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  1. I agree Halo 5 does not have the original quality, if they want to fix it they should remove most of the spartan abilities and only keep the clamber and sprint functions because the others are just like the abilities you have in Crysis 3, I also prefer the aesthetics of the first 3 Halo games instead of the Halo 4 graphics, Halo 3 was my favorite out of all of them and I hope they decide to make Halo 5 look like Halo 3, and the last thing I don't like is the new spartan armor in Halo 4 and 5 it is just separate pieces of armor that just attach to the undersuit and it has lots of gaps in the armor but in the other Halo games it looked like a single suit of armor with all the pieces connected to each other and it at least looked like it offered protection.
  2. I think this sounds cool but I want to know what happens to the Rookie too
  3. I think the beta works well so far and I have only come across minor bugs in the game i.e. long loading times, poor connection, and server crashes. But these are not that common, the main problem I have with the game is the ADS (aim down scope) or the "smart scope" it works and isn't game breaking or unbalanced but I don't like it and I think it should be removed mostly because it doesn't really add much to the game and makes Halo feel more generic like other FPS games mainly Call of Duty or Crysis. It just doesn't feel like Halo as much and that brings me to the spartan abilities, in my opinion they feel like they are copied from Crysis especially the groundpound, smartscope, and clamber. I feel like 343 should have brought back the Halo 3 equipment rather than adding the spartan abilities. Once the beta is downloaded you can only access it through you "games app" but if it still wont work that way then try calling microsoft to report a problem with opening your games
  4. I hope it is offered as DLC to the rest of us who weren't able to get it before 19/12/14 because its not like all of us were not supporting them, I personally don't have a lot of money and was saving up for it for a long time and only got it recently and I am a long time Halo fan and I want to be able to play ODST on the MC Collection and I'm even willing to pay for it and I know there are others like me and it would be a poor marketing decision to not sell it and make a profit plus it would anger many fans if they don't
  5. I think that last one looks a bit more like the Halo 4 Commando armor than the Mk. IV
  6. Enough characters have already died I think he should finally just retire
  7. I don't like the new rocket launcher, they should keep the original and bring back the plasma riffle not the storm riffle, they shouldn't change the classic weapons if they are trying to recreate the classic Halo feel.
  8. Either read the books or watch Halo Origins and the Halo 4 terminals and you will see that Halo 4's guns were not very accurate representation of forerunner weapons
  9. no this is a terrible idea it sounds just like Call of duty or Battlefield not Halo and why is everyone so interested in the scope just cause someone drew it differently doesn't means its a new scope
  10. My guess is that he is hunting John because most speculation I have heard is that John has gone rogue and is hiding and it isn't out of the ordinary to have Spartans hunt down high value targets much like in Spartan Ops no that top spartan is not Halsey because she is far too old, the storm covenant don't have the resources to do that, she never stole any armor as it is far to heavy for her to carry, she believes Spartans must be genetically perfect and raised to fight at an early age. Plus it has already confirmed that the new spartan is male.
  11. I want a soundtrack similar to Halo 3 ODST and Halo Wars
  12. The hunters are immune to the flood and Grunts/Jackals/Drones are used to make carrier forms
  13. I want more remakes than just 2 like in Halo 4 but I want new maps as well
  14. I loved the RvB Easter eggs in spartan ops and should do more of those. I also miss all of the dialogue from the covenant and they need to bring that back it has so much potential.
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