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Found 189 results

  1. I just had to make an account to say this: 343, please please please make it so there is a playlist where big teams are only matched up against other big teams. I just played 3 BTBs where the other team were mostly inheritors and half to most of my team quit. Who else feels the same way as I do?
  2. Let me preface this by saying I love the game modes and maps its a lot of fun. But we could use more variety I had friends complain about the narrow range of game modes in comparison to past halo like no swat or griffball in matchmaking but I'm assuming and hoping that's because the game is in its early stages so 343 didn't want such a spread of players just yet so they wanted more dense matchmaking game modes but if there will be more I will be a happy camper and if 343 didn't plan on it I hope they read this and others advice for the game and Better it to let there reputation for halo 4 amd there legacy live on through this game
  3. Somebody please tell me why this item is in matchmaking. It has such a huge advantage over every other ability. Anyone who doesn't use it is at a permanent disadvantage among those who do. It promotes camping at an incredible rate as well. There's no point in tactics or sneaking up on anyone. Use camouflage, sure. but camo doesnt really last long enough or hide you well enough unless you're standing still but also pro-vision just recharges far faster. Coming around a corner? pro vision to make sure its safe. Oh an enemy is there? Line up the shot and pop out of cover/shoot. It's like Counterstrike wall hacks all over again. =/ Its a pretty cool idea for PVE gametypes like campaign and spartan ops but to be in multiplayer just gives everyone a huge crutch to lean on imo.
  4. Why on earth is there no Ranking system am I the only one who sees the competitive edge in this which diffrenciates form every FPS game, it is so annoying HALO 3 was so bloody good and competititve. The gampelay of 4 i sgreat and the BR is back but surely 343 has someone in its dev team who plays the game. WHY HAVE THEY NOT ADDED THIS - Truley Gutted
  5. Looking for Players with mics to group with for custom games and matchmaking, Add:Lt RockAjaw if interested.
  6. Halo 4 Progression System The UNSC Infinity is your gateway to the Infinity Multiplayer experience in Halo 4 and serves as the center of your Spartan career. Here you will build your custom Spartan-IV super-soldier, and progress your multiplayer career across both Spartan Ops and War Games modes. You’ll start your career as a Spartan-IV, with a limited amount of choices. As you level up, that will slowly unfold into a large amount of choices. The pace with unlocks will be regular, but not so fast that it causes confusion. When designing the progression system for Halo 4, our primary goal was to give progress more meaning, and in order to do that, the player’s progress has to impact gameplay. In Halo 4, we primarily do this by allowing the progression system to modify the weapons and abilities the player can take into battle, empowering player choice, and exposing more elements of the sandbox to more players. As you progress through your multiplayer career, you unlock items that allow you to build the character and experience you want. The things you really desire, such as the Battle Rifle and DMR, you’ll gain access to fairly quickly. Some of the more difficult choices you’ll face, such as which Specialization to tackle first, come later. All of these things give you the ability to tailor your experience and focus on your favorite parts of the sandbox more than ever before. How quickly you progress through your career will partly depend on your skill. Skilled players will rank up faster, as you get more XP for winning matches. It’s also worth noting that quitters do not get game completion XP. They can progress commendations and challenges, but they will not get partial XP at the end of the game (AHEM). Below is a breakdown of the Halo 4 progression system. FROM: CODENAME SURGEON TO: CODENAME COALMINER Spartan-IV Career When you first enter Infinity Multiplayer, you automatically enlist into the SPARTAN-IV program and begin your Spartan career. This career spans all of your gameplay in War Games, Spartan Ops, Forge and Theater. New SPARTAN-IV recruits are issued the following gear: • Assault Rifle • Magnum • Frag Grenade • Recruit Armor, Emblem, Visor and Stance Stances are a new customization option that let you select a pose for your Spartan on your Player Card. This card is seen in every multiplayer lobby in the game and is how your Spartan is identified outside of gameplay. You will have to rise up through the Spartan ranks to unlock more gear and make your way through the SPARTAN-IV program. CLASSIFICATION: ELEVENTH HOUR [1/5] SUBJECT: AFTERMATH Spartan-IV Ranks Spartans begin their career in the base SPARTAN-IV ranks. There are 50 ranks to work your way