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Found 83 results

  1. My name is Joshua Wegner and i am a quadroplegic.. i need help with the firefight and videomaster achievements on halo Odst, please add me and send message on xbox? Gamertag = QuadShortty7000
  2. Hey you sexy beast! Interested in joining an ODST clan? Join United Nations ODST Divison (U.N.O.D.) today, and be among fellow helljumpers in the tide of war! Must be 11+! Must be active! We currently have 2 ships under our fleet! We currently have 15 maps under our clan! Check out our YouTube channel "INAD Halo Clan" Check out our website below! www.unodhaloclan.wix.com/inad Sign up on our website or message "killerz287" or "CoolerClassic" today! Hope to see you on the battlefield Hell Jumper!
  3. Ok, so 343's giving away all these great things to make up for the buggy servers and such. Every one who played the Master Chief Collection before December 19th is getting; 1 month of gold Halo 3 ODST exclusive avatars, and exclusive nameplates. Now I get that 343 is making up to the fans who had to put up with buggy servers, but the servers are still buggy. Still to this day I can rarely get into a game! And I started playing on December 26th. So, what I'm wondering is, what will the fans like me get for compensation? I feel like we are missing out on a lot of great content, just because we happened to wait a little longer to play, and are still facing the same issues as the people who played before the 19th. What do you guys think about this?
  4. will the mark 5 and odst armours be brought into halo mcc as I brought the champions bundle on halo 4 and the halo mcc is suppose to have every dlc on it?
  5. "Patter" This was based on option number 1. I hope you like it! Just about 2500 words, I hope I didn't go over
  6. Does anyone play odst anymore or is it just dead in the water
  7. Hello this is KillerKorbin117 here with my new clan i am recruiting for my new clan on halo reach Requirements: -You must be a captain on halo reach Recommended: -You have an Xbox Mic Here is the application format: Your Xbox live gamertag: Your Halo:Reach Rank: What division you would like to be in: Divisions 5: ODST Army ODST Recon ODST Raider ODST Demolitions/Heavy Weapons ODST (i forget now) Have a nice day! -KillerKorbin117
  8. Yes that's right! Time for another event! (So many O:) This time in Halo 3: ODST! We'll do a firefight event and see who can hold their base the longest. Since the lobbies can only be as large as 4 players I have got a few Co-hosts. Round of applause for: JL Bnus and Ledgend Me and the three members listed above will all open up a lobby on the map Lost Platoon on Heroic difficulty and additional silver skulls if they want to. If you can hold out untill set 5 you'll even get a Vidmaster achievement! This event will occur at: Sunday 25th of May At 7 PM GMT which is 2PM EST There is only room for 12 (Hosts not included) members so hurry up and sign up! 1. Butch Flowers 2. Screech 3. Church 4. JXZAW 5. WonderWombat 6. ShadowFiend 7. Yang 8. 9. (People in the following positions might not be able to attend straight away because co-host JL might not make it in the end) 10. 11. 12.
  9. In halo wars I use odsts to combat lots of tactics, mainly the scarab tactic, I have all infantry upgraded, spawn three Spartans and move them to the enemy bases once they are there I drop the men in and spam it, each time one dies, 5 replace it, it should take about 5 minutes for normal bases 10-20 if defended with units, the only downside is money and tech, without either it is useless and the only counter is snipers or flame units or if I am rushed early, people consider this man spam, it is but it's devastating and I've never been countered by anyone except rush which I don't count as a counter more of a f**k you and your tactics, in 7-8 minutes I could have ODSTs or if I upgraded spartans 10 minutes, feel free to comment of some bad sides or good, no hate comments and please comment your own infantry tactics, remember its a base killer and scarab killer tactic, if you use it right
  10. Do you really want to spend the next two games playing as Team Crimson and let Majestic get all the great cutscenes? No, probably not - and neither do I. So how's about some diversity? Elite Ops? ODST Ops? All three? Definitely! Here I will explain how it will all go down, along with some touch ups on other things and ideas. In this thread I will include: - Arbiter's spot in campaign - Elite/ODST/Spartan Ops - ODSTs and Elites in multiplayer - Covenant Separatist immersion to Halo 5 - Canon characters in Ops missions - Cutscenes - Warfronts game variant (Firefight replacement) Spartan/ODST/Elite Ops In depth details: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/26808-spartaneliteodst-ops-in-depth-details/ So Halo 5 is supposedly the darkest of the Halo games, and it's up to us to make sure that it keeps that title. So let's break down what threats could possibly lie ahead. Dr. Halsey and Jul M'Dama have part of an artifact that can map all forerunner technology out there. In other words the halo rings have all been compromised. That's more flood in our sense, and who knows if the other oracles went rampant over the years. So that's Jul M'Dama, Dr. Halsey, the flood, sentinels, and the other oracles. On top of all this there are other rogue Covenant fleets out there who like to get involved in such things, and not to mention the prophets may have a part in what will come about in the future. That also means more brutes, whether be wild and barbaric or still guarding hidden prophets. According to the wiki the prophets seemingly just disappeared, hint hint. 1) Jul M'Dama 2) Dr. Halsey 3) Halo rings 4) Flood 5) Sentinels/Oracles 6) Covenant 7) Prophets/Brutes Wow. So Chief is most likely on Earth living in retirement, still hoping for a chance to see Cortana. Oh btw, did some fans out there speculate that the Didact still lives? Of course this is just a possibility, and the Promethean homeworld Requiem no longer exists, but; Cortana 9) Didact/Prometheans And whoever these guys are; 10) Precursors All these are likely to happen in Halo 5. What do we do now? Look up to the prophets, should they return? Form a truce (the enemy of my enemy is my friend)? Or is everything going to clash together in Halo 6? Or a better idea; start the Great Journey (if you know what I mean). This thread probably didn't need all of that listed, but they are reasons why my first idea (aka everyone's idea) is to allow the Arbiter to have a spot in Halo 5's campaign. Perhaps even a mission (at least one) dedicated to the Arbiter. Maybe the first mission would be satisfying, considering he'd get involved with the events before Chief