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  1. Okay okay everyone cool it
  2. Nah not for you it was for hero
  3. Tue map remakes should be: Valhalla Blood Gulch Powerhouse Sandtrap ForgeWorld Rats Nest Highground Thanks for reading
  4. Hey hero listen infinty ward only makes MW not CoD
  5. Hey hey don't get so mad it's just a suggestion so if I offended you sorry
  6. They should make all like that though not just scope
  7. No it's not te DMR what I mean is iron sights like that you can aim down not like a scope
  8. Just trying to make it easy for CoD fans
  9. You spelled a lot of words wrong but good ideas. Well I think there should be weapon customization and classes.
  10. For you CoD players your use to aiming down your sights then you decided to play Halo for the first time well you liked it. But then you said why can't I aim down my sights? Well don't you think it's time that to be able to aim? That way you can aim an kill easier.
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