through, from SR-1 to SR-50, unlocking gameplay and visual customization items as you rank up. To rank up, you need to earn XP. You earn XP by: • Playing War Games (earn more for winning and high personal score) • Playing Spartan Ops (earn more for higher difficulties) • Completing each level of a Commendation • Completing Challenges • Using Forge At each rank, you will earn one or more Spartan Points (SP). SP are used to purchase gameplay items for your personal loadouts. Once you purchase an item, it can be used in any of your loadouts. The Spartan Point system is based around offering choice at each rank. The full suite of gameplay items is available for purchase by SR-26 but you won’t have enough SP to buy everything until SR-50. It’s up to you to decide the order in which you want to build up the arsenal for your Spartan-IV. /FILE EXTRACTION-RECONSTITUTION COMPLETE/ /START FILE/ Loadouts Each loadout contains a Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Grenade, Armor Ability, Tactical Package and Support Upgrade. As you rank up, you will gain access to the Armor Ability slot (SR-3), the Tactical Package slot (SR-7), and the Support Upgrade slot (SR-12). We have default loadouts in our War Games playlists to give you a preview of these items before you reach those ranks, and to offer an alternative to your own custom loadouts. Over the course of the SPARTAN-IV ranks, you also unlock four extra loadouts (at SR-6, SR-14, SR-26 and SR-41) for a total of five loadouts. You can rename these loadouts, so pick names that match the role or gear for that particular loadout. Decades from now, when historians evaluate the war, what will they say about us? Will they claim that our victory was ultimately fruitless? That it failed to secure a lasting peace, or worse, that it was only a prelude to far greater horrors that now lay ahead? Visual Customization All Spartan-IVs start out with the same Recruit look. As you rank up, this is reflected in the look of your Spartan, which is visible to other players in gameplay and every Multiplayer lobby. Visual customization items such as Armor, Armor Skins, Weapon Skins, Visors, Emblems and Stances are unlocked through several means: • Earning a specific SR rank • Earning a specific rank in a Specialization • Mastering a Commendation • Completing a Waypoint goal When you meet the prerequisite, you will gain access to the items automatically; you do not need to spend Spartan Points. My hope – OUR HOPE – is that history would instead view this war as a catalyst. That the last thirty years were a crucible, a threshing floor for our species, sifting out our fears and frailties. And that ultimately it made us stronger and more vigilant in the end, fully prepared for whatever will come next. After all, what good is struggle if there is no change? What good is a fire if the sword is not made stronger? Specializations Once you hit SR-50, you have the option to enlist in a new Specialization. You can choose which of the available Specializations to enlist in. Specializations are composed of ten levels each. As you rank up in Specializations, you will unlock new armor sets, emblems, visor colors, armor and weapon skins and armor mods – which provide even more options to customize your Spartan-IV to fit your preferred role on the battlefield. Once you commit to a Specialization, you have to complete it before switching to a new one. It will take roughly as long to complete a Specialization as it does to go from SR-40 to SR-50. All players have access to two Specializations at launch: • Wetwork: WK-1 to WK-10 • Operator: OP-1 to OP-10 The rest, which are listed below, will gradually be made available in the months following launch. We will be keeping a close watch on player participation post-launch and will roll out the additional six Specializations when the player base reaches certain milestones. Purchasers of the Limited Edition and pre-orders in certain territories have launch day access to the remaining six Specializations – although you still need to complete the initial 50 Ranks before you can enlist in one. • Pioneer: PR-1 to PR-10 • Pathfinder: PT-1 to PT-10 • Engineer: EN-1 to EN-10 • Stalker: SK-1 to SK-10 • Rogue: RG-1 to RG-10 • Tracker: TK-1 to TK-10 Other players will be able to see your overall progress through the Specializations by your SR rank. This keeps going up by one each time you earn a Specialization rank, all the way up to SR-130. There might be a reward or two waiting for those who hit SR-130! Attached are four reports accounting the major contingency structures our species currently faces in the wake of the war. Please evaluate them closely. Their outcomes will dictate how history views us, or if history even views us at all. Commendations Halo 4 features over 120 commendations covering a wide variety of activities (per weapon, per enemy type and per game type, for example). There are commendations based around earning specific medals, and