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Found 189 results

  1. I miss team regicide I want it to return. I don't like to play ffa I always do bad because I'm more of a team player. The team regicide should be put in the regicide playlist and have the number of players to 8, have it be put in with infinity slayer, or have it be put in the objective playlist and raise the score to 750 or 1000 (just in objective raise the score). P.S. And if it is put in infinity slayer or objective ffa regicide should be put in the rumble pit playlist.
  2. Firstly, sorry if this has been posted. Why can't we have a playlist which rotates 10-15 forge maps a week in matchmaking because there is so many good Race/Flood/Slayer maps which I really want to do with other people. I try to play BTB and then invite everyone from that game to my custom game lobby but I only get 2-3 people at best. I don't see why this isn't a playlist. I remember when I first joined a custom game match of Jenga back in Halo 3 and I was mind blown by how fun it was, and I am sure many people of whom have/have not played custom games before will totally enjoy the new playlist that I have suggested. I mean, even if you dislike Halo 4's forge you have to agree that it is a great tool for level building and I feel we need to share these levels to a wider audience by making a playlist for this. Maybe for submission we submit the maps at this website then the lead admins will decide weather or not to implement the map into the playlist. I would love this to happen, but what do you people think?
  3. GT: Redifer I'm wanting to join a more serious clan just message my gamer tag I play all gametypes except swat
  4. Today I just played 6 games on doubles and all of them I was put into blackscreen so I just turned it off..... is the 343 servers that bad or people just cheating? because there no way my internet is bad. This is my internet speed check it on speedtest.net
  5. Tuesday Night Testing now has an additional host and time-slot. If you want to test your map with THFE or play maps from other people sign up HERE
  6. Scrapyard is a Meltdown inspired layout and built on the Erosion forge canvas. Scrapyard is an enduring battlefield that is strong for dominion, extraction and infinity slayer. This map uses the human drop set from matchmaking and their are X2 initial Rockets and X2 initial Snipers. Vehicles: Alpha Base: Gauss Hog X1, Ghosts X1. Bravo Base: Banshee X1, Charlie Base: Ghosts X2 Information: As Alpha base is on the lower grounds and farther away from B, it contains nice routes, a gauss hog and a more defensible base. Bravo Base contains a lift closer to the alpha routes and is also a self-positioned structure to the middle in the field for it to not be ignored. Their is a banshee on the second floor and their is accessibility on the second floor for it to be intruded. On Charlie Base, it is closer to the Bravo Base and is on higher ground which is the reason why Charlie has two ghosts and no supportive vehicle. Also to add on this is that their are teleporters on the map that work meltdown style where from the outskirts of the base it could teleport them into the base or onto the side of it for closer access. Alpha Base: Bravo Base: Overview 1 Bravo Base: Overview 2 Charlie Base: Download map: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/mexican%20torta%207/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=6d41948f-e582-4f30-a1f2-994deedd1ae3 I hope you all enjoy, This took a while to be perfected and it's still not perfect... but it got to the very best it could be. Featured on THFE
  7. Alright so I made an account just to post this because I would LOVE to have it implemented and think many others would as well. I have gotten every Halo game so far with the exception of Halo Wars and I have been waiting for this CSR ranking system since I picked up Halo 4 on it's release day. Some people care about rank, some don't. I get that. But for most hardcore gamers rank is very important. It lets you show off your work and (hopefully) places you with opponents of equal skill. So far CSR seems to be working well with a few exceptions, but with it being new of course there are going to need to be updates. What I love about it right now: I love that you can gain rank as well as LOSE rank. If you can't lose your rank, how is it even a rank at all? It gives you something to actually lose in losing a match or not doing well. This is a key feature that had been missing from launch. From what I can tell so far, it does a decent job of matching you with appropriately skilled teammates. Ranks for different playlists Different colors for different rank tiers What I would really like implemented CSR should be visible IN GAME. Halo Waypoint is sleek and all, but I don't want to have to go from my console to my laptop every time I want to see an update on my rank. I want to see my rank change in real time (idealistically). Seeing SR is really pointless. All it shows is how much someone has played the game. SR requires NO SKILL AT ALL. If you could replace SR with CSR that would be MAGNIFICENT! I think this would bring all the hardcore gamers back. And if you don't care about it, then it does not effect you either way. At this stage 343i should be considering social playlists so that those players who don't give a hoot about rank can just goof around. It should also be set so that guests cannot play in ranked games. Allowing guests creates a broken rank system. That being said, I love this game and what 343i have done with it. I don't know how the netcode is organized and how easy it would be to implement my requests, but it would make a world of difference to me and my friends.
