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  1. I'd help you get this! But I lag in campaign poorly and usually disconnect.
  2. Haha. These are pretty cool!
  3. I swear. These things are getting dumber and dumber everytime.
  4. I didn't really ever like join in progress games... Especially when it throws you in at the end of a match and you lose... Mess up win/loss ratio for a lot of people.
  5. Jinx

    Noble 6

    Well it's kind of unknown. It doesn't show him get killed, it just shows the elite stab his sword, but it doesn't show at what. So there is possibility he still lived. You never know. His file reads MIA, just like Master Chiefs did. But he was still alive.
  6. The Pelican was already in Halo 4? Lol. And I think the Reaper would be pretty cool to see. But I'm pretty sure we're going to be done fighting the covenant here shortly.
  7. I believe Halo Wars was kind of based on that. lol. Harvest was in Halo Wars, so I guess you could go play that if you want a Halo: Harvest.
  8. They base it off of nowadays things. You can't expect anything to change... Remember that the 21st century we were supposed to have flying cars, like The Jetsons? Well that never happened. So don't bring that kind of hope up in the future. You don't know for sure what's going to happen.
  9. I highly doubt that it is real. It looks more like a mod. Halo 3 wasn't originally 343's game either and that game is about 6 years old. So why would they release that kind of update? Your friend is probably just feeding you lies.
  10. Not sure how the playdate stuff works but can i plaaay?
  11. Is it just me or are these getting worse and worse more frequently?
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