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Found 2 results

  1. tjdudegaming


    Hola! XD my name is tim! I am not new to Halo but i am new to this thing-a-ma-jig xD. So i just wanna introduce myself like everyone else! Ok so i am a decent player and i am not in a clan... YET. I do youtube but i dont have any Halo content up yet.. If you wanna see it,here it is www.youtube.com/user/timmygamerhd okeee! I think thats all i can say, but i do wanna ask a question if any of you know the answer , will halo 5 be on the xbox 360? or is it next gen only? Okee BYE!
  2. Weapons: I was thinking maybe a return of the Halo 3 arsenal, of course, because this game will take place right after Halo 3 so let's not stray too far away from Halo 3 stuff. Also, since Master Chief's story resumes on a Forerunner planet, add some Forerunner weapons. What ever they can think of for that kind of stuff could be cool. And if the Covenant make an arrival in this game, of course, have the Covenant weapons. Any new additions to any of these arsenals will be great. *Edit* Also, it'd be cool if there would be 2 different variants of certain guns. For example, we could have the regular SMG and Pistol, and then we could have the silenced SMG and Pistol from ODST. More vast arsenal = so many options Armor: I was hearing stuff about a MKVII armor piece. I think that'd be pretty cool. Playing in that armor in the campaign would be awesome, but I'd think you should start off with the MKVI armor from Halo 3 because, like I said about weapons, I don't want the game to stray too far away from Halo 3. As for other armor for Multiplayer, 343 can add stuff like fan favs, maybe some originals, and some other stuff they can make up. Oh yeah, and some common sense: ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMIZED ARMOR IN THE CAMPAIGN! Don't make the multiplayer look change the Master Chief look in the campaign. *Edit* Also, for armor customization, since there's the idea for the other gametypes, you can customize not only Spartans and Elites, but you can customize the way your ODST looks in the ODST gametypes. It'd add so much more variety for appearances. Gametypes: The usual Slayer and all those other original Halo gametypes will be great. I'd like to see Invasion come back. It was my favorite gametype in Reach and I think it was super fun. Also, this guy (can't remember his name, thanks for your idea) made up the idea of an ODST gametype. I'd love that. It'd be cool if they make it where you spawn in drop pods at the very beginning and when you land, it's just normal slayer or whatever it is you're playing just playing as ODSTs for a change. And if they can add Covenant (if they make an appearance) and Forerunner gametypes that'd be awesome too. *Edit* Another cool thing I just thought of is that we'd have the normal gametypes (you'd click on Competitive: Spartans) and then ODST gametypes (Competitive: ODSTs). Same thing for Cooperative and anything else they think of. It'll add a lot more variety. Other stuff (wants and stuff I don't want): I don't want Halo 4 to be like Reach. No bloom and no armor abilities! Well, I had no problem with sprint and jetpack (I guess the jetpack can make an appearance because of the teaser trailer), but stuff like armor lock and active camo whenever you want needs to go. And we need to get rid of the Halo Reach ranking system. Go back to Halo 3 or something similar, but NONE of the Reach ranking bull crap. They can still have the cR, but make the cR separate from Exp (another idea of forum user, thanks). cR can buy armor customizations and Exp actually rank you up. *Edit* Maybe they can bring back some stuff from Reach, like the different options with armor customization (and maybe even add more) and some of the gametypes. That's all I can think of at the moment. Let me know about the ideas, if you like them or not. If you can add anything, I'll be glad to see what you guys would like. I'll update the post for other ideas I think of. Thanks.
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