we also have aggregators that require you to master multiple commendations to complete them. Commendations also have a variable number of levels. Certain Commendations can award visual customization items when you master them. To master a Commendation, you need to have earned its highest level. We see the Commendation system as the long-term progression with the most exclusive items. Most players will still be mastering Commendations well after completing the Specializations. Xenomorphic element [2/5] Martial element [3/5] Provenancial element [4/5] Primogeniture element [5/5] Challenges Like Commendations, Challenges have been expanded in Halo 4. We not only have daily content, but also a weekly and monthly cadence as well, giving players ample time to complete different challenges with varying levels of difficulty. Challenges are divided into four categories: • Campaign - 2 Weekly Challenges • War Games - 2 Daily Challenges - 2 Weekly Challenges - 1 Monthly Challenge • Spartan Ops - 6 Challenges • Waypoint - Exclusive daily challenges for War Games If you’re looking to get a jump start on your career, you’ll definitely want to stick around for the next segment of the Bulletin, because it’s about to get all double XP up in here. Source: http://blogs.halowaypoint.com/Headlines/post/2012/10/10/The-Halo-Bulletin-101012-.aspx
  8. Hey guys Legend here, I'm recruiting for a clan that's pretty much just for fun. If you just like people to have to play with and talk to and have fun the NFCT clan is for you. We can also become competitive we are jsut looking for dedicated members who are good at Halo and work well as a team. If you's like to join you can message me on xbox at IxNFCTxLEGEND. Other members are IxNFCTxARBITER IxNFCTxRANGER and IxNFCTxZERO. Just let us know and we will get in touch.
  9. Gamertag: DewyHQ Map Name (Current Version): Vallation 10-9-12 Download Link: http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30625754 Gametype: Invasion (Use The Original Gametype) Description: Elites are invading the seaside base Vallation. They are going to try and shut down the Energy Generators (Conveniently located outside the base). If they get through they will attempt to shut down the front Anti Air guns or the rear Mass Driver Cannon, Don't let them otherwise they'll grab the core and get away. Ordnance: Phase 1: Spartans Get 2 DMR's and Elites Receive 2 Needle Rifles. Phase 2: Spartans get a Warthog, Shotgun (90sec), Sniper, Rocket and Splaser (All 120). Elites Receive a Wraith, Plasma Launcher, Fuel Rod Gun and a Focus Rifle (All 120). Phase 3: Spartans Keep all their weapons and get a Scorpion Tank. Elites keep their weapons also and get a Banshee. Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTOi-dROO4I&feature=g-upl Editor's Note: Special Thanks to AbleSirThomas for helping me out with suggestions on how I could Improve the Map. Thanks Dewy.
  10. Halo 4 definitely needs a ranking system that's based on skill rather than experience like reach. Reach was a joke to just about everyone, and this is one of the MAIN reasons why (of course unbalanced AAs, etc.). My point is, unlike reach, H4 or subsequent games need a ranking system that people care about. You can argue, "it's just a number" but then why would so many people care about it? I mean ultimately, you can always say, "it's just a game" or "it's just entertainment." Just like most forms of entertainment, the purpose of it is to be ENTERTAINING, not practical. Now that that moot point (or at least what should be one) is out of the way, the ranking system with a number there is important to indicate your skill level and match you up with others of that skill level - the number allowing you to see each person's rank without necessarily having to go through each of their KDRs. Frank O'Connor states that this can increase boosting. Personally, I never had a MAJOR problem with people boosting in H2, and very little in H3. Granted, I never exceeeded level 40 because my Internet connection was so bad (but I did have a 40!). Regardless, the ranking system gave something for players to PLAY FOR! ...To reach the highest rank and say, "hey look, I did very well at something I enjoy a heckuva lot!" (but not so much in those words, more like "F*** YEAH!"). Anyway, my point is, Reach didn't give the incentive, because experience does not equal skill, and people want to be rewarded for their skill. Reach rewarded players for boosting more so IMO because you could just put the controller down and come back a little later, and hey look! YOU'VE GOT CREDITS! That burst my bubble more than anything else. And what did Bungie do as one of their last acts - HEY! Let's ban/reset those who are doing it in FIREFIGHT! A playlst that doesn't ACTUALLY effect anyone else as far as PVP matchmaking goes.... And TO THIS DAY I still play with people who do it on my team in PVP matchmaking, or constantly betray, or constantly suicide, or just leave the