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Found 189 results

  1. I'm SR53 stuck at 6249/18240XP after every game I play I don't receive any XP from matchmaking/spartan ops. Anyone else having this problem? It's extremely annoying and is discouraging me to play Halo 4.
  2. Computer systems used by retailers are now capable of figuring out somebody is pregnant before they know themselves, based on their purchase history. All the big internet companies make their money by data mining. And yet, matchmaking seems like an impossible task to get right. I've been playing online games since before consoles had modems (it's like wifi, but for your telephone). I've played some great games, and I've had some greater games. I've also had far more bad games. The greatest games are the ones where victory, or defeat, was not certain until the game actually finished. Bad games are the ones where the game is decided before it even starts. People quit, and with few exceptions 5-on-4 just isn't a fair game. People have no concept of even basic teamwork. Communication? Forget about it. Thing is, as often as this has made me lose a game, it's one me a game, too. But really, where's the challenge in that? I can't believe that ater all the games played, there isn't some way to match up players that doesn't result in a low probability of a challenge. There's all kinds of great detection for cheating. Why can't there be something that matches up players not just of comparable ability, but cooperation? I remember well that shortly before Halo: Reach came out, a bunch of us got online for a few last games of Halo 3 Multiplayer. We hadn't played in a long time. We were rusty, forgot parts of the map, couldn't remember where the spawn poins were... but it was fun. We had some great victories, since a bit of coordination will beat great aim any day. And even when we lost, it was because we were beaten by superior players, not because it was an unfair match. Is there no way to match up players that doesn't toss you into a game almost randomly? "Play with a team" is a fair enough response. If that's the way forward, then why isn't there in-game support for it? Ten years ago, Halo introduced a whole new kind of multiplayer to the gaming world. Halo has a legacy of innovation. 343, if any of you read this, think about it. The single most important aspect of any multiplayer game is providing a fair challenege. Do this right, and Halo will be one of the best franchizes for another ten years.
  3. Hey, i've been playing halo since the beginning, even when i was 7 i would play with my neighbor and it's always been my favorite. I've attempted to stat a Halo 4 clan for a few day but just can't get one going. If anyone is looking to recruit my GT is EnV Da MoNsTeR. Im not looking for a huge clan with 1000+ MEMBERS!, no i want a small clan of skilled players like around 10-20 who want to tare s**t up. Message me on xbox if you either want to hlep me start a clan or want me to join one, and please, not 12 year olds with squeaky voices haha. BTW if it helps i'm currently lv 66
  4. Hello. I don't understand how such a big game like Halo 4 DOESN'T HAVE DEDICATED SERVERS. Halo has one of the, if not THE biggest player base on Xbox 360. Lag compensation in H4 is ridiculous, it made people with horrible connections being able to play and people that are paying a lot of money for a decent connection not being able to. And don't come saying your netcode is good, because it isn't. Just get the dedicated servers, what do you do with our money? BF3 wasn't as big as Halo 4 and they got dedicated servers. Dear 343, We will not stop. We will not pause. We want dedicated servers.
  5. Hi I have just completed my 25th challenge I'm a little behind I know but I look on my service record and it sais 25challenges completed but my achievement hasn't unlocked can I have some help here ?
  6. Ok so last night I was playing halo 4 and I finally completed the monthly challenge. Upon getting on this morning I see that I lost all the xp I gained from it and it shows "completed". So I completed and got xp last night but then lost it when I got on today? Please can someone from 343 fix this for me. It is really annoying.
