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Found 134 results

  1. So I was making the map in Forge with my friend and it requires a specific game type to work with the whole thing properly. But sadly, Halo 4 lacks the awesome gametypes that they had in reach. My Personal favorites that are no longer with us are Infection and Race. I do realize that this is most likely temporary but I would like to know when 343 Industries are going to update the game types for Custom Games at least. And yes, I do know that Flood is basically Infection. But you can ONLY be a Flood which is disappointing.
  2. Fileshare Holder = HeroAnarchy Gametype = Maggot Meat Map = Karaoke Night The map takes place on an isolated karaoke club you (and other survivors) are trapped to fight the zombies. All entrances and exits are sealed with barricades but they will not hold for long. The old zombie rules double tap and aim for the head apply in this battle for survival. But remember select your weapon carefully or it could be the death of you. Bullet point There are multiple entrances for zombies to enter each filled with barricades It takes two shots with a shotgun to kill a zombie Headshots usually instant kill the zombie Select a weapon based upon your skill not damage since some weapons can cause you to get cornered The map and gametype have been tested with 8 people which showed a great appeal so I do not know how it will play out with more people Zombies are 10% slower than humans and it takes zombies two hits to kill a human The map itself has 3 main locations: outside, club, and basement. Vehicles are present on the map but are not drivable they are there for the aesthetic appeal You are not scored on Points you are scored on Time you have survived as a survivor Recommendation Play with 8-12 players Magnums and shotguns are usually the most successful survivor weapons Notice The roof of the club isn't visible in-game so ignore what comes out of the top, thank you and enjoy the map A few aesthetics were added since the pictures ​The rock wall in the first photo now is a real wall The basement ramp has more cover The basement has more aesthetics(crates, dominion light) The pictures do not completely represent 100% of the maps shadows
  3. it makes it so hard to make cool infection gametypes...
  4. First off I'd like to thank 343 for a job well done. Halo 4 is a fantastic game period, however I feel there are some improvements that need to be made. The thing that bothers me and seemingly a lot of my fellow players is that in the new Flood gametype you cannot change the loadouts and appearance for the flood. I was hoping it would be you could make it more like Infection from Halo 3 and Reach, where we have the ability to change everything about the infected players. I really hope you will update this because it REALLY hurts custom games. Another issue is the ability while forging to slow the speed of the objects you move by using RS and LS. This ability was given to us in Reach and it really helped line up objects, but don't get me wrong magnets are fantastic, but they have their limitations. Lastly, if a map like Halo 3's Sandbox could be included in future DLC that would be awesome. Impact, Erosion, and Ravine are great for forging, but they all lack a really big natural flat area which I and i'm sure many others enjoy. If anyone else can think of anything that was seemingly left out of Halo 4 feel free to post them below and hopefully 343 will update these issues.
  5. Gamertag: john xSNIPERx Map name: Breaking Point (can be found in my file share) Gametype name: Infection (also found in my file share) You and your team investigate a resent distress beacon located at Research Base Zulu, only to discover that the asteroid the facility is situated on has split. Most of the base is on the very unstable side of the asteroid so make your way across the debris field to find out why this phenomenon has occurred. Maybe something was lurking within this destruction. You will need every hand and gun you can afford. (Recommended 16 Players) Sorry for the transmission quality, someone or something was Tampering with the security cameras:
  6. I don't expect many people to read this, since the H2 community is just about dead. But I'm hosting a Halo 2 Zombies match. It was very popular in Halo 2 (Xbox). The rules are fairly simple to follow, one person goes to green team, while the other's go to red. The objective is manily to surive. Green Team may only use swords and that's it. Add me if you'd like to play. GT: Ingrownsage X
  7. Map = Tattered Perplexes Gametype = Mutation Fileshare Holder = HeroAnarchy ======= You play the role as a survivor of a forgotten militia , mutants from the above world have burrowed into the stronghold you call home. With no help from the outside world you have to allow the shields of the stronghold to generate which will take 7 minutes exactly. Which it will kill of the mutant intruders. The mutants have became smart and began using the air vents as well as the crater they left upon the wall. ======= Gametype should be played with 6-10 players To kill a survivor it takes two hits There are no armor abilities on the map however the humans have infinite sprint. Flood can go through one way shield door or through ventilation shaft. The map was originally built for Aesthetics but can however support infection very well VERY IMPORTANT: The pictures were taken by an Iphone due to the fileshare's for Halo 4 aren't working yet. So the pictures do not reflect the maps complete appearance.
