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Found 111 results

  1. 25 year old relatively new to game, looking for clan of mature gamers committed to improving skills, competition, and generating a community of friends. Deciding to get relatively serious about the gaming community (best escape for my mind amidst life tragedies) and more or less need help learning the ropes and getting better. Prefer a military styled ordeal, but appropriately managed and relaxed. Prior service USMC, deployment to Helmand Afghanistan (DDay) OEF 2009. And please, if leadership is anywhere around the age of 14 to 18, I am absolutely not interested. GT OPSchief9388
  2. SDAS Earth, Leader/Founder of the Shadow Assassins (Since 2008) BACKGROUND/QUALIFICATIONS: Hello Everybody. My name is SDAS Earth. I am and have been the leader of the Shadow Assassins for 5, going on 6, years. I'm 18 so if you do the math, I started when I was 13. We played Halo 3 for about a year then Halo Reach was released. I started becoming a serious gamer around this time. I didn't start my clan like most people do. Usually people make there own clans because they want to be there own boss. I, as a young squeaker, decided I wanted to learn the ropes and study what makes clans work and fail. I wanted to design the perfect clan. A cohesive clan of skill, but more importantly, knowledge. HOW DO I RUN MY CREW: I've ran my crew the same way because I feel my method works. As leader I never wanted a clan so big that I couldn't know my members on a personal level. By keeping my clan small, I've been able to develop great relationships with my members and they have no problem coming to me when they have an issue. This makes your experience here much more comfortable. You truly understand how important you are individually in the clan. MY PREVIOUS PROJECT: I've currently been working on a very successful Crew on GTA V since October 5th, 2013 that had been promoted by Rockstar Games on there Crew Cut on SocialClub. My success there has been great, but i miss the competitive side that Halo brings. WHY AM I HERE: I'm hear today looking for fresh faces to re-construct my Shadow Assassins. My of my members have stayed around working with me on GTA V. Before when I was clanning, most of my recruitment had been from meeting people online. I been in the gaming business for quite a long time. I wish to find members who need little to no training in order to jump-start the clan again and get working. SHADOW ASSASSINS RULES: 1. Wear our colors, emblem, and service tag at all times and with pride. 2. Be involved with the clan as much as you possibly can. 3. Understand my philosophy. "We first must handle business, then we can have fun" But why not make the business fun too? (I enjoy being organized, professional, and mature) CONCLUSION: I'm hoping to fill a roster of 50-80 people that want to work with allies, have friendly and enemy clan battles, and also get involved in mercenary work. If you're still reading this and are interested in what I have to offer, PLEASE CONTACT ME on Xbox Live or message our facebook page @ facebook.com/haloshadowassassins.Our YouTube Channel is Halo SDAS. Feel free to see our videos.
  3. Hello there! I'm the Clan Leader of The Sorrows. We're a Reach Clan, and we're looking for any and all members to come and join us. We're hoping for gamers who enjoy custom games, meetings, battles, raiding, all while hanging out with other like-minded individuals. All you have to change is your emblem, you can keep your colors, clan tag, etc. Our current record is 15-0 w/ clan battles. and 1-0 w/ raiding. We the existing members in the clan all have experience in leading clans, this one won't fall apart as too many reach clans do. If you're interested in Joining message my live account: The Rogu3 Titan The Sorrows- Acta Non Verba. (Deeds, Not Words)
  4. hey, I'm 18 and been playing halo 4 since it came out and I am looking for a similarly skilled clan I can play with. I'm a crack shot with the DMR and have a great k/d if anyone is interested. send me a message, my gamertag is "Deviategeoduck" Cheers, hopefully see you on the battlefield.
  5. Hello, I am an front he Silver Union. We are a military based clan on halo reach. We recently split off from DGA due to conflicts in DGA. First 20 members that join from this post, will be guarantied a corporal rank upon initial training. Message scienceboy99 to apply. If you bring other with you, you will be promoted to sergeant.