  7. I don't understand why they aren't giving us everything there is to offer, I have so many questions and I'm just hoping someone can answer some of them for me. I am talking about few things here but mainly the matchmaking, I'm not here to complain about it, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, but it is definitely getting repetitive -Matchmaking First problem with the matchmaking is the playlists, why are there so few? Why is there no doubles and what happened to assault? It just makes no sense to me to not have more playlists in there, they have Griffball and Extraction in custom games but not in matchmaking. I guess they could say they want less playlists so there are more players in each one providing more games to find, more people close to you, better connection etc. but we survived in Halo 3, sometimes searching in the early hours of the morning in Assault with less than 100 people in the playlist, but we made it work. I guess this is more of a plea for more playlists, especially doubles (which was in my opinion the best playlist ever), or at the very least an explanation as to why there aren't more. Second, Rank. I know they're working on their ranking system but daaaaaaaaamn, I've been sitting on 70 for aaaaaaages because I couldn't afford to pay extra for early specializations and it grinds my gears that you can reach max level very quickly just by putting lots of time in, too much emphasis has been put on the casual gamers. The amount of XP you get just for seeing out a matchmaking game til the end is ridiculous, sure I don't want people quitting but I don't to sit there pulling out all the stops, getting only up to 3000XP (Seems to be the max) while my AFK teammate gets half that just because he was too lazy to push a few buttons and quit. They NEED to bring the proper rank system out ASAP, I worked ridiculously hard for my 50 in H3 and it took me a long time, where as it took me a couple of weeks to get to 70 and I see other 70's on my team and think "sweet, we should take the other team to the cleaners." But in actuality all they've done is put in the hours and reached 70 without performing well in game at all. Third, Specializations. C'moooooooooon, let me level up more, getting early access to specializations should be rewarded for being a fan no doubt about it, but when I stomp through the noobs getting to 70 quickly and not being able to progress because I didn't front up the extra dollars for early access it pisses me off. Those 12 year old "fans" whose parents bought the most expensive one they could find shouldn't get early to those specializations. Don't tease me 343, "Here's our game enjoy, oh wait, you've been playing quite a lot today, you're not allowed any more XP today how about that?" "Oh you've reached level 70 already, great job but you can't go any further because only fans get the early specializations and you clearly not a fan because you didn't pay us enough." Fourth, "Challenges" Challenges are meant to be just that, a challenge. "Complete 4 matchmaking games" They already give out to much XP for completing matches then they put out a challenge that gives out more XP just for playing 4 games. These challenges are just like the ranking system, rewarding people just for putting in time, you will always get the daily and weekly challenges just by playing. Challenges should be difficult, you should have to strive to get them with every possibly that would might not get the daily challenge today because you're just not good enough. -Moooooooving on to something else, Fileshare. This one just baffles me, why can't we see everyone's fileshares yet? That's all I have to say about that one... I guess that's all I have to say for now, apologies if it seems like I'm having a bit of a rant. I was huge fan of Halo 3 and I love Halo 4 but I feel like they could be doing a lot more for fans and they could cater more towards better players instead of the casual gamer.
  8. I feel like thee should be a Big Team Slayer playlist option for match making. Now im not talking about Infinity Big Team, myself among many others I have spoken to, think that the option to order power weapns after as little as three or four kills is somewhat overpowerd. That is not to say that there is no place for Infinity Big Team, for the most part it is enjoyable, but on Ragnarock for example this feature can seem at best 'gimmicy' because of the excessive amount of 'camping' snipers due to the ordenace drops. I think that adding the playlist option of a core Big Team will end this sometimes frustraighting problem by adding an alternative to it.
  9. Well I'd love to get a explanation on why I cannot get onto the halo 4 servers for matchmaking and spartan ops also the fact that I can't join any of my friends in any game type for the past 2 days now. The only thing that I can think of in a situation like this is that I have been banned if that were the cause then I will be uterlly angry because since halo 4 has come out I have played all the possible game modes, I have beat the game on legendary, I have done every spartan ops, and attaind sr55 completly legitamatly without the use of boosting (which you guys should look into cause people are doing it with you guys doing nothing about) and the yesterday I leave for an HOUR to got do something important I come back and then this happens. And before anyone says anything I have tried multible atempts to fix it if it were my internet connection but none of them work, so it. Must be from. The other side.
  10. - 90% of all games are only between Complex, Adrift, Abandon and Haven, when there is 9 other maps on disc, plus the opportunity for 343i to atleast add Forge maps ffs. -SWAT is on rotation and 343i are removing it, even if it is temporary, that's dumb. -343i put so much effort into EXP banning people just for playing the game when they aren't boosting. -There isn't a system to boot people when they go AFK. -There's seemingly no 343i presence on these forums. -The DMR hasn't been balanced out. Just slightly lower its fire rate ffs. I'm beginning to think 343i doesn't care and are just map starving everyone to try and boost sales of the map packs. When you EXP ban your players, you are begging them to just play Black Ops 2. I'm not trying to sound arrogant or condescending, but a lot of Halo fans have been around longer than you 343i, you should tell Microsoft that sales will continue to be lackluster if they don't let you finish the game. A game is not ready for release when there are no maps, the playlists are a mess and you have to add in the ranking system post launch. I am mostly happy with Halo 4, these are just some problems I'm sure most of the community would like fixed. You aren't Bungie, you have to earn respect. Please read etc, but I doubt it.