  8. gamertag: onecarmel It can be found on my file share gamemode: flood There are a few ways to get around the map, but most only work for the flood. Top View Bottom View Survivors Spawn Flood Spawn
  9. Gamer tag: kiwigrunt1074 Map title: Toilet Bowl (on file share) Game type: In the toilet (also on file share) Remember all those times dying. As flood. On halo 3. It sucked. It still sucks. Never mind that because with the new remake of toilet bowl, you can have some fun. Shoot up the hole(if u know what I mean) as a little turd and kill the humans waiting for u at the top. Soooooo fun!!!
  10. gamertag: onecarmel gamemode: flood It is on my file share, so please check it out! It is a pretty close quarters map. If you are a survivor you need to be continually moving because the flood will drop from vents in the ceiling. Sorry for the bad picture quality, I had to use my phone because their is no file share for Halo 4 on Waypoint yet. Main Area Vent on Ground Floor Survivors Spawn Some of the Flood Spawns
  11. MONTIS MANGOOSE GameTag: Gitty1 Map Name: MANGOOSE Link: N/A GameType: MONTIS Link: N/A Description: An original map and gametype created on Impact. The players are either Flood or Spartans, the flood must get into Mantis' and chase the Spartans who are on Mongooses (Mongeese? Mongi?) while the Spartans try to survive. Honour rules are, Spartans stay on Mongooses and no shooting with the Mantis(Stamping only). The initial Flood count must be edited to half of the player count (rounding up is uneven) to a maximum of 4 for this map. This is the first dedicated map for the gametype so some issues may have been missed and feedbck would be apreciated. I am also looking to make many more maps for this gametype. Thanks in advance for any and all constructive feedback. I'll get better pictures and fill in the links when the fileshres are put on Waypoint.
  12. I've been huge on forge since it was introduced in Halo 3. The idea of having the community creating maps was as still is one of the most exciting aspects to this game. What bothers me, though, is that forge only seems to have gotten worse as the games went on. I dont think Reach was as bad as people make it out to be, but there more a lot more annoying features than Halo 3. H3 was amazing in general just because of its simplicity. Obviously there were kinks in it that could have been fixed, but I digress. When I popped in Halo 4, the first thing I did after beating the campaign was goto forge to try and start making some infection maps (infection being another thing I think has been ruined). Immediately I realized that there is no possible way to make a fun infection map...let alone any custom game maps. That maps are way way way too small to be creative and the forge items blow. Im not gonna continue to ramble on about this topic because Im sure most of you all feel the same way, but do you guys think theres a chance they give us free big ass forge map and fix some of the settings? I know the map packs have already been announced and there wasnt anything included...but maybe 343 will pull a cold storage type ordeal and just throw something at us? Thought on this?
  13. Halo 4 was a good game, but there are a few problems that have been overlooked. Flood gave many Halo players what they want, the ability to play as a flood. I enjoyed the gametype at first but after going into forge and creating a new map to test out a new infection gametype I encountered a major problem. I could no longer customize the flood gametype to the extent I have been able to customize infection to in the past. My idea was ruined and a couple hours were wasted because of it. I post this forum with the hope that 343i could add back the original infection gametype, allowing you to change flood weapons and give them grenades. Think back to Halo 3 when forge started and new infection gametypes were made, now we can no longer play Duck Hunt, Garbage Man, (Halo), Cat & Mouse, Cops & Robbers, Ghost Busters and more. Custom games won't be what they used to be. To members of the Halo community, please help me spread the word to return custom games to their former glory. And to 343i, please review gametypes and return the old features we all loved so much.
