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Found 189 results

  1. We are a clan called SMO, short for Salinban Military Organization, we are a Halo 4 clan and are looking for new members to fight in Halo 4, If you would like to join my E-mail is '' smoclan1@yahoo.com '' or my xboxlive gamertag is '' prcision ace142 ''. I am looking forward to you're replies!
  2. I was thinking how I should approach this post and how I should get this point across... I considered going with ‘Spartans need more face armour’ or simply ‘Arrgggh!’ but then I realised that no matter what I do or how levelly I look at this it is going to get flamed to hell by a large chunk of the community once I insult their precious Battle Rifle... I’ve just had a game, one of many, in which the entire enemy team took to using Battle Rifles and backing away from every single encounter firing. Now some of you are surely going to say this is not an issue and just how the game is played... or rather, given the mindset of these people I’m expecting a lot of variously illiterate comments along the lines of: ‘LOL AM NOOB YOU?!’ The problem is, besides from being annoying, this tactic doesn’t really seem to really make any sense in this game. Most players who operate like this rarely seem to bother with a sidearm or their abilities... features which in their eyes may as well just be removed. So it has to raise a question as to the balance of the game when one weapon is utilised so heavily that not only other weapons but also key game features simply go unused. The other issue I have with this is that the primary way of beating a team doing this is to do exactly the same thing... which means the game soon becomes very solely focused and all semblance of tactics go out the window. On the face of it Halo 4 seems to offer quite a good degree of customisation which allows individuals to explore and develop their own play style. Armour specialisations, abilities, upgrades and weapon loadouts should create a great deal of variety in the opponents you face. However when one style of play defeats all others with ease it leaves people little option but to do the same. In short individual preferences go flying out the window faster than a grunt targeted by a fuel rod cannon... Now I am not going to suggest the Battle Rifle be nerfed, surely such a thing would be tantamount to heresy. I mean clearly the developers have decided that it should be able to beat automatic weapons at close range and that its ability to complete destroy armoured vehicles from across the map with its small calibre rounds is working as intended... but I feel as if one simple change could massively improve game play and balance issues. Reduce the speed at which you walk backwards. It’s that simple. The Battle Rifle can still be a flak cannon, shotgun and sniper rifle all rolled into one confusing bundle but just reducing the rate at which you can back peddle ever so slightly, I think, will make the game not only more balanced but more enjoyable. It would mean that when you have someone charging you down with the oddball they are actually a threat. It would make automatic weapons rightly more powerful in one on one close range fights. Most importantly it would just make sense. I mean as much as I’d love to see it there’s no 100m backwards sprint in the Olympics... Now perhaps everyone loves Battle-Rifle-back-peddling but when both teams are standing at opposite sides of the maps doing this it quickly resembles a game of duck hunt... The best games I’ve had were when both our team and the enemy used a variety of tactics and equipment. It meant you had to constantly adapt and weren’t sure what to expect next... that, ultimately, seems like the sort of game play Halo should revolve around. I’d dig out the box and quote it directly but if you recall, one of Combat Evolved’s main selling points was that you were the master of every weapon and that all vehicles were tools of destruction just waiting for a driver... it was not advertised as the ultimate ‘shoot each other in the face with a rifle until someone falls over’... game.
  3. So I've been playing Halo 4 ever since it came out and i noticed that there is a significant balance issues when it comes to the weapons, specifically the precision rifles like the BR and the DMR. I've been messing around with the all the rifles to get a sense of how good they are and i think i came up with an assessment of how good the rifles are and i would like to hear your input about this. And i have no idea if the imbalances was on purpose by the 343 staff or not. So i think the most noticeably beastiest rifle out of the bunch is the DMR, hands down. The DMR is fast, powerful, easy to use, easy to get headshot with and is good both near and far. It will always have a red target reticle and a pretty fair distance and scope in makes it just as precise as out of the scope. The second best has to the Battle Rifle. The Battle Rifle is almost as good as the DMR but the 3 round burst makes the BR a little to slow especially against a proficient DMR player. But the BR seems to do the same amount of damage as the DMR. Also the BR target reticle doesn't seem to turn red unless your are close which might make it hard for some to get headshots. The 3rd rifle of choice would have to go to the Covenant Carbine. The Carbine is pretty fast but it lacks power. A lot of it actually. It usually takes almost the whole clip to kill somebody and usually by then I'm dead. The Carbine is only useful to take kills because it can get quick headshots or support which pretty much a DMR or BR is better for. The last rifle i would recommend is the Promethean Light Rifle. The Light Rifle is too slow and really weak. It's unpractical to use against a person using another gun, any gun. The two round burst is weak and it's what kills the weapon to be proficient. The upside to the Light Rifle is that if you zoom in the scope, the single shots actually do some damage and it takes up to 4-5 shots to kill a person but the Light Rifle also has the most zoom so if you get shot the scope might wobble a bit. Welp this is my rundown of the precision rifles on Halo 4. I hope this help most people. If you agree/ disagree just reply and we can discuss different or alternative ways of using them. Maybe somebody know how to unleash the potential in each rifle. Thanks for reading.
