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  1. Playing through the campaign solo on legendary, i've noticed a few strategies to beating the warden. when playing solo especially legendary solo, using your Ais is an ideal strategy. Aggro the Warden and keep him focused on you while constantly marking the Warden as the priority target for the Ais. Since every attack the Warden uses is a one hit KO on legendary its best for you to stay at a medium distance, but close enough that he wants to follow you instead of your Ais. this strategy works well on the first encounter with lockes team and the first encounter with blue team. During the battle with two wardens, aggro only one warden and bring him out to the open area (not the grassy area) in the back which lead to each warden spawn. Kill one and move on to the next. Lastly the battle with three wardens. Almost every attempt I made during this battle ended in tears. I had to learn the patterns and the way the battle worked before i could win. Firstly in that battle each warden is restricted to his own zone. I chose the warden that stationed himself on the left of the entrance. Aggro him and use the same AI attack routine. If your Ai's aggro the warden immediately shoot his glowing back to get his attention back on you. Make sure to limit your time in the open area because the other wardens will attack you and will kill you. Stay alert when you know another warden has a visual on you. He cant charge you with his sword because of his restrictions, but he will use his eye beam and the purple stalker ball of death. Once you have defeated one Warden, another will come to engage you regardless of your location. Also each time you kill a warden in this battle it will trigger a checkpoint. Once you have defeated the second warden, the third warden will attack and 4 large focus turrets will spawn. the four turrets total cover the entire field so they are top priority, especially on legendary because they can instantly kill you. Make sure the warden is focused on you and order your ais to kill one of the turrets on one side. then do the same for the second one but provide assistance. stay on that one side as the only enemy you will have to worry about is the warden. I personally trained him around the ramp. this strategy also comes with risk because in some areas you are exposed to the other sides focus turrets. i used this strategy if all my ais had been killed and if i had to wait for them to respawn.
  2. I was very pleasantly surprised. It would have been cool if the rest of blue team played their roles in the game like they did in the books. Kelly should have had a little bit more speed and I should have found Linda in crazy sniping positions pulling off impossible shots... although I know all of these wishes would be almost impossible to put in the game. Maybe in Halo 6 they will do some stuff in the cut scenes. Even more noticeable is John's dialogue. In the previous games, he was incredibly quiet. In the books he came off as sarcastic at times. For example in "The Flood", 343 Guilty Spark randomly remarks "I'm a genius" after doing something, (cant remember). John sarcastically responds, "and I'm a vice admiral". I can see 343i is gradually changing John's character in the game to be more like the book.
  3. You did that with just hot glue? wow that's awesome. Any plans for other flood forms?
  4. Ha that would be pretty cool, wouldn't the school have to pay royalties though?
  5. I have noticed that swat spawns are relatively easy to predict. I just typically go where my teammates aren't and hoard kills. Not going to say it's an honorable tactic but it works. i wouldn't mind them fixing the spawns though, it seems rather odd at times. I have seen people from the enemy team spawn among my teammates every now and then.
  6. that one triple bossfight is going to be a real pain... i can already feel the tears running down my face.
  7. I don't know if you went through legendary solo like i did, but i completely understand where you are coming from, i was partially hoping to get that helmet that Linda wears and was disappointed when i just got an achievement. 17 hours into that campaign. I could make a 30 minute montage of my deaths in the battle with the 3 wardens... it was a traumatizing experience. It felt rewarding though to beat that part... I did somehow feel like the campaign was somewhat lacking even compared to halo 4. Which Halo 4 had in my opinion an outstanding story... if you understood the backstory at least. I could have been just overly frustrated from the legendary difficulty (i started with that difficulty) but it almost seemed like a firefight mode with cut-scenes. I am glad they added a ranking system to the matchmaking, Swat here I come.
  8. I think it was worth it, besides even if they added split screen at the cost of frame rate in split screen co-op, we would still be seeing people ask for fixes. I think 343 made the right decision.
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