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  1. I am on this team as well. And this question is more for Undead, but do the game times get arranged around the players in any particular way? Only because I know people have odd time zones, work and schooling. And although my schedule is pretty open, I do have 1 college class right now for my summer session on tuesdays and thursdays from 6-10 EST. I was just curious to know how the game times get set up.
  2. Psh, this tourny is already won just because of our name... TEAM PONY EMPIRE! Prepare for some pwnage.
  3. He was joking cause that was his 500th post. Congrats! And thanks everyone!
  4. Thanks guys and haha @HaloGamer. Congratz to you sir.
  5. Thanks guys, and I cant wait to read your 2000 post bullet. Well worth the read.
  6. As my 200th forum post, I wanted to thank you all for befriending me and treating me so nicely. If I could thank each of you individually, I would. But there are so many of you.... so you all get to share 1 post. Haha. But seriously, all of you are so nice, and you treated me well. And I hope that I can continue to join you all in your contests, forums, chat and everything else. And if you have not gotten to know me yet, please, comment here telling me about yourself or asking me anything you want! I am super friendly and I am more than happy to interact with you! So once again, thanks for welcoming me and treating me so nicely. Ill be seeing you all around the forums!
  7. Woo! I convinced him to do it Director! You should be so proud of me.... Lol.
  8. Nope. Mwaaahaha didnt expect me did ya? The Director?
  9. I have a question, when a person uses a color, do they have to type that code in everytime? Or can you set a setting so that it is always that color?
  10. LOL. I was born in New York, but moved to Jupiter, Florida at 3 years old, and lived there for 15 years. I am now in Tampa, Florida going to college.
  11. My bad, was just going through the forums and thought I would help out.
  12. Good luck to the both of you! Be sure to let us know! I am sure you will haha.
  13. I never met you before, but welcome back! I hope to meet you in the near future and discuss some Halo!
  14. Welcome sir! Enjoy your stay!
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