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Found 201 results

  1. Doubles was the premier matchup in Halos past. Bring it back! We need the glory of 2v2 domination once again!
  2. I am lagging in every wargame I play. I am almost 100% sure its not the internet connection. What can I do?
  3. Hello I am LSG Saint real name Alex. I am part of a new community Legion of Shadows Gaming with only 7 members right now and others ready to join with ambitions to make it pro or help our people get there if we can’t. Our community is extremely structured with a system based off the military to keep it organized. We compete on multiple websites and are currently getting ready for our first boot camp or team building (what I think of it) to get our first possible team together and ready to compete. We are looking for mature gamers only that are 18+ or if they are 17 maybe. We are big with communication both in game and real life. We in LSG aren’t just game friends. Over the past year we have built friendships even if we are in different states. Me personally you can’t find that in other communities. If this is something that you want from a team, clan, or community visit us at legionofshadowsgaming.com and apply or send a message to LSG SAINT, LSG SUPREME, or LSG Immortal if you want to talk. “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”
  4. Just wanted to play custom games with someone my gt is ToWhite4You msg me for invite. Most likely playing - demo derby - infection - races Or any map u have
  5. Hello I am Deathreacont, leader of the SOD (Spartans Of Death). I am currently searching for new recruits to join my clan. You have to have a positive K/D ratio and be at least level 50. It is no a requirement but we prefer if you change the first part of your gamer tag to Death than whatever follows. We look for loyal members, respect the leaders of the clan.We are a competitive clan we are a loyal clan who is based off everyone not just one person.We love to clan battle, and we love having alliances with other clans. We don't want a bunch of people who trash talk or don't obey my orders.
  6. Hello Fellow Halo players! If you're interested in playing custom games with a variety of people, please add me on XBOX LIVE! Send me a message saying if you're interested or not! There will be countless numbers of fun maps ( Race Tracks, Infection maps, Refurnished slayer maps, etc. ) GamerTag: Meh Tricks Thanks, tangybuddy3
  7. Name of Map: Confinery Canvas Map: Forge World Link to MAP: http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/RiseAgainstCode/fileshare#!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=List&tags=&startIndex=0 Recommended Player Count: 6 Game Variant: Slayer Gamertag: RiseAgainstCode Gamertag: RiseAgainstCode Map: Confinery Gametype: Slayer Description: This map is a 2v2 1v1 map that can support up to 8 players. Its a symmetrical map focused on close quarter encounters. There is a neutral rocket launcher, shotgun concussion rifle, grenade launcher and a needler. There are also so frag and stick grenades around the map. This map supports slayer and ctf.
  8. Okay guys. Here is something fun for you to do. Take this Trivia Quiz, and post a comment with your answers. The winner gets nothing but an E-Congrats! Contest ends 12/9/12 at 6:00 PM. 1. What is the cannon fodder of the Covenant? 2. What race are the Arbiters? 3. What is Master Chief's name? 4. What is the large text on a Rocket Launcher? 5. What does AI stand for?
  9. Next Gen Clan is BACK and NOW recruiting members for Halo 4.. What do we provide? We Provide: -Clan Battles every week -Custom games fun -Clan Meetings -Forge World Creations -Promotions -Etc.. If You are interested in joining Message Me GT:Refumes
  10. Gamertag: shamusmon Map:Thruster Arena Gametype: Thruster Description: This Custom game can be played with 2-16 players. The gametype is a variant of regicide and the core aspects still remain but you can jump super high,run fast and gravity has been altered, Your armour ability is thruster which is unlimited and I have edited it so you can use it to fly around the map. You have 2 weapons; the sniper, which is 1 shot one kill and the rocket launcher. Both of these weapons have a bottomless clip. The map Is symmetrical and it is an enclosed arena with an open roof. The whole map consists of ramps and is mainly wide open so you can fly through the air and shoot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orZiApS8rSk Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/shamusmon it would be amazing if you could give my channel a mention if you review my map, thanks I originally submittted this map in the competitive map section but moved it here as someone suggested For an alternative video, here is a short video which was uploaded to the AHcommuntiyvids channel of me explaining this custom game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--rWnN_-4Dg
  11. Join i0-the infamous 0nes we are a clan but we are more than just that we are a community. Some of us play to achieve greatness and some of us play for fun. if you think you have what it takes to be infamous join i0.. If interested message xkushqueennx i0 or Fourteen iO. We're mainly out of halo 4, however we have other branches for different games. if you wanted to start you own branch for another game that could be arranged. we're been around since halo 2. we want to start to build and expand again and we're looking for people who want to do the same and help us we always welcome new players, even if you're new to the game, or not that great. we are mature, but we still know how to have fun. we're always looking for clan matches, and alliances to expand on our group. we play both customs and matchmaking in all variants. hope to hear from you soon! =)
  12. Me and a friend spent an afternoon making this. It's HUGE! So naturally we take it online and with the small amount of people we had it turned out to be extremely scary and fun. Gamertag: Dead fenix 7 Map: Station Number 01111000 (in file share) Gametype: Floods on a Station(in file share) Description:This map is our own creation. Download via my fileshare on Halo 4, Dead fenix 7 "The station has been over-run. Work in your teams of two and group up and push back the flood mutation. They seem to be entering through the T-Junctions located around the station. There are few weapons and vehicles left over from before the evacuation. No where is safe, with the generators shutting down we don't have enough power to re-activate the UNSC Havok. Your only hope is too survive and hope for the best" Sgt John Purg'e signing off. -Flood being super strong can insta-gib the mantis, only use it if your working as a team. -Flood use T-Junctions to enter station. -Ordnance located around map. -The mantis does not respawn after it has been destroyed use it wisely. -Flood are super fast, with thruster packs they can clear a hallway in the blink of an eye. -They can't have it all. Flood are fast, strong but very weak. Think about your move before you make it. -!WARNING! Because they are fast, navigating space is different a teleporter has been added so if they fall they get sent back to center. THIS MAP IS SUPER FUN! I WOULD RECOMMEND AT LEAST GIVING IT A TRY! map: theatre view map: inside window - single mantis - doesn't respawn -only good if a team is helping (not recommend solo'ing it. you will not survive) - ordnance weapons scattered map: Generator Room - Cross-road between Outer, Inner-top and Inner-bottom rings Gameplay may be added later.