  8. We are an older clan that is starting back up and is interested in you joining! So turn that consol on and message me on xboxlive! Gamertag- '' prcision ace142 ''.
  9. The biggest issue I had with Halo 4 was the fact it was still on Reach's experience system. You know, the one that maxes out every game making it not matter how good or bad you do. Making all matchmaking pointless except for the very casual gamer. Well, when I found out that the new CRS Ranking System was going to be implemented; basically making it like Halo 2 and 3, I almost exploded from sheer excitement... BUT then today when I got back on Halo 4 for the first time in a while I was so excited to see that it was implemented! Then immediate disappointment when I found out that it was only view-able through Waypoint. Now I must ask, what's the point? No one is going to go to Waypoint just to find their rank. Not a single person is going to do that. The whole point of having the system is to make it view-able IN GAME. So people can view it, and determine where you are skill wise, so you can brag about it, and so you actually get matched up with people with similar skill. I know for a fact I'm not the only person enraged by this. I miss my Halo experience. Halo 4 is superior to it's predecessors, but I just simply can't keep playing it like the older games because of the ranking system. Bringing Halo 3's ranking system to Halo 4 would make matchmaking extremely intense competitively. Fix it Sincerely, Everyone who loved Halo 3 and 2
  10. As some of you know the latest map pack included some small/medium maps. But its seems unless you are in the majestic playlist, they never show up in the normal rotation of maps, regardless of what playlist I'm in.
  11. THE RIDERS OF ONYX _DISCLAIMERS_ 1. This isn't a group/clan based around loyalty to only one clan. Many of us are vagrants who travel from one world to the next. 2. This isn't a group about ranking up, credit farming, or armory bragging. This is a group... of rogue mercenaries who fight together to kick ass. 1. About winning - winning in style and personal achievement. The purpose of this group is to increase our merits and defeat the enemy. 2. Increasing K/D and K/D+A. This group strives for great statistics. If you want to play with a team of people that wants to kill and not die, protect the team, and protect our glory, this might be for you. It's pretty simple, if you are tired of random matchmaking team members quitting or just being big ole' bad kids, join this group so we have the alliance to always head into Valhalla for battle and glory. Winning is a must. REQUIREMENTS: - Knowledge and skill with DMRs. - Knowlegde of Maps and Weapons. - Ability to communicate enemy location and coordinate flank points. - Understand Map Control and that all weapons are legitimate. GAME TYPES Slayer Variants 5v5 4v4 2v2 Message SynchroSlayer on XBLIVE or on here if you would like to join or have questions?
  12. You had thousands of gamers ready to pick Halo back up and start playing it again. You claimed to bring back the Halo 2 and 3 ranking system. Evereyone was ready to get addicted to Halo again. Then we found out about how it WAS NOT like Halo 2 and 3. You could NOT SEE your rank. What is the point of having rank you cant see?! How does that even make it competitive if you can't see your opponents?! The thousands of gamers that waited till today.... are going to go right back to COD. It was pretty obvious why true Halo fans loved CSR... the number rank you could SEE. MASSIVELY DISAPPOINTED!
  13. Who else misses this matchmaking big team battle objective game from Halo Reach? It was always fun grabbing a high powered machine and just going nuts on the other team.
  14. I'm just looking for a friendly group of people to play matchmaking, customs and Spartan Ops with. I'm not Uber Hardcore or anything but I like to win and have fun. My other friends pretty much play CoD exclusively and I'm tired of playing solo. I play pretty much every game mode but my favorites are: Slayer(any), Dominion, Flood, Team Swat and CTF. I do go to school during the week and work part time but I play after 4pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends.
