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  1. They're no mods on Halo 5. Actually they're no mods on the Xbox One as its not possible to mod at all on the Xbox One. If someone has a scorpion tank early on in a Warzone match it will most likely be from a random vehicle req or they killed most of the AI and bosses at the start and got a decent amount of kills.
  2. Split screen cannot return for Halo 5 due to the way the game has been made. The only way split screen will return is in a future Halo game, which after the amount of hate 343 got with Halo 5 having none they will most likely add back in.
  3. This one wont be worth getting as there is also meant to be a more powerfull Xbox in the works aswell and meant to be released 2017/2018.
  4. I'm considering this but i just have a few questions. When would these events probably take place? As in will they just be when everyone is free or will there be set dates throughout the months? If they're set dates what time zone would the events be based in? I'm based in the UK and i can normally cope with staying up late as i do stuff with my Spartan Company with 98 members being from the US but there are times when I'm just sat here half dead and just want to crawl in bed and call it a day lol.
  5. Glad to see im not the only one who hates them lol. I was slightly worried that people would just think "oh hes been banned from Waypoint, BAN HIM AT ONCE!". But it turns out i was completely wrong there lol.
  6. While i believe i joined the same day as yourself so i'm pretty much new aswell. Welcome! To what actually looks like a really awesome place to be.
  7. Happily got Pokémon Blue but i was tempted to get Yellow due to being able to get all 3 starters. But Pokémon Blue was my first Pokémon game back when i had a brick of a Gameboy that was pretty much powered by a nuclear reactor. 18 years on and i still enjoy the originals and they've aged better then i thought they would of; now I'm hoping they do the same for G/S/C but i'm not sure if it will happen with there being HG/SS.
  8. Either this or I would love a movie to be based after Halo 6. Since Halo 6 is meant to be the end of Chiefs story it would be amazing if they made it so you finish his story in 6 then a movie is released to tie into it which spans over 20 years. This movie will follow Johns life from training in the Spartan-II program to the destruction of Installation 04, hunting Truth down on Installation 05, saving earth and then ending the Flood outbreak and shattering the Covernant at The Ark and so on. Basically a long movie showing Chiefs life, from start to finish with maybe little nods to Halo: Reach, Halo Wars and Halo 3: ODST and then showing the final ending in greater detail (I'm hoping the end of Halo 6 is based either on Harvest so you finish it all where it began or on Reach; so you truly Finish the Fight at the place where it all began for John). Just something to send everything out with a bang. People have been asking for a true Halo movie since 2004 and Peter Jackson got close and then ended up making District 9. We then later had small movies with Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn and Halo: Nightfall but with need something big. Its only fair Microsoft do this as it was Bungie with Halo that made the Xbox what it is today. After reading this back to myself, I'm hoping for maybe just abit to much. A MAN CAN DREAM GODDAMMIT!
  9. I know that feeling, i use to keep getting banned for trying to have a conversation regarding certain decisions 343 have made regarding the game and a certain monitor, you can probably guess who, would just outright ban you if they disagreed with what you said. Got to the point where my next ban will be my permanent ban and that recently took effect. Why? Well because someone funnily enough made a topic complaining about how the mods are ban happy and how its driving people away from Waypoint; so i replied by pretty much saying that posting about monitor decisions is going to get him banned. Next thing i know I'm banned for posting about moderation decisions. To be honest i'm glad it happened. While its slightly annoying that once you're banned you cannot alter your account at all which is annoying when i still use the website for the Spartan Company forums; I'm just glad I'm out of there. The Waypoint forums are pretty much full of: People who moan there head off. People who never read anything posted by 343 then question and, again, complain about changes ...etc The same monthly topic of why they didn't get there reqs when the update is out. When the reqs still haven't been loaded in. The Falcon worshippers. The Falcon moaners. Falcons. Bravo on a rare basis. Finally, ban happy monitors. Best. Community. EVER!
  10. While I don't know the answer regarding the Domain, all I can really say is Brian Reed for you, the Flood is still very much alive. We've encountered the Flood on both Installation 04 and 05 meaning that there's most likely Flood containment sites on most of the installations that were not effected by the rings firing. In terms of even more powerful Flood you never know. The Gravemind at Delta Halo pretty much broke containment years ago and took control of 2401 Penitent Tangent; what's to say there isn't another Gravemind out there thats took control of that Installation's monitor and growing more powerful each day. Heck it might not even be on another Halo ring; Forerunners loved to build there sites all over the place. Finally regarding the Flood since Halo Wars is canon there could be more shield worlds where the surface of said world was completely covered in flood; but thats opening up more issues. In terms of Cortana; to me she died in Halo 4 with her true ending after sacrificing herself to save Chief. I'm going with the theory many people have had where the Cortana in Halo 5 is one of the rampant fragments that assumed full control once it reached the domain. So I'm hoping this version of Cortana dies because Halo 5 made that final cutscene in Halo 4 pointless.
  11. I didn't post this on Reddit, no. But I did post them to my Halo Tumblr blog, link to it below (sneaky advertising, well, sort of). The Reddit poster probably did what i did and took advatage of the lag. But i do love these images.
  12. Ok so i was torn about where to post this as its regarding the Master Chief Collection in a way but at the same time its not regarding gameplay ...etc so if this is in the incorrect section I apologize. Anyway I use to search the internet top to bottom and could never find the awesome backgrounds you see in the MCC for each game and then i got lucky. My game was lagging and the menus were very delayed in loading while the backgrounds were changing instantly which gave me the opportunity to spam screenshots and i will now present them to you. Enjoy! Ps. These make good profile backgrounds.
  13. What Melody said is probably the best solution but there is another one. There are some events in which if your game crashes while you're purchasing a pack it still opens it up and puts the reqs into your collection. This has happened to me a few times with gold packs (yes i bought gold packs with money, i wanted to dress my Spartan up in "Mongeese"). Check your collection, my best guess is to check if you have any of Noble teams armour since there is a high chance of them in those packs.
  14. To be fair, while this update was later then originally planned the Hog Wild update will probably be out on time. Why do i say this? Well the current "agreement" 343 have is to have the last DLC drop in June, meaning the Warzone Firefight update will have to drop in June and cannot release anywhere in July meaning the Hog Wild update will need to be released in May or atleast the first week of June. The only issue here is the Hog Wild update is most likely going to be a small one to allow them to release it in time so don't be expecting anything amazing *cough cough* Falcon *cough cough*. This will also explain the 2 Brute Plasma Rifle variants they occidentally put into the req system at the MoR launch as they will be for Hog Wild and already done to save time.
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