  6. Hello everyone. My name is Jorge and I'm co founder of Death Riders. It is a new halo 4 clan that was established on Feburary 1, 2014. The clan accepts any skilled player. All we ask for is respect, loyalty, and to have fun. So far there are four members and I'm looking for more members to join. I made an Instagram page if you'd like follow it. The page is death_Riders. If you are interested please message me on Xbox gt is DrownedSinister, or comment here or follow the page on Instagram and comment on one of the pictures. Thank you for reading this. *death_riders
  7. Royal Death Militia Inc is reopening!! We started back in 2009 we lasted intill 2013 the founder gave it away to a co leader then he shut it down. At one point we had over 200 members like around 2010-2011 the founder was offline for 3 months then people started to leave! RDM INC is reopening with new ranks new website!! Founder GamerTech Our Code Of conduct I. You must read and agree to the Royal Death Militia Inc (RDM) Code of Conduct and register on this website before becoming an official member of the RDM community. II. Cheating, hacking, game or system tampering will get you kicked out of RDM. NOTE: PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND YOUR XBOX LIVE(XBL) TERMS AND CONDITIONS, FOLLOW ALL APPLICABLE LAWS, AND ABIDE BY THEM and AS FOLLOWS ...RDM does not condone the purchase of cheating, hacking, etc... products that may be offered through its advertisers on the RDM website, or the advertisers website, or any otherform that would violate this section. III. Discrimination of any type will NOT be tolerated at all! This includes inside of lobbies, chat forums, or any game of any type. Please represent RDM to the fullest and in a positive manner. Do not fall victim to another user egging you on. Simply, mute the player or leave the game and/or lobby. Report the player to a higher up if they are a RDM member. If it is a public person, have your entire party leave that game. What you do and how youact are both reflections on how RDM is perceived. IV. Harassment of any type, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, will NOT be tolerated. If you are found in violation of this section, you will face the harshest punishment, including possible dismissal from RDM, depending on the severity. V. It is NOT required that you change your gamertag to show the initials "RDM" in front of your gamertag. If you decide to put the initials "RDM" in front of your gamertag, proper grammar is not required, and make sure you put a space in between the initials and your gamertag. Do not change your gamertag to anything that may represent Royal Death Militia in an offensive manner. VI. All members are accountable for themselves and their actions. Leaders within RDM are NOT responsible for members who break rules. Violating members will be judged by the higher ranks up through RDM Government. VII. All RDM members are proud to be a part of our gaming community and are willing to change their gamer tag within 30 days of joining RDM. Doing so will help us grow and to be recognized as an official clan. VIII. Armor and Emblem There are no armor requirements under any division. Each squad is required to wear an emblem that will signify unity and possibly intimidate other non RDM players. If you are caught out of uniform (not wearing emblem) you will be dealt with accordingly. IX. ALWAYS REMEMBER WE ARE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! What We have to offer!! Family Friendly Competitve and casual squads in halo!! Website updated monthly! Clan battles/Mixers! Note We have leader Positions open!! For more please visit our website!! Click Here! http://royaldeathmilitia.iclanwebsites.us/
  8. I believe in organization and coordinated attacks. I want to play with people at or above my skill level, and go over map positioning, map strategy, etc, AS A TEAM, so we're all on the same page. I want to participate in Clan Battles etc, and the ultimate goal of this is to become a better player. Holla at me... GT: TheatriXxX
  9. That's right! Ghosts of Razgriz, the famous Ace Combat/Halo 4 clan, is back on the scene and recruiting once more. We also have a new set of requirements! 1. No longer will positive k/d be a requirement. We now accept all k/d's and will help you train to become better then you were! 2. Mic's are still required. We understand if it brakes but please do try to replace it soon. 3. We lowered are age requirement from +17 to +15! If you are 14 and turn 15 in less than 6 months then WE WILL ACCEPT YOU. *Note: You don't need to know anything about Ace Combat to be in the clan.* We have many active members and leaders ready to assist and we have both USA and UK members so there's always someone on! Come and play! To be recruited contact one of the following members: RAZGRIZ GIRL LiamFuzzyBear MCLELLAND 96 *Or you could just reply to this topic!* Website: http://ghostsofrazgrizclan.weebly.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GhostsOfRazgriz?bookmark_t=page
  10. 117 GAMING HD BIO We are a military based clan that's has evolved from Halo 2 all the way to Halo 4 we are very competitive and fun at the same time, sometimes we have custom game nights where as other nights we'll be competing and beating other clans, we have our own military base where we can all hang out and chill and we'll create you your own bedroom and we also have clan meetings in the base, all in all the clan is a lot of fun and offers a lot of experience and knowledge about the game... message TanglerDangler on xbox live to join. RULES 1. WE ACCEPT ALL AGES BELOW 17, THIS IT DUE TO THE FACT WE DO NOT WANT YOUNGER MEMBERS TO FEEL IMTIMIDATED BY THE OLDER ONES AND AT THE SAME TIME YOU HAVE TO BE OVER 11, WE MAY MAKE EXCEPTIONS. 2. NO WHINING 3.NO SCREAMING 4. WE ARE A TEAM, TEAMS OF PLAYERS DO NOT ARGUE, BETRAY OR CALL OTHER TEAM MATES 5.ENJOY YOURSELF IMPORTANT INFO***** MESSAGE TanglerDangler ON XBOX LIVE TO JOIN, OR SEND HIM A FRIEND REQUEST IF HIS FRIENDS LIST IS FULL JUST SIMPLY SEND HIM A MESSAGE AND HE'LL ADD YOU http://117gaming.webs.com/
  11. Hello! Ghosts of Razgriz's Second in Command, RAZGRIZ GIRL, is here and I'm looking for recruitment's. Hold on though! There are a few rules: 1. Must be 17 or older. 2. Must have a positive K/D. 3. Active Active Active. I cannot stress this enough. 4. Must have a headset. We use a military style ranking system and there are plenty of ways to rank up quickly. Alot of spots also need to be filled so odds are good! We're hoping to kick start this thing with a bang! Reply to this with your gamertag and age to be reviewed and I'll get back to you within a day or two with more details. We are both a clan AND a gaming community just to let you know!
