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  1. I can't wait, it's going to be so cool going back in WW1 and fighting the Germans. And I hope the campaign will be better this time. To me Hardline and Bf4 didn't really have a good story like Bf3 did.
  2. Your web sight is awesome I am making some friends and all of the staff... I guess you can say are the most nicest and awesome people I have ever spoken to. Who ever you gave the responsibility to on the twitter you have is the most helpful person I have ever met too. So before my stupidity gets best of me and I forget that I have wrote this thank you for the awesome web sight!
  3. Here's one that I've created. Alright.. Well, one night my friend and I were making stories for halo... We had a story about a marine Jäger that was transferred to a diferrent squad cause of hud increase in skills of combat. almost like Noble six. And the UNSC traveld to a new planet at the edge of the galaxy it was a green mountain filled planet that is mostly covered damp every where like a hot night but even the days felt like it. UNSC has spotted living life forms that were not Human or Covenant on the planet. UNSC dispatched a ship to scout the planet. When it was night at the planet Jäger's squad A.K.A Squad Alpha the first squad to be sent out for a mission. Their mission were to scout a area that could have the Unknown life form in it. Jäger was manning the turret on the Warthog. his Squad leader Sean in the driver's seat. Sean looks to his right. "Devon, put your helmet on damn it.... You don't never know when we could be attacked." Sean slightly says with an annoyed tone at Devon his third squad member. "Y-yes sir... just not thinking straight sir..." Devon says back with a nervous voice. Sean chuckled and replied "Don't worry newbies like you are always scared at first, but you get use to the battlefield after a bit." Sean looks back at Jäger and asks So how long did you say you were in the military for?" "About four years sir." He replies back. Sean asks "So what made you so interested in staying in the military for so long" Jäger had a small depressed tone to his voice and replies to Sean's question. "I am following my father's foot steps sir. He died fighting in battle and was known as a legend I wish to become just like him." Sean says "Well I am glad to hear that.." Commander says into the comms "Alright soldiers you three are getting close to the area stay alert." Sean replies "Yes sir." Soon as they drive up to the location their equipment begin to fail. The radio they have that allows them to speak to their commander makes a loud white noise and turns off. Sean keeps calling for the Commander but no reply ever comes. Few minuted after driving the warthog becomes EMPED. Sean yells "God damn it... looks like we're going on foot men." All three of them disembark from the Warthog and walk closer to the area. As they get closer they can hear a loud screechy noise coming from a hole. It's in the middle of the location they were sent to. Sean walks up to the hole and attempts to shine a light down it. It wouldn't turn on either after Sean places down his rifle on the ground he asks Devon for a road flare. Devon unattaches one from his vest and gived it to Sean. Sean proceeds to light the flare up and drop the flare into the hole. Slowly seeing it fall it show small creatures sticking to the wall. They begin to screech and fly out of the Sean picks up his rifle as attempts to fire at them but his rifle became EMPED as well. Sean yells "Run now!" They start to fly down to the ground making them selves into spears. One goes through Sean's leg and makes him stumble to the ground and fall inside into the hole. Devon and Jäger began running back to the warthog. As they began running back Devon was stabbed several time through the chest. And fell to the ground from an instant death. Jäger dodge the swarm's attack by getting getting behind the warthog. The swarm kept slamming into the Warthog causing it to become damage to the point where gas was leaking. Jäger noticed that they were focused on the warthog and began to run toward a patch through the woods. Jäger ran 100 meters before being picked up by a big ugly beast. The beast threw Jäger cause him to roll on the ground. Jäger tries to get up but is to dazed from the rolling. Everytime he tried liftinf him self up he was fall over. The beast walked over to Jäger and lifts a fist up and punches Jäger in head causing him to knock out. Yes, I know I suck at grammar.
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