  14. Alright, so my friend thinks of a wicked cool idea for a fun custom games map which would be fun for a bunch of people to play. The idea was to have 1 "predator" and a bunch of marines, just like the old Halo 3 custom games. The predator would have active camo, promethian vision, a sword and a Binary rifle; would be able to jump high and move faster. The map is completed using ravine and putting rocks along the walls as perches for him to jump on. The marines would spawn in a cave with AR's and BR's. The goal is to survive or kill the predator. The problem is... Flood can't have weapons other than their talon, and if it's slayer I don't know of a way to make one team have the traits of the Predator. If anyone can think of a solution or would like to check out the map you can add me or post here. tl:dr Need help making a halo 3 type infection gametype out of slayer or other gametype. bump
  15. I created this big map for infection on forge. I created my game type and I went to go play, but i ran into a problem. There is no option to spawn the weapons you placed on your map you made in forge in the infection game type. This really needs to be fixed it is really annoying that everyone has to play with their load outs. Another thing that needs to be resolved, is the fact that when you make an alpha zombie and that alpha zombie is killed and spawns back they no longer have the alpha zombie traits, they die and turn into regular infected flood. But besides these 2 things I think the game is great and 343 did a great job.
  16. Now, before I begin, I need to say I do not speak for the community in any way. This is a sole opinion, that you may choose to accept and like. Well, let me tell you, I remember the first, original, and only infection we knew and loved. Everyone always had a blast, on maps like The cage, sword base, and pinnacle when it was still around. Then came a major update. Alpha zombies was introduced, pinnacle was removed, and Uncaged was introduced, but not played often. For me, this was a fun little update. Zombies have sprint? Ok, that is more tolerable for us zombies, as we aren't constantly flying off of edges. I liked this update. I then played a couple more months, again, loving the playlist with others. Then, they introduced the haunted map remakes. I, personally, hated this update. Not only did sword base also get the boot, but the maps introduced here, in the majority, were terrible. Maps like Count D'hoeun (however you spell that), were decent and pretty fun. But maps like Bedlam and Uncongealed? Those looked like random building blocks thrown together on the fixed mode! I hardly gave them the title of a map. And now, the last and final update. The playlist we like to call Zombie Ghosts. For me, this was the last intolerable update. Seriously. It was so bad in my perspective, it made me quit the entire playlist. Because it always came up at least once or twice in the voting rounds. I played a game of it when it came out. Focus rifles? Invisibility? Gravity hammers? This playlist was built for the noob. That was where I drew the line. If you know me, you know I was always very supportive of 343's updates and changes. I always thought, "A little change, all right. How bad can it be?". I was clearly dead wrong here. I say no go. But, don't get me wrong, I don't want the option removed ENTIRELY. I would just like it to appear much less often. Because as I said, this is an option at least once or twice every voting round. And the other one or two options, were always horrible combinations of game type and map. Example, Infection on Uncongealed. Which also brings me to my next point. Please, please consider pulling out those haunted remakes. I have yet to see a person to like them, but that is just within my range of knowledge. The lighting on them is horrible, the random boxes is completely unneeded, and the amount of camping spots blocked or timed is completely unnecessary. I know, this has been a very long post. But I leave with this. Bring back Sword base and Pinnacle! -Bullet
  17. Hey guys Legend here, I'm recruiting for a clan that's pretty much just for fun. If you just like people to have to play with and talk to and have fun the NFCT clan is for you. We can also become competitive we are jsut looking for dedicated members who are good at Halo and work well as a team. If you's like to join you can message me on xbox at IxNFCTxLEGEND. Other members are IxNFCTxARBITER IxNFCTxRANGER and IxNFCTxZERO. Just let us know and we will get in touch.
