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  1. Me and my team mate are lookin for people to scrimmage against mlg customs add our gamertags TheScary Monste, or iSnipeUHeadOff
  2. Halo when i think of halo i think of a skilled base game that takes nothing but skill, passion, and team work. I personal think that halo has went to a different type of gaming such as letting anyone who picks the game up can be good at in such has making the br the way it is and the dmr itself, what happen to the halo were u had to actually lead your shots and get the head shot for the 4 shot or 3 body shots and the pure skill of the game.. 343 i am no complaining about your game im just saying that as a fellow halo 2 and 3 player i loved the game because it took skill and i wanted to play it to get better and become the best but for halo 4 it seems like ever one is just good that has hand eye coronation,, also with what i have said i think that yall wanna make a game that work for the new players and also the competitive side but this is some that halo is just not halo was a game for skill and always will be because its halo and yall have tried to change it so please on your next game think about what all the players of your games has said on these fourms i mean the mlg droping halo sucks bad but halo is halo not halo mixed with armor ability's i mean there cool i guess for someone who just started playing but its not halo. therefore i have said what i think any wanna comment plz do so i wanna see what others have to say,
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