  15. Hi 343 - I write on behalf of the Rocket Race Community and all the racers who loved this game type. Can you please trial at least for 6months in matchmaking the traditional Rocket Race (being with a mongoose) in Halo 4? The Rocket Race Community is STILL alive and playing in H3 customs but only due to it NOT being an option in Halo 4. I've been a dedicated member of this community for over 3 years now and have met hundreds of people wanting to see it in matchmaking. You would increase your numbers significantly I feel if you create a race game type with possibly all three race variants included, those being: Rocket Race (traditional with a mongoose), Rocket Hog Race which surprisingly had a following and Rally. There IS a large following of racers but the reason you don't see them in the forums is because they have given up on the game creators. Every weekend these racers play the only option they have which is to play in customs. The other supporters want it desperately too but only in an matchmaking environment as playing the same people to some can be monotonous. We have seen griffball and zombies be given a playlist yet Rocket Race is still to be acknowledged. Please consider trialling this game type 343 then you will see the true size of the racing community. Well it's time to start the community customs - I hope this post doesn't fall on deaf ears! MJ
  16. This map was designed to be of a 'simple' arena style and was built to function with smaller parties. 2v2 Infinity Slayer stands out strongly as the main gametype for this map. Due to the rather simplistic layout, there was significant room for some aesthetic touches and the addition of a theme. The theme is that of a futuristic, urban city environment and that comes across strongly. Download New Valentina March 27th Update Initial spawns moved to under respective towers Weapons changed from ordnance drops to spawning on the map Rocket launcher added Spawn points removed from top towers Tower heights lowered Line of sight through central sky scraper added in for more balanced gameplay Colour added to second and third sky scrapers for easier map orientation and call outs. Overall aesthetic details tweaked At first glance New Valentina is a symmetrical map however technically it is inversely symmetrical due to some areas inside that differ in locations on both sides. Essentially this is an arena style map with significant verticality. Coupled with a mixture of long lines of sight and close quarters areas, this map proves it's worth in allowing for versatile gameplay and play styles. Games on New Valentina tend to be very fast paced due to the circular and close quarters nature of the map. There is no one area where combat is localized, rather combat tends to occur evenly throughout the maps different locations. Weapons and Equipment Railgun x 1 (150 Seconds) Sniper Rifle x 1 (150 Seconds) Rocket Launcher x 1 (180 Seconds) DMR x 2 (60 Seconds) BR x 2 (60 Seconds) Covenant Carbine x 2 (60 Seconds) Assault Riffle x 2 (60 Seconds) Pulse Grenade x 2 Frag Grenade x 2
  17. I'm looking for players either interested in forming a full team for dominion, or a team for completing legendary co-op. Let me know if you're interested!
  18. I am so sick of every time i get on line none of my friends are playing Halo 4. i know it's not the same as halo 3, but it is still halo and it's getting closer as far as fun goes. the new gen of gamers are.... politely speaking, aggravating. I cant believe that so many people have stopped playing, ********! please 343I blow our minds with Halo5, cut the throats of the COD franchise. Anyway I am (KING GOLDENEYE) send me an FR if u wanna play sometime....
  19. Hey guys, this is my view of how Halo 5's multiplayer could be. I believe this would be the best way to make most of the Halo fans happy, from the fans of the original trilogy that dislike the changes in Halo 4, to the fans who do like the way Halo has changed over time. Please take the time to read all of this and comment, I am interested in what everyone thinks, including both Halo 4 haters and Halo 4 fans. Armor abilities I believe that a lot of the hate for armor abilities is misplaced. While I agree with the people who think that armor abilities do not work well in Halo, and promote unbalanced game play with the way they are currently implemented, I do not believe that getting rid of them from the game entirely is the best solution. The way I see it: . They should NOT be a part of the loadouts. Instead, there should be only 1 on each map, and they should be something you have to work for. . They should not last forever and they should have only a few uses in them. . They should be cleverly chosen and specific to each map. I imagine a map like Sandtrap having a jetpack an equal distance from each team. It would not give the team who was using it a huge advantage in terms of kills, because if you were to fly up on such an open map as Sandtrap and shoot someone, you would be exposed and it would be very risky. Instead, it could be used to help get from the lower parts of the map, to the higher parts. Here are some more examples I imagine: Haven - Promethean vision (would be helpful when running around the perimeter) Solace - Thruster pack (help to escape grenades on the top part of the map) Exile - Hologram (to trick people walking in or out of the narrow caves) Ragnarok - Regeneration field (safety for players trying to hold down the middle hill) You get the idea! This would mean that they wouldn't be missed (by fans of armor abilities), but also would not ruin the game for people who highly value balance in their Halo experience! To help you see what I am getting at with this, think back to the days of team rockets. You remember how most people did not like team rockets