game. So if I'm not with a full team, I am having a poor experience. And let's face it, if 343i cared about this at all, you wouldn't see it nearly as much (which is almost EVERY game for me - no exaggeration). People don't care and can clearly get away with doing this. So Frank O'Connor, I'm respectfully calling you out for flipping your lid on a ranking system and boosting, because if this (Reach) isn't a form of boosting then I don't know what is... unlesss... Unless that is that you actually recognize that Reach doesn't involve ranking players by skill at all, let alone matching them up! Then my friend, then it would not be boosting but rather taking advantage of the system for credits that ultimately represent nothing! I would really love to hear how Reach has any competitive aspect and how it promotes this competition. That is where Reach's philosophy on matchmaking falls drastically short - that credits to buy stupid stuff matters to competitive PVP Halo players. We want a ranking system back - one that keeps track of your skills and not one that rewards you for simply playing the game. Nowhere is it blatantly stated thus far for Halo 4 that the ranked system will be based on player skill whatsoever. Frank O'Connor pitched around the question by stating that players wlll be able to track their own skill and will be matched up according to their individual skill - claims also made for Reach before its release. So I want to hear it from the mouth of Frankie O'Connor himself, as blatantly as possible, stating what the actual multiplayer matchmaking will be like in H4 with regards to a ranking system and player skill. Because what I am looking for, and what almost all competitive Halo players are looking for, is a ranked system back again that measures your skill while allowing others to see your rank/level in order to determine who they're up against. As far as how the ranking system would work, it would be nice to incorporate teamwork and winning games into it, but I think first and foremost individual skill needs to be a major part. Because silly things can happen such as teammates leaving games, betraying... oh wait, this list is getting similar to my last one. With that rank/level number there to worry about, and seeing that people certainly cared about it in H2-3, people would not be so keen on deranking by committing those acts (acts that should have an automatic level drop IMO if you leave a game intentionally, and have a level drop after 3 intentional suicides/betrayals per game - or something to that harsh nature). And hey, if Bungie can monitor people for not playing in firefight, I don't see why things like these can't be monitored too! To me this is simple to implement as well to please both competitive players and casuals. Just have a ranked playlist and an unranked playlist that everything falls under (i.e. team slayer, team skirmish, team snipers, etc...). The ranked would have only competitive playlists and be very balanced as far as armor abilities, equipment and such (maybe none of it even), whereas the other would have everything in it (as appropriated by 343i per gametype) and could be where 343i determines what could work in competitive ranked play (sort of like testing different things out to see what's balanced enough for ranked play). Both playlists could have, for example, Team Slayer (with ranked being more balanced for competitive play), but only the unranked would have things like Action Sack. So I don't think that's too hard or too much to ask for. So lastly (and I apologize for the long post but I miss ranks too much and am very passionate with this topic and Halo), I am calling for Frank O'Connor to announce or respond to me with what things wlll be like for H4 mulitplayer matchmaking regarding ranks and their basis (skill based vs experience based) in the most blatant manner possible without spoiling everything. For exmaple, just saying how the system works would suffice - like how it determines rank and sorts out players to play with each other. I would like to hear thoughts back, especially from 343i regarding my ideas for playlists and how the ranking system should be. To me it's simple and flexible enough for 343i to do a lot with it! And Frank O'Connor, I respect you as a Halo fan and appreciate the hard work and dedication to the Halo community, I just can't agree with you on a ranking system. Please don't take this as a personal attack, because I'm sure you're a great guy and all, but I'm just very passionate about this topic. So please, I implore you to make these details known and interact with the community here that is screaming for a ranking system that reminds us of the fun we had in H2 and H3....oh and by the way, while you're at it.......... CLANS ~ Force 410
  11. Jayge

    Shotty Snipes

    We all know that Bungie had a thing against Shotty Snipes, since they left it out of Reach completely. Is there any rumor of getting in back in Halo 4?
