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  1. Captain


    Nawh, i'm still here.
  2. Welcome to the forums. I was thinking about starting up a clan with a couple of people. Me and Tucker.
  3. Captain


    Welcome to the forums Dalton. You are going to have a blast here.
  4. Holy crap. This is a great idea. One question though. How would she look like a male? Because a females body build in any Halo game is slightly smaller than a males. I guess she could pull it off depending on how big the armor is. If it's like Master Chief, or close then yeah she could pull it off totally. Good idea!
  5. Captain


    I assure you this was not photo shopped.
  6. I don't really care about Bungie. I assure you he was a great game maker but, if he's going to go focus on Destiny, leaving Halo. Then I won't be too happy.
  7. Captain


    Dude you almost made me pee my pants right there. I fell right out my chair when I saw that picture.
  8. Captain


    The title says it all, you will be seeing some of my few drawings. But, first. I already knew how to draw cartoons, animals and a lot of other things. But I never knew how to draw Spartans. If my dear friend Tucker would not have helped me out I would have never been able to draw Spartans. He also taught me how to draw Destiny characters. So thanks a lot Tucker your the best! Both of these drawings were drawn by hand. They were a vector so that means I used another image, to draw it out. No edits included. P.S. Tucker may be able to help you but only if he knows you in real. Like me . Critiques?
  9. I prefer the DMR. Really the range is just amazing. The BR is an OK gun. Not one of my most favorites. I only use the BR sometimes. Like, when I am not doing too hot with the DMR.
  10. Nice photos. I never been to Disney Land only when I was a little children and I didn't remember any of it. I actually just came back to the forums. Just haven't had the time. Well welcome back Tuck!
  11. Of course I like Miley Cyrus. She's a very beautiful girl. Her hairdo may be a little wacko but, I still really like her personality, music and just her! Haters gonna hate what haters can't date .
  12. I pretty much enjoy any type of music but, if I had to pick one song and one kind of music my favorite song would be, Radioactive by: Imagine Dragons and what I would chose as my favorite music type is probably, country rock and today's hits.
  13. Nice drawings everybody they all look amazing! I drew mine myself this one is one kind of old though kind of. This is a drawing of Applejack took me a while but, I came out alright. I drew it with pencils and markers. Getting the colors was very hard.
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