  12. Recruiting for Accelerated Gaming Community. A new semi competitive clan. We mostly play COD and BF3 but are looking to expand our community into Halo. Whether you`re a weekend player or all out every day player, there is a spot for you. We welcome all playing styles and skill levels. You can join by visiting our website at http://acceleratedgaming.enjin.com/ and apply ! If you have any questions feel free to ask. - skateswim3
  13. We are an older clan that is starting back up and is interested in you joining! So turn that consol on and message me on xboxlive! Gamertag- '' prcision ace142 ''.
  14. S.A.D. (Snipers And Destruction) We are a smallish clan just starting looking for some new members or some friendly clans to fight. We are a competitive/fun clan. We like to host customs and have competitive matches with other clans. Recruiting: Message: Redsnow119 for recruitment. the requirements: - MUST have a good temper (that can be a deciding factor) - Decent connection (just so we don't lag a whole lot) - A decently good skill (mostly likely no one under a KD of .7 can join) - will follow orders and will contribute to situations in game Any Questions about the recruitment message Redsnow119 Clan Battles: Message RiseAgainstCode or M4sTA B0B (the O is a zero). Mostly smaller 4v4, 3v3, 2v2, or Objective battles please. We will play by MLG, slayer pro or Infinity slayer. Any Questions About the Clan? Message: RiseAgainstCode (Clan leader) Thank you and have a Wonderful Day!
  15. Dear Potential Recruit, No Limit Gaming has recently opened a Halo branch to expand the clan's success. We are but a modest 678 members strong and looking to expand. We have many ranks of MW3, BO2, and Battlefield. All of which are nearly full and are creating new ranks every week. Halo, on the other hand, has one squad and needs more. We have a very useful ranking and medal system. Occasionally we give out double XP to any participating clan ops personnel. We have forums to chat and discuss a wide range of topics. We have only a few requirements. - Must be over the age of 17. (though your skill can overlook your age) - You must have a mic - You must occasionally participate in the forums - Clean, appropriate language - No Gamertag change needed If you are interested in joining or becoming an affiliate, please go to http://backoutnow.com and register to enjin.com then fill an out application using accurate credentials. When it asks for how you found out about the clan, enter "i was referred here" then when it asks for your reference, type in 'DarkHeadshot07'. I hope you will join our barracks and play alongside other winners. Regards, -DarkHeadshot07
  16. Hello, my name is Fishy; I am here to recruit for my clan: Crying Runes Crying Runes only requires you too change 2 things in-game: 1. Your armor color. 2. Your emblem. We also have a clan website: (which is required to sign up for when you join.) Crying Runes Crying Runes is a clan that is based in Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo 4. Although, we mostly play Halo 4. Everyone wishing to join, please, send I or lilsilmarillion a PM. You can also make a post on this thread, if you want too. For more information, please view the link with the website, from above.
  17. Hello everyone clan ApeX is now recruiting. There are some requirements such as you must have a mic , must be active in halo 4 , and must be willing to tryout in our map . We are an active clan that plays on all game modes . We are both strategic and aggressive . We also do clan wars . If interested msg darkdesire354 or ApeX FlawLezZ on xbox live .