and would veto it? Yet when playing normal slayer on a map with rockets, most people would love to pick them up and would do what they could to get them! That’s because there’s a huge difference between everyone starting with something, and everyone having to work hard in order to obtain it. When everyone starts with something, the novelty wears off very quickly. It is no different with armor abilities. Loadouts I am one of those people who values balance in their Halo experience and thinks that everyone should start out on equal terms, so you might be expecting me to say that loadouts shouldn't exist at all, but this is how I view it. I actually enjoy being able to customize and choose my weapons in Halo 4, but there is 1 thing that can ruin this completely, and that is weapon balance. In Halo 4's current state, I believe that the Carbine, BR, Light rifle and DMR are too unbalanced to work together in the way they should. As we all know, the majority of people choose DMR, there is almost no point in choosing any other weapon for your primary because you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. I don’t think powerful weapons like boltshot should be in the loadouts, neither should Plasma pistol as this makes it far too easy to take down vehicles, I think that a weapon that can easily stop or destroy a vehicle should be something you have to pick up. Sprint I really don’t have a problem with everyone having sprint as a default, it is something that I miss when playing older Halo games. I think that as long as it is fast enough to be useful, but not so fast that it can easily be abused, then it isn’t really a problem. Ordnance drops This is one of my least favourite additions to Halo 4, simply because it promotes too much randomness and throws off the balance of the game. But instead of saying it should go completely, I am trying to think outside of the box. Before you dismiss my ideas here, take the time to actually visualize it happening in a game. First of all what is bad about ordnance drops? 1. Randomness – One team might be getting needlers and grenades, while the other is getting binary rifles and incineration cannons, purely based on luck. 2. Frequency - Ordnance drops come up too often (in my opinion). 3. Power weapons – Something as game changing as power weapons should not be provided to one team only, but should only ever appear on the map in the same spot so that both teams have an equal opportunity to obtain it. So what is my solution? 1. Take away randomness, so that the same things come up for both teams. 2. The frequency of the drops should be reduced to about a half or a third of what it is now. 3. Power weapons and power ups should be taken out. Let me take this further, and here is where people may disagree with me if they don’t visualize it first. I think weapons should not be in ordnance drops at all, I think that ordnance drops should have an ammo refill option and a grenade refill option. The grenade option would give you back whatever grenades you use, and the ammo refill would give you more ammo in both your weapons. Another thing I imagine is that when you get an option for an Ordnance drop, it is on a timer of about 1 to 2 minutes (or whatever turns out best), so that it cannot be saved until the end of the game. This would reduce the chance of getting a power weapon and refilling it whenever you want. I think that having ordnance drops work this way would encourage more teamwork and communication, because a grenade or ammo refill might benefit someone else on your team more than it does for yourself. The conversations would be more like, “Ok I’ve got an Ordnance drop, does anyone need a grenade refill? I’ve placed them in the yellow corner”. With Ordnance drops in Halo 4, when you get one it is like, “Oh sweet I’ve got a saw! Time to destroy the other team”. Tactical packages and support upgrades I honestly don’t have much of an opinion on these and I really can’t tell if they actually change the balance of the game in any noticeable way. They seem subtle enough not to really matter. It seems to me that the community overall are quite indifferent to tactical packages and support upgrades, as most of the complaints are about other things like weapon balance and ordnance drops. So I personally don’t think it matters whether they keep these in Halo 5 or not, they seem to be more for the novelty of being able to customize, which I have no problem with. Thank you for reading if you managed to get through it all! So I want to ask the people who do like Halo 4’s multiplayer, do you think my ideas sound good? Would you still enjoy Halo if it was this way? To the people who dislike Halo 4’s multiplayer, do my ideas sound like they would make Halo multiplayer good again? If it still doesn’t sound ideal, what would you tweak to make it even better?
  20. Shield Recharge Rate: Does anyone have the problem of getting picked off right after getting a kill? I usually kill an enemy while my shields get dropped. In 4v4 Slayer, usually there will be multiple enemies at once. He will usually take 1-2 shots to finish me off. Sometimes, if I am lucky I can get away. The problem is, there might be another enemy just around the corner. Sometimes, my shield just won't go up fast enough, and then I get killed. I think the shield recharge rate at the time is the same as it is in previous Halo games. This particular one though, has a much faster pace to it, thanks to sprinting and long range weapons. The shield recharge rate being the same however, makes you have to hide almost every time you get a kill. Added in with sprint and flinch when getting shot, this game caters to chasers. If you're getting chased the only hope you have is a teamate. I have explained my thoughts. Please tell me what you think.