  12. Hello everyone! For those of you who still haven't gotten their Flood fix yet, check out these two full games on Complex! Thanks to CyReN of THC for the video!
  13. Forum to discuss you favorite BTB and Heavies maps so far, things you like and dont like about them, and things you would change. Also a place to discuss Ideas about making BTB maps. Maybe discuss what are your favorite BTB gametypes? Maps that should be in circulation more?
  14. Hey everyone! New to the forums here so bare with me. I was thinking of an interesting gametype that I think would be cool in " Halo 4's" matchmaking. 1.) Spartans start off being dropped in from a Pelican and have to assault the Elite base wich happens to be atop a mountain. Now the spartans are armed with assault based weapons such as Spartan lasers, Rocket launchers,BR's, and Assault Rifles. Now the objective of the Spartans is to Detonate the Elite base. Now the objective of the Elite's is to defend from their base becoming detonated. They can choose between snipers,vehicles,carbines, and they have stationary turrets set up along this mountain. Now the way the Elite's win the round is simply by holding off their base . The Elite's are armed to the core and the Spartans not so much, but if one Spartan slips by the Elite's will have a very difficult time at preventing the detonation because it only takes a few seconds. The spartans are also very camouflaged as the Elite's are not. I think with allot of developing something like this would be EXTREMELY fun! Just give some feedback as to what you think thanks!
  15. Hi guys. i was watching youtube videos the other and and i ended up going through alot of videos made by THFE (the halo forge epidemic). i saw one videos where they were talking about how they git some of the invasion maps that they forged into matchmaking. this gave me an idea that halo 4 should have a game type that only features maps and game types created by players. how this could work is that there would be a page where people submit maps that they've created and would like to see in matchmaking. then someone from either THFE or 343 would go through and test out maps to see if theyre good enough to be in matchmaking. i realize that this would be time consuming for whoever would be reviewing the maps. what they could do is choose like 10-15 maps that they want to be in match making and once a month, swap the maps for different ones. if you think this is a good idea or have any suggestions then please comment
  16. Can someone confirm this? Just got back on reach, and have "quit" 3(?) games because of this weird glitch/bug. Preferably someone with good int. connection, because I can't trust my Xbox with this bug, it sucks connecting to my router. But, every time the glitch has occurred, I did exactly what the title implies. I unmute-ban(?) someone, because I really do wonder if most people deserve it... Then check their record to see their game history. If they end up being a good teammate, I submit a positive review... But recently, I get d/c immediately after doing this! Help? Just happy I don't quit often...
  17. I just played cod the past 2 hours with a friend, (one of my life's most boring and ridiculous 2 hours)and while waiting for the game countdown to start, there is music depending on the team you are in (most of you know this). And I came up with an idea, why not 343i brings something like this in Halo 4? Or something like Battlefield 3, where music plays in the end of the match depending on victory or defeat? Also it would be cool having the option to enable music during gameplay, with a volume option. Sorry if that has been posted before.
  18. Hey guys if you still want to know anything about the loadouts system check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw7aCustptg As stated in the video this is not final but i doubt it will change much before release.
  19. From the album: Some Halo pics

    One of the Bungie.net profile icons. I like this icon. Because it's Red and a Spartan.....
