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  1. Okay, 343, seriously now. I made a constructive, polite, completely non-trollish post criticizing something that I believe you need to address. This post was subsequently deleted without any contact or justification as to why. Considering you've made it so absurdly difficult to communicate with the company, how is one to convey criticism? You've inherited a franchise that I've spent a decade playing. You did a great job with this game, but this is incredibly disheartening. Now you're deleting criticism from the forums, which seems to be the only avenue for someone to contact you? Shame on you. Give me a method to contact 343 outside of the forums and I'd gladly take it. Deleting polite, albeit somewhat negative criticism from the forums is completely unacceptable. I get it. They're your forums. But, it's insanely cowardly to delete a careful and thoughtful post without explaining why, or giving the poster a different method of communicating. Disappointed and angry, Shreepsy
  2. Good Day 343, I wanted to bring to your attention, 343, that your ongoing mishandling of the level cap situation is costing you fans, active players, and money. First of all, the fact that you're withholding game-altering content from a large segment of your players is not only unprecedented in the Halo series, it's completely illogical and alienating. Technically, the game isn't "fair". Since I played before November 20th, I have access to certain parts of the game that others do not, arguably giving me an advantage. Sure, it might be minimal, but it's a difference nonetheless. Second, I don't know if you've noticed, but the video game industry has exposed the fact that a lot of people like level progression systems. Even if they suck at Halo, they get to feel good by leveling up. I've got my own gripe about that, but you're already addressing it with a ranking system. Definitely great job on that. However, I personally know at least three people who have quit playing the game because they can't progress ahead of level 70. There's a "what's the point if I can't get XP?" attitude running rampant throughout your fan base that is stuck at 70. Many have expressed that they won't come back if the level cap is lifted because they feel they've been wronged. Realistically, you've punished a lot of them for having real lives apart from Halo. Maybe Halo wasn't their top priority and it's possible that they didn't have the money to purchase your game before November 20th. Seriously? Punish them for that? You might reframe it not as "punishment" but as a "reward" for those who bought LE or played pre November 20th. That's just silly, the "reward" is game altering content that affects in-game play and gives an advantage. In conclusion, I'm utterly dumbfounded that the level cap hasn't been lifted yet. Perhaps it's something beyond my comprehension with regards to the programming or development that must take place to lift it... But that seems somewhat unlikely. You're losing fans, players, and money in future map pack sales and Halo 5 sales. People are not happy. Use your head and lift the level cap. Sincerely, Shreepsy, concerned huge fan.
  3. Order a salad and tell her it's because you feel bad for the animals.@WorksErryTime

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