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  1. but when you look they use those more in spartan ops so they could be the new upgrade to the pelican so that they had more fire power and it has been four years in four years computers change Xbox one is coming out so i mean not everything is the same anymore cause four years there are newer things
  2. ban for talking a banning and banning anyone who ever as to get ban while banning my self so there wait one more thing banned because i'm boss
  3. yes and he forgot one more detail you need to have the foundry map in order to help and my gamertag if you need more details is banehalo
  4. i love it if the team i have actually is smart instead of oh pretty shots and just do it for the kills if i do objective on halo 4 it is usually FFA or team slayer so i really don't care just as long as i don't get paired with idiots
  5. well it could either be a mod or it could be a test that bungie had going in that world and never remove so now it is stuck there for entirely and none can stop it
  6. ban for using the ban hammer too many times and banning others for banning
  7. i would love to make a map like that
  8. the first time i played was when halo 1 was out and halo 2 was out too
  9. my apologies i didn't mean to interrupt i kinda felt like i was rude sitting down without permission please forgive my rushed introduction. (He said) (while he was eating he thinks of a way to make it up to them)
  10. *he glanced up and thought it be rude not to respond with a friendly hello or something* hello. he said. may name is jake barron sorry for being rude and not waiting for a respondes. he explained. what are your name you two? he asked. (forgot one small detail in this) (it was after helljumpers person speacking to let you know)
  11. oh opps see i'm bad at this since i didn't know who you were talking to lol (looking for somewhere to seat i see two people sitting nearby as i walk up and asked) is this seat taken?he said (sits down anyways since there was nowhere else to sit really)
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