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  1. thnx its been resolved hopefully I think now. I wound up calling xbox support. I think we got it resolved we will see in a little while when map packs start coming out for Halo 4
  2. I bought the limited edition of Halo 4 at midnight last night. I just now finished the campaing and downloaded disc 2 to my harddrive. I then proceeded to download all my free stuff that came with the limited edition. Specifically for this case it was the free map packs,etc code. I was in the process of downloading it then decided to cancel the download. I tried to go on the marketplace and redownload it but it wanted to charge me for it. So I figured I should reenter my code in again and see if it worked. Well it said that the code had already been used. So I looked at the contents of my harddrive for Halo 4 and it showed a file saying incomplete for the map pack. I didnt see anything else to do other than to delete it. After deleting it I checked both the code and the marketplace again to see if I could redownload it without having to pay like I shouldnt in this case. Well I the same thing still wound up happening Its saying that the code has already been used and the marketplace is still saying I need to pay 2000 microsoft points for this. What should I do Guys please help. I dont want to pay for this twice now after buying the limited edition primarily for the map packs.
  3. I bought the limited edition of Halo 4 and was putting in the codes that were included with it and for the first one on the list that allows me to get the map packs. I ended up deleting the incomplete version of it from my harddrive since I stopped it from fully downloading. I tried to re enter the code but it says it has already been used. I went to look at available downloads for halo4 and saw it marked for 2000 Microsoft Points. Its not letting me download it wwithout paying. How do I fix this?
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