: Humans begin starting off on the (halo ring) and have to grab a vehicle and start driving and get to the teleporter across the map without getting sniped from the 1 flood. This game is sort of like duck hunt, but you drive a vehicle and it makes it sooo much better! Visuals: ( waypoint links in description of video)
  21. 1. TheG14ntWaffle 2. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/theg14ntwaffle/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=5254836e-026e-4730-ad42-ff5447681a6d 3. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/5254836e-026e-4730-ad42-ff5447681a6d 4.Howler's Peak is a progressive Extraction map. Green and Gold teams start on opposites sides of the canyon, progress to the Forerunner structure, and then finally take a teleporter to the highest possible point of the canyon by the waterfall. Gameplay includes close to mid-range combat including vehicles. Recommended players: 12-16 5. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/theg14ntwaffle/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=Image&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=341628db-9fba-459c-82b4-0295a1900a70
  22. Download Links: -Map -Boom Smash Gametype -Boom Smash (under 10p) Gametype -File Share GT: Shore Jesus Map name: Boom Smash Gametypes: Boom Smash, KOTH mode, made for games with 12-16 players Boom Smash (under 10p), KOTH mode, made for games with 10 or less players Rules/Restrictions: Even teams of Red and Blue Description/Information: This minigame features 1 minute rounds of 6 of one team trying to survive the longest while the other team smashes fusion coils at them. Each round, the sides will swap and both teams will have the role of smashing the explosives or dodging them 3 times in the game. Survivors on the platform attempting to survive the longest will have faster speed and a fast regenerating thruster pack but no jumping and you only have one life. The attackers smashing the fusion coils will have slower speed, no jumping and no AAs, just you, your hammer, and a fusion coil; stop the enemy team from surviving at all costs. This minigame is not about surviving to the end of the round (although that is a plus) but to surviving the longest by dodging the explosives effectively. The team that survives the longest in the hill after 6 rounds is the winner. Pictures: Videos:
  23. I made a post about bungie's new game "Destiny" and how it could possibly connect to an ancient belief called "The seven heavens" Which can be read here. Oakley HiDef from THFE contacted me to have a discussion about this theory as he was interested with it and wanted make a video about it. Bungie have a history of connecting their video game story's to biblical and mythological events, so for any of you who are interesting with the vast depths of bungie's story telling this may catch your interest. So here is the video about Oakley discussing mine and his theories about Destiny and the seven heavens. A big thank you to Oakley for taking an interest in my post and taking the time discussing it, making a video and sharing it This post has been promoted to an article
  24. Map Name: Dragon MX Gametype: Race Map Creators: llehctim4 and gogetarulez Recommended Player Count: As many or few as you want Brief Description: An awesome Motocross track on Shatter, with some cool aesthetics, including some dragons. It has lots of consistent jumps and an awesome drive through a cave. Enjoy YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.c...emolitionTurtle Pictures/Video: I have added a video of the track and attached images of the cool aspects of it. I hope you enjoy it, weather it gets featured on THFE or not
  25. The staff from 343industries.org and THFE have come together to host a forge contest. "Meet Your Maker" Contest begins Saturday February 9th 2013 Final submissions cut off at 12:00AM EST March 9th 2013 "Wake up, it’s time to Forge" Map Submission Parameters The contest will have the following parameters -4 v 4 slayer map -compatible with Halo 4’s Infinity Slayer (including ordinance drops) -dynamic lighting must still be functioning -no significant frame rate issues -no modded content allowed -one map submission per person -multiple people can work on a single map -maps can have been made at any point Prizes for the contest -Top winning map maker will be featured on THFE’s and Ducain23’s YouTube channels and become a Showcase Map at 343 Industries Community Forum, meet the judges for a discussion of their map also broadcast via YouTube, receive a DLC code DLC 2 or DLC 3, and a signed poster of map art by Certain Affinity staff -The Two Follow Up winners will have their maps video reviewed by THFE and Ducain23, receive a judges review of their map and DLC 2 code. Varying prizes offered throughout contest! Managing the contest - 343i.org /THFE/Ducain23 will make an announcement video for the contest. - 343i.org will present the submission thread for the contest on their forum as well as house all the relative GT's, map images/videos, descriptions and links. -Map submissions @ 343i.org must include a map title, the gamer tag under whose files share we can find the map, a description of the map. images or screen shots and any narrative the forger wishes to include about their inspiration for the map or story behind it forge ideal. The map submission thread will be posted in the morning, Saturday February 9th.
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