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    Visible Rank makes the game more competitive. This is a great thing. why? Simple. More people to play with and much more intense gameplay. I believe that people misinterpret what "motivation to play" means. Obviously you can just play the game and have fun without the need for motivation, but let me ask you this......where is everyone? I get on and there are less and less numbers of people playing everyday. They leave because there is no satisfaction, no reward, or anything to gain from this game. Something like visible skill ranks can help give people that rewarding feeling that is missing in this game. This game isnt as skillful as the previous games and people can see that. They dont need to be game developers to know what its like to play a skillful game and yes we voice our opinions alot but thats very necesary to do. If we dont voice the mistakes made how is it that anything can get fixed or anything can get better? CSR in game is valuable and an asset to what Halo as a whole can be. If your bothered by people voicing something over and over again that is important to them and yu just post comments that say "i dont care" then yu should gtfo of the forums where people will repeatedly voice their opinions about something that is overall beneficial to Halo. Visible CSR = in I also know that descoping is the next biggest thing......but thats for a different time.
  2. Dude im totally down for this. I have a few maps of my own that id like to showcase. My gt is xlxlCROBARlxlx. Message me on live if itll be possible for me to join.
  3. Forge isnt competitive soo a ranking system is pointless. What is a needed is a means for people to be able to get their maps out there so others can at least see it.
  4. So basically the title says it all. I would like to play with some people in a few Halo 4 customs. Its mostly to get some feedback on it and to get more people to play it. GAMETYPES: - CTF -Team Slayer If you'd like to play just message me on live GT: xlxlCROBARlxlx Thanks for time.
  5. Halo 4 campaign is crap. Its crap with good graphics which arent even textured as good as Reach's were. So? You get to see a forunner and Prometheans?.....besides the Didact whom got domed by Cortana.....the Prometheans are wack. These are not the mystereous beings that i pictured while playing Halo 1 and 3. Its not. Halo: Reach and Halo:3 made me care for the protagonists and in 4 i wasnt attached to the chief at all. He never really felt like he was in danger and he never got a heros welcome. I didnt witness the Chief getting the prestige and praise of being gone for like 5 or 7 years? Idr but i mean come on. Yes the army is tough but the entire Earth should have been spoken to about the chief, the savior, and nothing. He was just gone for a week and was mysterously found and its like nothing to everyone. He was Lasky's hound and wasnt honored in the slightest. Because of this campaign my respect for the chief dimished alot. In Reach i felt like noble was going to really save the planet, and in a freaking twist they each start dying!!! Thats badass storytelling and even the character models looked better in reach, they didnt look like clay barbie dolls in engine. Ive ranted too much.....if you read it all im sorry and thank you for your time.
  6. No wait for.......Destiny BUNGIE'S Second Baby
  7. Yeah jetpack is wack. I played alot of reach and now 4 and honestly ive never realized how annoying it is. Mostly since when i die from a jetpacking person they have rockets, inc cannon, plasma pistol, AR, railgun, boltshot, supressors, needlers, and idk what other noob gun to name. It just is a pest that is just in the game for people to say to themselves, "i always wanted to be a pigeon with a gun." I agree with the whole grenade thing too, like when a grenade is supposed to kill the damed guy and hes "4ft" ^^^^ above the ground he still survives, and with the AA suport its rediculous. I use thrust and its just because we are basically forced to conform with AA and its my best one.....nough said.
  8. I just thought the point of the game was to play with people. If you reached the top then, play with more people and interact, i play to be the best. But being realistic i could never be the actual best. So i play to get better but i join a clan, i get a party, i forge here and there. I save clips. Dude like seriously take the time to actually enjoy and admire what you do every game and how you affect everything that happens in that game just as much as the next person. Just open your eyes and youll realize that SR is a joke of a ranking system and that everyone would have capped everntually regardless of how much they play. I quit playing for 4 months....im a 90 and ive played a couple of hours a day for 3 weeks. Its not the rank that makes the game its the people playing. Just think about it. Do you think its worth playing with thousands of other gamers in a single session of gaming or no?
  9. Dude idk if were playing the same game....but regular team slayer doesnt exist anymore. Its called Infinity Slayer and its a CoD mock-up version in Halo 4. I would believe that more people want to play something more familiar than a 4v4 with ordanance and randomness that kills it. Ok, theres the same thing in big team battle, BUT if you play any other BTB you can see the people accept more randomness in BTB than in Team Slayer. My personal belief is that. I believe that since theres this fake Team Slayer around that nobody really accepts it fully. In my heart i miss the original Team Slayer where the only BS came from a random grenade that had no business landing next to my foot right after i just killed a guy. Now there is BS every single second and i see the BS happening to my teamates. To me thats something serious where you accept your BS and its happening so much that you notice all the BS your teamates suffer. INFINITY SLAYER = Fake TEAM SLAYER = Original BTB = Fake but better than Infinity.
  10. Its just that 343 hasnt been too responsive. They seem to be very cocky about their decisions even when they hurt instead of help. I play halo 4 everyday, so i cant say im fully against but i did quit halo 4 for some time. The way they developed the game just doesnt fit and though the game is alright, it has too many bugs and too many unbalances and it doesnt feel like any Halo that weve played. The weekly updates havnt made sense until just now that they released better gametypes and are finally balancing weapons. It just doesnt seem like theyre listening since from the very beggining people have been talking to 343 about what needs to be in the game and its up until and its a bit too late. They have lost alot of credibility and i think that this is what the OP was tryna say in a way.
  11. Hey im pretty interested in being a part of this clan. If theres any training or anything i need to do to join just lmk. My gt is xlxlCROBARlxlx . My k/d isnt the very best mostly due to the fact that i skipped like 4 months of halo 4. Now i just play alone mostly. Message me on live. My skills do show in game, and i hope i surprise some of the good players in your squad. I am mature. Cocky but i know when my skill isnt up to par and whenever that time comes i stop my cocky ways and work my way up to being as good as the top guys. Thank you for reading this. I hope we can play soon.
  12. I didnt even know that i could do that lol cuz i only come the forums through my phone, ill look into it. Also, it feels pretty badass to actually do it and leave the other guy just there to sulk it in.
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