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  1. Visible per playlist, but then the highest is visible on waypoint. Sounds like its gonna show everything in-game and then on waypoint, it puts ur highest rank in your profile. If true, then thats exactly what we want
  2. "Relax, its just rumours" "Relax, its just the beta" "Relax, its only the first week" "Relax, its only the first month" In 1.5 years we will be hearing, "relax, Halo 5 will fix everything" We heard all these quotes in Reach and now in Halo 4. Games should never be released unfinished, I don't know why people think that it is ok for 343 to do this.
  3. Game has been worked on for 2+ years, why is the ranking system coming out 3 months later?
  4. 2. They tweaked the killstreaks to work better in Halo, but its still killstreaks and it completely ruins the balance of the game. 3. You realize how easy it would be for them to add both at the same time. Reach did it in the Arena playlist, you would still earn XP while working towards getting that Onyx badge. Also, Halo is a game of teamwork where it is not supposed to be just one player destroying the rest. That is what CoD is and is the main reason I hate it. I can jump in a CoD game and go 20-2 without ever going into a fight with my teamates....doesn't work the same way in Halo though.
  5. The game was only in development for 2+ years, no big deal... Its great to see that they are going to implement a ranking system, but this is wayyyy too late.
  6. I killed a guy, died, insta respawned, killed a guy and it counted it as a double kill. That definitely should not happen lol.
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