  20. I know the people I've spoken to feel the same way, I'm just hoping the majority of the community does too. 343 You’re our last hope… This means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to you too. This is going to be long but it needs to be said. I just want someone from 343 to read it. Please just one person is enough that’s all I ask. Before I get to my point, let me explain how I got into Halo so you can understand where I’m coming from. I’ll try to keep it brief. Way back when I was just a kid everyone from my neighborhood used to play N64 shooters like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Turok etc. and I loved those games. Against my friends I was the best, so being a kid I believed that I was the best in the world… I mean when you’re young and you’re the best on your block, you feel like the best! Then along came PC online gaming. Yep I sucked! Big time. Quake, Unreal Tournament, Battlefield… Not being able to see the other player’s screens was a big reality check. But there was one game that really stuck out. This game was called Delta Force 2. I started playing Delta Force 2 and I actually got pretty good. I even made a name for myself amongst highly skilled players on a few servers. Remembering Sever/Hosts names and joining clans telling yourself “yeah this is where the good people play”. This is how you fount your competition. It became easy to find servers with highly skilled players in it but it was always the same players, with the odd noob sneaking in just to make the numbers for a full game. But it still was nothing compared to Halo 2. When I got Halo 2 after still being the best out of my handful of friends I went online on XBL. I knew what I wasn’t the best but I still went in gunz blaz’n baby! As I played in team slayer I wondered “what is that number beside our names” Seeing the “1” jump to a “3” after one game had me confused but after 2 -3 games I quickly learned what it was… our level. I still didn’t value it just thought it was cool, I thought to myself “I wonder how long it takes to reach the top” around level 10 I came across another player who clearly made a new account. But back then I didn’t know, finishing the team slayer game with 25 kills and everyone else having around 10-5 I thought this guy was some kind of god. I was only level 10 though. As I leveled I realized what the matchmaking system was actually doing, it was matching players of the same skill level together. As I reached level 20 this is where it became harder. I realized I was stuck, I couldn’t get any further for about a whole two months I was level 20. Within this period I came across level 25s and saw one or two level 30’s. I respected them as players. When you see them in the lobby and nobody has been put on teams yet you’re praying, “please put the level 30 on my team pleeease” They was always better than me. I wondered “WTF do they do that makes them sooooo good” but at the same time I was more interested in what it’s like when they go into matchmaking and everyone is level 30. Man that must be though. The leveling system Being able to play with your skill level and test you’re might is great but having something to show and something to lose makes it that much more valuable. Nowadays the leveling system is too soft. Back in Halo 2 I remember getting a level 33 in Team slayer winning three games on it then losing 1 game and BAM! I’m level 32 again. Yea I was pissed but that’s what made me value my level and other people’s. In Halo 3 everyone and their mother had a level 50. It was a very good leveling system still but in the end it didn’t mean anything. It was too easy to get. And Halo: Reach… Arena was clever but it really was not that good. Please Bring back that unforgiving leveling system. Yea their was no legit 50s in Halo 2 but the fact that everyone had one in Halo 3 really didn’t solve the problem. Getting to a level 40 in Halo 2 was God Like. It meant you overcame being Modded, Standby, Super Bounced, De-levelers and quitters to get to that level. Halo 3 may have been solid but the fact that players can lose ten games yet still maintain their level makes no sense. Where’s the sense of achievement? The leveling system in Halo 3 is way too soft. It needs to be more unforgiving! Importance of solid matchmaking Not all of us are competitive I know this and not all of us are in the tournament scene (I’m not) BUT that does not mean everyone cannot appreciate a solid leveling and matchmaking system. I am not in the tournament scene so I know that not all Halo players are competitive, but to play a decent game with players who are genuinely at the same skill level now means finding clans or entering tournaments. For players like me it’s a pain. In H2 (Halo 2) If you brought a low level into matchmaking it would try to math you up with the same odds and it was pretty good at it if I remember. Now I don’t have to find clans or get into the tournament scene to have decent games. It makes it easier for everyone and the casual players still get to play with each other. I was quite oblivious to what goes on at the higher levels when I was stuck at level 20. But if it were not for Halo 2 strict matchmaking I would not have the skill I have today on shooters. Problems of today When I play reach you have nothing to lose I mean arena has too much nonsense and cheap ways to play it such as camo & sniper camping. So arena is a no go. Plus getting to Onyx was the easiest thing ever it was pretty much a joke. So MLG has its only playlist… why is it not ranked? You know it didn’t matter at first it has it had it’s