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  1. I would like to parrot this. I bought the MCC because I loved halo growing up, I played through it with my brother and had no end of joy. I struggle to understand why such a corner stone of both my own, and I'm certain many other peoples halo experiences was removed. I was truly excited to introduce my fiance to something I treasured so much growing up, and I am so disappointed that I cannot share this with her because she doesn't own a £1000 gaming pc. It should not be a staple of modern games that I have to buy it twice to sit next to my fiance and enjoy it together. And finally I am disappointed that it was either seemingly not understood how treasured split screen local coop was, or knew how it was and chose not to for the sake of money and greed. This part of the games may not have seemed important to you at 343, but it was such an integral part of them to me that I didn't even conceive that it would not be included when I purchased it. While I do not believe that this will change anything, just know that this decision saddened me greatly
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