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  1. "We need to go with his plan." -This is Barack Obama and I approve this message.
  2. From everyone's feedback, I am going to say congratulations.
  3. I'll do my best to be there,
  4. Not really a problem, despite the fact that I have an elite.
  5. The system looks to be very organized.
  6. People who usually complain are the people who usually do not enjoy the game and would rather make their own Halo game. Complaining gets you nowhere, instead of complaining, they can try to actually get better at the game instead of doing absolutely nothing.
  7. I highly doubt that Halo 4 would have a PC, due to 343 industries taking it over for the first time. It could also all depend on their spending budget they plan to spend on Halo 4.
  8. If you have been credit farming, that can result in a 2 week ban to earning credits.
  9. Can't wait to use the BR in Halo 4!!!
  10. Equinox

    MW3 vs. BF3

    Don't play BF3 much, I will go with MW3.
  11. Field Marshall: 3,000,000 Cr Hero: 3,700,000 Cr Legend: 4,600,000 Cr Mythic: 5,650,000 Cr Noble: 7,000,000 Cr Eclipse: 8,500,000 Cr Nova: 11,000,000 Cr Forerunner: 13,000,000 Cr Reclaimer: 16,500,000 Cr Inheritor: 20,000,000 Cr Hope this helped!!!
  12. Obviously Xbox 360.
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