  4. So, I was wondering, how good or bad you did on your first 3 games. Post score (K/D), map and gametype. Mine are: 22-3 (yeah I was REALLY lucky), Complex, Infinity Slayer. 23-2 (Again, REALLY lucky), Ragnarok, BTB. (I admit I was a little campy and didn't get past the middle of the map with the sniper) 16-5, Adrift, Infinity Slayer. I think on my fourth or fifth game I got a perfection, but I'm not sure. I had something the others didn't, something no one saw, but me. Can you guess? Luck. (lol seriously)
  5. I started this clan a few months after halo reach came out, I had 30 members and played lots of tounaments, but when i started school again there was no time for games so i was forced to disband the clan, but now im doing online schooling and im on everyday. Im 16 and im starting my clan back, please message me either on here or on xboxlive. Gamertag- prcision ace142 ---.
  6. This post has two purposes: One is to say that it is unfair that we lose out on double XP tokens for things out of our control, and the other is to say that matchmaking sticking you in partially completed games is a dumb idea. Ever since the day I heard that you can earn double XP, I've been searching stores for participating stocks of Dew and Doritos to buy them for the codes; a lot of the Dew that I bought was for the codes alone. Now, I hit my experience cap every day. I hate it, and it is stupid, and it makes me quit the game when I do, because I don't want to lose out on experience from commendations and challenges. I cap before I can even complete any weeklies! The first week, I lost double XP tokens to the now fixed bug where it deducted from your banked matches even after you capped. Today, I earned 5600 experience, and capped after just a handful of it. That's another one wasted. And the worst of all was when I was matched into a Big Team Slayer match that was 980 - 370, and the game ended in seconds. I got 123 XP total, and wasted another double XP token, which leads me into my next topic. None of these are my fault, yet my tokens were stolen from me. Those three alone are worth one product that I bought solely for the codes, and I feel I should be reimbursed. There's no way for me to get them back, and I paid money for them. Additionally, matching games in progress sounds good on paper, but it is a ridiculously unfair idea. The time where I got shafted by a game that was seconds from ending is just one example. Do you remember the day where there was a daily challenge to win 2 CTF matches? That took me five hours. Not because I suck, but because it kept putting me in games where we were already losing, often irrecoverably. It isn't fair to me, and I do not want to keep getting the short end of the stick. It takes a heavy toll on one's morale to keep being put in games where you have already lost, hour after hour. It's very frustrating, and it makes you want to quit. My experience is being ruined by the odds constantly being stacked against me, and by the system taking away the double XP that I bought and paid for. Why is there no meter for how close I am to the cap? I wished for that in Reach, and there still is none. So, I'm setting myself up for another "hit my cap right as I earn 10000xp worth of challenges".
  7. Why is there no option to search Good Connection or select a Region where you can search specifically for people in that region? I'm already sick and tired of versing americans and playing on Yellow Bar Please 343i, include the option for a GC search! <3
  8. I don't know about you guys, and I know this is going to sound really knit-picky, but I really dislike the halo 4 announcer's voice. Yes it does sound a little like the previous games, but I feel it's too energetic ("OooverkiLL?" that's what it sounds like when I hear it). It doesn't sound like the master chief anymore (and I know it's not him in the other games reading what's going on, but to me it does sound a bit similar). I think my favorites for the voice was halo 3 and reach. I just hope they change it a little or I get used to the new voice! What do you think about this?
  9. Question: When are you going to created a option in War Games that you get connected with people from you region. Sometimes I play alone and in most cases I join a game with a host far over seas. I life in Europe and I can't believe there are no games to join with only European players. It's so damn frustrating! In Halo Reach they had a solution for that but in Halo 4 that is totaly gone!!!! Please FIX this! Else this game will probably be sold within a couple of weeks. I don't want to play agains players for the USA all the time because of the lagg (no offence to all USA players, it's only the damn connection between continents.)
