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Found 111 results

  1. Immortal Legacy is a clan that is recruiting on halo reach. With 20+ members and counting we are growing fast. With pleanty of divisions your sure to fit in. If you are interested please message my Xbox live II Dear Agony Many thanks
  2. The White Wolf clan is recruiting now! No level or attendance requirements. Message WhiteFang 353 to join Hosting Infinity Rumble, Flood, Big Team Battle, Minigames and more! open until 10/21/15 Ranks: (Lowest to highest) Omega: If you get this rank, you have been punished, and it's considered a shame to be an Omega. You will have to show that you are responsible enough to rank back up. Subordinates: Given to players who first join, to rank up to Scout, change your service tag to WOLF. Scout: A Scout's job is to predict enemy attacks and help recruit new members, when you recruit your first member, you'll have the option to rank up to Hunter. The first person to recruit 5 members will become the Lead Scout. Hunter: Hunters help come up with attack plans, they also help to make alliences with other clans. If a Hunter makes 1 allience, they have the option to rank up to warrior. The first Hunter to make 3 alliences will be the Lead Hunter. Warrior: Truely dedicated to the clan, these spartans aren't to be messed with. Warriors are used in attacks and are usually in the front lines. The first Warrior to get 30 kills in a clan match will become Lead Warrior Assassin: This rank is given only to those stealthy enough to impress the Alpha. there will be few Assassins in the clan. Sentinel: Highly respected by all, the Sentinels are nominated by the Alpha to take a Beta's or Alpha's place if something were to happen to them. Beta: The second in command and helps make rules in the clan. Any disrespect towards a Beta will have you in the Omega rank. Alpha: Leader of the clan. His word is law. He scheduels clan events and establishes ranks. We look foward to seeing you in our new clan.
  3. Our clan Majestic Empire is a military based clan that is in dire need of recruits we can help rank you up and get more credits don't worry about ä mic you can get in contact with us in more than one way we have a clan chat on kik you can message us and if you do have a mic we can talk trough that. If you want to check out our rules go to http://majesticeempire.jimdo.com
  4. Me and my friend are starting a Halo 4 clan called "Spartans of Dawn," We are trying to go public and find other clans to be friend or foe with and we are looking for recruits. If you want to join or if you are in a clan than message me or my co-leader. Requirments- MUST be over 14 years of age, must have a working Mic, Xbox live gold, on at least 3 or 4 times a week, and have a positive kd. I will make a 1v1 to see your play style and your strengths and weaknesses before you join clan. We do not require gamertage change but you must use our emblem and service tag that we give you message me to join My Gamertag: FRobert616 Co-Leader: FRobert717
  5. Hello! Rebellion Gaming is looking for any interested recruits! We are a non-skill based gaming community, and our main goal is to provide a safe, fun environment for people to get together and have fun playing video games! There is a place for everyone, from the casual gamer, to the extreme try-hard. We currently have Branches on Halo: MCC ; CoD AW ; and a small Branch on Halo: Reach. There are very few requirements to join (No, you never HAVE to change your gamertag), other than our age requirement of 15. Many of our members find close friends within the community, and play together every day outside of our activities. So if you're looking to help manage a community, or are just looking for people to play with consistently, RBG can be a good fit for you! If you're interested, just go ahead and send me a message on Xbox. Hope to hear from you soon, and happy gaming! Also, you can check out our website at rbgcommunity.com for more information! *Totally forgot that in OP*
  6. The clan is based of game of thrones brothers of the nights watch but that is up for suggestion. Recruits will be placed in positions were they are best suited for example Brothers who are skilled at making forge maps for training will be builders, brothers who have the skill to lead a team take over the battle field will be flied officers and selected few will be advisers but everybody will get a say in what the clan does. My level isn't the highest but its climbing fast and i have every other halo under my belt including halo 4. If you are interested add me as a friend and msg me my gamertag is YettiPopper I am based out of the maritimes in new brunswick so i run on the Atlantic Eastern timezone. Please msg if interested!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey everyone! So as the title says, I am currently looking for help from an array of catergories for not just one, but many machinima to come in the future. Also, I should mention I am a director and have my own equipment for everything so there are no worries in that department. Body Actors: Without body actors no director can be successful as they are one of the main keys to every single machinima. I will definitely need as many as I can get, but getting anyone to help out is greatly appreciated. Of course every person who participates will be given credit. Voice Actors: These guys definitely play a important key role in machinima making. What's a machinima without characters who talk? I know there are all sorts of voice actors out there of all ranges just waiting to get the chance to show off their skills and different voices. So I will definitely need your guys voices as well and you will be credited don't worry. So what are you waiting for voice actors? Come be apart of something amazing! Writer(s): Every director needs a writer to help