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  1. This is a community forum, nobody here works at 343i....
  2. It came out yesterday, Nov. 2. Has anyone got it already?
  3. Halo Wars is between FUD and the Fall Of Reach I think.
  4. Wait what? So all the skins that were ''exclusive only by pre-ordering'' are going to be released as a DLC pack? Awesome, how much will it cost?
  5. My jimmies were rustled. But hey it could be worse...
  6. Not really. I don't give half a crap about DLC and since the LE BARELY has any physical goodies I don't thinks it's worth it anymore.
  7. I agree, why couldn't they make a really cool Legendary Edition? BTW I'll leave this here, maybe you guys can help:
  8. Guys I really need advice... I went to my local retailer on saturday to preorder the game and she told me that they'll be getting standard copies on november 6th. I proceeded to ask about the LE of the game and she said that they only import special editions if the client asks for them and she said she was going to ask If the supplier still had LE's left. I agreed on calling tomorrow and change my order if LE's were available but after watching that unboxing video and knowing there's no ''super-special-exclusive DLC'' I don't really feel like buying it anymore. I have a somewhat big Halo collection and really wanted the LE to add it but it seems there's nothing worth in it. What do you think? Should I still get it or save my money for some other Halo goodies like the soundtrack/headsets/artbooks?
  9. I totally agree with you. I don't really give a crap about avatar bonuses and ''exclusive'' in-game emblems or armor or whatever, I'll probably use the recruit armor until I reach SR-50. lol I even got the HR limited, and never used the codes... I will only get the LE for collecting purposes and the map packs, since in my case, purchasing MS points is always a pain in the...
  10. That's obviously an upgraded version of Johnson...
  11. 1. Call the store to make sure copies are already there on Nov. 6th. 2. Go to midnight launch if there's any. 3. Screw school, I'm going to stay home playing. 4. Play campaing with my best friends who will be having vacation those days. That would be the perfect day.
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