  10. There is clearly a lack of game-types in halo 4 here you can discuss the game-types they should bring back. Two of those would be swat and grifball which they are adding.
  11. This is not a rant post, if you want to flame please do not do it here. I know 343 has a lot of updates planned, but as of right now we have no idea what there future intentions are for the game. So, here are my thoughts of what I think needs to be improvised about Halo 4 Matchmaking for the most part. SLAYER Pro/ Infinity Slayer:Matchmaking has ALWAYS been the competitive side of Halo. The system should not allow a game to start without an even number of players on each team. Too many times have I entered into a MM game and we have been outnumbered sometimes 5v3, but for the most part 5v4. This altars many things and causes a lot of issues. Such as: K/D ratio (Many players wish to keep this number in good standing), Win/Loss record (another stat a player would wish to keep in good standing), it takes the fun out of most of the game especially game types like oddball where one team mate has to hold a skull with no weapon to fire, thus making it practically 5v3 or 5v2 if the teams are unmatched like mentioned earlier. Team Doubles / 3v3 playlist: I have never heard of a playlist dedicated to 3v3, but I believe it would be quite a hit if it were made into a real game type. Some of us can not find a 4th player to play with, or maybe some of us are just like my team and would love to stick to a smaller more tactical 3v3 schematic setting. As far as Team Doubles..This game type should have never been removed from the Halo series in the first place. This is a huge game type not only in previous Halo games, but also GameBattles and MLG. Doubles is the one game type where you can use the chemistry with only a yourself and a friend, making it much more diverse, tactical, strategically difficult and would require more communication. Capture the Flag: Why is their no single flag game types? Single flag sets a whole new type of strategy for the two teams playing each other. You have to have a complex defense strategy for defending your flag only, as well as a well planned offensive strike against the opposing team set up to defend the flag. With only multi-flag it is like a slayer match with 2 flags on either side. Given it is fun and all, we all need a break from 2 flag CTF every now and then. Oddball: ....343 let me just start off by saying BRAVO with the ability to throw the ball. I love it, it gives it that extra sense of urgency and maneuverability that both teams need in order to win. The strategic setting of this game type has not doubled if not tripled in my own opinion. Not only that, but it opens up room for fun recreational custom game types like football or basketball. The one hit beat downs also do this game type justice. I like the fact that a defenseless player can 1 hit beat down another player, it makes the ball holder more useful and a skilled ball holder just as deadly as a defending team mate. Assault: Assault was such a fun game type that I can't imagine the reasoning behind taking it out of Halo 4. The fact that you had to get into a base by either sneaking or killing the opposing team, plant the bomb, and run out of the area to win the round..was just down right awesome.Assault is one of those game types that people would grow instantly excited when they realize the game they were playing. This should be implemented back into Halo! A few smaller things that kind of annoy me are: When sprinting, the time it takes for your reticules to show up after you stop the sprint. The fact that when hitting "back" to check the score, your guy can't move. There not being an ability to pair up with another team of 3 to make it 3v3 like back in the older Halo games. How weak the grenades are. The lack of the ranking system. Matchmaking feels more like "Social Slayer" rather than competitive matchmaking, even guests are allowed to play in MM....Not cool. The last thing I can think of at this time is the DMR being way to powerful. It is now a 4 shot kill (just like the BR), it shots WAAYYY further than the BR, it has up close precision and in my opinion it is more accurate due to it only shooting 1 shot per trigger pull rather than 3 shot burst (making it more accurate than the BR)..thus concluding that it is overpowered and if you wanted to bring the BR back in style then you need to downgrade the DMR to equal the playing field. Trust me on this one, You have converted many die hard BR fanatics over to the DMR scene because the BR just doesn't compete with it. I know you guys are trying your best, but hear us out about some of this stuff. Being different and making a drastic change to Halo is a good thing, 343 has done an AMAZING job upgrading the game since Halo 3. But, you can not take everything away and rid too many things just to be different, players had an expectation required for 343 to meet and they haven't quite gotten to that point yet. What do you guys think about this..- FaTaL
  12. Been playing fine since I bought the game the day of release now suddenly today it says halo 4 servers unavailable and only a few hundred others available playlists. Was in the hundreds of thousands before. Oddball and others seem to be missing as well..... Anyone else having this issue or a solution?? Tried restarting Xbox, modem and router and reset them too... Left everything off for half the day and still getting same error... Any fixes?? Is 343 aware of this issue??? Thanks
  13. Single-Flag CTF is the gametype that has kept me playing Halo. I know it's only days since launch, but I really, really want and hope we get a dedicated Single-Flag CTF playlist.