  21. Hello, everyone. This is my first topic here, so go easy on me. I have been playing Halo 4, since it's release and found it to be a very fun experience. It's all good. The campaing, spartan ops, and the matchmaking. Everything. But something in particular on matchmaking caught my attention. Most players preffer to use precision weapons over fully automatic weapons. Not that I dislike presicion weapons, for I also find them to be convinient and acknowledge their upper hand on the battlefield. It's just that I find that some weapons are not giving their full potential at their field, thus they make most precision weapons a strong choice. Which are these weapons that fall back? Well, just as the tittle suggests, the weapons are the following: Assault Riffle & Storm Riffle The assault riffle and the storm riffle. Weapons made to fight from medium range combat, and ment to destroy from close-quarters. Of course, these weapons don't fare well on long distance battles. Most should be aware of this. However, when these weapons encounters certain precision weapons on it's field of effeciency, they falls back. The suppressor, in my opinion, doesn't seem to have this problem. If I were to make a suggestion, these weapons should have a slight boost on their damage. Nothing too substancial, just a bit to make the difference, since they have a good fire rate. Covenant Carbine The convenant carbine is a great weapon. It shares the same advantage as the other precision weapons. The weapon has a great fire rate in contrast with the other two precision weapons, but it's fire-power, is greatly cut-off in return. This weapon doesn't seem to fare well in the battlefield, but with a little boost on it's fire power, it should be balanced with the rest. Again, it should not be given a great amount of fire-power, because the weapon has the advantage of speed over the other two precision weapons, it just need a slight boost. Besides, this matter, the game itself is a pretty good addition to the series. I would like to thank 343 and all of those in the making for keeping this legend alive. Well done.
  22. Hey everyone. My name is matt but you can just call me Vee. I need a few new friends to play halo 4 with recently got back into and i really want to enjoy it again with good people that are serious and can also have a good time. if you have a mic that would be nice too. I currently am on right now and would love to play some games with some people/clan/group. My GT is SNB Vendetta
  23. Halo 4 was an amazing game, by far one of my favourite Halo's. But there are a few things i personally do not like, and i'm sure many others agree with me. (in no order) 1. ELITES - I was okay with elites not being in matchmaking, but i would have liked them do be in. It adds more customisability and to be able to go on and play as an alien race makes it just that much better. 2. SOUNDS - The sounds in halo 4 where brilliant. The guns where pounding every time you took a shot... but they weren't halo. They didn't sound like halo, the covenant guns didn't sound alien, the assault rifle didn't sound like an assault rifle, and the pistol was very weak sounding. They need to do what they did with Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. The weapons all sounded like halos, but had a punch to them. Each sound blew you away and yet were still recognisable as halos. And in every other Halo the shield recharge sounded great, it had a kick to it. In halo 4 its kind of weak, not very loud and had a whistle to it rather than this futuristic shield. They need to bring that pump back to in Halo 5. 3. SHIELDS - The shields in halo 4 depleted way too fast and recharged way too slow. I realise this was too speed up the gameplay and all but it doesn't feel like the halo shield i love from Halo 2 and Halo 3. And the over-shield in halo 4 is terrible, it depletes way to fast so by the time you found someone to kill you ran out of the over-shield. They must make it that powerful original shield again. 4. WATER - In halo 4 water kills you the second you touch it. In the other halos the water goes up to your neck before dying. I know its a bit picky but it just annoys me when in halo reach i forged flooded areas. 5. CAMPAIGN - I waited for years to play halo 4, it was worth it but i would have liked to campaign to have been longer and more dedicated. 6. MUSIC - I was disappointed not to hear the classic halo theme and a choir. It would just have made the mysterious settings much better. I loved their version of 'Never Forget' in Halo 4, it kept me watching the credits through to the ending. In halo 5 they need to bring back some more classic music. 7. QUICK TIME EVENTS - No... just no. They should have let us kill the Didact ourselves, like we did with every other boss. Sometimes it was okay but just left me wishing that i was actually controlling it. 8. GAMEPLAY - Its just small but id like the controls to be customisable. Such as being able to have sprint being selected as a default rather always being on. And have the other Halo controls as a setup. And some multiplayer playlists should be changed, like Flood. I loved infection in halo reach, but the flood having armour abilities ruins it. Its way to difficult to survive and makes you angry when there are seconds to go and you cheaply get killed by a flood using thruster pack. 9. THE FEEL - Last thing i think they could change is the feel. Things missing here and there that could be changed. Like i said before, the choir and layouts could be a little more recognisable. When i go into the menu the music is good but repetitive, i enter it hearing the same songs over and over and over again and its a strain on my ears. The Halo 3 music was soft and beautiful. And just small things like the colour and of buttons and the menu needs to be more classic. And thats pretty much it, i love everything else. The load-outs especially suit Halo very much. And i like how the armour abilities have been toned down from Halo reach. Just minor things but i think 343 industries could sort it out and make the next halo the best halo game ever made.
