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  1. Thanks to those who have joined our Discord and become part of our growing family! We do this for you!
  2. United Extreme Gaming, or UEG, is a friendly non-skill based Gaming Community dedicated to the betterment of the online gaming experience. Since our founding in 2006, we strive to provide our members with an inclusive and enjoyable environment where like minded individuals can come together and build lasting friendships within our community of 600+ Gamers across our multiple branches.We offer many benefits for our members, including things such as daily game nights and activities on Halo 5 and other popular multiplayer games. We also have Tournaments and Squads for our more competitive members, sometimes the Tournaments have prizes such as cash, games, or other small rewards for those who participate. We also offer an active Discord full of active and friendly members who love to group up and play various games at all hours of the day. We also have a great team of supportive staff members who are always willing to answer any questions or help make your experience enjoyable in any way they can. Most importantly we offer a clear Code of Conduct designed to help provide you with that inclusive and enjoyable experience that’s at the core of what we do. Here is a video that shows a little about us! Requirements 1). You must be 18 Years of age or older. 2). You must have a Mic 3). You must have or be willing to create a discord account. If you are interested in joining UEG, please feel free to join our recruiting discord at https://discord.gg/b8XPFRq We look forward to hearing from you!
  3. Hey everyone im back! Its been a long time and i look forward to talking to old friends and meeting new ones. PS- To those who know what im talking about i thank you for the second chance. You will not regret it
  4. I loved Halo 2 with a passion but i will admit in terms of community Halo 3 blew Halo 2 out of the water
  5. Welcome to the forums! If you ever have any questions feel free to ask!
  6. I would like to see something like a larger sandbox
  7. I right there with you when ever i played the mission Halo on co-op i would always get in the side seat because it was so fun
  8. Congratz! You earned it! I talked to you once on xbox and you seemed like a very cool guy, i look forward attending some of you custom game nights
  9. ((That was my last post for a day or two, i figure the way i set everything up i could return whenever i want))
  10. Avictus jumped aboard the falcon. Pistol drawn. He aimed it the spartan. "We can not let the flood escape the planet, no matter the cost" As the falcon lifted off Avictus turned to face the pilot. He looked at the ground "No matter the cost" he said in a low voice. He lifted his arm and shot the pilot the falcon spun and Avictus bailed. Watching the falcon and the spartan crash into a covenant structure. He was glad to see a black clad pelican touch down next to him. He looked back at the wreckage. "Pilot take me the teleporter relay". The pelicans ramp shut. And the ONI operative sped away
  11. Avictus cut down a group of grunts trying to escape. He was surprised when a combat form tackled him. Avictus fired the plasma rifle knocking the combat form off of him. He activated his com. "We need to pull out our forces are no match for the flood" He ran as fast as he could. He caught sight of a falcon headed to the RZ. He ran even faster
  12. When Reach launched Bungie had a Vidoc informing us all of the changes Well even if 343i did not make a vidoc for thier forge mode the halo community made one for them
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