  13. Gametag: vDukie Map: Cops and Robbers Gametype: Space Prison Recommended Players: 10 max, MIC Required/Recommended How to Play: -Cops: The Cops give directions to the Flood, if the Flood disobey or displease them, the Cops may punish them in any way. -Flood: The Flood are to follow instructions to survive, they may outwit the Cops in order to kill them (assasination, only one Cop may be assasinated), or to escape the Prison. Description: Due to a lack of images I will try to go indepth. Plays out like Cops and Robbers or Teacher in Halo 3 .The gametype is set to spawn 2 Humans (Cops) and 8 Flood (Robbers) (1 life, 5 rounds). The 2 Humans will spawn in a bedroom/armory, the 8 Flood will spawn 2 to a cell. The map features multiple ways to keep the Cops as well as the Flood entertained through various minigames controlled by the cops, before the inevitable elimination of either party. Cops and Robbers features: a Rec. Room, a Shower Room, a Sports Room( including a small golf course and a small soccer field), a Vehicle Bay (Mongoose, Mantis, Rocket/Gauss Warthog, Scorpion Tank), an Air Craft Hangar (Banshee, Teleporter), as well as a Mongoose Jousting Arena. Examples of use: The Flood may ask to go to the Rec Room or Shower Room and use the opportunity to escape The Cops may pit 2 Flood against each other in a soccer match, the loser dies. The Cops may select two teams of 2 Flood to Joust each other on Mongooses The Cops may take control of the Mantis to further intimidate the Flood The Flood may use the Banshee/Teleporter in the Air Hangar as a way of escape The Flood may use the vehicles in the Vehicle Bay to escape through a high-risk, anti-gravity bridge etc, use your imaginations. Escape: The overlying goal of the Flood is to survive/escape the Prison. The Flood can escape through several ways, with the destination being the large asteroid (with the Research Facility). The large asteroid is covered by a trait zone which debuffs the Cops back to standard Human characteristics, allowing for an easier Flood victory. Not my vid, but it does showcase the map! Special thanks to TrulyIndirectMedia
  14. ECH0, the Elite Combat Hellfire 0peratives, Son , you are to join echo, we checked your file and the people at oni have decided we could use someone with your talents, echo has three divisions, all suited to better your style of play, whether you pick the assasins, the predators, or if you make it into the leaders and in time command your own division. We are competitive but also fun, you'll meet new people and take part in some of the most intense battles of your career. Take a leap of faith... TaS x HeKTiKZz- leader 1ic.
  15. If u haven't already u mite wanna try going on forge and turning unlimited AAs on. I'd like 2 know what u guys think ppl should try on forge?
  16. any british members add UmaraiL and we'll talk on xbox and anyone who wants a clan but cant start it up or only has a couple of members we can make you a team leader and your recruits can stay in your squad remember add UmaraiL and we'll talk on xbox mate
  17. Gamertag: john xSNIPERx Map name: Breaking Point (can be found in my file share) Gametype name: Infection (also found in my file share) You and your team investigate a resent distress beacon located at Research Base Zulu, only to discover that the asteroid the facility is situated on has split. Most of the base is on the very unstable side of the asteroid so make your way across the debris field to find out why this phenomenon has occurred. Maybe something was lurking within this destruction. You will need every hand and gun you can afford. (Recommended 16 Players) Sorry for the transmission quality, someone or something was Tampering with the security cameras:
  18. I have a little game that we can all play, lets be honest about this as well. Obligations: 1. Must follow site rules. 2. One post per person, you can edit and update posts. 3. Post anything about yourself that's honest. Don't be afraid to make a post, here I'll do mine first. I am a huge stereotype. ^^Didn't expect that did you? It's because I have known to be respectful Now it's yours guys's turn. Be honest, anything that's not site appropriate will be flagged.