pros and cons. But the big problem was the amount of quitting that goes on. Here is a number of reasons people quit in the first 2 mins of the game in Halo: Reach MLG playlist…. Whole team gets killed Opposing teams controls all weapons One person on your team lagged out Someone is idle for 30 secs after the match began. Your team is losing 10-0 I could go on but my point is on Halo 2 people stayed because you didn’t lose until you lost. Remember when you was down 10 kills it’s 49-39 to the opposing team, everyone is screaming at each other “Don’t Die, DON’T DIE!” that little voice in the background… “I have the sniper” you all play your hardest and pull the win. At the end of the match in the end game lobby everyone is quite and that one guy says… “GET RAPED!” And then leaves LOL oh man Halo 2 those where the days. You see people stayed because they valued their level very rarely people quit. Allow me to touch on COD for two seconds… how often do you get to play in a room where 90% of the players in the game have the same skill as each other and its ranked… Yea not often. You might be luck if you come across 3 people on the opposing team that’s better than you other than that your playing with the consol owners 10 yr old kids. You don’t get to test your skill constantly like you did in Halo 2 nowadays. It’s starting to happen on Halo reach too, just jump in MLG right now. The Value When I told my little cosine about the old halo matchmaking and leveling system he said something funny. When I explained everything he paused for two seconds looked at me then said… “That’s like gambling” lol He’s right! Once you attain a “high level” that you was happy with to go in again to either level up or de-level was a rush. All those hours of hard work and lucky wins on the line. Yesterday your friends couldn’t believe the level you have now you might just lose it. Only Halo 2 made me feel this way because I knew if I lost I might not get it back. Level 35 in team snipers and 30 in hardcore. That was some real levels for me. You know you value your level when you don’t let your friends play on your account, when you finally persuade your closest friend to get Halo 2 and xbl only to then say “Yo I’ll play with you, but not in Team slayer… I don’t wanna lose my level”. Yeah I know some shady **** but it’s the truth and you know it. In Halo 3 I couldn’t care less what happened to my 50 in MLG. Everybody had one it was ridiculous it didn’t have nearly as much value as what a level 30 had in team slayer in Halo 2. To be honest if you could rank everyone levels on halo with the pros being 50 and the noobs being 10, I would probably be a legit level 42. I know this is impossible but atleast make the matchmaking strict enough so that when the best have 50 and play each other the loser goes down a level. At least after two loses on a 50. The Halo 2 Experience VOICE CHAT! Now I understand why people have been muted from the other team but in halo two it was perfect. If you were too far form the opponent they couldn’t hear you. Problem solved. If you want the opposing team to not hear you then give us that option too. We can easily set that in the options menu in Halo 3 I think. But make it the standard to hear the opposing team in ranked. I never used to “talk s***” BUT that was the funniest part about being able to hear peoples reactions as you no scope them on the brink of death or slapping their dead body and hearing them rage… “You think you’re good kid! Huh! Wanna 1v1 me after this!” You guys know who you are lol. I could only imagine how fun it would be if you could hear the opposing team in COD. And that’s a game I don’t play! Even hearing players say sigh and the say “good ****” after you kill them is quite fulfilling no matter how they say it. How we feel I have conversations with people now and then who bring up what shooters are the best and very rarely do they back up why they think COD or GoW is a good game and explain their history on it. After I tell them mine they go quite and just say… “damn I wish I played it”. When I talk to other Halo 2 players we even end up saying lets play some Reach only to find out why we stopped playing it. Halo games as a whole brings something to the table but that online matchmaking just did it for me too. I have only played one other game with a matchmaking system on par with Halo 2. That was Championship Mode on Street Fighter IV. But still you couldn’t really de-level on that but if you could make it to the end of the mini tournament it was always with with someone tough. We wish the next Halo would bring back some memories of Halo 2 but all I ask if to give back that solid matchmaking system it had. I really means a lot to me. Ask around other players will agree and you can still cater to the casual gamers with overall service ranks and all that nonsense. I still play with some of the people I met on Halo 2 just because of how we bonded on trying to reach that next level of skill and playing in matchmaking. A shout out to few old GTs I remember… dx K Bye xb Yo Granny Foo tRxZePPeLiNx The Black Girl I Poppa G I Rambo631862 Don Salchicon Thug Money Abit of Luck I left out a lot of people and may have spelt the names wrong but it’s no biggie if you read please support it. There is so much more I want to say but for now I just wanted to bring Halo 2 matchmaking to the light. (Sorry for the bad grammar and typos you may find but I’m not a writer I’m a gamer that’s just trying to speak up) 343 please bring back Halo 2 matchmaking and all its glory in some way. Peace out DaRealNRG TL:DR: Bring back Halo 2 Matchmaking.
