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  1. Profile Image 'Neo' Member Rank/Member Title Members Brute Time Online at this post 7d 18h 33m 22s Sign up date 08 Dec 2012 Total Shouts 2117 Active Post Count 50 Profile Views 3,335 Reputation Likes 7 - Liked Awards Received 1 Friends on list 22 Signature Not stolen from Azaxx or anything
  2. Even if you were offline, that's still a bummer! I'd be so frustrating after all that time wasted and getting nothing at all, not even missions showing up as completed
  3. They really shouldn't, it wouldn't happen anyways, but one can dream I guess.
  4. 343 needs to stop 343 this 343 that 343 pls im mad
  5. Well they wouldn't, but it's for forge purposes I assume?
  6. Welp, time to boot up GTAO when heists are released, I just hope it's everything I hoped it to be.
  7. This is really interesting, I should really look into Halo lore more often. Thanks again Loremaster Bnus
  8. Nothing beats Golden Warthog though
  9. I'm really hoping for Elites in H5, I've always loved playing as them
  10. Really interesting, thank you!
  11. I haz another question In Halo 2, Mercy mentioned something about Taming of the Hunters and the Grunt Rebellion, could you explain that?
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