out when he/she has a mental block especially when they get stuck with the plot or dialogue or even offer a better idea, feedback, and criticism. Of course the writer must be skilled in what he or she does so that everything within the storyline flows properly and isn't out of whack. I myself, will definitely need a writer to help out with writing machinima, preferably one who I can get a hold of regularly and not one whom may just lose contact with. Credit will be given. As of right now I have a few machinimas in the works, but I am looking for a team and some new friends who also share the same interests as I do. So if any of you guys are interested in being apart of something great, feel free to post here or add me on Xbox. I will leave my GamerTag below: GT: AsG xTiMiDx Note: I am aware that every person has a real life, as do I, so I will not be expecting those who choose to be apart of this to be available 24/7. *Admins or Mods if I have posted in the wrong thread or topic, then please move it to the correct place, but do not delete it.*
  8. Greeting everyone, I, «Ð§»Þülsê, am the leader of a newly formed clan called Ðeathly §hadows. We created Ч so that players who still play Halo: Combat Evolved could feel the sense of belonging to a community. A community where they can express themselves, make some friends and most importantly, have a good time! As we are a newly formed clan, as expected, we do not have a lot of members. However, in a matter of days since we have created our forum, we have had many inquiries to join our clan. We hope that this will continue and Ч can become a great haven for Halo: Combat Evolved players to socialise and compete with each other! We will hold Clan Scrims every month so that clan members In the very near future, we will have many servers with many different game types. This will help bring in even more members,thus, enhancing the reputation of the clan. To join Ч, we do not have any major requirements from the players. All we wish is that you enjoy yourself while you are part of the clan! Our forum can be found here http://deathlyshadowsclan.enjin.com/ To apply, first create an account at the site and then click the Apply Now button located in the menu bar. Fill out the application form and the founders will get back to you as soon as they can. We need at least one more person to help us manage our servers. Someone who can manage scripts and has some experience in that field would be great! That doesn't mean that we are only look for members who has help us in that aspect. Like I mentioned before, we want anyone who is up for a laugh and knows how to have a good time! We hope to see you soon. Yours sincerely, «Ð§»Þülsê Ðeathly §hadows Clan Founder
  9. The Halo:Reach and soon to be Halo:4 and possibly Halo:5 when it is released clan War Machine is now recruiting. If you would like to apply you can 1. check out the application form on our website at http://warmachineclan.weebly.com/2. message me at DirtierCow41447 on Xbox 360 or Xbox One (I have both), or 3. comment on here with your gamertag and an alternate way to reach you. Once your application,message,or comment is received/seen we will review your message and/or application and/or comment and then invite you into a party if we think you have potential. Once in the party we will start training with a friend of mine or with different maps or both (most likely both) and then you will be given a choice of which branch you would like to go into. From that point on you are considered a member of the clan. If you have any specific questions you can email them to me at devonwitkowski@gmail.com. -DirtierCow41447
  10. Greetings, my gamertag is imsupercooLL, I am recruiting for the Sangheili clan known as Oracle's Polyphony. Oracle's Polyphony seeks intelligent and skilled players that desire victory on the battlefield. We also follow customs the Sangheili believe in to the best of our ability. We believe in upholding honor and respect on and off the battlefield. Our rules are: No disrespecting other players No tea bagging or disrespecting dead bodies (shooting, punching, etc.) Must always have emblem on Must be in uniform whenever you are playing with members of the clan no matter their rank Must follow orders (training, call outs, nothing outlandish) No rage-quitting Oracle's Polyphony is split up into several divisions all of which specialize in a different aspect halo. For example our Spec-ops division specializes in sniping, stealth, and marksmanship. Each division requires you to go through our infantry division before you are accepted into one of them. It is your choice what division you go into as long as you are capable of that specialization. The divisions are lead by a commander who leads and trains his division members. If you wish to join or you have any questions you can message me or send me a friend request at my gamertag- imsupercooLL.
  11. Hey everybody I am a member of the DHG/DHJ clan we accept anyone 9 and up 9-15 is DHJ and 16 and up is DHG. We are a fun gaming community we have practice every night except Sunday starting at 8:00 pm eastern and ending at 9:00pm eastern but you only have to show up to two practices a week and all we do for practices is fun customs. We are for xbox one halo master chief collection. If you are interested in joining msg me on xbox one my gamer tag is DHG KI11ER or tell me on here that you are interested. We need more members so tell me if your interested.
  12. Join KTSE now! - We play all 1 - 4 halo games - Also need staff for Website Design, Admins, Assistants, Marketing etc. - Have a website at: www.ktse.enjin.com - Email us at: ktse-halo@outlook.com - Staff application form, email for a copy and get it in under 45 mins! - Mostly online so please don't hesitate to contact us ANY NEEDED INFO EMAIL US AT: ktse-halo@outlook.com Thank you for looking!