does. ______________ Elite Ops/ODST Ops/Spartan Ops (I wouldn't exactly call it Elite and ODST Ops, but rather ODST-something and Separatist-something or Elite-something) These campaigns would probably make Halo 5 FAR superior than Halo 4 and maybe even Halo 6. Basically you have three separated campaigns where you get to control as your Spartan, ODST or Elite in their own missions across the galaxy. They each have their own stories. And here's a little twist I'd add in if I were 343 adding this to the game; Halo is known for super epic last missions right? How's about the three Ops campaigns would have the last mission or episodes converge together. So you can fight alongside Crimson with your ODST or Elite characters, and your friends might like to be a different character. Wouldn't that be epic?! This trend would also continue through Halo 6 if everyone likes it, kinda like the warthog thing with Chief. Here is a more recent thread dedicated to just Elite/ODST/Spartan Ops and its technical matters: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/26808-spartaneliteodst-ops-in-depth-details/ ODSTs and Elites in Multiplayer Everyone wants this to happen, I know. And it's pretty straight forward. I'm going to leave it up to the community to decide what armors they could use, but we'd all agree that they'd get just as much customization as Spartans do. ODST armour would likely be as follows; - Helmet (option to take off?) - Helmet attachments - Face options - Shoulders - Chest - Knees - Miscellaneous - Visors Not everyone wants to be a superhuman, so ODST sizes are generally smaller than the average Spartan. In multiplayer, they would have the same health as Spartans and Elites, but their sprint would be much more within human grasp. They are much slower with the sprint. However, they would get the visor upgrade from Halo 3: ODST, likely with a daytime and night version. Possibly on the down and right arrows on the d-pad, unless customized. There would be uses for the night visor in dark maps and maybe one or two Ops missions. The daytime version would help for general use. If 343 can't seem to make a daytime version, then that should be fine. Elite armour would likely be as follows; - Helmet (option for none?) - Helmet attachments? - Shoulders - Chest - Knees - Miscellaneous - Back attachments/armour? Elites would be just about equivalent to Spartan gameplay, however they would possibly have something distinct about them. And maybe their jetpacks would have different meshes than the humans'. Or maybe a totally different item added to the game (Covenant jetpack). Separatist Immersion to Halo 5 You know how you can change the colour of your mongoose for races right? Well since the Covenant Separatists are a different form of Covenant, that would include colour variants for Covenant vehicles. In Halo 3 their phantoms were green to represent allies to the player. That was in a dire and quick situation to move away from the Covenant and not confuse the humans too much. It's been over 4 years since that, and the community and 343 has the chance to make their colours more distinct (and cool-looking too). Maybe they could have developed their own new vehicle over the years? The Separatists are not an intimidating group of Covenant, so the grunts and elites need not to have what we've seen in normal Covenant. Well, these guys are the normal ones. So here is a brief list of what should be done for fan input to make the Separatist a rather epic group of people; - Grunt/Hunter/Elite distinct armour redesigns and variants - Distinct vehicle redesigns - Perhaps a brand new vehicle added in - Distinct weapon skins/designs There is a thread about Bocaj1000's reaper design, and maybe we could elaborate/debate on that (if 343 hasn't already done so). When Halo 4 was about to come out, I made a thread suggesting how a grunt would look for the Separatists. I took the Heretic designs and sort of made it look like an ODST-like grunt. The Separatists don't treat their grunts as "canon fodder", so those who are on the field are actual specialists with their weapon of choice. The rest just deal with work elsewhere, or become citizens on planets (imagining a grunt bartender on Earth lol). Most would be trained to fight. In my design I made sure that a grunt's methane tank was more light on their backs, designed so they can once again freely climb trees and such with no hauling of a 40 pound tank wherever they go. The new design makes the tank feel more like a backpack with just a thin binder inside. Their breather is also designed to allow their face to fully show for expressions they wish to make. The grunt in my design just so happened to a human-like hat to give him more of a personality, because he is a soldier - and his head wouldn't look as bare. But if a grunt is stationed for space or requires more armour, they would have helmets and such on them. Maybe the Separatist grunt would have pants? And sleeves and shirts? But under their armour. I wouldn't give the average grunt some shoes though, because they like to have their feet to climb and grip. Also keep in mind that Separatist grunts are more focused with the plan, seeing that the ones that fight with you are more specialized for their position. The Reaper: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/24123-the-reaper-the-covenant-mantis/ The Grunt (there are loopholes in this thread's lore. I will recopy their pictures and weapon loadouts here): https://forums.halowaypoint.com//yaf_postst104677_Halo-4--The-Arbiter-s-Grunts--Separatists.aspx The Separatist grunt pictures: Heretic grunt overlay - http://i49.tinypic.com/rbxl40.jpg Halo 4 grunt overlay - http://i47.tinypic.com/cuvj5.jpg Infantry Battle: Carbine/Needler/Plasma Rifle? (new weapon designed for automatic rifles for grunts?) Infantry Heavy: Fuel Rod/Needler Scout: Beam Rifle/Needler Those grunts will be happy to hunt down some Kig-Yar. There would probably be approximately two variants for a grunt's armour for each type of fighter; be infantry, scout, piloting a vehicle, or handling a turret. If I were 343 I'd make two for infantry battle, one for heavy, two for scout, one for turret, and one for pilot. If there are any grunt citizens in Halo 5 there would be variants for them, as well. Ops Canon Characters Or should I say, Separatist canon characters. This is to avoid your team completely missing out on the cutscenes, and not even be able to fight with your favourite characters. This idea for Halo 5 fixes that. In Elite and/or ODST Ops, there could be some Separatist characters - likable - and with cool personalities. For example, your Elite team may spend more than a few missions fighting with these two hunters. It's been a long time since we've seen