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  1. I think that'd be awesome cause 343 could devote all its resources into making the campaign
  2. I still think she is still going to try and protect man kind, but I honestly wouldn't put it past her to assassinate high ranking officers and official in ONI who wanted her dead.
  3. I'm pretty sure Dr.Halseys right and they're two different kinds of shield worlds. Otherwise the sentinels would've been a part of the game or would've at least appeared in some capacity
  4. To understand this I think we have to look back at the intro of Halo 4. We never discovered the identity of the man who was interrogating Halsey, and even though it seemed like he was asking about how to create new spartans(which he was) i had a thought that maybe he wanted to know Johns weaknesses so they could prepare to defeat him. Why would they want to do that? To use their new Spartans to eliminate John and show their strength. But ONI would need a reason to kill him right? This is probably unlikely, but what if Serin Osman sent Palmer to kill Halsey, knowing Lasky would try to protect because if you know someone as well as she knew him, you can predict their reactions to certain things. She knew Halsey would survive and try to get revenge in the UNSC which is where John begins to become unsure of his allegiances. This is first shown in Halo 4 when he defies Del Rios order to hand over Cortana, choosing his only friend over the law. Imagine a similar scenario in which John is surrounded by spartan IV's and has Halsey, his mother figure at gun point. I could definitely see John fighting against ONI and the IV's and it would also be interesting to see Lasky and some Spartans(IV's and hopefully blue team) go rogue with him based on trust. The quote that I keep thinking of is "You say that like soldiers and humanity are two different things. Soldiers aren't machines, we're just people." In case you didn't understand my really confusing writing(which I apologize for) I want to see Chief, Halsey, Lasky, Blue Team, and some Spartan IV's fight ONI
  5. Victory you are absolutely right. At first I thought you were talking about how the human society(minus the innies) seemed so peaceful, but you're right because regardless of whether they're a simple flu or an actual organism, they work together to achieve a goal without hesitation or confusion. It'd be great to see this thought explored more in future installments of the series. Great thought!
  6. I could definitely seeing the final battle occur on the greater ark. Kind of finishing it where it all started(where the reclaimer trilogy started). And maybe chief will have to activate the Halo arrays to save the galaxy though that won't happen because of Reach's ending occurring in 2589. And the Janus key will definitely bring us some new toys for the rest of the trilogy.
  7. I think the next episode is going to have a big reveal for us. Maybe Chief shows up and we find out some new information or Arby returns, but I'm expecting the series to end on a high note while still being a cliffhanger.
  8. The games do follow the books. The only game that doesn't is Reach and that's because it's contradictory to the story but aside from that all the other games follow the books. And they did use nukes during the war, they even constructed one that could destroy a planet.
  9. Those were the first Prometheans and given how they were used to fight the flood I wouldn't be surprised if only human prometheans survived until 2558
  10. well he's not going to get her back in spartan ops so you're gonna have to watch that opening of a lonely chief...
  11. He's alive and transported. There was a slipspace portal under the composer powering it, and his armor is level 12 which I think is the highest level which I'm sure is rated for slip space travel. And he is immune pot being composed so there's a 100% chance he's alive.
  12. Did it a week or 2 after the game came out
  13. You mean Chakas right? Cause 343 is a fragment of him, the monitor found in Primordium. And the Prometheans are made out of Humans, no forerunner, which is what the Librarian tells us. And we've never seen a Forerunner skull so we wouldn't know the difference even though that is a human skull.
  14. 1: Agreed2: I've said this before, but the Didact has been a character in the Halo universe for 3 years now and is a huge part of it. While he may not seem like a menacing villan, he really is. 3: The Didact is immune to being composed, and his immunity couldn't just go away because it had to do with his appearance, which was altered while trying to find a cure for the flood.
  15. There's no way Cortana could be that Promethean A.I. And the light was blue because that was the color of the forerunners, the Didact was just kind of corrupted which explains his orange color. I also thinks that what you said about episode 8 has to do with Halseys research on Cortana because when she was talking to Jul she seemed confident in what she was saying. Maybe Cortana was copied by the Librarian and is still alive on Requiem, but I doubt Halsey knows
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