  14. So, I have about 40 games of Mountain DewXP and I add the XP to my gamertag and everything, it will notify me saying It has been added, but then I go and play a Game and I don't get the double XP this has happened about 15 times already. I already tried; -Switching the eMail on the account -Switching to a different DewXP account There is nothing else I could do, Can somebody please help me?
  15. I have been with a team since Halo 2 until we disbanded at the beginning of Halo 3. We have skill, team work and we call out the enemy team's position for support fire. Our fourth man has a lot to do and can not be on the game very much at all. We need a new man to be our fourth in order to compete in Matchmaking, Game battles and Online tournaments. Add me: Fatal TnB. Or post on here. We need asap!
  16. A game as bad ass as Halo 4 should have Campaing Matchmaking. It took bungie forever to do it for Halo Reach. It is not that difficult. Do score based and regular campign coop. Score based is great fun! Please do it!!!!!!!
  17. Okay well last night i was playing with my friends and playing having fun while i was owning. Then got off work today and then tried getting on I'm a lvl Sr-36 and then i says i'm a lvl 1 and armor is default. It says halo 4 servers are down and then my brother tried getting on and he played didn't say servers are down or anything. I don't know what to do anymore i tried restarting connection, Tried Wifi, Tried different gamertag, but once again my brother is online playing it cant be the xbox cause i was on last night playing and working just fine. I don't know what to do or anything please help 343 awesome game thumbs up but not when something is screwing me over or maybe multiply people are having the same problem as me who knows but help thanks.
  18. Zugzwang

    DNF WTH?

    I tried using the search term "dnf" and it said since it was only 3 letters it wouldn't allow it? meh. As most of you know by now, if you watch the exp level after you rank up, and decide to leave, you've received a DNF, even though you didn't quit. You didn't quit b/c it said "searching", not "ready" or had a full stack of players yet. Apparently 343 didn't get the memo. I know this is unacceptable for most ppl, so since this is an obvious flaw, I suggest that 343 basically reset all DNF's that can be traced to within a minute from the lobby with some kind of TU or whatever. Also, while I'm at it, what's up with having to redo your layouts once you change from one category in MM to another? I got my butt handed to me b/c all my starting weapons were AR's. Seriously. I don't want to turn this into a bash 343 thread. I like this game better than reach by far. I think the maps lack a certain "flow", and then there's the obvious DMR hate going around, but overall... Oh yeah, one other thing I have to say. For those that don't read the books, it would've been nice if 343 had fleshed out the story better with the Didact. I mean when you have to look up an explanation for the ending, that kinda stinks. ~serenity now~ I feel better, but basically lets try and keep this on the front page until a mod or someone adresses it plz? I'm sure I'm not the first person to bring up the dnf issue, but since I can't search for it...derp. Also I did type did not finish, nada there also.
  19. Sorry if this has been asked before or been addressed. Are there any plans for campaign matchmaking like Bungie did in Halo Reach? It just made things so convenient if you wanted to play campaign with a bunch of other people at whatever time you wanted. Really great for a guy like me who either has friends that don't have a 360, or the ones that do are really busy and only available at times I'm not available. And yeah, you can go online to some forums and post that you want to start a campaign up, you might get lucky and there will actually be people who want to play at that time that just so happen to be browsing the forums at that time as well, but typically what happens is, you get responses 2-3 hours later (from people who want to play).
  20. Me and my friends came together to make this list, please add it to matchmaking if possible, thanks.. Feel free to add on: -Team Swat -Invasion -Team Doubles -Multi-Team - - - PLEASE ADD IDEAS BELOW AND LIKE SO 343i CAN SEE THANKS.
