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  1. Not a theory but a REALLY RADICAL suggestion!!!!! Does anyone remember the game HAVEN: CALL OF THE KING ON PS2?? This game blew my sports sock off. Not the story as such, but the gameplay. The ability to, commandeer, a spaceship or jet and speed through that planets atmosphere and into the dense and quite fascinating blackness of space and before you can say "Oh.This.Is.Beautiful" you're locked in a epic space battle with several fighters, now this is when the game has you immersed. Speeding, dodging, diving, while still adulating the planet you've just left.... *sigh* such memories. Anyway, after that battle, you punch in your destination and (star wars mode) you zap into warp speed! A minute later or less later, you arrive at a planet that makes the last one you just left look like a tennis ball, and you take the helm of your star fighter and accelerate through the planets atmosphere as your fighter slightly burns along the way and land... This is where I said "I wanna go again!" Now Halo, and particularly, Xbox One, need to Fully Utilise these so called new generation consoles and fully expand Halos universe and make us die hard fans, never wanna let go! I liked the permanent upgrade of sprint in Halo 4, the weapons and new enemies, to a degree, but I feel like it lost its expansive open world feel like Halo123, it felt like a "follow this route" sort of game. Halo 5 Guardian, needs to become Xbox Ones Combat Evolve to Xbox. IT NEEDS to go its Own route again and 'Evolve' FPS all over again! Making Halo 5 should allow, neigh, it is only Right, that 343 introduce space travel and battle, allowing us to dive into the Halo world is, in my opinion, the Best way to take It and XboxOne to another level and promote sales.. Imagine. .. Speeding off from planet earth as Agent Locke, arriving in space, zooming around at your own leisure before you warp speed ahead and arrive at a Halo system, to which you can choose to attempt to destroy 3 out of the 8 covenant cruisers and several banshees or duck and dodge, bob and weave, in button sequence, around the armarda before you can make land, Anywhere, on the Halo ring!!!... I can see it now... Me.. calling my manager, at work. "Yh, boss, I'm not going to make it tonight"..... "I injured my foot at the gym" Or being Master Chief, alone, on a lonely baron wasteland planet, bearing a few Flood pods, to which your radar notes an army of unknown enemies approaching, to which you see More Flood than ever thought possible... Nows the good part!! Shotgun in one hand, and any destructive weapon locked to your back and a handful of grenandes as your secondaries, you can charge through or around to escape this infested planet and speed off in your space fighter before you are overwhelmed by your excitement at so much Flood splattering but also, by your enemy... It is also my belief that this story began and will end with the Flood/Precursors!! Halo 5 would blow, not just our sports socks off, but our whole attire if they went down this route.. Expand Its Story. Expand Its Universe.
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