  13. Hey you sexy beast! Interested in joining an ODST clan? Join United Nations ODST Divison (U.N.O.D.) today, and be among fellow helljumpers in the tide of war! Must be 11+! Must be active! We currently have 2 ships under our fleet! We currently have 15 maps under our clan! Check out our YouTube channel "INAD Halo Clan" Check out our website below! www.unodhaloclan.wix.com/inad Sign up on our website or message "killerz287" or "CoolerClassic" today! Hope to see you on the battlefield Hell Jumper!
  14. Hello, my name is El Zuroh and I am the leader of the newly formed 'Hunters of war' clan. We are interested in new recruits to join us and if you want to please contact me on xbox. Send a message to either El Zuroh, Wizardpebble, PoloXII. It is preferable if you are 13 or above with a mic. Our clan is a militaristic style clan, but we like to have fun and mess around on custom games. We are quite banterish. We have also got a devised ranking system. We have a few divisions also (basically a sector you will be in in the clan, it will mean what kind of weaponry and veichles you use). Right now the current divisions are: Army Artillery Heavies Honour Guards Navy Air Force Hunters And a mercenary group called Zuroh Special Forces. If you are interested to join or even ally please message one of the above on a XBL and we will sort you out with a division.
  15. Contact BlackMoonLeader on xbox live This is for halo 4 Level 46+ only for uniform purposes Will need to change armor, emblem and tag. Headset and English speaking only. Serious military clan. No whining or complaining.
  16. Just trying to find some people to play through all the campaigns on legendary seeing as I still can't seem to get into any multiplayer match :-/ Preferably gamer's with mics and living in either New Zealand or Australia for the better ping.
  17. The master freerunners are recruiting. One of the best assassin clans in halo, assassins creed, and COD history. We are a competitive group. If you are a lover of the silent art then this clan for you. We specialize in this art, and for the first time in two years we are opening our doors to the world. We don't care how old you are, if you are an assassin we want you. If you can beat Assassineleven and The Dr. Then your in. P.S. before you say that this clan is a little kids clan, then your mistaken. The ones running this clan are in collage and they are skilled. Contact the recruiters: kie a11 Dr Iownyou Best Arbi Theres limited spots so act fast.
  18. Hey everybody,Im a Captain of a Squad in a Clan known as NGO or NeomorphicGamingOnline Right now we have about 200 members,and we only started our clan a month ago!!Our Clan has 9 squads which are named.NGO TRIDENT NS and NGO VICE AF(COD Black Ops 2 Squads,NGO TRIDENT NS is my squad),NGO COMA NS and NGO VOLTAGE DC(Halo Reach Squads),NGO INDUSTRY AR(Halo 4 Squad),NGO NEMESIS AR(GTA V Squad),NGO MINER MC(Minecraft Squad),NGO RELOAD SO(Battlefield Bad CO. Squad),and NGO LIBERTY MC(COD Ghosts Squad).If you would like to join any of these squads,comment on this post or contact our Founders:NGO KING FO and NGO KAMIKAZE FO.We even have a website,if youd like to check it out then visit:NeomorphicGamingOnline.com!!Were,as most call it,a Gaming Community for all We host Tournaments every month where you can win Microsoft Points,Xbox Memberships,Rare Avatar Items etc. Please Contact me or my Founders on Xbox 360 if you have more questions or comment on this post!! -NGO POSEIDON -Posie -Zach
  19. *Important Notice* U.S.C is a Halo: Reach clan! What is the U.S.C about? The U.S.C is a clan that mainly worries about 'dictator clans' or (In easier terms) clans that claim and try to own all of the community and clans that simply want to be a arshole. <-- Keeping it clean In the U.S.C there is 13 ranks, all having a purpose to help the clan. For example an E1's description is: "Congradulations, you have just been added to the clan. Your a Private, you are the people that will be going around in cars and lighting up the battlefield." but an E2's description is: "You've ranked up! Now you will be the ones worrying about the air. You will be on the ground keeping our airspace clean or in the air keeping our groundspace clean." as you can tell there is a diffrence between what people do. What is the requirements to join the U.S.C? First things first, we make NO ACCEPTIONS. If you do not qualify on one of these then you may not join. Must be 11 or older. Must have a matchmakeing K/D of 0.5 or higher. Must be mature (dont run around screeming into the headset) Must have some strategy... even if it is unnatural. Must be active. Must be respectful. What if our K/D was .5 when joined but droped sence? Well in this case you will be placed as a reserve. You will mostly be trying to bump it back up in matchmakeing but other than that you will not really be involved in the clan. What is the point of this page? The main point is to get people to join. We really need some members as currently (Counting me) we only have 7 and most are unactive. What about other stuff I want to know? Well you can find it on the website or on our youtube channel. Clan Website: http://unnaturalstrategy.wix.com/uscwebsite Clan Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwN4UlBLFOM
  20. Hey all, I would like to take the time to get to know you if you are looking or interested in joining a competitive clan, our clan's name is Death By Honor, or DBH for short. Our meeting times are 9pm eastern Thursday through Sunday, if you like what you hear and want more out of halo 4, come check us out! We offer in house prizes to members who do well in tournament's such as Microsoft points and other sweet stuff... Clan leaders are "ITZ PITBULL PRO", AND "KINGJJAY", SEND A MESSAGE REGARDING YOUR INTEREST IN GETTING MORE OUT OF HALO 4, ALSO MESSAGE ME ON XBOX Live FOR ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ABOUT JOINING AT "RUPPY3" HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU Soon!!!