  24. All those that want to see Team Doubles as a permanent playlist say, "Aye!"
  25. Disclaimer: I am by no means discrediting what 343 has done, "crying", or stating "THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE OR I QUIT" I am only trying to add a suggestion and I put time and thought into this post so please, have the same courtesy when replying, voting, or giving your suggestions. Hello Community, I created a similar topic, in the general thread but feel that this thread for matchmaking is the better thread for a topic like this, seeing as this heavily involves the matchmaking system, etc. I want to first start out by saying that the lag compensation in the game right now is kind of game breaking. At times you feel like a boss out DMR-ing people, etc. and at other times you get the "WTF" just happened moment when the person out DMRs you and in the kill cam he is looking at the wall. I have an immense amount of experience in First Person Shooter games ranging from the (arguably most competititve) CounterStrike to the fun but still awesome BF3. I have been a fan of Halo for years and played at high levels in H2 (level 46 slayer legit) , H3 (multiple level 50s) and Reach (Onyx ranks). (The only reason I stated this was to give a foundation so that I do not get laughed out of the forum for being "bad" or "you just cannot aim", etc. Right now, we have something called lag compensation in the Halo 4 matchmaking system. This is a good mechanic. It needs to be in any modern game, it has been in games for years now and even other competititve shooters, such as, Counterstrike have come to develop the lag compensation system. Games that have succeeded in the implementation of this system allow for the user to "Damper" the lag compensation to meet the connection strength of the user. Games that have utterly failed in the lag compensation system are games, such as, MW3 that did not do this. A simple change is needed, and it would cost 343 next to nothing to implement. A damper system should be put in place for lag compensation. Why? It would give people who have good connections the ability to turn down the compensation and people with not so good internet connections the ability to turn it up. A system such as this would work: In the options menu, 343 could add something that deals with connection (duh). The menu would have three options: 1) Low (for higher connections) 2) Medium (For mid-grade connections) 3) High (for connection speeds that are considerably slower) Now I do not have numbers in front of me on connection speeds that would fit each category but for the purposes of this suggestion we could assume connections with a: 1) Low (connections with a rating of A to B ) 2) Medium (connections with a rating of C) 3 High (connections with a rating of D to F) These ratings could be obtained from speedtest.net and would allow 343 to implement a system that could suggest a damper for the user to select based on the following ratings or speeds. This would create a highly competitive and FAIR environment. The current lag compensation is not good, plain and simple. It catters to connections with lower connection speeds while punishing higher connection speeds. I am not the one to brag, but I have a B+ grade connection and I am lagging horribly during BR / DMR fights and this needs to stop. I have had instances where I get shot once, then the guy appears on my screen (well, lets do the math 1 second makes a difference in competitive play. You get one or two shotted before you can react you lose). I have read several posts that pertained to the kill cam showing people getting shot when they are not even being aimed at (this pertains to lag compensation). Community, let us vote on the ADDITION of a damper/buff system for lag compensation which would establish a fair and consistent environment for online competititve play. 343 has done many things right, and I feel that this is the big one they need to NAIL. Please keep the negative comments to the minimum and vote. We also do not need people crying out imbalances, flaming, or acting like a troll. Read this and understand this before you post to avoid negativity. We are all in this in the long run and 343 has had an extensive track record for listening to the community (i.e. Halo Anni. and Reach). If you think there could be a better way to add something like this to the game, please share your insight. Thank you community and happy gaming! -UnSeEnz EDIT: I forgot to add something, completely removing the lag compensation system is a NO. It needs to be in multiplayer gaming now to create more fair environments and having none is just... no. Plus it would be like reworking the ENTIRE network code and that is A)costly and like creating a whole new game. SO before you suggest "Remove l4g c0mpens4tion GRR" remember this. Plus, adding a dedicative server list is expensive, this is a less expensive awesome addition. EDIT EDIT: I just realized how innovative Halo online play actually is comparably to most games, would it not be absolutely electrifying if they were to develop a system for lag compensation settings for consoles? I shiver at how awesome this could be. The best way to get 343 to listen is to vote and keep this thread alive.
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