  19. Dgnified Gaming What's up guys, are you looking for a clan who is competitive and has fun at the same time. If you are this is the best clan for you. We are a group of people who are very good at the game in different ways. Only being 11 days old this clan has many things to offer. We have a ranking system, 8 divisions, and we are working on a machinima. Our ranking system is very easy to follow. To rank up you need to show that you have skill. To show us that you have skill you need to participate in our soon to be weekly tournament. Our tounament will be on clan maps that we have forged with our forging divison. Our 8 divisions are for fun. When you join the clan you pick a division. A division shows what your type of gamestyle you play. Whether it is close quarters or long range. As I said before we have 8 divisions, so check them all out before you choose what division you want to be under. Even if you are not a positive k/d player we will still accept you with open arms. Better then accepting you we will help you become better at the game with the help of our boot camp division.To learn more about this clan check us out at our website. www.dignified-gaming.webs.com( Sorry guys I do not know how to put in a link) Also do not for get the .webs part of the addres. Our website has the list of the rules, ranks, and divisions. Before saying that we are not a good clan check us out. Another way to contact me is on x-box live. GT: Nubey Tooby( No I do not Noob Toob)
  20. Gamer tag: kiwigrunt1074 Map title: Toilet Bowl (on file share) Game type: In the toilet (also on file share) Remember all those times dying. As flood. On halo 3. It sucked. It still sucks. Never mind that because with the new remake of toilet bowl, you can have some fun. Shoot up the hole(if u know what I mean) as a little turd and kill the humans waiting for u at the top. Soooooo fun!!!
  21. I am looking for a military like clan that is not very competitive and has fun when playing. I am 14 years old just in case you where wondering.
  22. you know i see a lot of ringtones but i think it would be really cool to get the narrators voice as a ringtone. like him saying " you got a text message!" or something cool with his voice. what do you guys think?
  23. Are you tired of playing with a bunch of randoms that don't work well as a team? Are you looking for a clan that is fun, laid back, and yet still competitive? Then look no further. I'm Skirata2 I'm the Commanding Officer of the 501st. I'd like to give you some information that may help you in making a decision. The 501st though it mainly consist of US residents is a global clan. We have several members in the European and Australian continents. We're constantly accepting from all 3 locations. Another thing that you should know about the clan is the ranking structure. The 501st uses a military based ranking structure. Unlike many clans that base ranks solely off of activity and the ranks being meaningless or clans that base ranks solely off of in game skill, The 501st bases its ranks and promotions based on the members overall contribution to the clan as well as the members potential to grow as a person and a leader, their current leadership abilities to make the members rank mean a little more than just a title. In the 501st a members rank determines how much power they hold in the clan and what positions within the chain of command they're able to hold. With the clan is relatively small but growing. This means that promotion opportunities come by pretty quick. Though I don't guarantee this to happen to you, it has happened before that a member has gone from being a fresh recruit to a clan officer within a years time. Also in the 501st we recognize members efforts and accomplishments through other means than just rank promotions. The 501st has a ribbon/awards system set up. We have clan contribution ribbons that members can earn. This is a great way for members to work towards something if they're currently on an extended wait for their next promotion. It also give the member a little extra they can add to the list of reason they should be considered for promotion when they're boarding for leadership positions. One thing that the 501st does offer that most clans don't that use an award system is an award for doing things in their local communities outside of the clan. We have an award that is awarded to members who serve their communities through some sort of service organization such as but not limited to: the military, law enforcement, emergency management, etc... The 501st encourages members to take the leadership skills and apply them to life. The clan staff all feel that it's important for members to be involved in their communities as to not waste their lives away in front of their xbox. Yeah, we still play a lot of xbox but many of our members choose to serve in significant ways that can impact the lives of those around them. The clan over all is mainly a social clan. We're mainly in it for the fun. However, if you're looking for a competitive clan we've still got you cover there as well. We do participate in clan matches on a semi-regular basis. As the demand for clan matches grows in our clan the more that will be scheduled. But regardless of what you're looking for in a clan you can usually find a niche that fits what you're looking for within the 501st. If you have any questions, by all means send me a message and I'll reply back as soon as I possibly can. If you're interested in joining then you can find our site at http://501st.forumclan.com. I hope to hear back from you soon. They Drop Us To Drop Them!
  24. Welcome Spartan think you have what it takes. Join Palidon and test your skills. This team will do campaign, custom games, war games (from Infinity slayer to swat), spartan ops. So if you Think you have what it takes send a message to gamer tag FullerScroll or put your gamer tag below. Palidon runs on a ranking system. To view said system got to the Palidon website. http://www.i-m.co/siminoux/PalidonHq/ So join Palidon today and see where your carrier takes you! If you don't have a headset you can still join! Headsets are not a must and will not make us say no! All we need is YOU!
  25. There is clearly a lack of game-types in halo 4 here you can discuss the game-types they should bring back. Two of those would be swat and grifball which they are adding.
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