  18. Town's Edge Map link Story Your group has been on the road for too long. You go and search supplies from a small town in a valley. First you see a crashed crane, apartment and a restaurant. And that's mostly it. Barricaded streets stop you from going further, and the dead start to pay attention to you. This was not a good idea. I made this map with Mr Pokephile's ClassicINF-gametype in mind, but it should work with for example, zmOutbreak. The map build in the Quarry of Forge World, and surrounding air. It has a sniper at the human spawn, a rocket launcher, DMR, shotguns and a grenade launcher. There is a warthog and a mongoose. Crane There's not much to do at the crane, but it blocks your sight. Restaurant Someone tried to make it in here, didn't succeed, but left behind ammo and two shotguns. There's an open balcony, where the zombies can't jump to. They can climb ladders though... Store Shelves are empty, but next to them are weapons. Storage No cover, no nothing. Just a rocket launcher on an empty floor. School Not worth a visit. Filled with zombies. Town Hall Grenade launcher is a handy weapon, but you'll have to get it right from the front of the zombies rotten noses. Train station Trains will be a little late. Feedback is welcome.
  19. HeroAnarchy -- [Hms] Ghoulie Graveyard http://tinyurl.com/8mfkzfb -- [HMS] http://tinyurl.com/8qylrtt -- HMS is reminiscent of Halo 3's popular Predator gametype with several tweaks added. -- The map is based on classic 'horror-in-the-graveyard' scenarios The map has a broken down church , 100+ grave , and one tomb. Due to the largeness of the map the warthog is not that overpowered. Recommended players (6-14) -- This is just for Halloween purposes the real map is also in the fileshare.
  20. Map Name: Limbo Map Variant: Forge World Map Link: http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30857086 Gametype Link: http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30943030 Forgers: nick11962, IMAROLLINGSTONE Screenshot: http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30943121 This is another survival/ mini-game infection map where humans can do no damage whatsoever, but they are armed with focus rifles for a reason. In this map, it is extremely dark as players must avoid zombies and try to survive under water. Zombies are slower than humans, invincible, and are equipped with energy swords for an ominous glow that humans can spot. Humans can sprint, move faster, have normal radars, and are armed with focus rifles to survive. The last man standing will have unlimited sprint, but will face a rampant wall of zombies! Enjoy!
  21. Min. Players: 10 Max. Players: 16 Supported Gametypes: Infection DLC Required: None (Default Maps) Canvas Map: Forgeworld Download Link: http://www.halo.xbox...etails=30947843 Custom Gametype Download Link: http://www.halo.xbox...etails/30929013 Gameplay Footage, courtesy of TheHaloForgeLeague: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqD3l5wJvX0&feature=g-all-u Music Video, courtesy of youtube.com/outcastduke371 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1gtkqADUh8&feature=g-all-u Greetings. This is SweepsP2K, here with my newest linear infection map, Countdown to Destruction. It is my entry into ForgeHub's Hub of the Dead III contest, and may be one of the best maps I have made on Reach. It goes along with the gametype C2D. Story: Countdown to Destruction is set in a ruined city ravaged by natural disasters. High magnitude earthquakes have led to the release of an undead horde sealed away underground long ago. A group of soldiers, the last remaining survivors in the city, must hold off the horde for as long as they can. There is nowhere left to hide. Time is running out... Pics: This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768 and weights 100KB. Humans start here, a street in the heart of the city. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768 and weights 84KB. A nearby military grade auto shop harbors useful vehicles. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768 and weights 93KB. The street is blocked up ahead. After 60 seconds, more earthquakes cause the crates in the back to drop, opening a way into the sewers. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768 and weights 91KB. The 2nd phase of the journey begins in the dreaded sewers. This phase is home to a hidden easter egg. If you find it, tell me what you think the reference is in the comments. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768 and weights 77KB. The center path is primarily used by the warthog, should it make it this far. Zombies spawn in small rooms on the sides. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768 and weights 85KB. At the other end of the sewer is the 2nd holdout area. Getting the rocket hog to this point is the key to survival. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768 and weights 94KB. Humans resurface here, in a back alley. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768 and weights 93KB. Cross through this basketball court to get to the final phase. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768 and weights 96KB. This crevice is a great hiding spot for a lone survivor. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x768 and weights 101KB. The final phase, another street, with a derailed monorail train as its centerpiece. Special thanks to: Minister Muffin HAggIS the 3rd xCHOBHAMx FlameFistsBoyd (For the car designs) Everyone else who helped me playtest and gave feedback. Achievements: I thought it would be fun to set a few map specific challenges for the player to complete. Here's my list of fake achievements for Countdown to Destruction. -Welcome to the Jam (15g) Kill an infected by bouncing a grenade off of the basketball hoop backboard. -Pretty in Purple (10g) Ride the purple mongoose from the first to the third phase. (It can be shot up the ladder out of the sewer) -Who put this here? (5g) Find the hidden rocket launcher in the first phase. -Secret (50g) Find the hidden easter egg in the sewers.
