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  1. I would like to see it make a return but I'm doubtful that we will in Halo 5
  2. They'll be in Halo 5, but I doubt they will play a huge role like in Halo 4
  3. No, Chief will not die in Halo 5. Halo 6 maybe but I think he'll survive until the last game which is either 6 or 9...Halo 4 brought him back, it would be suicide for 343i to kill him off the 2nd game of the reclaimer trilogy!
  4. It'll be fixed in time, but not wholly, we can never expect Halo: MCC to be fully fixed!
  5. After seeing the Halo 2: Anniversary cutscenes I feel like when Locke does find Chief it won't end well, I doubt Locke will be the one to start it though he'll probably be happy to put down Chief! I'm just speculating here but I think Chief is mad over Cortana and how she's gone so he's looking for a way to get her back. This will probably lead to him looking for Halsey. Locke and his team will probably find Chief and "Politely" ask him to return home however being a stubborn ******* he'll refuse and then things will get messy. This could be me hoping though, I really want to see Chief kick some Spartan IV ass! Looking forward to Halo 5 though, I need it now!
  6. Mhm, I think Halo 4's storyline is the best in writing however I prefered playing through Halo 3's campaign. The atmosphere, music and the fact that Chief felt more like the silent, strong type is what makes Halo 3's campaign more enjoyable for me! Halo 4 was excellent though, I have every faith in 343i!
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