a hunter ally in Halo. The players would love this. And remember that these guys are canon, so they have a role in the plot. And for the ODSTs I was planning on introducing a squad leader. A player can't exactly take this position, and it would be better for cutscenes. Therefore in ODST Ops there could be one or two NPC characters in your squad. But that is up to the community to decide. An Ops team in Halo is meant to be player driven. But if you'd like to fight with an NPC in your own squad that would be nice. Two teams could be fighting on the same mission as well, just as much that the last mission or episode would join the three Ops campaigns. It would definitely help for NPCs having a more local voice with the situations. Oh and, some likable grunts deserve a spot in Halo 5. These canon characters all should be given names. Your ODST squad may come with relations with another squad for cutscene appearance and such. However, the Halo 5 storyline might say otherwise. Ops Cutscenes Would you prefer the Halo Reach approach, or the Halo 4 approach? Awesome graphics are great, but they aren't a necessity to us. Does anyone agree with me that the Halo 4 cutscenes should be for campaign, and only the beginning and the end of the Ops stories (the very beginning and ends)? That way the player's team would have the Halo Reach approach between missions. Placement of your friends may be a complication for the cutscenes, but maybe they could have a silent role or not appear in the cutscenes. ***OR*** Based on the voice the player chose while customizing their character, that would be the voice actor for their cutscenes. And whether you are player 1, 2, 3 or 4 would decide whether you'd be the player leaning on the railing looking at the view, or the one who is discussing what to do in the next mission with the other player, while your commander is in the hologram communicator. This would allow an infinite possibilities of how your player interacts with the players in the cutscenes. Now you don't need an NPC to be your squad leader - however one would be great, and your Elite team would be able to interact with the shipmaster and perhaps those hunters you made friends with in the previous mission. Warfronts Here's something different for Halo. When I thought of this idea I was immediately reminded of Star Wars Battlefront. Remember those PS2 games that had SO much success with their game types, and then just suddenly disappeared when the PS3 came out? It's been a long time since we've had a taste of a battlefront (Battlefield's territory game type is similar, but just isn't the same). What Warfronts offer is like a territory game type, but with more twists to it. Firefight was during the time when humanity was being hunted down for extinction, and waves of Covenant would be sent in until all humans are dead. That time is over. Now when there is a fight going on we take control. I find it really hard to explain this in this thread, it's much more developed in my head lol. But a stage would be divided into 5 or 7 sections. The player would have to eliminate the enemies in a section and take over the territory, before taking control. Once that base is yours, based on how long you've been holding that section you will be provided with more tools to help you along the way. Halo games have the tendency to generate epic experiences by having UNSC ships and pelicans dropping off warthogs and even scorpians to aid you with what lies ahead. In Halo 3 when Forward Unto Dawn came in with the scorpians it was epic. Yes, I keep using the word epic. Editing the Warfront You can choose whether you want to fight alongside Covenant Separatists or the UNSC. You can also choose which faction you and your friends can fight against. Enemies would be Covenant Loyalists or Brutes/Prometheans/Flood if they are in Halo 5. Based on the faction you face the way they provide aid for their teams would be different. For example, Covenant Loyalists would have anti-air turrets and phantoms giving support, while flood can only provide infantry. Brutes would be able to provide choppers and prowlers, but no Covenant vehicles or turrets. Prometheans can also only provide infantry. Maps Maps would be different than the average multiplayer map. These ones are more objective related and have larger areas. They are not able to be edited in Forge, but they can be edited through settings. There could be one map made exclusively for each faction you face, like a flood map made for facing flood. Calling in Support Once you take over the middle territory you will be given a(or some) scorpian or some Separatist wraiths and some other vehicles. They also come with more reinforcements. Enemies do the same. Midpoint reinforcement: UNSC - 2 scorpians, 2 warthogs, 5 infantry. Covenant Separatists - 2 wraiths, 2 ghosts, 5 infantry. Covenant Loyalists - 2 wraiths, 3 ghosts, 2 squads of infantry. Brutes - +5 infantry at home section. Flood - +10 infantry at home section. Prometheans - +5 infantry at home section. Limits There are limits as to how many of what can be fighting at one time: Pelicans/Phantoms - 2 Scorpians - 3 (+2 after midpoint) Wraiths - 6 (+2 after midpoint) Ghosts - 10 (+2 after midpoint) Warthogs - 6 (+2 after midpoint) Banshees - 10 Hornets - 4 (+1 after midpoint) Infantry - 25 (+5 after midpoint) (players don't count) Choppers - 4 (+2 after midpoint) Prowlers - 2 (+2 after midpoint) When you call in support, you can call in certain things based on how long you've been holding a certain section of the warfront. If you meet the requirements at a certain section, you can (kind of) buy the support you require to spawn via drop off at that place. Times required: Pelican/Phantom - 5 minutes Scorpian (+ infantry) - 10 minutes Wraith (+ infantry) - 7 minutes Ghost (+ infantry) - 5 minutes Warthog (+ infantry) - 5 minutes Banshee(x2) - 5 minutes Hornet(x2) - 5 minutes Infantry - 2 minutes Spawn at start: 1 Pelican/Phantom 1 Scorpians/2 Wraiths 2 Warthogs/3 Ghosts 2 Hornets/2 Banshees 10 Infantry Lasting Stand If a home (spawn) base is the last one left and is under attack, then they will be continuously sending in reinforcements until you have taken over their base and eliminated all of their spawn. Brutes do not do this because they don't have a huge army. Turrets spawn in enemy bases at the start of the match, and they own all but the first and second sections at the start. Covenant Loyalists have two spots for anti-air cannons at the home base. The player's team does not. Oh and, you can control as Spartan, ODST and Elite regardless if you are fighting with the Separatists or the UNSC. The time limit is unlimited until someone wins. Ops NPCs After reading this a few times and researching a bit I've