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  1. Sounds fun! Invite PresidentSnipes (exact spelling)!!
  2. I love vegetables so much... "Mmm vegetabacles"... Wait, what? I totally meant to say "Mmm vegebacon..." No, I meant to bacon vebacontables... I'm conbaconed.. I meant confused. Yes, confused.. I may need to lie bacon. I mean, lie down. On bacon. Because bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon...
  3. I'd like to be there! I'd like to hear what the opinion on my map is!
  4. I'll definitely be there! Gamertag: PresidentSnipes (Exact gamertag)
  5. Bridge Out Map Name: Bridge Out Map Creator: PresidentSnipes (Exact Gamertag.) Canvas Map: Ravine Total Build Time: 20 hours Total Games Played On Map: 10 Download Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/presidentsnipes/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=37961faf-fb31-4e76-9c8c-7b01e27a60ce Summary: Hey, guys. I just wanted to share my new map, Bridge Out. It is an asymmetrical, small size map, based off of many classic Halo maps. Admittedly, this map was originally tailored for Team Doubles, but a 4v4 Infinity Slayer match on this map is actually rather fun, and does feel quite welcoming. In almost all of the tests performed on this map, the testers would actually refer to this map as feeling like something out of Halo 3, specifically, Guardian, Blackout, The Pit, Foundry, and Rat's Nest. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback on this map, which is good, considering I have put over 6 hours of building time, and over 12 hours of editing/tweaking/aesthetic implementation time into this map. I am extremely "anal" about clean forging, and it DOES show on this map. In the rough 12 hours I have put into tweaking this map, I have made it perfect. The forging is completely clean, and there are NO places to get stuck on (one of my largest "pet-peeves..."). The map, and gameplay are smooth, and are VERY reminiscent of the classic Halo's, and it has it's own skybox... Kind of... The map was also built with heavy aesthetics, and verticality in mind. There are roughly 4 "floors" on this map, and almost everything is interconnected, to provide a different feeling of gameplay than what has been provided in Halo 4 thus far, or at least in my opinion anyway... I also made sure to incorporate risk vs. reward on this map. There are power weapons, but all are extremely balanced, and spread out. Power weapons include: sniper rifle, spartan laser, energy sword, and sticky detonator; All are on random ordinance drops! I would also like to thank The Halo Forge Epidemic, and 343 Industries for giving the community a chance to showcase their work! I also want to apologize for the rather long description. Thank you for reading! I started this map on December 6, 2012, and finished it on March 8, 2013. There are NO framerate, or lighting problems. Pictures. (Warning, pictures are not great, and do not do the map justice!)
  6. PresidentSnipes

    Bridge Out

    An album created specifically for my "Meet Your Maker Contest" Map, entitled Bridge Out.
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