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  1. I never thought about it being a plot twist that way. Definitely a good call
  2. Couldn't agree with you more. Chief has always been humanity's savior. There were other spartans before Chief and they died so what's to say Locke is better than Chief and is hunting him. No. I think Locke is the best spartan ONI has, so maybe they sent him on a journey to find Chief and bring him back to save humanity yet again. Along the way he runs into Arbiter who wants Chief back just as much and that's where the trailer at E3 comes into play.
  3. It could be true that Locke is hunting Chief....what I don't get out of that theory is, why Arbiter is helping Locke then. Why would Arbiter want Chief dead? Looking for Chief to bring him in makes more sense than hunting him.
  4. UNSC Frigate Bellicose incident....captured by insurrectionists who escaped but then resurfaced and was destroyed
  5. I don't think that was a trailer for the MCC...I think that was their trailer peek for Guardians... I only say this because I don't see why they would introduce a new character (Locke) for the MCC which he was never in. I would have to say confirmed as well only an opinion though
  6. Yeah the Collection is being made for xbox one on the new engine for 60 FPS so there would be no point in doing a 360 one too. it would be a waste of time and money. That and they want people to buy the Xbone since they arent selling a lot right now. But I think that is going to start changing with all the xbone exclusives that are starting to come out.
  7. Callisto Incident...it's what started the insurrection
  8. well then we agree to disagree I guess. one thing is for sure. the world is ending from something that we don't now and arbiter and locke are looking for chief so something chief knows can save the human race again
  9. All of those people you just talked about went against the UNSC....Lasky disobeyed an order...Cortana obviously doesn't like the UNSC anymore and Halsey is trying to be killed by them....
  10. play it from 2:20 "troubled by aspects of the military" SO in my eyes, yes he is part of the UNSC....but he's doing the same thing as Chief. Going on his own to fulfill the mission. Arbiter is helping him because he wants to find Chief as much as the UNSC does....again this is just my opinion
  11. It was in an article I saw that Locke is mad at the UNSC too
  12. Banned for banning someone who butchered a quote even though he got an A for effort...
  13. It defintitely it Marlowe because Marlowe is mad at the upper tier officials of the UNSC just like Chief was. And obviously Marlowe (or Agent Locke in the trailer) is looking for Chief with the help of Arbiter. Chief is already amped up at the UNSC and just wait until he finds out they are trying to kill Halsey (the only person Chief feels can save Cortana) So now that Locke also doesn't like the UNSC he is looking for Chief with Arbiter to get on his side to help in his quest against the world. I'm excited to see this play out. I think we'll find out more from some leaks in the future since they always happen. In the case that no leaks do happen, we will definitely find out more when the digital series comes out with the Master Chief Collection. I think Locke will be introduced in that series much like the Forward Unto Dawn series introduced Chief at the end (even though we already knew who chief was) it was set in the past, as Lasky was just a kid therefore I took it as being set before the Halo events. So I think this digital series will introduce Agent Locke into the story line so we get a feel of who he is and what his mission is.
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