decided to make this a section for the thread. By Ops NPCs I mean teammates within your team. For example, what if you never played as Crimson in Halo 5 and you'd have a different fireteam that has an NPC or two in it. Elite Ops would probably have an episodic way of who you're fighting with. One mission you're with a squad with grunts and hunters and an elite, the next you're with a skilled elite. The next maybe with hunters and probably alone after that. ODST is controversial to me. The squad could have a leader NPC and maybe a second character, but it wouldn't feel the same as being in charge of your own mission. Here's a short list of canon characters to add to Ops missions: - 1 ODST leader (optional) - 2 ODST members (optional) - Entire squad to fight alongside with (optional) - Two hunters - Some canon grunts - A few elites to fight with - The shipmaster (and others on board) - Another recognizable fireteam of spartans Now let's put all the good things together from this thread, based on if they are good. The video animated cutscenes would be made for campaign exclusively, with the first and last videos of the Ops campaigns being videos, too. Then there would be another ODST squad to fight with and see in a few cutscenes. There now we don't need NPCs in your squad. Your elite team will fight with two hunter characters, a few grunts and also some elites. Each will have names and recognizable personalities. If Chief is with Separatists in campaign then some of them will be characters, too. And based on which player is 1, 2, 3 or 4 (and which voice they chose for their characters) will decide who does what in the cutscenes - and maybe decide who the squad leader is. Oh and shall we add a few marine canon characters out there (meet with them in the midst of a level)? Maybe just one mission in campaign or ODST Ops. 343 wants to expand the universe with recognizable characters, so this is a great start. So with the above paragraph here is the revised list of characters: - The players - An ODST squad - A marine squad - 2-5 elites - A spartan fireteam - Two hunters - Some grunts - Elite Ops shipmaster - Some elites, grunts, and a hunter or two for Arbiter and possibly Chief to fight with in campaign (mostly elites). It would be great if the community debated if we should have NPCs in our Ops teams. Just a yes or no would help. And that's that. I think. Ask questions if you'd like I'd be happy to answer them. _______ Questions to answer in the comments: Should Warfronts come with space battles? (Covenant Loyalist battles only) Should there be any new vehicles for Halo 5? As in brand new? Should there be any Separatist allies in campaign? If so, should Chief be fighting alongside Separatist grunts and hunters, too? Should the Arbiter be giving out missions in Elite Ops? Or should it be a shipmaster? If so, should the Arbiter have at least a voice in Elite Ops? Should Sanghelios appear in Halo 5? Help spread the word of this forum topic! It would greatly be helpful for making it successful if you want these ideas to be a part of Halo 5!
  11. Well, I decided I'm horrible at establishing characters in the story, so I'd take the Lazy/easy route, and just make a few character bio's. Here you go for now. Name: Charles Louis Mathison Age: 32 Height: 6 feet Weight: 235 Pounds Rank: Sergeant Class: Team Lead Preferred weapon: M90CAWS Shotgun Appearance: Appears much older than he really is, with deep set wrinkles covering his face. He started to go bald at 25, and decided to just shave his head. Other than that, he looks to be a "Man's man" with rugged features, and a decently muscular build. Biography: A ten year Veteran of the ODSTs, Mathison has been around the block, and knows exactly what to do when the action starts. He tends to keep new recruits at an arms length, as he has lost a fair number of troops in combat. He has the skills to take him to a higher rank, but his lack of an education has seen him Locked at Sergeant for the rest of his career. Relationships: Logan Scott - Mathison trusts Logan, but not as much as he'd like, as his tendency for silence makes him hard to deal with. Christopher Lugo - Mathison and Lugo are best friends, having seen plenty of action together. Both of them love their job, but hate their restrictions of rank. Admiral Parker - Mathison respects Parker, but has his dissagreements, which Parker is quick to remind him who is in charge. Edward Buck - Both are the Senior ODSTs in the operation, and have been on several deployments together. Name: Christopher Xavier Lugo Age: 26 Height: 5 foot 11 Weight: 210 pounds Rank: Corporal Class: Medic Preferred weapon: MA5B Assault Rifle Appearance: The "Pretty boy" of the team, Lugo takes time to make sure he looked good. His Brown hair is always spiked perfectly, and he keeps a neatly trimmed beard. Much to his dismay, however, his body is grossly average. Biography: Lugo didn't choice military life, it chose him, literally. During his training as an Emergency Medical Technician, The U.N.S.C. drafted him as a Medic. He's made the best of it though, and is well liked by the people he has served with. Unfortunately, he has a problem with his temper, and can be rather reckless. Relationships: Charles Mathison - Best friends, and have served several missions together. Logan Scott - Lugo has a tendency to make fun of Logan, but gets frustrated, as the silent giant tends to ignore him completely. Name: Logan Alexander Scott Age: 23 Height: 6 foot 3 Weight: 290 pounds Rank: Private First Class Class: Marksman Preferred weapon: SRS 99D-S2 Anti-Material Rifle Appearance: Huge, with a very muscular build. He is rather plain looking, with short Blond hair and Blue eyes. Biography: No one knows much about Logan's past, but his files say he was rescued from a Colony world before it was glassed. He very rarely speaks, fitting the "Strong, silent" bill perfectly. His career has been decently successful, With nearly 50 confirmed kills to his name. Relationships: Charles Mathison - Unknown Christopher Lugo - Unknown Name: Tyler "Ty" Mitchell MacMillan Age: 18 Height: 5 foot 7 Weight: 150 pounds Rank: Private Class: Pointman Preferred weapon: M7S Caseless SMG Appearance: Short and thin, most people mistake him for being weak, or fragile. He has short messy black hair, and Sharp green eyes. He usually has a thick patch of hair on his chin. Biography: Ty hasn't seen as much action as most of the other members of T.R.E.C. but he is by no means a rookie. He has had several sabotage missions already, and has established a report of being quick, quiet, and efficient. Relationships: None. I should have the first chapter up tomorrow. please comment if you'd like, as it lets me know people are actually reading this.
