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  1. Relatively I've been playing H4 for a while but I'm getting fed up with it, many flaws to that game and it is no where as good as H3 or H2 was. IMO it is unbalanced and preferably both overrated and underrated. That's my opinion; but with Reach I come on and even though the playlists I play the most is MLG and BTB I get most out of it, Things aren't as unbalanced I find it better than H4. Typically a Veteran of Halo since CE I like H4, but I'm choosing Reach over it. I don't know if you all aren't understanding where I'm getting at which is what I'm saying is that I think Reach is better than H4? Thoughts?
  2. No terrible maps. Everytime I go into Infinity Slayer you get either Slayer Pro or Infinity Slayer on Custom made maps that are absolutely terrible.
  3. I know a majority of this, about 98% of these tips. When you get into real competition, players who play on MLG/AGL Level these tips help: Never engage the whole team by yourself, even if you're good you still shouldn't. It shows you take things for granted and you don't work well with teams ( I follow this tip almost everytime ) Never rush in any situation. Relax and go at a good pace, look at the situation and engage. If you run right into things you're just going to get the worst K/D you've ever saw and never put in a kill. ALWAYS know the map. If you've been playing the game for a while you should memorize each area on each map. Utilize that tool and flank/stragetize etc against the enemy team SNIPER TIP: You don't have to be a good sniper to snipe. If you're in the right area, flanked the team well you can still pick anyone off (tip from SNIP3DOWN) IF it is an objective type game. Always use teamwork, because the other team is and like I said, never engage the team by yourself and never rush because they aren't and that's how you're losing There are many tips. Most I use is preferable, and takes practice such as your strafe, BR over DMR vice versa, aiming etc
  4. Because Halo 4 takes place far in the outer area of the Milky Way Galaxy and that the UNSC Infinity is housing the Spartan IV Program their is no need for an ODST, but I'm sure there are some on there, but technically since the IV program has indocted soldiers that are the best of the best including some ODST's you can assume that there are some on there. FYI ODST's never had a good friendship with the Spartans anyway so it would be a difficult time to have two of some elite forces on board with each other. Especially with the incident with MC and 4 ODST's in a weight room.
  5. I'm sure realistically that Batman is one of the dangerous men in the world stated by Superman, in fact that he's taken out people far more powerful than him and that are on par with Superman. I would assume Batman would win.
  6. Since I'm pretty sure that Halo series will be over by Halo 6, and everyone will be moved to Destiny, do you think 343i can just show us what John looks like under that suit by Halo 6? Because my imagination isn't cuttin' it, in addition even though Bungie said that his face is suppose to be what you want it to be or imagine, I think it should be a face we can finally just see.
  7. Generally a Jedi's reactions can be on par with a Spartan, and since SW is pretty advanced in the future I'm sure they can turn a Jedi into something like a Spartan as well. Even though I know more about Halo and I would love to say Halo wins, SW defiantly hands down.
  8. Batman vs Bella Swan when she was turned. I'm sure realistically that Batman is one of the dangerous men in the world stated by Superman, in fact that he's taken out people far more powerful than him and that are on par with Superman. I would assume Batman would win. So whoever says Bella by far you can't assume the obvious because of some bs reason. Should wiki him and see how powerful of a hero "without powers" he really is. To make things interesting. His physicality is almost past on par with Captain America. He also isn't an idiot. He's got gadgets to compliment his prowess. Trained well and has mastered every known Martial Art, literally Batman has beaten Superman at least once. Who in most cases Superman would just only have to punch Bella and she break in half.
  9. Working on your strafe is an important factor. Strafe can determine the winner. Making the opponent work for its right on shots is how its done. This is what beats me every time is that I'm paring up with an enemy who can strafe really well.
  10. The Support specialization sounds too much like Battlefield's Engineer class. Even though I absolutely love BF I want Halo to be its own game. The ODST one sounds nice, but when will we enter multiplayer from space? Sounds kind of cool though.
  11. Ghandi talked too much trash. He's nothing now. T2 smacked the **** out of him half the time I remember, they both talked trash to each other anyway. My favorite is OGRE 1, Neighbor and Snipedown. Although Walshy is original and has been around for a while. Personally I just like everyone on STR8 RIPPEN and Final Boss.
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