  21. HALO 4 : The Anunnaki is actively recruiting new members! We have a military style rank Private through General within 3 different divisions and we run off of a chain of command. There is a clan code, which everyone is to follow. We also have a setlist of different squads which include a list of jobs within each squad. Each job has its own unique duties and responsibilities. We have 2 game nights a week on Wednesdays and Fridays (not required), and 1 meeting on Saturday evenings where the latest news, discussions with other clans, and promotions take place. Each individual has their own unique contribution to the clan and more than one job is possible. The Anunnaki also has a qualification ranking system that allows each individual to have an equal opportunity to achieve each rank. The Anunnaki plays focuses on both Matchmaking (competitively), and customs as well. The Anunnaki has a setlist of clan maps all withholding a different purpose. Everything The Anunnaki does is for each member in the clan to have a protective, fun, and involved ultimate gaming experience in Halo 4, respectfully. The Anunnaki is also involved with other clans and schedules battles, some may be unscheduled. We have combat training cirriculums, team tactics training, job training, and Programs for qualified members to enlist in. If interested in joining, contact us for more information... GT: Brent McKenley GT: ShadowPoet2014
  22. Hello!! My name is DGC Pink LS and Dissension Gaming is now recruiting! We're not like other clans, we are forum based with game nights, tourneys, friendly atmosphere, always someone to team up with but we break our community into Battalions (by game: Halo, Call of Duty, BF4, and Titanfall) so that you're not 'lost in the crowd' but you can party up with any DGC members! Requirements for joining: a working mic and access to the forums. We do not require you to change your gamertag. Graphics Team, Podcast Team, Youtube Team, Event Team, and Competition How to join Dissension Gaming (DGC)? 1) Visit website: http://www.dgcgaming.net 2) Create account for Forums (Put DGC Pink LS, as referrer and I'll help you around the site!) 3) Read this thread: http://www.dgcgaming.net/showthread.php?44-Battalion-Information 4) Follow format requested above, and apply to join the console and game brigade of your choice 5) Wait for it to accept your application, and give you further instructions on how to get in 6) Start posting around the forums, getting to know people, and start gaming!!
  23. I am the leader of the UNSC Angel of Death Clan -TheDarkFissure- We are a clan that is all about having a good time while being the best there is. We are broken into four different teams: Red, Blue, Green, and Gold. Clan meetings happen about once a week where people can bring up issues or suggestions. Training sessions happen on the regular as we are always looking to improve our week points. We compete in clan battles. Our website is www.unscangelofdeath.weebly.com We hold tryouts about once or twice a week, if interested in trying out message GT: TheDarkFissure Also, if any smaller clans are looking for a solid clan to merge themselves into message TheDarkFissure to discuss details.
  24. Hi, I am the leader of the newest clan entitled The Spartan IV Project. The name is a little bit more involved than some would like considering it is ripped straight from the idea of the game but that's exactly how I want it to be. I have enough skill and knowledge about the game to make this clan worth your while. We expect big things from each member. We don't care how old you are, we just need good players. If you choose to follow me, I will ensure that we become the best and strongest clan in history, all you need to do is enlist. We have a military based ranking system and divisions designed to cater toward how you love to play the game. We have many divisions that focus on explosive combat, objectives and even stealth. This clan has to potential and resources to be one of the best clans you'll ever hear of and I will take it upon myself to make sure that happens. We are not strict, I do not expect to be called Sir or be treated as if I am better than you, I only expect to receive your best effort to make sure we win no matter who we are up against. Here is the website: http://thespartanivprogram.weebly.com/ Gamertag: Coap YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CoapXBL Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Coap
  25. The Anunnaki. We are a military-based Halo 4 clan. We focus on comptetitive customs and matchmaking, clan battles, and Raids. We are active. We have a Private-General ranking system which consists of several squads within 3 divisions. Within the squads we have a total of 30 jobs with different jobs and responsibilities. We have 3 levels of security and a Drill Team. We have many clan maps and we offer a training program with a very in depth curriculum for intense combat training. We are involved with other clans and create other events as well. We have meetings and Game nights each week. If interested in more info, contact me. G.T. Brent McKenley
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