  12. PRESENTS Outskirts ODST Campaign Mod by Kills Alone of the H2MT Crew Released - December 2012 Updated - August 30th, 2013 ABOUT ===== ODST Bipeds for Marines and Player Characters on Campaign scenario Outskirts (Old Mombasa). The ODST player character biped is only viewable in Third Person. Thus I have provided two versions of the Campaign and a list of recommended applications. The other Campaign variant is the same except for a few minor changes, specifically the player character remains the Master Chief. I used Gravemind 1.6B to make the changes, unfortunately the application has many faults such as some fields will not appear after viewing other fields first. Also many values are incorrect or in the wrong places. Thus I used the following two applications to verify the settings. -Entity (H2x) was used to study the original map in its unmodified XBox incarnation. Entity Halo 2 XBox maps -The unlocked Guerilla New (H2v) was also used to study original scenario source in its PC incarnation. H2MT H2EK Unlocked - Enhanced Edition 03a_oldmombasa.scenario Then Mr. Mohawk v1.2 was used to swap the player's biped to that of an ODST Marine. Mohawk was used for the swap instead of Gravemind because it provided more consistent results. ALTERATIONS =========== -All Marines are ODST -Some Marines have human heads (such as Johnson) -Most Marines have ODST helmets (which is actually a head permutation) -Changed the sky to a more cloudy/foggy sky -Adjusted player0 starting location -Player starts with Rockets (instead of a BR) which can be traded with other ODST Marines -Pilot and Co-Pilot are now visible when picking up Johnson -In one variant you play as an ODST (but this is limited to Third Person) -I will attempt to get this recorded when playing Co-op *See the included notes file for more specifics and values INSTALL ======= 1) Before copying the file to your Halo 2\maps default maps directory you must backup the original. 2) The filename is 03a_oldmombasa.map, so make sure you backup the original by either renaming it or by moving it to a backup sub-folder. I rename the original file to 03a_oldmombasa.map.ORIGINAL so I know what it is at a later date. 3) Copy the new file to the same location then start Halo 2 Vista. 4) Select Outskirts from the Campaign selection screen. 5) For the ODST player character variant I recommend using one of the Third Person applications listed below. I have included these and a few more apps/mods that you may require. TOOLS ===== Ambiguous Alpha v2.5 - for Third Person/Still Cam Ambiguous Beta v1.0 Pre-Release - for Real-Time Editing Gravemind v1.6B - for Meta Edit/Swap H2V Blu Trainer vK2 - for Third Person/Still Cam/Fly Cam HUD Removal - remove HUD and on-screen text Mr. Mohawk v1.2 - for Meta Edit/Swap DOWNLOAD ========= H2MT Outskirts ODST Campaign Mod ~240MBs compressed (~400MBs extracted) H2MT Outskirts ODST Campaign Mod SPPF Only Version ~11.5MBs compressed (~25.1MBs extracted) notes.txt updates.txt
  13. I think that it would be epic to crate a Halo 4 ODST 2. This would continue after the epilogue of Halo 3 ODST. What do you guys and girls think?
  14. Who would want to see another Halo game that centered around the ODSTs? I sure would. I loved being in the boots of an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, entering my drop pod, and going on my mission. I was thinking about having another ODST game, but not only with Firefight, but stuff a full Halo game would have, like machmaking with slayer and stuff, custom games, forge, and theater mode. And, based off of TheL337destroyer's idea for a gametype for Halo 4, all of the games would start you off in a drop pod (with the exception of forge) and you would go on like a normal slayer game after that. I think it'd be cool. What do you guys think?
  15. So, there's been a demand for the return of the SMG, but a debate springs from that want: Which SMG? The Halo 3 SMG or Halo 3: ODST's Silenced SMG. Halo 3's SMG would be less powerful than the AR and so, if put into loadouts, would probably be a sidearm choice. It would probably be nerfed to be balanced with the Magnum. This decision also warrants whether or not it should be dual-wieldable... I'd personally like to leave dual-wielding behind, given that it construes the Golden Triangle by disabling melee and grenades in exchange for more firepower. As for the Silenced SMG, it could be balanced into a primary weapon choice, differing from the AR in rate-of-fire, recoil "climb", and a different reload speed. Most importantly, it would be a fully automatic loadout weapon capable of zoom. This could also give the possibility of ODST's "Automag" pistol, which could be a second UNSC loadout sidearm (differing from H4's Magnum in range, rate-of-fire, and damage-per-shot, so it wouldn't be pointless). The "silenced" aspect of these weapons is purely of an audible nature and wouldn't give any unfair "stealthy" advantages, as you could still be seen as normal on motion trackers and the sound can still be heard. What do you think? Which SMG would you prefer and why?
  16. Anyone interested in playing odst firefight send me a message, Hohenstaufen731
  17. Is it just me or does the Halo 4 Infinity Armor Pack characters helmets look "Smooth"? like look at The ODST helmet, there's no detail, The Recruit helmet can pass off as ODST, the only thing that stood out to me on the ODST armor was the torso pack with the backpack... but seriously am I the only one who thinks this is weird kinda?
  18. Hello people, my name is Gabrieloup, i am a video game PC modder since 4 years, but i am a Halo fan since 2003 with the Halo PC/Mac release, currently i hold Halo 4 but i am interested on doing custom lobbies on Halo Reach, that includes Campaign, Firefight, Custom Games and rarely Matchmaking, its not a clan, but a group of people who does Campaign on Legendary 4 people coop with all "Accessible" datapads and switches with no deaths, Firefights with no deaths Legendary with 343i/Bungie settings, and MLG/Anniversary custom matches on selected forge community maps. The rules are simple, have a good connection, a good skillset, no teamkilling, no dead bodies tea bagging, and allways follow and stay close to the party leader and allso watch what he does. Ex: if you see hes trying to do stealth, you do it has well that is do not shoot unless shot back or if the leader shoots. (wish in this case, its me) We need ATLEAST 4 people on it, but i will accept larger parties, my Gamertag is Gabrieloup, you are required to have Halo Reach, no map packs required, no microphone required, just follow the rules above and you will be fine. If something goes wrong, you will have a warning, if you ignore it you will be muted and kicked, each time you come back the mute simbol will allways stay there even if you change Gamertags or anything. Gamertags and friendlists will be allways checked every once and then and if we find someone with the mute on in one of the friendlists the person who is friend of the muted will allso be kicked for conspiration. Feedback is allways acceptable make sure you dont spam. Any questions allso acceptable.
