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  1. Maybe you should go over to 343 and make those conveyor belts happen, for the community! lol jk
  2. I love Dawnguard as much as the next guy, but come on, if you watched videos of skyrim before it came out, most of the stuff they put in Dawnguard they were going to already put in Skyrim anyways, it was a total rip. I'm just hoping the next DLC is original.
  3. Do it afterwards, you can always find their gamertag in the carnage report.
  4. They should just do it for Halo 4, unless it's credits again, then I'm up for some more super jackpot weekend lol.
  5. Lol it does look like a prophet but I don't have a clue what it could actually be
  6. I'd play Halo 4 anyways, but just try to keep both in check.
  7. Hi Jack I like Halo too, and welcome to the forums! Hope to see you around.
  8. I'd have to pick Forge, Warthog. and Banshee. Btw UNSC is better lol
  9. Lol I'm so glad I'm out of school, but hope to see you on the forums while you're in school, if not then hopefully later
  10. Well if it's just in Matchmaking then firefight is out, but grifball would be a very easy way to get that many kills in a short amount of time.
  11. This isn't a glitch, the same thing happens if the nether portal is destroyed and the overworld portal is traveled through; it's to prevent from not being able to travel between worlds.
  12. I think I'll like both of them, I love assassins creed, and I would like to find out how Black Ops 2 plays after watching trailers. But I think if you just want MP then go for Black Ops 2.
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