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  1. Fifa 13 will probably be the only game. Pumped for it though
  2. ....they were making an office video game? wut.
  3. ...is there any way for me to play this without downloading. I loved this stuff when I was younger...i've been looking to play again for ages.
  4. Jesus christ. All i have is the damn games.....someone REALLY loves the series...
  5. Back in the old days people used to hand out 2 months for free, just because they were so easy to get. Not anymore though...
  6. Specter was badass in Halo 3. I agree they should bring it back
  7. Just like Halo 3. Ranked playlist and then a social one. That's all the competitive gamers want... ranked playlists with a number system like Halo 2 and 3. Not that BS arena crap in Reach, and not any BS credit system.
  8. It just hit me that like I'm actually arguing with a real life 13 year old. A kid who doesn't even have pubes yet. I just want to end it with this..I hope to God that you're only doing this over the internet to make yourself seem older, and that you don't act like this in real life. Not only would you be a f aggot with no friends, but you'd probably get your ass beat daily in high school
  9. This is why I should have never started arguing with a 13 year old...because you're immature beyond belief, just like every other god damn 13 year old. The point I'm trying to say is that yes, you may learn "adult" words and what they mean... but you don't understand how to use them. Instead of talking like a normal kid, you decide to ATTEMPT to talk like a pretentious ******, YET WHAT YOU SAY MAKES NO SENSE. Just because Word B may sometimes mean the same thing as Word A, does not mean you can just substitute Word B into every situation Word A is in. The easiest I can describe it is in this video : . You simply don't make any sense you immature ****. And I can guarantee that you will look back and realize how much of an idiot you sound like, unless somehow you're as clueless then as you are now. No kidding that's what prejudice is. I'm not saying that because you are only 13, you're an idiot. I'm just saying that no matter what, based off your posts, you're an idiot.
  10. These two have no connection to each other...I never even read your original post. Hence how I wasn't ranting about your original post. "I am clearly more civilized in this manner than you". In what manner is that. You realize when you put random words together, they don't always make sense, right? Again, this doesn't even make sense. How am I required to back off? Do you mean that you want me to back off? How does talking down to me have any connection to making me "back off" It's funny because in only 3 or 4 years, you will look back and laugh about how immature you were at this age. Winning this argument off or wit? Please explain what this means, or were you just putting random words together again to try to make yourself seem older. And how are possibly even winning this argument? Jesus, you are so immature it's amazing. I was talking about how this thread should never be stickied, because it's only your opinions. That's the point of my other posts. I'm not trying to be witty, just stating the facts. Then I went on to talk about how much of a immature dumbass you are. Which is true. Did I ever ask this? I couldn't care less about why you feel the need to talk like an idiot. I honestly couldn't care less about your memory. Either way, you put random words together to try to make yourself seem older/smarter, which end up making no sense at all. My opinion is prejudice? Seriously? Do you even realize what that means? How the hell is my opinion prejudice. The point of my posts are that the thread should not be pinned, and that you're immature. And you saying things like that proves it.
  11. With all do respect, I disagree with you there. I realize that there were a decent amount of people complaining about Halo 3 when it first came out, but I never heard anybody complaining about how it was too similar? I actually heard quite the opposite.. the only complainers thought it was too different from 2. They didn't like how they took how gun glitches/superjumping, thought gameplay was too heavy compared to Halo 2, didn't like how it was easier to rank up, didn't like the power-ups, ect. This is actually the first time I heard that people thought it was too similar to Halo 2 to be honest. And I was apart of quite a few Halo forums back in the day (H2F/HoC/Eve), and never did i hear people think it was too similar to Halo 2. Almost zero people made the connection between the Halo series and Call of Duty..they were just so different. Also regarding your halo forum comment, I personally think that Halo forums were MUCH bigger back in those days.
  12. I mean lets be honest...the point of creating a video game is to make money. With the amount of success there was with the original trilogy, they saw a good opportunity to get more by creating more games. Its that simple. They'll keep creating Halo games as long as they still have people willing to buy them.
  13. ...didnt Halo start those before Cod starting using it?
  14. Anybody realize that there wasnt this many people complaining about the game during the CE/2/3 days?
  15. If they based it off of CE, 2 or 3, yes I would be happy.
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