  22. Creator: IMAROLLINGSTONE Map: (Scorch-Earth Maintenance) http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/haloreach/IMAROLLINGSTONE/fileshare#!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=31211696 Gametype: (zm_Flaming Zombies) http://www.halowaypo...etails=31170452 Description: This is an infection map with zombies from the zm_gametype, except for the fact that they're on fire. The map is set in a forerunner-like structure that humans enter into, as they dive into the first holdout area. 60 seconds pass before the humans are allowed to pass through the door with the spawning of another shield door. They then will head down a shaft and back to another holdout area, where they must wait for approximately 90 seconds more (150 from start). Another shield door will spawn at the end of those 90 seconds to allow the humans to pass through the entrance into the hallway. There is a ghost waiting for a player to use to take across to the other side of the floating shield door (not a one-way shield) to possibly grab the grenade launcher. Zombies will start to pour from the ceiling, and at 180 seconds, the final door will blow open from an explosion. This last door is a quick transition, but should be taken as a last resort, considering there is not a guarenteed way out of it (you can grenade bounce, halo jump, etc.) and the ghost can't come with the humans who fall down into the pit. If a player does fall into the pit, there is a gravity lift to shoot the player back up if the door has not opened yet, which is also useful for zombies against cut-off humans still alive. 12-16 players is the recommended amount. Enjoy as per usual!
  23. I heard on a video commentary that there are 'Floodsassinations' on the flood zombies during infection. Is this tru and if so a link would be appreciated. Ciao!
  24. Map: Storage Gametype: Containers Creator: Death by Dogs Max players: 16 Rcomended players: 10-16 Storge is a linear/journey style infection map that takes place at a storage facility. As you progress each stage gets harder and harder and will require more comunication and teamwork. In the first stage you can survive pretty easily without needing teamwork, but sometimes o1 or 2 peaople do get infected, then in stage 2 you needed to communicate as to where the turret man(Scorpian) neededs to be aiming and when the second zombie teleporter spawns. Then in the third stage someone gets on the turret and mows the zombies down, until another zombie teleporter spawns allowing them to come at you through the side, so you need to communicate when this teleporter spawns so you all can fall back into the back room where you need even more communication as to where the zombies are comming from. And in the final stage you need to use extreme tactics in the close courters room to be able to survive. So far nobody has made it to the end, I dare you to survive. FAQ: The Scorpian tank in stage 2, you can only use the turret; The Falcan in stage 4, cannot be used at all.
  25. Name of Map: Amnesia: Stay in the Dark Canvas Map: Forge World Link to MAP: http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30499966 Link to Gametype: http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30727013 Recommended Player Count: 10 Gamertag: IMAROLLINGSTONE Screenshot: -http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30923823 -http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30943367 -http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30943369 -http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30943381 -http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30943390 -http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30943396 -http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30943393 This is a survival map with 1 zombie who is the "monster." The monster must locate and kill all uninfected players on the map with the dreaded club. Humans spawn off as be invisible, unless you're the last man standing (for gameplay reasons), and can do no damage whatsoever. Humans should hide in strategic locations/rooms throughout the map if they wish to survive, as it is easier to be seen than you think.This map also features safe havens, which act as lights on the map. If a player steps inside the haven, this player will become visible (no longer having active camo as long as the player stays in the haven). The ring also begins to count down from 30 seconds and can reveal a player's position to the monster (the haven wasn't going down, now it is). The havens rotate between various locations/rooms throughout the map. Enjoy!
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