  11. here is all maps and info from a MLG player on my twitter ... your welcome halo 4 fans add UmaraiL and we'll talk on Xbox if you want to join my clan and follow me if you wish i appreciate it join the stealth ******** today @StealthBastards
  12. So two days ago, I hit the level cap for players who didn't buy the Legendary Edition (70) and have continued playing regardless. I was playing Slayer Pro on Solace about 15 minutes ago and halfway through the game I received a message saying that I have been banned from Matchmaking for 7 days. I have never once in my life cheated, I never did the "Complex Glitch" people are talking about, I've never "boosted a challenge", and I never once changed my timezone or whatever it was people were talking about. It's not going to be the end of the world for me if I don't get out of this completely random ban, but I'd really like to know why I was banned in the first place. I spent $60 on the game to play matchmaking with my friends after all. =p For reference, my gamertag is AymacK. Any guidance, explanation, or suggestions would be very greatly appreciated(:
  13. Hey guys, figured I would post on the forums rather than continuing to lurk on them for the past two weeks. I'll get right to the point here: I need some buddies to play with. I bought a 360 for H4 (Haven't played since H3 days), and have no buddy list anymore. Most friends went on to PC or PS3, or aren't playing H4. I am getting demolished in games now because of this. I am usually getting around 19 or 22 kills, but with random teammates who don't talk, we typically lose and I get team shotted quite a bit. So if anyone has a spot and is usually on during the day, please let me know! Figured it couldn't hurt to ask here, since there isn't a ridiculous amount of immaturity running around. If you wonder what I play or anything like that just ask away, I'll update. Thanks guys, see ya online. GT: iiHaNGMaNii
  14. So having a single list of playlists seems a bit redundant to say the least especially when you have to scroll to see a playlist, that's not very good in terms of HCI, as you should always be able to see the playlists at first glance. In my mind the way Halo 3/Reach separated the playlists into groupings makes the lists much more manageable and dynamic. Below are suggestions to playlist groupings with suggested defaults and maps for use. CSR Playlist FFA Standard - Mainly slayer with lower chance of objective types. Team Slayer - Basic team slayer Team Snipers - Team snipers Team SWAT - Team SWAT (1 loadout only?) MLG - TBA see my suggestions for playlists as a whole below. (Small maps + community maps) Doubles - See below as well All CSR playlists should playout as classic Halo games (same loadout at start, weapons on map, no abilities? no ordinance, reach kill limit not score) Unranked Slayer playlists Infinity slayer Big team infinity slayer Multiteam Unranked FFA (rumble pit) Objective playlists CTF Oddball Big team objective Skirmish Community Griffball Action sack Flood If you want to add any suggestions or questions please leave a response below.
  15. Is anyone else experiencing a glitch that displays your rank as SR1 after matches? I personally am not, but I am posting on behalf of my friend. Generally, he will start playing a matchmaking match at his rank (SR7 at the moment), but about halfway through, he will lose access to his custom loadouts, service tag, armor customization, etc., and in some games he will not even gain experience afterwards. Upon exiting the game, he will be listed as an SR1, but on the stat-tracker he is still SR7. I assume this is desync from the central server that stores all that data, but it seems to only be affecting him at the moment. Just wanted to know if this is more widespread, what the cause could be locally, and, if not local, what the ETA is on a fix, if 343 even knows at all. It's keeping him from progressing in MP, and I'm losing a valuable teammate in his absence.
  16. This same thread has been made before, but I'm making it again because it can't be overstated. I'm frustrated to no end with jumping into a game where I can't communicate with my team because the connections are such that they jump all over the map or I do. I check my speed and I'm running 20/2 up/down. You can't tell me it's my connection. That connection works flawlessly on every other game I own. The piss poor connectivity is truly the only thing that bothers me. I know maps are coming out, but you could have release more from the get-go. Another point along the same lines is that I miss the options from previous Halo games. I'd rather wait an extra few seconds and get into a game with people that have better connections than get dropped into a lag fest because we are trying to have an international orgy online. It's ridiculous. So much good in this game. Likewise, so much room for improvement.
  17. I'm a huge Halo fan and have been playing since the beginning. I was a little worried about Halo 4 at the beginning from seeing all of the new additions added but it turns out it's a pretty great game. I still love Halo 3 more and that's because of the ranking system. Although Halo 4 is numbered ranks, it's still no different than that of Reach. I hated Reach to be honest. I thought it was a terrible game. There was nothing motivational about it. I really think that 343 should implement a true skill ranking system back into Halo 4. I think that your overall rank should stay the same and you get it the same way (SR1-SR130) but they should also put individual ranks for the playlists like there were in Halo 3 that go from 1-50. This would add more to play for and much more competitive gaming which keeps people playing. Halo Reach had a lot of people revert back to H3 because after a while it just got very boring. Everything else in the game is fantastic, I love it. My personal opinion is I just wish it had a ranking system similar to Halo 2 and Halo 3. I do believe a lot of other long time players would agree with me. Also, on a side note, they really need to bring in more playlists that do not revolve around objective gameplay. Team Doubles, MLG and a slayer based FFA should come into the matchmaking playlists very soon. A would also love to see some smaller maps, maybe a little more symmetrical as well. Everybody share your thoughts as well, please.