  19. 343 Industries could make a lot of cash doing the following thing: Assuming Halo is completely under their control now - release Halo 3 and Halo ODST for the PC on Steam.
  20. I looked at the champions bundle and was very grateful for it, but one thing was kinda disappointing. ODST helmet looked pretty weird. This is how it should look. This version sticks to the original design of the armor in a more 'Halo 4' version of it, the ODST that was showed in the trailer is hardly recognizable to the original, People wore it in previous Halo's because they liked the way it looked, might as well not change the way it looks. 343... some advice, in my opinion... when you return armor from previous Halo's don't change them dramatically, I mean; you already ruined Recon (in my opinion) and most of the returning armors, don't ruin ODST too. I'm still grateful for the bundle, but please... take this into consideration. -Sir. R
  21. Ever since H3: ODST, I have been wondering what it be like for Halo to have a MMORPG with the free roaming that H3: ODST had. I have a good idea for one.
  22. bwf0601

    Halo 4 SMG

    If there is one weapon that I miss the most from halo 2, 3 and ODST, that's the SMG. The SMG, one of the most under rated weapons compared to the battle rifle and assault rifle was one of my favorite weapons of all time. I remember going around corners on Halo 3's the pit and I remember spraying everyone in sight with my duel wield smgs. I want to relive those days by having the SMG in Halo 4. I think the SMG should come out as a free DLC for Halo 4. Yes the thought of having Halo weapon DLC sounds a lot like Call of Duty BO2 revolution DLC. But in my opinion I think 343 industries should have a weapon DLC and they should bring back a weapon that everyone remembers. The SMG was a bullet hose but it was a fun gun to use. I also think since theres a promeathean SMG there should at least be a UNSC SMG to go up againsted the suppresor. There isn't duel weilding in Halo 4 but the SMG doesn't need to be dueled to be used. If 343 industires takes this into consideration I think they should make the SMG as powerful as the suppresor and they should give it nearly the range of and assualt rifle. Maybe give it half the range of an assualt rifle. If you are an SMG user and you miss the Halo SMG, reply to the page saying yes to bringing out a SMG DLC. (Also to add on make the SMG a primary weapon, NOT a power weapon).
  23. Welcome to the practical list of things for Halo 5, by Firellight. By practical, I mean things that keep Halo what it is. For example, someone says they want to play as brutes or prometheans. Good concept, but we all know that's not happening. So this thread will list the things that keep the status quo in Halo. I will also buff up my own ideas. Come on guys, do prometheans even have the free will to be controlled in multiplayer? Can they use other guns, or have custom armour? "We can paint their armour," no you'd be dead before you get the chance to say hello. 1. LOADS Gametype settings: Loadouts on/off Ordnance on/off Assassinations on/off Dual Wields on/off Sprinting on/off **This is called LOADS. By adding LOADS to Halo 5, many people will be happy, by having the ability to turn off certain features they dislike, while at the same time having the ability to make a classic-mode game type. Lots of people like loadouts, and yes it makes a game better. But in Halo, it kind of leads to gameplay limitations and imbalances, as well as removing the need to look for spawns, find a hidden weapon, or the whole need of getting a weapon. There are people out there who say that loadouts should be removed. Meanwhile, those that enjoy loadouts want them to stay. Why can't we be able to turn them on or off? The same story goes for ordnance drops. When a rag doll effect is in the game, people like to see some funny deaths. They keep us entertained. Assassinations keep the killer entertained, but the person dying gets nothing from it. On a side note, when someone is assassinating someone else, the animation is long enough to make the person say "Hey, I can't move for 3 seconds. Someone can totally kill me while I am slaughtering this other dude." Dual wields have been a huge debate over balance. Those that want dual wielding weapons because they make the game so much more fun and the gameplay fits their mood. Again, why can't we just be able to turn them on or off? Sprinting removes the classic feel to Halo, even though people did say that we needed it, and yes, fps games should always have the ability to sprint. But hey, when we are playing infection and someone is chasing you, why should a sprint be the reason why he got to you? We can turn off sprint, and have it on for regular matches. When we play on a forged map with obstacles, sprinting shouldn't get in the way. 2. Hornets and Falcons So the question goes, hornets or falcons? We have come to the conclusion that we would rather have both, but what about using them in campaign? We can for sure have the falcon for multiplayer purposes, but for campaign we would strictly be using hornets. Makes sense, right? 3. Brutes and Brute Weapons There should be one mission to reference the brutes. If 343 can't find a way, at least make an easter egg moment. Brute weapons should be available in multiplayer. Also possibly in that mission mentioned above. For multiplayer-sake, players like using these weapons. They should be available. 4. Skulls and Easter Eggs - Return of the talking grunt. - Return of the skulls. - New skulls. - Silly things. - Mysterious things. - Make them hard to find. - Someone pointed out that the combat dialogue should be entertaining (amusing) again. - The silent jackal. The silent jackal is an idea I came up with. When you are in campaign, let's say you saw a jackal at the edge of your screen. This guy looks different than your average covenant. When you first see him, he disappears. You can feel free to follow him, and the trend will continue until you meet him in a secret place. Enjoy your rewards and a new ally. He can not die normally. He is like the arbiter in Halo 3. He appears in multiple levels. Sometimes he will lead you to equipment, sometimes he may lead you to an attack. Either way, he joins you once you finish catching up to him. A jackal fighting with a human (let alone the 'demon')? Never saw that coming. 5. New Menu Here is what i believe should be the new main menu: - Campaign - Special Ops (might be titled differently) - Multiplayer (might be titled differently) - Halo Waypoint - Xbox LIVE Marketplace - Each will have a theater mode. - Firefight can be found in multiplayer. - Forge can be found in multiplayer. - There will be three menus in Special Ops; Infinity, (insert separatist cruiser name here) and (insert UNSC ship name here). Each represent their respected organizations for spartans, elites and ODSTs. These are the campaigns for your character. 6. Firefight Everyone likes to play firefight, am I right? Better to have it than to not. Just to add my own additions, within the game type settings, players can choose whether the allies should be the Covenant Separatists or the UNSC. This will affect the equipment being used. Enemies can differ between Covenant Remnant, the flood, or the brutes. The brutes just for the sake of it. Also prometheans too, just for the sake of it. There would be themed maps available, such as a flood map for the flood, a Requiem map for Prometheans, and a map made for Covenant civil war purposes. Other maps would be multiplayer maps in the forest and dunes, etc. We can have AI reinforcements, and maybe even vehicles to be unlocked at certain points of survival. Game type settings can disable this feature, though. Reinforcements may come with a pelican or a phantom to aid you, until it (or they) is destroyed. 