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  1. I agree, but the problem with that is they did it for multi reasons... one: It is to show how messed up cheif got after halo3 Two: So it would be more comfortable for those who wear the suit Three: He still has a hard cover over the area, so not such a big point
  2. i agree as well, Always wanted to make my own campaign
  3. elite minor:'Ship master, they out numbered us three to one' Ship master: 'Then it is an even fight' The ark on halo 3 'I know what you are thinking... and it is crazy, but fortuantly for both of us.. I like crazy' cortona on cario station halo 2
  4. I agree with that, but they will have to have same sheilds and armor as elites and spartans
  5. who in the world said no elites, no elites in that case would mean no brutes, grunts, the covanant. Non of them, that would also mean no infected of those kind. And would mean only pure flood forms and forruner or percursor which is impossible to fight without a halo. Elites have to be included
  6. rtas, thats a brilliant idea, everyone wants to know what happened to the elites in the end and at the same time to know spartan 117s story, but there should be more tragedy to it, so it could be exciting, like the brutes are no threat to the elites without the prophets, and same with the rest, but maybe if they were threatened with something different and more dangerous like the flood and it is on all the other planets, than yea it could work.
  7. I am an elite it is my favorite species in halo and all other video games
  8. well maybe something like 3 elepahants vs scarab
  9. Maybe, maybe not, you see that would give a player an advantage in accuracy, then, whats the point of it, you are going to switch your weponds anyway but i would like some upgrades to make a wepond look bulkier or more perfesional, but i dont know how that would work nicely in matchmaking ps. i think it would work great with the assasination knife, energy blade, and energy sword
  10. the only way i see it overpowered if it were a superscarab or its ability to stomp on people, other than that, how is it over powered, i mean, its main canon doesnt do much damage, so does its secondary the elephant could be upgraded and have a gauss turret at the middle for its primarry turret
  11. yea , i always wanted to make some of those
  12. ONE THING WE REALLY FORGOT, the flip option,and the option to increace width and size of the object itself i so tired of having to find the perfect peice to make my map look semetrical, especially with the ramps that turn
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