  21. Hello, I was on matchmaking on Firefight with a buddy of mine. The game suddenly experienced high lag, and everyone lagged out. I finished off my game of Firefight to be confronted by a banning for no reason. I have not quit any games at all in the past few months. Help me?
  22. Reach SWAT has problems. I'm sure many SWAT fans like me have noticed this. Probably the most problematic issue is the campiness on maps such as Reflection, Uncaged and Pinnacle (to name a few). These maps play horrible with SWAT, with easily exploitable map flaws and power positions. So, I decided to look back at Halo 2 and Halo 3 SWAT to see what differences might account for this change in both maps and gametypes. One of the things that stood out to me was the presence of grenades. Halo 2 and 3 SWAT both featured grenades not off of spawn, but placed on the map. My thoughts are, that if damage resistance is tweaked, grenades might be a good (re)introduction to this gametype. They would decrease camping "tactics" (term used lightly) and help to create a fast-paced, dynamic playlist with maps that, although not ideal, at least work better. This could provide a potential 3rd-slot voting gametype option to replace the terrible SWAT Magnums. As of now, there are a few changes I have made, and a few that I am unsure of: Changes from normal SWAT: 1. sprint removed (see #2) 2. 120% speed, 100% jump, 150% gravity (makes headshots more reliant on aim than twitch reflexes) 3. 500% damage resistance (nerf grenades) 4. 200% health recharge (nerf grenades) 5. health packs on map (help with recovery from grenades) 6. 300% melee (1-hit melee kill, like Halo 2 and Halo 3) 7. nades on map: default (the whole point) 8. 85% bloom (less spammy) 9. no magnum secondary (too easy to spam at close-mid range) Possible changes from normal SWAT (need testing/feedback): 1. 1x frag off of spawn (could turn game into nadefest, though) 2. limited ammo - could encourage players to move around the map and pick up dropped ammo 3. friendly fire off (prevent accidental nade betrayals) There are also a few maps I would like to see added, while we are on the topic of SWAT: 1. Lockout Classic 2. The Pit v3 3. Refuge [D] (to replace Asylum) I've probably forgotten some here, but it's a start. And, please, when you give feedback to this post do not jump to the conclusion "OHHHHH NADES IN SWAT SUCH A N00B OHHHHHHHHHHH"...if you think an idea sucks, explain why, because it might be tweakable.
  23. I just wanted to put this idea out there, i know many have probably had this idea as well. How it would work: you go into the lobby, just like any other MM game type lobby, but before you press start matchmaking, a message comes up and asks "Would you like to host a custom game?", if you select yes, you will be more likely to be the leader of the group and be able to pick the game type and map, just like a private custom game. Another way people may be able to do this is make a server browser of the games that are public to anybody and be able to join random people's games. In the options of your custom game would be the choice to make the game: Private, Open to friends, Open, or Open to matchmaking, in which the latter would open up your game type to ANYBODY looking in the server browser for custom games. The reason I came up with this idea was because some people don't have friends that always want to join a custom game when they would rather do a normal matchmaking slayer game type instead. Just my idea, if you feel you have improvements or concerns, please post them, i'm really hoping 343 will look at this for Halo 4, (might be a little late) or any of the next halo games.
  24. Is it just a bug bug or is reach full of cheaters. I have recently come across allot of players with a really high rank, but when I look at their playtime it can sometimes say a day or even less and it also says they barely have any kills? I'm really confused any help?
  25. Hello all, Today I decied too play some games of Halo 2 on my PC because I wanted to get some achievements with my Xbox Live account because I used to use a different acoount for my PC to my Xbox. (I dont know why). Anyway, As soon as I hit quick match in the LIVE menu it said that the server timer timed out. Then I went to browse games and waited a while after about 5mins of waiting I gave up, checked my connection, tried again, failed, restarted, failed and now im writing this post. I dont know has anything to do with 343i taking over or something else, if you know anything or just what to add to this topic write into the thing below. SpelWerdzRit
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