  18. Hey there, I don't know if 343 regularly checks these forums but I'm trying to give constructive feedback for them because I think they did a great job on Halo 4 but it could be even better. -The Meta Game: Currently there isn't that much of a reason to replay Spartan Ops after doing Legendary other than commendations. If you added the ability to turn on the Meta game in Spartan Ops and Campaign, and also added a leaderboard, this would create more of a buzz around Spartan Ops and we could compete for high scores. -Spartan Ops Special Episodes: I was thinking that maybe you could incorporate Red vs Blue into Spartan Ops for special episodes/seasons (like a Christmas special) where players play as new recruits into Blue and Red team, having a unique mission to complete and are instructed by Caboose and Church etc. Here is an example of a mission they could do - There is a giant Grunt that is filled with too much methane gas and the Prometheans are trying to kill it because it shouldn't be there, worst of all Serge just bought a brand new Mantis and if the Grunt blows up the Mantis' wax finish will be ruined, so highjinks ensue. You could string these specials together to create a bonus mini series within Spartan Ops. -TrueSkill Ranks: I heard you guys are implementing TrueSkill, please have them be based on wins/losses, kills/deaths and bring back hit ratio's which could also contribute to rank progression. Have them be symbols not numbers, and display them next to the player's SR number rank. -Clan Support: You could have a Clan section in the roster menu, where you can start a clan, accept/decline clan invites, send out invitations and there could be a Clan Kudos system where the clan gains Kudos for playing in a full party of clan members or completing daily/weekly/monthly clan challenges. -Playlist Refinement: At the moment there too many playlists and no variety within each one. Create a 'Team Objective' playlist combining King of the Hill, CTF, Dominion and Oddball. You could also bring back game varients for each, such as One Flag. -DMR: Slightly lower the fire rate. Currently it's a bit OP. I would really love 343 to make these additions. I think old and new players would aswell. Please respond to this topic 343 and/or forum moderators so I know that topics like this are actually read and worth doing.
  19. I was playing BTB earlier, and once I boarded an enemy Scorpion, I didn't have the option to put a grenade into the tank even I had 2 frags. Same thing happened to a Wraith, I could only punch it, and it takes a looooong time to destroy it ( btw I got sniped -.-) Then, I played campaign to test it out, but I was able to put a grenade on a Wraith. NOTE: I boarded the Scorpion from the back side and the Wraith from the front, is that the matter? I'm really confused
  20. Does any one know if 343i plans on bringing back any game types like, Assault (1-Bomb,Neutral Bomb), Territories, Invasion, or VIP? also can you make 1-Flag, or one base dominion, an attack and defend dominion would be fun?
  21. Alright, so here are a few things that I have experienced in Halo 4 matchmaking that could use a few tweakings. To start off I love the Halo series. Been playing continuously since the end of Halo 2. The game that I really fell in love with was Halo 3. Admittly the game had its flaws but overall I think that this was the best out of the series in terms of overall gameplay. The reason why this game worked as opposed to other titles that were out (Cod, Gears, GTA, etc.) was that the game was BALANCED. Everybody started off with the same weapons and had the same rights to power weapons as everybody else. Secondly powerups were something that were on the map as opposed to everybody having one to begin with. Even though flares were completely useless I still enjoyed throwing them out in the middle of Guardian and laughing as I heard everybody wondering who the dumb*** was that just did that! While camo and overshield were still overpowered you could never be like "well its stupid that he had an overshield and I don't" because you simply didnt get there first. Enough about that. What I think needs to be changed for a loyal Halo follower like me to continue playing this game is not a drastic overhaul of the entire way the game is played. Just a few simple things need to be implemented or removed. First off, instant spawning needs to be REMOVED COMPLETELY! since everybody is able to start off with DMR's this allows you to essentially double team somebody by yourself if you get a half decent spawn. Instant spawning doesn't work in any game, IMO, even Cod. Simply put, the game wasn't designed well enough (spawning wise) to have this feature available. Secondly, the whole staying zoomed in while being shot at is not what Halo has done in the past and is going in a completely wrong direction. The reason that it required skill to BR/DMR at a distance is if you got pulled out of zoom you had to essentially try to no-scope somebody to stay alive. Numerous times have i been getting shot at, hit somebody then zoomed in, and killed them because they couldnt get zoomed back in to get that last shot off accuretly. Also, staying zoomed in makes sniping WAY to easy. Coupled with the fact that when you hit somebody with a sniper your aim goes like 100000 miles up in the air so you lose your shot completely. Lastly, not having a full team when you start a match. STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID. I would much rather wait 15-30 seconds while it finds me a few more teammates than go into a CTF game down 3 people. I cant count the number of times where ive started up a game with nobody on the other team. Why does this happen? EVER? Other than that and the fact that there is no ranking system (another topic for another day) + social matches kinda deal where you could either play just for fun or have the option to play highly competetively, this game runs fine. Even though IMO Reach sucked, i still played the hell out of it for the sole fact that it was Halo. Even though towards the end of it i just ended up HLGing and betraying my teammates on big team, still played it for a long time. I will continue to be sceptical about the success of Halo 4 until a few of these things are fixed/taken out. Hopefully I can enjoy this title as much as i have enjoyed the titles preceeding this 1.