7. Spartan, Elite and ODST Ops You can find all the details here http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/27878-more-elite-and-odst-ops-in-halo-5/ Some ideas are that AI characters should be fighting alongside the player(s). The ODST campaign should get the players to experience fighting with another squad, and join them in the cutscenes. There should be marine companions, too. The elites should have two missions dedicated to fighting alongside two hunter brothers. Sure, they can't speak English, but they are your big allies. Also, a part of a mission should have the hunters join in, some time near the climax points. Some noticeable grunts and elites should also be there. There needs to be character development, as well as scenic events during the gameplay. An example used in the thread linked above is when the tower fell in Halo 3: ODST. Those moments make it feel like an actual campaign, rather than petty objectives like we saw in Spartan Ops. So yes, Crimson will have to deal with more adventurous missions this time. Lasky won't always be there for them to give orders. 8. Vehicle Additions In Reach we got to experience the sabre. In Halo 4 we got to experience the pelican and the broadsword. How's about we get to experience a phantom in Elite Ops? One person hops aboard and drives, while the other players can choose to hop on the turrets, or board banshees (AI may fill for missing places). The mission could be centered around picking up others and transport them to other places, and pressing through a wall of defenses. A phantom level would be sweet, wouldn't it? Then for ODST, Spartan Ops, or Campaign (which should have what I am about to say?). A mission dedicated to the sparrowhawk. One pilot, one gunner. Two sparrowhawks ready for 4 players. The pilot can boost a bit faster than a banshee. They can stop boosting to hover around like a hornet. The gunner can shoot with a machine gun and fire missiles. Take down those phantoms and other covenant vehicles while you fly through with the assault. Possibly two other sparrowhawks with marines and/or ODSTs (or spartans, who knows) would be inside to assist you as AI. There will be ground troops and turrets to keep you occupied, as well. If you are in the skies, covenant (or flood) will be on the structures. And who said we can't have another space battle? 9. Vehicle/Weapon Skins By this, I mean changing between loyalist/separatist vehicles. Let's say you place a covenant vehicle in forge. In the item's options you can change its colours to its respected faction. The same goes for covenant weapons, as well. Just for some cool variety and aesthetics, as well as immersion. If there is enough data, maybe 343 could have a Heretic option, and maybe other team colours, too. This is when they have the free time to do so. 10. Infection AND Flood Flood is to Infection as Spartan Ops is to Firefight. They do not match. A simple thing as to put both award-winning game types into Halo 5 would be a gamer's dream. The difference is that flood mode doesn't use weapons and have their own body shapes. Infection is the complete opposite. You can use weapons, and even modify character traits in the game type settings. Before the devs make a mistake by listening to us saying they should modify one to be the other, let's just keep them the way they are and put them both into Halo 5. 11. Armour Abilities are now Equipment How's about this; a player can now have two equipment pieces, and armour abilities now count as equipment. The purpose is that ODSTs don't get armour abilities, and to not let them use abilities at all would be a wrong thing to do. Now all the armour abilities become equipment. You can see them attached to armour when equipped, like a small utility attached to the hip or something. Because armour abilities last forever, some equipment would have the meter, while others would be one-time use, such as the bubble shield. All equipment available in Halo 5: - Active camoflauge - Jet pack - Thruster pack - Hologram - Hardlight shield - Bubble shield - Deployable cover - Regeneration field - Promethean vision - Autosentry - Power drain - Radar jammer - Trip mine - Overshield - Flare - Gravity lift I don't know which should be for loadouts and which shouldn't, but those that do will provide a fresh experience with equipment. This idea is not fully developed, but I hope you all get the point. 12. Elites and ODSTs In multiplayer. Here are the specs of each character type: Spartans - No health bar - Taller bulky bodies - Human loadouts - Speedy sprint - Flashlight Elites - No health bar - More upper-body movement (slouchier stance?) - Covenant (Separatist) loadouts - Speedy sprint - Flashlight ODSTs - No health bar - Normal bodies - Human loadouts (ODST style) - Not-so-speedy sprint - VISR Armour customization is universal: - Helmet - Helmet attachments - Left shoulder - Right shoulder - Body - Elbows - Knee pads - Visor - Wrist? - Utility? - Primary colour - Secondary colour - Tertiary colour? - Emblem - Voice (See Elite/ODST Ops thread linked in #7) I believe it would be beneficial to see your characters in campaign, too. Player 1 is Chief, and you can pretend he has a small squad of his own, be it elite, ODST, or spartan. Maybe before starting a mission, there could be an option for a player to control as the Arbiter or not, if he happens to meet with Chief again. But then again, he could have his own mission for player 1, and when meeting with Chief he could just be an AI. People like to show off their characters, you know. 13. Weapon Options When placing a weapon down in forge, checking its options will allow for changing its properties. The purpose is to change weapons to their ODST modes and their versions from previous games. - Battle rifle options to change it between Halo 4 and 3 versions. - Pistol options to change between regular, ODST, and the Halo 1 version (regular is the defaulted for matchmaking and campaign, so only custom games will have this) - SMG options to change between regular and ODST (silenced) versions. This will alter how you can dual-wield. So you have the skin changes for Covenant weapons, and the property changes for UNSC weapons. Perhaps we can change the vehicle options, as well? Warthog properties and mongoose colours? 14. Forge Worlds Have a few, with different environments. One should be almost completely open, to allow for flat or completely custom maps. One could have the scenery and rocks, water, etc. One more could be a different environment. 15. Game Types from Previous Games I can't name them off the bat, but I am aware that many people would like to see game types like juggernaut to return. 16. Flood Return I am not the one to be talking about it in this thread, because I am sure that others know how to handle the topic. Making them more scary and whatnot, and also the elites a bit more too. 17. New Cyclops Design All of it is explained here http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/28081-cyclops-to-replace-the-mantis/ Reasons and all. _________________________________ If you have any ideas to add to the list, feel free to do so. I bet you I forgot a few things, anyway. This does sound like a lot of data to be put into Halo 5. But who knows how good the new Xbox will be?
