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  1. you have some really really cool aesthetics going on. The outside conveyor belt looks great. Although there is so much going on with the constant explosions and all the initial ordnance drops that i believe it is slowing down and lagging the map. Looks really good though, keep working at it!!! Also may borrow some of ur ideas like the chairs with the flag plate and capture plate, genius my friend, so i hope u don't mind
  2. gotcha, thanks for the advice buddy i appreciate it:-)
  3. CottonWood File Share Gamer Tag- bigEz killer Canvas Map- Impact Supported Game Types- Slayer, CTF, Extraction, Oddball, KOTH, Dominion Best Games types- 4v4 Slayer, Extraction Ordnance drops- Dominion Only Non-Ordnance- 2 Sniper Rifles on either spawn sides, 2 shotguns on either side, two saws on either side, Rocket launch, sword and rail gun all in neutral locations. Vehicles- Mongoose, Ghost, one for each side. Description- An old dessert fort, located in space why not. This fort was meant for a siege, a 13 day one to be exact. Inspired by the Alamo this map offers great range and game play for slayer and extraction. All the housing, barracks, prison and what not are located toward the edge outer wall just like the original Alamo. I placed a neutral middle location to act as the "fire pit," and cover all over the place so it's not a death trap. Also i put two gauss warthogs locked into place, one in the chapel of the Alamo, and one on the outer ring to act like "cannons" for the siege. Map Intel- Rocket launcher located on the top of the middle teal core. Rail Gun on top of the red building or "hospital". Sword is located in the side door of the "chapel" or the brown building. ****Sorry the pictures could be better!! Haven't figured out how to extract HD pictures from the xbox yet. ****Also special thanks to Skunk Ape, Marek5590, ManBearPi9420, jscan88, FireoftheFox, Dr3amin13ig, die ant word, out of chicken5, and XCS39!!! Thank you all so much for helping me test my maps all the time, and all the critiquing you do!!! I couldn't have done it without you all, so thanks for the help and putting up with my annoyances during these long processes, you all rock!!
  4. Gamertag- BigEzkiller Map- Headlong V2 Gametype- Infinity Slayer, BTB, 1 Flag CTF. (Credit to 1 Flag CTF goes to Flying Show ILR) Description- A construction site of a new hotel and city block, located in New Mombasa, Africa is half way to completion when the covenant attacked. The city is evacuated of all civilians, only Spartans remain. This classic from Halo 2 was perfect for objective base games, especially 1 flag CTF. The entire map is not to scale of halo 2, map restrictions and lack of blocks were factors. Either way i do believe this is as close as i can personally get it. Attacking (Blue team) side has one warthog, and on mongoose. Weapons are a sniper rifle and shotgun and rocket launcher (original locations) as well as a needler and saw in two new locations. Defenders (Red team) side has one ghost. Weapons are a shotgun and sniper rifle in original locations, rockets were moved to the back base across the bridge, there is also a saw and needler in new locations. Neutral points are the banshee, sword (located on top of the crane) and laser (located under the crane. Something to note, on 1 flag CTF, when trying to score, the flag is underneath the blue base out of reach, all you have to do is walk over top of the area at the opening to the blue base. (Right in front of where you initially spawn) Please bare with that fact, it had to be done. The final attached picture is only there to show you where to capture the flag, not for looks. Also i had to make a Crane not a beam that moves cause i don't think you can make a moving beam in forge. Thanks to everyone who commented on my last submission and helped me tweak some things and get it closer to scale, I really hope it is better and everyone likes it more!!!! Picture link- 1, 2, 3 Headlong V2 1flag CTF
  5. Thanks everyone for your help and criticism. I do really appreciate it. I took it all in and i made Headlong V2.1 that i will put on the forum today and also on my file share. I was able to get the building to match up more with the halo 2 version, however it is still not to scale given the size of Ravine and only 10000 blocks. I used up everything i could. All building blocks, all inclines, all walls, i even had to use all the rocks. Anyway i hope it's better and everyone likes it more. "This community deserves a better class of map, and imma give it to them."
  6. Anybody else like it? hate it? advice? concerns? unsure about your sexual orientation? anything at all!!
  7. Thanks man i really appreciate it!! I'll take all the support i can get haha.
  8. I am attempting to get this map onto the BTB playlist. My hope is that this remake is popular enough to be used in matchmaking on a daily basis. It is an improvised version of Headlong from halo 2. Now unfortunately apparently 10000 bucks and 90 blocks each isn't enough so i had to get creative on a couple of sections of the map. Either way you should recognize it and i hope you enjoy it. Any creative comments or suggestions are of course appreciated. My gamer tag is bigEz killer if for some reason anyone needs to contact me or at the very least fileshare. Oh also there will be a CTF 1 flag version of it in my fileshare. Enjoy!! oops. 1. bigEz killer 2. infinity slayer. Also 1 flag CTF available. 3. Best for BTB or BTB CTF 4. "Headlong/Breakneck" is a construction site based in New Mombasa, Africa. A hotel and city square was under construction as earth fell under attack, so what you see is what you get. No refunds for already purchased rooms. Attacker side starts out with a ghost, warthog, and mongoose. Defenders start out with two ghosts. One banshee is located in a neutral location. Some spots in the map had to be improvised due to lack of blocks. Anyways here's Deadwrong, I hope everyone enjoys.
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