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  1. Wow. Great job! Love the bike and trucks!
  2. Nice job, I really like how you designed that table with the pallets and barriers. Keep up the good work!
  3. With that 1000 dollars you should make the map look a little bit more interesting. Add some forerunner looking structures along the walls maybe. Or some more cover around that base. And I would add more pictures!
  4. I like the way you did the structures, and the over-all layout from what I can tell looks pretty solid. Nice job!
  5. Looks fun! I'll give it a download!
  6. Looks interesting! Great job! I like the way you use the grid to represent an electrical current. I might have to incorporate that into one of my maps
  7. Looks fun, I really like the way you used the walkway larges, but I would try to stay away from using pre-built buildings, plus I would add some more cover around everywhere.
  8. Ok, I'll give it a download! And in that case I would suggest more screenshots.
  9. Good point, I haven't played this map. But from what it looks like someone without a vehicle would get dominated. And not that I don't love secret areas, cause I do, it's just they shouldn't be on BTB maps. If a banshee spawns in a secret area, and someone who has never played the map before is going against someone who knows the map like the back of his hand, then the person who has never played the map before would get beaten because a power weapon is in a location that only people who have played the map before know of. I'm not trying to hate, I'm just giving some suggestions.
  10. Although the map is really big, there seems to be a lack of cover and very open sightlines. Plus their should never be "secret areas" on a BTB map. They're fun, but usually overpowered. Otherwise looks ok .
  11. Looks Cool, I'll give it a download!
  12. I'm not going to be a suck up, but your series is really amazing. It's by far my favorite linear infection map in reach, and every time I host a custom I check on Oakley's fileshare to see if the next one's on their yet. Great job! Ideas? I have a lot that I plan to imply into halo 4 forge and I'm going to try to do my own linear infection map series! But for your's maybe have a map on an airplane? Really broad idea, but it has great potential! Just maybe imply it at some point along that hopefully long road known as my favorite linear infection series!
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