  21. I have been a halo enthusiast for a very long time now I played halo ce as a kid. I am a very competitive player first and foremost and I think that is important to consider with my review. I play halo 4 and I like the game but I don't know how much longer I will be playing it hopefully it grows on me. With that said here's my likes/dislikes vs halo 3 Halo 3 was simple and very halo for the lack of a better word. Halo 4 has adopted c.o.d. Policies and has the feel of unreal tournament. The major problems arise in the same manner as the recent election. When you end up trying to please everyone(Obama) u end up pleasing no one. Where's if you make the system or game competitive people get really excited and work hard/play hard(Romney). I hate politics but it made sense for this and I didn't vote for either so don't judge me. Halo 3 you had nothing given to you you had to earn it. Now you are given loadouts with 100 different options and 10 new reasons to camp (ie invis, bigger radar, promethean vision ect). Remember when you couldnt camp right out of the whole because you would get rocked by rockets ifnyou did. Rushing rockets and sniper was half the fun of halo. Now we just give those things to you for free completely unearned. This leads to not knowing what people have and therefore no idea what to prepare against. And sprint makes for a lot of chasing and a lot less fighting. There are also more weapons in halo 4 than it needs I mean 4 different long range rifles with be, Dmr, light rifle, carbine. I mean come on did we need an alien shotgun identical to a normal shotgun ? I just want halo to be competitive again. Don't get me started about ordinance packages that would take me 5 pages to talk about how dumb those are. The ranking system is a total joke and I could go on and on about other things but I would like to know what the community thinks about my review.
  22. This Halo (Halo 4) is 1/3 Halo 3, 1/3 Halo: Reach (aka how to get revenge on Microsoft and have them pay you for it) and 1/3 Call of Duty. I only like the first 1/3 of this equation. I love CoD. But not in my Halo, which I love more. If you have no sense of humor, please discontinue reading. 1) I dislike spawning into a game that I am losing and have no chance of winning. This was never a facet of Halo. It is, however, a mainstay of the CoD Franchise. There is no benefit to staying in a game where you are losing or outnumbered in Halo 4. There is no deterrent to leaving. You gain NO extra xp for being a gamer with self-respect. Just like in CoD. Also I have begun more games down a man in Halo 4 than in all of my previous Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo: Reach games combined, in just the first four days since its release. It's like they paid Infinity Ward (not Treyarch, those boys know how to make a game) for their MW2 matchmaking formulas. 2) I dislike the ease of which you die in this Halo with the DMR (it appears even more so than in Reach) and overall. Halo (prior to Reach) was all about skill, individual battles and balance with the conventional weapons. In Call of Duty you can kill quickly when you spot someone on the map, well before they have time to respond. This seems to be the way that they are bringing it in line with the CoD engine. Every time I kill someone unfairly with the incineration thingamajigger, I'm sure Cortana dies a little inside. 3) The vehicles are not easy to kill. On a map with vehicles, there is not a plethora of weapons to destroy them with. I have stuck the Ghost twice in succession and not killed it or the driver. Usually there is just one rather clunky Spartan Laser to fight over. And they spawn too many times in a game. I've had the Wraith 3 times in a game. 4) If I wanted to play a game where I had lag/connection/matchmaking issues, I'd play Call of Duty. 5) If I wanted to play a game where I died repeatedly on my spawn or spawned in the crosshairs of the enemy team, I can just pop in Call of Duty. Seriously the spawns seem to have been generated by monkeys flinging their own poop on a large copy of the map. They can't actually claim any intelligence went into the spawning can they? My impression of the only meeting they had discussing it went as follows: "That spawn makes no sense and it stinks in here. He's..." "Silence! The monkey poop has spoken." 6) The sniper Rifle stays zoomed in even if hit. This leads me to my closing statement. The people who made this game were NOT Halo fans, at least not before Reach. They either were CoD fans, or were trying to get people who buy CoD to buy this game. There is no point in buying future Halo games unless you loved Reach (WHO ARE YOU? Seriously who liked halo 2 and 3 and then Reach? If you liked it then you are at the 'Gump Line'). If you love CoD and want to play a futuristic Call of Duty, then this is your game BLOPS2 will be out soon. So get your brooms out, it is time for Shennanigans.
  23. Dear, 343 Industries, The weapons in multiplayer / matchmaking are completely unbalanced. Every weapon in Halo 4 should be even in damage so that it takes skill to kill another player, not because he/she has a better gun. Some of the weapons are so unbalanced and under powered that you can't even kill anyone with them. I've shot players four times point blank with the scatter gun as well as the shotgun and they would still have their shield up would then turn around and killed me with a DMR. So, 343 Industries, what I am asking of you is will you please review the weapons damage and make them EVEN? Some of the weapons are very weak and under powered. Thank you so much for your time. <3
  24. I can't seem to find my favourite gametype Assault on the list? It's always been there since halo 2 and me and my friends used to have a blast playing it! Please bring it back, i mean not to complain or something but it's always been a default gametype..
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