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  1. I think there is only a code for XBOX ONE, not 360. I need one for 360 as well. I have the achievement and yet on waypoint it shows I haven't unlocked it.
  2. I log onto Live for the night, and am trying to get my Flood commendations completed. I enter matchmaking and it drops me into a match 2/3 of the way done. WTF?! How can anyone win, or even get any medals at that point? This gametype is seriously flawed and should NOT be in the commendations. It spawns people with Assault rifles too. Shout outs to 343. Why should we be penalized for leaving a match, when you drop us in a game that is more than half over and there is no way we can win or do anything to get medals? Newest shoutout to 343. The first round begins and I am heading to shoot enemies, when a Spartan in yellow with a DMR or BR starts shooting at me and I am out of SG range. Way to go guys!
  3. Flood has started with Spartans having Assault rifles several times. WTF? This game type and its commendation requirements is/are foul. It should be removed permanently.
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