  24. ODST Arbiter Flood Beneficial Silenced Weaponry I miss so much. Like a brother. Fun to fight. I love suppressors and stealth, this would be perfect for Halo. All I want to see in Halo 5 are ODSTs.doc
  25. I am determined to get the idea of the three Ops campaigns developed far as to get it right. So here I am with yet another revision. Previous threads for reference: v1: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/26508-elites-odsts-warfronts-and-other-ideas/ v2: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/26808-spartaneliteodst-ops-in-depth-details/ Because of the data, there would be roughly three discs in the game. One full disc for campaign, one for multiplayer, and another for Ops campaigns. In order to make campaign the best yet, a disc by itself would be a fit, as well as Ops campaigns getting their own disc. So you can play as spartans, elites and ODSTs in Halo 5 (according to this thread). Here are their ups and downs: Spartans - No health bar - Armor abilities - Equipment - Sprinting - Faster running - Bulky bodies - Human loadouts Elites - No health bar - Unique armour abilities - Equipment - Sprinting - Faster running - Semi-slouchy bodies - Covenant loadouts ODSTs - Maybe no health bar - Maybe no armour abilities (unless unique) - VISR - Equipment - Maybe no sprinting - Halo 3 running - Normal bodies - Human/ODST loadouts Armour Customizations (Universal) - Helmet - Helmet attachments - Left shoulder - Right shoulder - Body - Elbows - Knee pads - Visor - Wrist - Utility - Primary colour - Secondary colour - Voices Weapons/Equipment - Halo 3 ODST weapons are in Halo 5. - Jetpacks look different for Covenant and the UNSC. *Covenant Separatists have different armours than Storm Covenant. Separatist grunts, hunters and elites look less intimidating, but intimidate when need be. **Jetpacks are not armour abilities anymore and are just equipment in Halo 5. Halo 5 has these gametype settings: - Assassinations on/off - Sprinting on/off - Loadouts on/off - Ordnance on/off Each gender of a race can have 5 different voices. In the last thread I got into a large number of variables when it came to cutscenes with a player's preferred character personality. This thread will decrease the variables largely to a much more doable scale. When a player chooses a voice for their character, it comes with a name (or codename). Cutscenes would have a Halo Reach approach to how the voice operates. Actions do not change, but exact lines do. However, the point of the conversation is the same. In the last thread, I made it so that each voice has a different personality, and makes each cutscene different. That is not the case here. If someone said, "Hey Serge, get on that Pelican and start flying!" A different voice may say, "Serge, get on that Pelican!" We're going home." And each voice chosen will come with a name. One voice could be Rookie, and characters will call you Rookie. If you choose Jon-117, then people will call you Jon. Of course these would be unlockable voices, possibly DLCs. Upon launch each player would have 5 brand new voices to choose from for each race, making it 15 voices. Variables Now that is 15 voice actors. 5 voice actors per campaign (except last mission) (double these numbers with females added to the list). Let's say an Ops campaign can host up to four players. The cutscene must be different depending on how many players are in a game. That means 4 different cutscene possibilities. Depending on who picks who to be players 1, 2, 3, and 4 will depict who plays as who in the cutscene. So that means 10 voice actors act out 4 different cutscenes, 10 times each for each player taking each role (for name calling). One voice actor will be required to voice 120 possibilities for each mission. That's not so bad. It triples to 360 for the last mission I think, which is a challenge, but more doable than the last thread I made. 4 players = 120 different scenes per actor per mission 3 players = 60 2 players = 20 1 player = 1 Total = 201 different scenes per actor per mission 5 missions per episode = 1005 10 missions per season = 2010 (+402 = 2412) 20 missions per game = 4020 (+402 = 4422) Last mission = 603 (the big one) 343 could pull off a no voiced custcene for the last mission, like Halo 3 did (kind of). The math above is based per actor. 30 actors at launch of the game, and DLCs would add to each calculation). Now Ops campaigns can have Reach-like cutscenes for every mission (discluding beginning and end). To save 343 from overworking themselves, each Ops compaigns only need video animations for the first and last missions of their series. Only Chief/Arbiter's campaigns would have the video animations. Keep in mind that the last mission will merge the three Ops campaigns for a really epic feel. Should ODSTs have equipment in their loadouts, while spartans and elites get armour abilities? Should loadouts work similar to how Reach did? Set loadouts for each race?
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