  18. FDS stands for Fatal Death Squad. Formed in 2007 with the release of Halo 2, FDS continues to strive forward with it's message of gaming with honor and integrity. This is what drew me to FDS. It's a community where you can login, go to the community gamertag & see who's playing. Join a friend or rally some members for a round of SWAT or a match on Slayer!! FDS has the goal of creating a safe haven for like-minded gamers regardless of gender, race, national origin, religion, marital status, or disability. However you must be 16 or older to join. We believe that all gamers should have a place to play where they won’t have to put up with any type of drama or problems and be free to enjoy the game to its full extent. In the FDS Community we do recognize player skill; however, we believe that gaming is more about having fun and enjoying the game with friends. FDS has both casual and competitive gamers that actively participate in our community. Keeping that in mind, there is always a place for anyone looking to join. You don't have to change your gamertag but we do ask that you change & remain in uniform colors. Our main reasoning behind this is recognition. Your teammates & other community members are easier to identify in the heat of battle!! Please message me anytime with questions, if you wanna hook up for a round online or if you're interested in joining. It's a great community of boys & girls, just looking for some like minded gamers to have fun with. We have a saying, "No tea bagging unless you were tea bagged first." Thanks for reading! Game on! Btw guys, we are looking for people interested in starting a forge team. If you think you might be interested, hit me up!
  19. This is a clan invitation to the SPIRITS OF THE FALLEN (KH28) we are a seriously huge clan in the halo world. Here's the reasons why we are so popular Official Clan Website Official Youtube Channel Official Facebook Fanpage Official Twitter Page 150+ Dedicated Members Both Females And Males Welcome 4 Leaders 1 Manager 5 Recruiting Officers 1 Video Recording Producer 2 Forge Map Creators 1 Councillor To Talk About Problems/Worries, Etc Honoring The Fallen (Deceased) Allies With 2 Of The Stongest Clans In Halo And Black Ops 2 Musicians/Beat Producers/Songwriters/ Machinima Music Producers No Trials, Just Dedication No Tolerance To Bullying To Racism/Ageism/Sexism/Disabilites Etc (Not Judgemental) Treated As Equals Every Member Is Seen As A Family Member We Know How To Seperate Fun From Seriousness (Know How To Have Fun) If you are interested in joining, first of all add KH28 to your Gamertag, and then send a friend request to VYPAxKH28xLEADA or STARxKH28xLEADA Hope to see you on the other side Kind Regards Vypa
  20. Amplify Gaming is now recruting players 16 years or older for Halo 4. Any KDR will be accepted, immaturity will not. We are a well-established COD community for over a year, and now Amplify Gaming is now looking to add recruits for Halo 4 Get in on the action in the beginning and join us now! We have over 150 active members, clan fourm, game nights and tournaments, great atmosphere, and much more. Feel free to check out our website @ www.amplifygaming.com and if you want to join, fill out an application on the website (In order to became a full member of the clan, you must post an application and complete the initiation requirements) Need more info? Contact me on XBL Gamertag- AGC JESUS Hope to hear from you soon!
  21. Dead Pixel Society is a new clan and is openly recruiting all persons from the ages of 14 and up. We are different from all clans, in the since that we aren't really a clan we are a company. We act as a corporation and treat members like the employees of a company. But all members are treated with respect and are treated equally. We do not judge members by there skill level all members are treated fair and nicely.We have a strict no drama rule, and to deal with in clan disputes we have a fully equipped Human Resource staff. If your interested in joining DPS or just want more information, you can message my GT: xDeadPix3lx All this week DPS is hosting guest nights where everyone is free to join, to get a experience of what its like to play for DPS. The hours of these events are all Eastern Standard Time. Events are being held on Thursday from 5-7 PM & 9-10, Friday 5-7 PM & 9-10, Saturday PM 5-7 & 9-10, also Sunday 5-7 PM & 9-10. Here is our site: dpsclan.enjin.com
  22. Hello all, my gt is ExG Ramshaw. I am a recruiter for my clan and we are a mature group that play with a code of ethics conduct and representation of our clan. We hold practices twice a week every week excluding holidays. Wed and Sat are practice days. Wed is map recognition (call outs), strat and social play as a team. Sat is customs/clan and social matches. Along with that we review your game play and try to work on weak points or we suggest a way to improve your k/d ratio. We do have a website that requires a sign in and a recruitment application to be filled. We also need our players to know the code of conduct of our clan and sign a reply with there gt. We are still looking for more members and we dont need the best players, anyone is free to come try out with the clan run a few maps with us and well get to know each other. Our website is http://executiongaming.enjin.com come by check us out and hopefully see you guys out there.
  23. Hi my names Danny ive decided I am fed up with seeing all of these terrible machinima's and terrible youtube commentators out there and ive decided that I want to make a youtube channel to benefit others aswell as myself, so I am looking to get some people together and create some of the best machinima you have seen. I will need: writers forgers reviewers voice actors body actors editors also my HDPVR is broke at the moment so I am in need of someone to record my clips. we will do: montages commentary's series walkthrough's tutorials and much more so if your interested message me on xbox: dman whittle or skype: dmentia95. thanks for your time.
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