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Status Updates posted by Pbrabbit

  1. Miss y'all! Hope everyone is doing well!

  2. Wow. Big Update.

    1. Mr Kittens and Gibberish

      Mr Kittens and Gibberish

      Yeah. I just came back on after feeling like I haven't been on in forever, and I haven't been on in forever.

  3. I miss you all

    1. Drizzy_Dan


      Sorry I missed you when you stopped by!

    2. Pbrabbit


      No worries my dude!

  4. Bop. boop boop. beep.

  5. Happy New Year!

    1. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      Happy New Year to you too, Pbrabbit!

    2. I_Make_Big_Boom
  6. Good day everyone!

    1. I_Make_Big_Boom


      Ey it's the butter man, good day to ye too.

  7. Imagine, a game where Master Chief and Knack, team up and fight a Guardian from Destiny.

    1. Halo6 Follower
    2. Spyro


      Are you implying the Chief couldn't kill and spawn camp the guardian?

  8. Hosting a Halo Lobby Tomorrow around 4pm EST!!! Come and Join!

  9. Looking for some Destiny buddies to play with on XB1!!!! HMU!!!

  10. If you play Destiny, HMU for a raid sometime!

  11. Happy Halloween Everyone!

  12. What I've been up to, I'm like Twam now. I run my own community. Mostly Pokemon based. Not gonna advertise tho. Love you guys! Just checking in!

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    2. Delpen9


      If you're running a Pokemon community, I may be interested. I always need some more people to play PokemonShowdown with.

    3. Melody
    4. Delpen9
  13. Any of you live in the Chicago Area? Going there for college in September!

    1. Drizzy_Dan


      I don't but congrats on school! Have fun!

    2. Yoshi1176


      Oh lucky, I wouldn't mind going to Chicago!

  14. Twam. I love you

    1. Unease Peanut

      Unease Peanut

      You spelled my username wrong

  15. Finally on here for my birthday! Yayyy!

  16. Mafia _: The Force Awakens will happen someday...

  17. I hope that one day, the shout box name will be red and will say twam and will talk with me again.

  18. I honestly can't see who anyone truly is anymore. You could almost say this is a forum of mystery

    1. rrhuntington


      One day, we will all return to our beginnings...

    2. Winry Rockbell

      Winry Rockbell

      If I am me and you are you plus we are we, then who are they and will they ever be part of we?

  19. When you look at the bottom of the webpage to find out what other people are looking at :troll:

  20. The Notorious RBG

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