  22. Hi I have been playing Halo 4 for a while, but today when I first got on it said that the servers are not availible at the moment, and I can't play Spartan Ops. Could someone please tell me what is going on. Sincerly, DJMSpartan123
  23. Are user submitted forge maps ever going to be integrated into matchmaking? If so, does anyone have any idea 1) How one would submit a map, 2) When submitted maps would be available and 3) If maps could be used in all of the gametypes?
  24. Hey guys, look... I know there is a lot of not so good gameplays with commentary out there for players looking to improve. I'm starting up a new series of daily videos that I'd like you guys to check out, if you give it a chance I think you'll find my videos are worth your time. Thanks! Your support is appreciated. And feedback is welcome.
  25. Okay I know there are a few and maybe more people out there like me that are complaining about the matchmaking in halo 4 and I just want to share my opinion like everyone else. Don't get me wrong, I love halo 4 and enjoy the (most) of what I can when I play it, but if we just fix some (small) problems then I think this could be a Halo that would be fun for everyone. First off, WHY am I getting CoD problems when I play halo 4? In call of duty, I get mad at people camping in corners and all that stuff but why would that be a problem in halo? Well, you have the Boltshot weapon which is ridiculously Overpowered by people who like to wait in corners (either with Invis.) or just gladly sitting there waiting to just basically "plasma pistol" a guy to kill him with one charge. I would love to see that weapon nerfed but I honestly don't know how that is gonna be nerfed but hopefully you guys will fix it. Next, I am RARELY getting in DMR or BR battles with opponents anymore. Which made halo what it is today. (Competitive) How is sitting in a corner or just throwing grenade after grenade and spraying them down with the AR competitive? I'm just seeing so many CoD like stuff in Halo 4 that it saddens me we can't have what we used to have. You guys didn't need to put all these different guns in the game to make it so other gamers will come to halo. If you looked at Halo 2 and Halo 3 and saw how much success they had and how much people LOVED those games, why not take that into consideration? The halo competitive I remember is people using the SAME gun to kill other players because it was FAIR. That brings me to my next problem, the DMR is extremely better than the BR at any battle in halo. Whether it'd be close range to long range. If people can shoot the DMR fine, that gun is the best. What I suggest is keeping the playlists, but making gametypes like "Team BR's" or "Team DMR's". So everyone gets a fair chance and fair battles against there opponents. I actually just thought of that as soon as I wrote that and felt so happy if that was actually in halo 4. And if 343 has read what I wrote this far, I want to thank you so much because you are actually listening to your fans and helping halo get back to being that awesome game everyone wants to play. The last thing that I almost forgot to say is that the respawning in Halo 4 is not what I expected it to be. It's basically another Call of duty like aspect added into halo. Please 343, teams can barely get map control in certain gametypes where you need that to win the game. Instantly respawning in objective games is not what Halo used to be. You have a spawn time on Capture the Flag, but you don't have it on King of the Hill or Oddball where you need it most. Slayer isn't that big of a deal but it still could use a 3 second spawn time. Not INSTANTLY respawning and their whole team is full shields taking us out because we couldn't even recharge our shields after we killed off their team. It's just not halo. Well thank you if you read my arguments and took them into consideration, because I promise you...If you make some of these things happen...Multiplayer would be amazing. And that's coming from someone who loves halo and loves to get online and have fun in Matchmaking. Just get rid of some of these tiny problems and you will make your fans even more proud of you guys for making a great game we know and love..Halo.
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