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  1. The game is fine, I just have an issue with the Kill-Cam in certain game types like Slayer and CTF. It kind of ruins the spirit of the game for me, and a lot of others. It should be an option, not a necessity. We have it in Big team Battle, why not all the other game modes. In conclusion, added options for kill cam.
  2. It feels as though Halo has changed for the worst, one major feature in the multi-player ever since split screen on Halo: Combat evolved was that there wasn't the conventional "Kill-Camera" but the camera where it showed a third person view of the person who killed you. With this players are able to do all sorts of things, including t-bagging. I'm not going to cry and say that the kill camera should be taken out of the game, but there should be an option to turn it off. Who agrees?
  3. At least we're not alone, perhaps we unlock them sooner, say only two come out a month, we can get them all if we unlock them with exp.
  4. Has anybody else here not had access to all 8 Specializations or only had the first two showing, even though they've entered their Limited edition code? This thread is to shine some light on the situation, for the people like me who are having some problems.
  5. Like many others I have the limited edition of the game, and again like everybody with the limited edition I entered the code for the extra content, maps, armor, and of course the specializations unlock. On the specializations screen it only shows two of the 8. Will we still get access to all 8 or is there a glitch at the moment? I'm sorry if this has already been discussed / solved. If it has please post a link, I'm new here so be gentle.
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