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  1. I like it. But as a word of advice try to be aware of how many times you use a word or name in the same paragraph or subsequent sentences, it makes things redundant.
  2. I for one am gonna stick with PC. I think consoles have strayed from gaming and are trying to be more like home entertainment systems that can do anything the family wants. But not everything a gamer wants. Eventually consoles will do everything a PC can and will have screens built into them and made portable (AKA. Laptops and tablets). As much as I hate the xbox one I feel like I would miss out on a lot by not getting it. shame. And I cant boycott Microsoft for it because I would end up buying windows. I like PC's because they are relatively DRM free and even if a game has DRM it is easily reversible thanks to a huge modding and hacking community. So no I will not get it.
  3. Like many have said before it is impossible. Well it is not necessarily impossible but very difficult. As a modder I know that you cannot create a map with AI without navmeshing. The navmesh is how AI knows "Oh there's a wall there" or "Oh some cover". There would have to be another AI in the game to automatically implement the code for navmesh in the map as you place it or you would have to manually place it. It can be done but it is less like forge and more like modding.
  4. I would definitely buy. I loved halo wars and I have always loved halo and RTS's so it was the perfect mix. Ad to those who say halo was not meant to be an RTS. IT STARTED AS AN RTS! The devs planed on making it an RTS to begin with (they also planned on the master chief having a machete, shame it didn't happen). Also RTS/FPS hybrits would be difficult without a level system like an FPS but freedom like an RTS. I think however an RPG/RTS could be easily done.
  5. I haven't seen any awful xbox games but I was disappointed with the kinect. CoD isn't terrible but I hate the company behind it and what they do to it. I think ACIII is great and can't see why others don't. I liked Halo 4 but it wasn't too innovative. I loved Skyrim and have been a fan of TES since Morrowind.
  6. I have also been a fan of AC since the first and I am excited for IV. I loved naval combat and I also love pirates (the real kind, the looting and violence and stuff). And It is one of the few games based heavily on single player (I have terrible internet making MP impossible). I am also interested to see if they continue Desmond's story. (But he is dead so y'know)
  7. I would love to see more hero battles. Like the one in Mos Eisley but in other places. And I would love a revamped version of Galactic Conquest.
  8. So I've been out for a few months But I have finished my school so I have a lot more free time.
  9. I was always disappointed about the no Promethean vehicles thing but think about it. In halo 343 guilty spark said something like they recommend at least level or tier 18 armor but master chief only had tier 6. So they would obviously be uber vehicles.
  10. I think that there should be a UNSC flying vehicle THAT THE PILOT CAN SHOOT IN! It was very annoying having to have another person on the side to shoot.
  11. It says in the campaign that they are humans that were turned into robots to fight the flood.
  12. Wasn't there a bunch of disintegrated people in the ending cutscene? I think that he'll be back.
  13. I also heard that you can control it with your mind and there is a little alien on the inside that runs it. I also call fake on it. I'll just wait till the actual release.
  14. I only have like 9030 GS. The reason is first I don't play online much so there goes a lot of it. Second I play a lot of the same games over and over so I cant exactly get an achievement twice. And third I am a console/PC gamer so half of my gaming time is spent on my computer.
  15. 1. Halo 2. AC 3. Fallout 4. Elder Scrolls there are a lot of other good ones but these are my favorite.
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